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  2. Yeah if this really was that three pack, that would indeed be pretty disappointing. More so than the pack was to begin with. However, the original three pack said voyagers. I don't know if that was assumed by anyone or not but if it wasn't, there's that. There's also the fact that non-Generations figures don't usually get leaked in such a way. They just kind of appear in stores or leak from images and not often found via computer listings. It has happened before though. What's interesting is that these are the Warrior class figures and not the Deluxe class molds. Which kinda makes sense seeing as to how the Deluxe Cyberverse Shockwave and Starscream molds were reused for Earthspark. So there's no need to use the deluxe figures again. But then there's Soundwave and the fact that his deluxe hasn't been reused in Earthspark...yet. People are thinking that the upcoming deluxe Earthspark Soundwave will be using the Cyberverse mold and to me, this kinda confirms that. I don't think I'll be getting this though. None of them look different enough from their original releases to bother getting. The main thing is translucent vs opaque orange plastic for Starscream's Null Rays. Or they're painted or darker/less translucent or whatever.
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  4. That Decepticon Commander Pack we heard about back in April, may be less than meets the eye. Some newly leaked images showing this maybe be Cyberverse Warrior molds (sad tuba sound). Not much else to say other than we hope there is another Starscream, Shockwave & Soundwave 3-pack out there. Check out the images below thanks to @AINK755. - Read the Full News Story
  5. Where did it go! It sold out in less than a day! This was all I was actually waiting for... now it's gone.
  6. #HNE #Review #HasbroToyPic #HasbroToyPics @TFReviewers #Hasbro #Transformers #Legacy #United #Beast #Wars #Silverbolt
  7. So much for preorders and all that, as the May 21st date is dashed with the first first in-hand views of the Mattel Creations X Transformers Hot Wheels Optimus Prime are already out there. Here we get to see the unboxing with views of the packging info as well.When Transformers Optimus Prime drove onto the scene, a fanbase rolled with it. - Read the Full News Story
  8. Had planned to do a different review today, but the Transformers Beast Wars Vintage Reissue Retrax popped up and I was feeling buggy...or pill buggy...or carpenter. Unfortunately, this lad is saddled with such an awful gimmick it pretty much ruins any of his potential. Ripe for an update...maybe?
  9. Here's one for Far Out Friday, an official Archie X Transformers 40th Anniversary Betty & Veronica Bots Image by long time artist Alex Milne. This is actually really well done, all things considered. Check out the image below from Archie Comics @ArchieComics. - Read the Full News Story
  10. Friday is here and we're rolling out for the weekend with a convoy of Transformers Bot Shots Optimus Prime variants. As mentioned before, there are quite a few of them made in different molds and popular color variants, as well as a couple of oversized KOs to take it up a level. I'll work up a Bot Shots checklist one of these days, for those who hunt them down. - Read the Full News Story
  11. Dr WU keeps is micro with yet more tinyformes coming soon with the DW E39 Wheel Hub (Hubcap), DW E38P Pulse Gun (Shockwave Pink), DW E37 Leap (Cliffjumper), and DW E39 Pulse Gun (Shockwave Purple) New Micro Figures. The unofficial micro scale toys for Bumblebee, Shockwaves, and Cliffjumper are coming this winter. - Read the Full News Story
  12. You heard that right, the original heart pumping original soundtrack from the Transformers Beast Machines TV Show is available now on popular streaming channels.Listen to the entire 10 song, 22 min 29 sec, album composed by Robert Buckley via Youtube below. - Read the Full News Story
  13. These new capsure figures that were a surprise to most for many reasons, are out in the wild with some new in-hand images of the 3-pack being pitched as a Leader Class figure. Check out the full in-hand details on Star Raiders Thundertron, Nightstrike, and Carcitron thanks to @옥잠의 트랜스포머 . - Read the Full News Story
