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Your newest figures and your verdict


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Simple idea. If you've just got a new figure or even a few, tell everyone who you got and what you think of them, giving them a brief review and a rating from 1-10. 10 being the best TF ever that you've oowned


I'll start


Henkei limited edition Thundercracker:

Finally got one of these guys, and I'm glad I did too. The plastic feels sturdy, the chrome is ket to a tasteful minimum and the joints all seem fine. Only thing that really suffers on this figure is the QC issue of his launchers being very loose in his arms. But that's fixable with a thin coat of superglue left to dry around the peg on the launcher

MY verdict I still love this mold and the colours are great 7 out of 10, would have been 8 but the looseness of the launchers puts it down slightly


Henkei Astrotrain:

Much better colours than the American release, I'd suggest this figure to anyone over the US version. Joints and plastic quality are all good and a lot more detail can be seen on the figure in comparison to the white version

MY verdict A great homage to his G1 self and I managed to pick him up at a great price, so i'm happy 7 out of 10


Henkei Megatron I've been trying to buy this a long time but something allways went wrong whenever I had the funds, but now I finally have himin my hands. articulation is great and ratched jointed so he can stand well without floppines being an issue. The G1 colours on this version are far superior to the American version, and no garish orange tip like Hasbro's version. Once agian minimal, tastefull chroming

MY verdict I'm glad I finally have this figure, the wait was worth it. If you want a decent figure to be THE Megatron to represent his namesake, this is the one to buy 8 out of 10


I have more to post as I recently bought a small horde, but I'll let some of you proudly tell us who you have and what you think of them



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OK, I'll play.


I recently got the TF2 Ramjet and Starscream figures. Basicly the same ol, but still not bad, the color choices are very intresting and really individualize the figures.


I also got Henkie Thrust and Dirge. Once again more of the same. I love the detail acurate wings on Dirge, and the versatility added to Thrust to keep him both acurate while not stepping on Botcons toes.


The figures feel loose though, the balljoints could use a bit of acrylic. The wings are really really soft though. If you pick these up, just be careful. Take your time with those parts. They don't however suffer the same issues TC did with the guns not fitting in the arm posts right.


Then today, for $7.50 clearance I picked up the Enterprise from the latest Star Trek movie. I've never been a Trekie, but I always liked the Enterprise. It's a pretty detailed acurate rendition, but outside of some lights and sounds that I'll never spare the batteries to try out. It doesn't do anything. I recall this thing origionaly selling for $30, I feel bad for anyone who payed that as honestly, $7.50 is to much in my oppinion.


That right there though is how and why Transformers won out toy wise with me. They do so much more then just stand there.

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Let's see . . .


Legends Starscream, just so I'd have him in that scale. I already had the Night Strike version, but let's face it, that's Skywarp. A decent repaint of a serviceable mold, it's a little unstable standing, but decent when you get it upright.


HA Skids & co. Amazing figure, it's a shame it's wasted on Tweedledee. Solid & stable in both modes, good interaction with HA fleshlings, nicely posable. It's almost enough to make me like movie Skids. Almost.


Ejector - He's an evil toaster, what's not to love?

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HA Skids- Very amazing. I was highly disappointed with a Sideswipe figure I felt was only half finished but this figure made that go away really fast.


Target exclusive Bruticus. I know a lot of people didn't care for the colors or the molds for that matter, but I really like it. Plus, for a $20 clearance price you just can't go wrong.


TRU Hoist and Mixmaster. I actually don't care too much about the Mixmaster but I really like the Hoist. Of course it helps being that was one of my favorite molds from the first line.


Reissue perceptor. Because I never had one before.

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ROTF Deluxe Wheelie, excellent. I was going to hold off for Legends Wheelie to be more in-scale, but this guy is great. Lots of poseability and character, and a fun little alt mode.


TRU re-issue Insecticons, excellent. Hard to find, but worth it. I only had one original, long gone now, and these guys look and feel just like that one.

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ooh my turn.


Cybertron Galaxy Force Leader Prime: BIG figure, lots of ratchety goodness. the pearly red plastic looks regal and important, perfect for his role in my shelves as Sentinel Prime!


Classics Devastator: FINALLY HAVE HIM! been scouring ebay for months for a good price on one, and finally snapped it up. hes the only one of my energon combiner molds that i display in an asymmetrical configuration, and really fits the bill for my classics collection.


