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Your newest figures and your verdict


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Picked up the new botshot launchers and not much to say about botshots, either you get them or you don't. They're cool, I love the little buggers...NEXT.


MP Starscream- NIIIIIIICE! I always loved this seeker just for his colors and the MP version doesn't disappoint here. I haven't done a bunch of comparisons, but the use of the MP-11 mold seems to have made the figure a bit less scary. Watch out the side tail wings though, they love to pop off and I can see a lot of them ending up broken. Biggest negative is the chest half still sliding up when you move the arms around, that sucks! Biggest positive is that it seems easier to handle and transform. I'm also not happy that his jet doesn't plug into the base like it should so I can't connect him to it in alt mode. Oh well, not a deal breaker.


Jet Vehicon- I love these bots! It will be a crying shame if Hasbro doesn't deliver these here. I doubt if I'll be able to get more than one of these imported, so unless Hasbro does put them out, my one will have to settle for commanding the ground troops. If you got a little cash to splurge, this is a good choice.


SDCC zombie Cliffjumper- I finally get my hands on the famed FE Cliffjumper mold and, well, it wasn't exactly the massively superior figure I was expecting it to be. He's nice, I love the zombie effect, but I just don't think the mold is really THAT much better than the RID version. Some areas I actually quite prefer the RID version a whole lot more and I think in overall I prefer the RID version. But I'm still glad I have one of this one.


Voyager Dreadwing- BEAST! I love this voyager figure. Mostly good articulation, only thing he really doesn't have is waist articulation. Details are great in both modes but there are some drawbacks. The shoulders are attached to the body not the arms like with Megs, but are able to move around to work with the arms a little better. Tail fins, nosecone, and another small set of wings in front of the main wings are all rubber, I HATE rubber! There is also quite a bit of bulk on the underside, none that bad except for the giant split waist piece in the front. A little bit of an eye sore, but the rest is really awesome. Everything locks down really nice too, lots of plug in points to secure and his transformation can be a bit nutty at first but nothing too difficult. Very Macross-like in some ways, yet different too. Definitely a must get figure!



And finally...FINALLY!!! I got Madblender and Neckbreaker.


And then I had to send them both back.


....But now they're back! Had one with a bad part, and one with a problem in the mold but now I got 2 good figures and the rest of the Hercules team. It seemed like it took forever to complete these, but well worth the wait! I just put in my order for the Rage of Hercules set, so that should arrive in a few days to really make this guy pop!


Madblender had a mold issue where I couldn't get the cab wheels to go flush with the others, and the whole cab was sitting a couple of centimeters higher than it should. They had to replace it totally and it's fine now. Honestly, he's becoming one of my favorite of the group. Everything is solid and he's got the weapons coming out of the yin-yang! The kibble on the shoulders, not a problem and his transformation is a breeze...when you have a good mold that is. Alt mode is perfect and it's transformation to leg mode is done in 2 seconds flat.


Neckbreaker had an arm issue that needed to be fixed and was returned. One thing that sticks out is incredibly floppy (ball jointed) hips in bot mode. Now it doesn't prevent him from standing or posing, but it could be seen as a pain to some. His bot mode really is fantastic otherwise. Great articulation and can pull some great poses. Alt mode is good, not my favorite of the bunch. Transformation to arm mode is a little more involved than the legs but still pretty easy and straight forward.


HERCULES- Putting them all together is remarkably simple and he's very stable. Once assembled you can't help but stand him up on the desk or table and stare in amazement. He's nothing less than a stunning monster once you take it all in. Now some of the bulk does hinder some movement and takes away from the ability to pull off certain poses, but still, this is a freakish beast! The Rage set should help some of the posing issues too. Put in perspective though, it's hard to imagine this could have been pulled off any better! This is one of those "holy grails" that any collector can be proud of, and I'm proud as hell to have him in my collection!

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FoC Shockwave - A good figure, and seems to fit in with Generations Cybertronian Megatron and Soundwave decently enough. Certainly could have used more color though, but we're probably just gonna have to get used to it...