  14. CHAPTER XXV The weather was certainly a lot calmer where the Primes were now, compared to the area they were fighting in originally as Jack and Optimus looked out at storm clouds in far-off distance. "And here I thought the All-spark was a place where all Cybertronians could rest in peace..." the Human Prime said with a hint of sadness in his voice, whilst staring at the horizon. "...never thought it would be like this." This gained a knowing look from his former mentor, who nodded back in return. "The All-spark was originally a peaceful existence to all Cybertronians who passed beyond the realms of mortality, even for myself at the beginning." "What happened here, Optimus?" Jack asked, looking up at the former-Autobot Leader. "After we defeated Sideways together and I then passed away due to my wounds, I found myself here and the Thirteen welcomed me. I was once again in the company of my siblings, but after only a short few moments, the weather started to change as storm clouds began gathering on the horizon." he replied, while the older Darby looked up with a thoughtful expression. "You are talking about the moment Primus sacrificed his life to defeat Unicron and the Reapers?" "Yes. The moment I arrived here, I could feel my creator's presence all around me. We all could, but then it was gone and it was as if the All-spark itself could feel it as well, and it then began to change." "What happened?" Jack then asked, making Optimus look back out into the distance. "Time passes at a different rate here than it does for the realm of the living, Jack. But for a very long time, nothing happened except for the faint sounds of thunder and brief flashes of lighting in the far distance. But then one day, the storm suddenly began to spread outwards and the sparks of those that inhabit this plane of existence started to disappear." he replied, earning a questioning look from the Human Prime. "Why? What could have happened to cause that?" "Prima believed that it was the final death of Unicron that caused the storm and disappearances to happen since it was a similar and sudden change like the day Primus was lost." the large Bot said back, making Jack's eyes widen in return. "Unicron's final death! But I thought that he was dealt with after Primus and we defeated him?" he said back, earning a knowing expression from Optimus, as he shook his head. "He was defeated, Jack. But a part of him survived. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge the details of what happened, as..." "...As it's dangerous to know too much about the future, I know..." the Human replied with a nod, before going quiet as a thoughtful look appeared on his face. "Jack?" the Cybertronain Prime inquired, noticing this. 'If this happened after my time as a Prime, that means Orion must have been the one to deal with Unicron, once and for all.' he thought before Optimus's voice regained his attention. "Jack, is everything alright?" "Yes,...Optimus, I am fine. Just realized something...that's all. So you were saying?" the Human Prime replied, gaining an inquisitive expression from his former Mentor. "Well...since that day, the storm has grown stronger and spread further across the All-spark. It is spreading like a virus and corrupting every part of this plain as more and more sparks are lost to it." he said before pointing at a crystalline mountain in the distance, one that had lost its shine and grown dark. "I understand. This land looks like it is sick and it is because of this force...this darkness..." Jack said back before a confused look appeared on his face. "...but what I don't get is apart from you and the Thirteen, my Son and Granddaughter, I have not seen anyone else here. I thought that was because of how Primus described it to me, the last time I was here..." he explained, before pointing up at the sky. "...that all the sparks of those here were up there, shining like stars." This brought a slight smile to Optimus's face as he looked down at his friend, which brought a slightly embarrassed yet similar reaction from the Human. "...What did I say?" "Jack, everything around us...the crystalline landscape, the sky...everything you see, feel and hear is simply how your mind chooses to interpret it as since the true nature of the All-spark is too much for a mortal mind to comprehend." the former-Autobot Leader replied, gaining a nod from Jack as he looked back out at the horizon. "I get it. And it's the same for Orion and Myra too." "Yes, it is even the same for how myself and the other members of the Thirteen appear to you, your son and granddaughter as well." "I see. So you and the others are really nothing more than your sparks now." Jack replied with a thoughtful look as he looked around him at his surroundings once again, gaining a nod from the Prime. "Yes, Jack. But I suggest you try not to contemplate on this too much. It really is far beyond the comprehension of mortals." "That's okay, I think I understand enough. So what happened to the other members of the Thirteen, the ones that are not with you now?" PRIME EFFECT 5 As Jack and Optimus continued to talk, Orion approached Onyx Primal, Nexus Prime and Micronus Prime. "Hey, Onyx." the blue-haired Bot called, gaining the Maximal leader's attention as he looked down at his friend with