Cybertron Metroplex: really wanted this figure for my universe collection, its surprisingly big and poseable, his alt mode is lame, but i created my own city mode for him. also gave his big old axe to cybertron prime (aka sentinel prime)


Cybertron Brakedown GTS: cool little toy, and i aprecciate the removal of the clear plastics. for now hes my classics Kup.


HA Skids: its all been said already, but i really love this toy. one thing i dont think anyone has noticed is that hes practically an homage to the original diaclone toy, which came packaged with a pilot and a scooter that fit into the back of the alt mode. now i know arcee cant fit into skids, but its close enough of an homage to send my nerd senses into a tizzy!

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Not a brand new purchase, but this has been on my mind since I got ROTF long haul: He's not as awesome as everyone thinks, or wants, him to be.


I loved the original concept design of him. It was a bulky, menacing robot that really gave me the feeling of a lumbering, powerful dump truck. I was very disappointed in the first images and reviews of this guy because his build is just too athletic. I didn't really want him.


I was at target last week, and got him on impulse for $15 because he actually looked quite good in person. I really do like the details on him; the head is fantastic, there is molded detail all around that doesn't just look like random shapes, and I really think hasbro did a great job on including the working piston elbows(in a voyager none the less!). The mediocrity soon set in when I tried playing and fiddling around with him. His parts keep un-tabbing, his axes are lame, the axle over his head is annoying and looks out of place, and he only looks good standing normally(wrist swivels would've helped a lot).


While he does look impressive, he's ultimately as exciting as his bio. :bored

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Ok I told myself I wasn't gonna get this repaint, but I caved and got rotf smokescreen. I only had the g1 jazz from the first film, and despite his arms I really liked the toy. I had him out and was fiddling with him when i finally realized how bad his paint aps were getting, so i got a smokescreen as a replacement. I love the colors on this version, the looked kinda meh in the pics I saw, but in hand they are much better. The subtle blue contrasts with the red very well. I like the homage here because its not a straight up g1 repaint. It works well for a movieveerse smokescreen but also could legitimately be jazz reborn. He is gonna be jazz on my shelves, as universe smokescreen is my main smokescreen. The red colors show up on his thighs in robot mode, and some silverr on his knees and pelvis, but not much else. The jazz arm problem is there, but that can't be helped as this is a straight repaint with no new parts. My main gripe about him is he comes with the first jazz release gun and not the more accurate weapon from the final battle jazz. Also there is a nice metalic copper autobot sigil on his spoiler that I can see rubbing off very quickly if you ever attach his weapon in vehicle mode. overall I'd say a 7 out 10 for him, but I am biased cuz I needed a new copy of this mold


I also scored a rotf thrust. I was holding off on breakaway for this one. The colors are nice and perfect for thrust. I really like that it has the movie ascetic in robot mode without being overly complicated. Also a movie jet without chicken legs. The new head is very seekerish, with vents on the side, but it is very tiny. The cockpit canopy is a dark purple color, and with where it sits in robot mode, his head all but disappears behind it. The robot mode kibble is incorporated fairly well-and while you can tell it is a pair of legs folded underneath, they don't hang like some other plane bots where they are kind of there. Also he has a waist joint that is ulesess because of the way the wings attach. And interesting design, but the tiny head you can't really see take away from it somewhat. 8 out of 10.

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ROTF deluxe Jolt:Not a bad figure for his price point. Would have used another blue other than the allspark blue they have used on parts tough and the electro whips could have been done better. Can hold some good poses too

MY verdict Been waiting for this figure to hit Spain for a while now and now that I finally have him, I'm glad I bought him

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ROTF/Universe Bruticus Maximus (or just Bruticus)


Bruticus here is a repaint of the Energon Bruticus Maximus. Anyway, this time around the set is done in much more subdued colors, which is nice. Even though there's only three individual molds in the set, (Onslaught, Brawl/Blast Off, Vortex/Swindle) Hasbro at least helped make each one feel unique through the paint layouts and different 'signatures'. (for example, Swindle's '$') Each of them are very nice on their own, and not too difficult to transform. Now, whereas Superion is a bit weak and unstable when combined, Bruticus is very sturdy and secure. The energon weapons work nicely enough as either 'hands' or 'feet'. 8/10