Arms Micron Vehicon - The micron port in the rear looks like a jet thruster. That alone is awesome. Not much different than the Jet Vehicons, aside from most of the vehicle shell parts and robot mode colors. Would have been really nice if they had provided stickers for the rear window, though.


Arms Micron Weapons - Jida R is a red version of the Jida cheetah chainsaw that came with AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper. Actually works very nicely with First Edition Cliffjumper. Gabu is a horseshoe crab that becomes a crossbow. Be sure to snap the blade parts on more or less from crab mode position, or they may break. Baru is a bird that's also a big meat cleaver blade. The feet are a pain to flip out for bird mode, and the handle sticks off awkwardly on one wing. Dai is a crocodile and a multi-barreled cannon. Not much to him. Together, they make the Dark Matter Calibur, a huge sword.


Perfect Effect SFX - Tiny, but loaded with awesomeness and weapons. Not at all recommended if you can't stand partsforming in modern figures.

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FOC Shockwave - a solid, cool figure worth every penny. Looks cool in robot form as well as vehicle 4/5

FOC Jazz - the vehicle and robot look cool at first glance and the transformation is fun. However, neither mode is perfectly finished with big gaps and robot parts showing in the vehicle. Overall this feels very cheap. I paid full price, it should have been at least half that. 2/5

FOC Optimus Prime - again, on the face of it, this could have been great. The robot and vehicle mode are so close to being good but end up being cheap and unfinished. 2/5


Very disappointed :( Shockwave is awesome, the other two I wish I hadn't bought.

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Picked up TFC Targetroids Ultra (aka Ultra Magnus), that's thing is a beauty. Sure, he's a Prime repaint, but it's one fabulous figure. He transforms from gun to robot, hence targetmaster. Hopefully TFC does the armor version someday. Transformation and joints are superb:






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Yayyy!! I got my Airachnid and Vehicon today. That's the good news!! The bad news is that Airachnid SUCKS!!! I'm sure I'm not telling you all anything you don't know already. I mean seriously, what was Hasbro thinking? Alt mode is not bad. It's simple and sleek. Nice for a female con. Robot mode, not so nice. Where do I begin. Somebody decided to make the back part of the copter come up behind her head, so now there's a bunch of kibble that looks like a hood. Chest and abdomen are on par for a sleek female, but the arms are less than desireable. And who came up with those flat, clownish hands? Her legs are okay, looking feminine and having feet that looks like she's wearing heels. That's cool, however; there is no range of motion. Poseability with this figure is horrible. Probably hands down the worst Prime RiD figure. In my opinion, Megatron held that title, until now.


The good. Vehicon is freaking awesome. His alt mode is great, looking somewhat like a cross between a Cadillac CTS and a Batmobile. Robot mode is great. Looks well designed and I just love the way the kibble just folds up into his legs. Very clever!!! Vehicon is hands down one of the best Prime RiD figures!!


With the exception lf the second Vehicon, the rest of the figures that came in the series 4, revision 3 case will be sold off. I'm not interested in a Wheeljack repaint and the others such as Ratchet, Wheeljack, Knockout, I already have.

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I just picked up Voyager DreadWing

this guy is straight 10's in my book perfecr except for the retarded mechtech weapon gonna glue it in place and paint it, though his transformation is a bit scary some parts fit so tight I was worried I'd break him.


Also got...


R.i.d. Soundwave

10's agains but mine has a slightly bent arm from packaging looks fine as the drone, but his wrist is bent.


R.i.d. Rumble

they shoulda called him frenzy, but again straight 10's he's awesome hasbro should add more paint apps on his car mode though, but the fig is well made and looks good.


Reveal the shield LugNut (ebay)

I'm to biased on this one Lugnut is the bomb literally, but he has a great design in robot mode, bombers a bit weird though. I gotta say for robot mode alone he is perfect.

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Got Voyager Dreadwing! He's very awesome but needs a little work as the ball joint in his neck looks like it wants to come out constantly and the waist dosen't connect properly but I still like him a LOT! Just awesome in both modes! Fits in well with my classics IMO. :)

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