a smile. "Hello, Orion, it's good to see you." he said back, whilst both the other Primes turned to the new arrival. "So you were right when you said that we would meet again." Orion replied, earning a nod from the larger Bot. "Indeed, just as I was about you being a Prime I see." "Yes, well I haven't actually been a Prime for very long. From my perspective, it's only been three years since the Battle of Virmire." the younger Darby said back. "And you can only have been victorious in that battle, considering that you are here now, which I am glad to see." Onyx replied. "We were, though things might have been different if the Nemesis had not been destroyed." the blue-haired Bot said in return, making the Maximal nod back. "You are welcome, Orion. I am glad that I could help in that regard..." he replied. "That actually is the reason Onyx is here among the members of the Thirteen." Nexus then said, gaining Orion and the Maximal's attention. "What do you mean?" the former asked. "When we last fought the Darkness..." the Prime then started to say, only for Micronus to cut him off mid-sentence. "You mean when we lost our Onyx and Prima to it." he said, which earned a solemn nod from Nexus in return. "...Yes, when we lost more of our brothers. The Enemy appeared to have the rest of us surrounded, but then Onyx here came in and helped us hold it off long enough for Vector to get us out of there." "And once we were safe, we found out about how he sacrificed himself to help you defeat Unicron and Galvatron, as well as lead the Maximals against their Predacon Oppressors. His acts made him worthy of becoming an honorary member of the Thirteen and of having the name of our fallen brother." the smaller of the two Primes added, gaining a slight smile from the Primal. "Thanks, but I am only trying to help...especially after..." he began to reply before trailing off, as a regretful expression quickly appeared on his face. "...what happened to Airazor and the rest of my friends." he added, gaining mirrored looks from the others around him. "You found her? You found Airazor and the other Maximals?" Orion asked, his face looking surprised before it changed to a more solemn expression. "It was the Darkness, wasn't it?" Onyx nodded back, turning to face the horizon whilst the blue-haired Bot and the Primes simply watched. "Yes, it absorbed them... it absorbed her into itself. And I couldn't stop it, so now I will fight to ensure that doesn't happen to anyone else here." the Maximal said back. "We will make the Darkness pay, Onyx, I know we will." the blue-haired Bot replied with a determined and sympathetic tone, earning a nod from the others. "I am honored to be fighting by your side once more Orion." the former-Predacon said back, before noticing Myra standing on her own just aways from the group. "So I take it the Asari is yours and Liara's daughter?" he then asked, which made the Human-Bot look towards her as well. "Yes, she is, though it did come as a surprise to go from seeing my daughter as a baby to then seeing her as an adult." "She looks very much like her mother." the Maximal replied, gaining a slight smile from Orion before a more thoughtful expression befell his face. "What is it, Orion?" Onyx asked, having noticed his small friend's look. "Since meeting Myra now…this future-version of her, hearing about her tough life has been for her,…though only in the most cryptic way imaginable, I cannot help but want to know exactly what it is and how I can fix it once we are sent back to our own times. I mean, she is my daughter and to know that her life is going to be hard and cruel to her, I just couldn't bear it to know all that and not try to do something about it." Orion replied while staring out at the wilderness, not noticing that both Micronus and Nexus had stepped closer. "We have to admit, Orion, that when we first saw your daughter, we could sense a dark aura emanating from her spark. But even though it is similar to what we have felt before amongst our own brothers…" the Minicon replied, gaining a nod from Orion in return. "You mean Megatronus?" he said back. "Yes, Orion,...but unlike our fallen brother, we have a feeling that she will not succumb to that darkness inside of herself, for there is light within her also..." Nexus added. "...because no matter how much we may want to, sometimes there are things you just cannot change." he finished, gaining a reluctant but understanding nod from the blue-haired Bot in return as he stood there and watched his Daughter. Meanwhile, the Asari was standing and looking out at the storm in the far-off distance, her face sullen and thoughtful. 