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    • The hits just keep on coming. And there's still more as there's been no core or commander class leaks yet. Crasher package refresh. Cool I guess. Got three from Ross so I'm not looking for one anymore. Still think this should've used the Dragstrip mold and that Slicks should use the Mirage mold. Also, the Kingdom Mirage mold sucks but the Siege molds is great. Aerialbots are cool but there's not really much to say other than that. Swindle. Not much to go on with no universe descriptor or other Combaticons leaked. Oh wait, it will be Armada Swindle lol. Deluxe is a bit large for for a Minicon for a voyager figure but hey, why not right. Wasp is Wasp. Nice to see him but not much to say really. Venom. Now we're getting somewhere. I wonder if he'll be a slight retool of Kickback, a redeco with a new head of Kickback or a new mold entirely with another use lined up. I'm going to go with a slight retool of Kickback. They're not going to go nuts with this since they didn't for Ransack. Meaning that it's going to look inaccurate intentionally (like the Gobots I would imagine) to look like the standard Insecticons. So a new mold would need to look like them as well which wouldn't really lend itself to anything else. So a retool along the lines of Shrapnel to Bombshell should work. Change around half the figure kind of thing. Would be nice to see the two "missing" deluxe Insecticons too. The Barrage retool and the ladybug. G1 Saberhorn and Glowstrike? Damn, that works actually. Voyager Armada Red Alert. Cool. There's plenty of redeco potential with that mold. Orange Alert (Powerlinx), Blue Alert (Prowl) and Actually Red Red Alert (Inferno). If they're feeling frisky with the retools, maybe even Animated Red Alert and Flashpoint? Voyager Sky-Byte. That's him! It's about time he got another big toy.  Flatline? Wow, okay. But uh, why not in Studio Series? At least two characters named Flatline should be released in Studio Series for multiple reasons. Could be a new character based on one of the three versions that barely exist. Kinda like the Fossilizers and Junkions and whatnot.  G2 Grimlock. Blue or teal? There's three G2 Grimlocks and we have the yellow one already. So we know it's not that one. But will it be the blue that most people know or the teal that those who are in the know, know. Most likely blue as most people don't even realize that the blue and the teal are different. They look distinctly different but most would need to see them side by side to realize that the one they had as a kid was different to the one everyone else had.  On to the Primes. What this next line is seemingly named after. Somewhat of a return to PotP. The original 13 all done as either deluxe, voyager or leader figures. Do they have a gimmick like the Junkions (even if Trashmaster barely had the gimmick)? Calling it now though, Megatronus will be a retool of SS86 Megatron or Galvatron. Nevermind, it's a reuse of CW Megatron lol. He's next to me right now. Just move the treads into the Armada Megatron position and there's your Megatronus. Just like that one black KO of the mold lol. Looking forward to Onyx Prime. A centaur is going to be a cool looking figure. You know what, I wonder if they're even going to transform. The 13 aren't always shown having alt modes. I wonder how they'll handle Nexus Prime. Is that why we're getting Superion and seemingly Bruticus? And poor Logos Prime got kicked out of the 13 so no new Cybertron Soundwave mold incoming lol. We technically already have one though. The Ark. The Last Autobot was in the same 13 that Logos Prime was in. Maybe they'll do all 20 13 Primes lol.
    • Phew, 2025 just keeps growing and combining with the latest batch of retail listings giving up lots more G1 goodness with the Aerialbots teaming up for the inevitable Superior combiner. There is also news of the 13 based on listings for Alpha Trion, Alchemist Prime, Micronus, The Fallen, Prima, Onyx Prime, and Solus Prime to name more than a few. - Read the Full News Story
    • Takara TOMY didn't release the Silver Knight toys in Japan, instead they offered their own spin on a buffed-up Autobot Leader in the 2014 Movie Advanced AD-31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime. In their usual style, Takara amped it up premium paint apps, plastics, and detailing that included a switchable mask or mouth head sculpt. - Read the Full News Story
    • Here's an oddity. The majority of us are quite familiar with the Combaticon combiner, Bruticus. But, within the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy we got a wildly different take on said character, made up of the Destruction Team, consisting on Barricade, Blight, Blackout, Stormcloud and...Kickback...I kid you not with these names,lol. Wild, just wild.  
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