'What am I doing here? They say that I am a Prime, that I belong among the ranks of these legends standing around me. That I am the same as both my father and my grandfather, but that cannot be any further from the truth...' Myra thought, not noticing that someone walking towards her from behind. '...I mean, they said that I became a Prime because I spared Vasir, which was something I never thought I would do in the two hundred plus years that I pursued her. I have still killed plenty of others in the name of revenge, used people to get my way. My hands and soul are stained with the things I did in my quest to bring justice to the woman who ruined my life and my family, so there is no way that I can be worthy to hold this.' she added while looking down at the exposed Matrix in the chest-plate of her Prime Armour. "Are you alright?" a female voice then spoke, gaining the Asari's attention as she turned to see Solus Prime standing next to her. "Yes, thank you." she replied before looking away and back to the horizon, while the Femme stared down at her with a puzzled expression. "I thought you were going to speak with Optimus and your grandfather?" "I was, but I kind of want to be on my own right now." Darby said back, without even looking back. "You have a lot on your mind." Solus then stated with an observing-like expression, which gained a nod from the younger Woman in return. "You could say that, after all, I am probably the least qualified person here. I mean, everyone here has saved the galaxy at least once. You and the rest of the Primes defeated Unicron, my grandfather did the same as well as vanquishing the Reapers as well. Even my father defeated Galvatron and his Predacons, but me..." she started to say with self-loathing evident in her voice, while Solus watched. "...All I did was hunt down a woman who killed my mother and my fiancé...I mean how does that put me in the same league as the rest of you?" she added, which brought a look of understanding to the larger Prime's face. "I can see that this is bothering you, Mira Prime, but you should know that the matrix does not make mistakes in who it chooses to carry it. There is a reason for everything that happens in our lives, no matter if it is good or bad. I learned that shortly after having been killed by my spark-mate...Megatronus." "...the Fallen." Myra replied, earning a nod from the Femme as she gave the Asari a thoughtful expression. "Yes, and like you are now, I was terribly confused by what had transpired. For I arrived here in the All-spark bewildered by what had happened to me, as I did not know why my lover did what he had done. The man I loved would not have been able to hurt me, let alone kill me. But in time, I learned the truth that Megatronus had been corrupted by Unicron during our final battle, thus explaining all of my spark-mate's confusing behavior that occurred afterward. For he had to lead the way alongside Prima in our battles with the Chaos Bringer, only for him to begin arguing with his friend in what we should do next while also pushing the rest of the group away once the enemy was gone. He literally demanded that I forge him the Requiem Blaster, stating that we should have the firepower to protect ourselves from whatever followed Unicron as a threat to us and Primus. And though I disagreed with this newfound belief of his, I still built it for him." "Why?" Myra asked with a curious tone, making Solus sigh in return. "Because I loved him and wanted to support him, despite his erratic and confusing behavior. He also became jealous of my friendships with Onyx Prime, Nexus, and Micronus, even though he had never been so possessive of me before then." "I am sorry about what you experienced, but I don't understand how this has anything to do with me?" the Asari asked in return. "It is because, unlike Megatronus who never questioned what was happening to him, you instead have. I can see it written all over your face as you worry why you were chosen as to be a Prime, always focusing on the bad elements and never on the deeds you have accomplished in your life..." the Femme continued, while Myra remained quiet and listened. "..like not only defeating and sparing the one who was the catalyst for the darkness in your life but also ending the threat her organization posed to the galaxy at large. You also helped end the life of a murderer who had ruined the lives of thousands of innocent people in her long life, bringing peace to another similar young woman like yourself." Solus added, gaining a thoughtful expression from the Asari. 'She is talking about Tolae.' she thought as the Femme spoke once more. "...You also learned to love again, opening your heart and soul to another. Someone who has begun to heal the scars that the past has left you with." 'Kat...' the younger Prime thought, her mind filling with images and fond memories of her lover before a confused expression appeared on her face. "How do you know all this?" Myra then asked, which gained a slight smile from Solus Prime. "Because we have been watching you, Myra, throughout your life...just as we did with both your father and grandfather. For we were created by Primus, given life from his very being which allows us to see those who are connected to him as well. And while you do represent the dark side of the balance between day and night along with your father and grandfather, you are far from unworthy of the title and responsibility that you share with them and the rest of us." Solus said, gaining an appreciative slight smile from the Asari in return. "I guess, I never thought of it that way. Thanks." "It is hard to see the light when you have been seeing darkness for long periods of your life, but there is light around you and within. So don't lose hope in yourself and the ones you surround yourself with, Myra, because they will give you strength as well." the Femme replied, making the younger Prime stare back with a knowing look. "That is what happened to Thirteen, right? After you were killed, I mean?" "Yes..." the larger Prime started to reply, her blue optics focusing on her smaller friend. "...After my murder. Liege Maximo was the next to fall before Megatronus, because he found out what had transpired. And from that moment, the group fell into disarray. Prima killed Megatronus for what he had done and when his and Liege's betrayals were exposed, the latter having played a part in my demise...as he had always been very manipulative. But both Micronus and Onyx then entered the Well of All-sparks, having grown tired and grief-stricken due to all the tragedies that had befallen us. Vector Prime left too, choosing to live out the rest of his days in an unknown dimension. Optimus chose to enter the Well too so that he would be reborn as one of the many Cybertronains that were being created every day..." This made Myra's eyes widen in return, having listened to that last part. "Wait, Optimus is one of you?" she asked in a surprised tone. "Yes, he is the Thirteenth Prime. He acted off advice from Alpha Trion, who read in the Covenant of Primus that Optimus would one day be needed during one of Cybertron's darkest times." the Femme replied, making the Asari turn and look at the red and blue Bot who was still talking with her Grandfather. "I had no idea..." she started to say back, only for Solus to cut her off. "No one outside our group did, Alpha Trion said it was necessary that it remained that way. He himself was the only Prime who stayed among Primus's children, while the rest of us faded away." "There are legends that the Thirteen are immortal, but since you're standing here before me, I guess that isn't true." the Asari then said, gaining a nod from the Femme. "Unfortunately that is the case, as the only beings who could claim to be so, are the Aeons. But even they can die as the deaths of Primus and Unicron have proven. And even though we, like the rest of the Cybertronian-race could live for millions of years originally, that changed due to the effects of the Primus-Wave which made us more like our Human friends..." the larger Prime added, looking back to her friends as she spoke. "...After watching our race stagnate and fall into civil war, even though it was influenced by the Darkness via Unicron, it was the right decision that our creator took and lessened our life-spans, since life should be cherished for the very reason that it is in itself...finite." This gained a nod from Myra as an understanding expression appeared on her face, which was noticed by the Femme. "Nothing should last forever." Myra added, making Solus nod back. "Yes, exactly. Everything that has a beginning, must eventually have an end. That is the way of the universe, and it was a long time coming for the Cybertronain Species to join the rest of their neighbors in this. I believe that is another reason why your grandfather, your father, and you were chosen to be Primes. So that you three would act as a bridge and pass the ownership of the last Matrix from Cybertronain hands to those of the rest of the galaxy, giving them the responsibility of protecting and leading future generations." PRIME EFFECT 5 Myra was so engrossed in listening to Solus, that she did not notice that both Jack and Orion were standing behind her. "Everything alright here?" the blue-haired Bot asked, gaining the Asari's attention. "Yes, everything is fine, Dad. I was just talking with Solus." she replied with an affectionate smile, earning a similar expression from the Bot as Optimus and the other Primes stood behind them. "Did you know that Optimus didn't start out as Orion Pax, but was originally a member of the Thirteen?" Myra then asked, gaining a surprised look from Orion and a nod from her grandfather. "Really? No, I did not...though it makes sense considering that I met the big Bot and the rest of you when I first became a Prime." the Blue-haired Bot replied whilst looking around the group, earning slight smiles from them all. "I didn't know originally, but Optimus told me during our conversation just now." Jack added, before Myra returned her attention to the Thirteen. "Alright...so what's our next step?" she asked. "Well, considering those large always-present storm clouds in the distance over in that direction..." Onyx Primal began to say as he gestured behind the others, making them turn and look that way. "...my guess would be that is where the Darkness is situated." he added, gaining a nod from Vector Prime. "Yes. Whatever that Darkness is, it has never left that location which, as it turns out, is the very center of the All-spark. It simply sends copies of itself along with Tyrants and Wraiths out to capture more Sparks for it to consume, slowly corrupting and draining the All-spark around it." he replied which brought a slight smile to Orion's face, one that both Jack and Myra noticed. "What is it, Dad?" the latter asked, with the Thirteen watching from behind them. "The Darkness can probably detect us..." the blue-haired Bot started to explain while gesturing between himself and his family, pointing at their matrices. "Via our pieces of Primus. So, we can't simply attack it head on. We need a diversion." This earned a knowing look from Optimus, with Nexus and the others quickly realizing what their little friend was talking about. "We could be that distraction, Orion..." the former-Autobot Leader began to reply, before Solus cut him off. "Yes, the Darkness has already shown that it will focus on us when we are in its vicinity." she added as Micronus stepped forward. "Just like it did when it killed and consumed our brothers. The Darkness was nothing but fully committed to wiping us out." "That is why, my Brothers and Sister, we should take the lead and distract the Darkness..." Optimus then added before looking over to Vector, who nodded in return. "And then I can teleport the Trinity here directly on top of our common enemy, giving them the chance to finish it off." "Sounds like a plan." Myra then replied with a confident smirk, earning similar expressions from her family before another distorted male voice suddenly spoke up. "Yes, it does..." It said, making the group turn around to see a jet-black Tyrant standing before them. "Oh Scrap!" Onyx said in return as everyone stared back in surprise, as the usually blank-looking giant began to change. ..."a pity that it will not work." another voice then added, making the Primes look behind them to see a Wraith appear next to them, leaving the group standing between the two new arrivals. "By the All-spark." Optimus stated as both the Tyrant and Wraith shifted their bodies into both Megatronus and the human-like version of the Chaos Bringer. "The Fallen!" Nexus spat, while Solus's optics widened in response. "...Megatronus..." she muttered as Myra clenched her fists, which glowed once more with biotic energy. "Unicron!" she said back, having remembered seeing him during one of her earlier dreams. "But they are both dead. There is no way that they are here now?" Micronus replied with worry tingeing his words, while Optimus shifted his hands into his arm-blades. "They are not, Micronus. The Darkness has simply made two of its drones take on their appearance as a means to rattle us." "Well, it's not going to work. Let's get them!" Onyx shouted before shifting into his Dragon-mode and charging at the Fallen-Tyrant, but it easily dodged the Maximal's attack and followed through by slamming its fists into his back and knocking the Beast onto the floor. "Onyx!" Micronus cried out as the Tyrant looked at the others, its purple eyes glowing as they narrowed. "That was pitiful. Nothing but a simple Beast." the Fallen said with gritted teeth, the disdain evident in his voice. "You are not Megatronus!" Solus said back while tightening her grip on her Hammer, earning a slight smile from the enemy. "No, I am not..." he started to reply, only for the Unicron clone to cut him off. "...we are merely extensions of our Master and since these individuals had been corrupted by the Dark, that means their forms are our Master's to use as he sees fit." "It matters not, for we will not allow you to disgrace their memories any further." Vector Prime replied as he equipped his blades of Time, while Jack and Orion readied their own Star-Sabers. "You seem to believe that you have a chance of defeating the Darkness that rules us..." the Unicron-clone began to reply as storm clouds gathered overhead, which coincided with many more Tyrants and Wraiths appearing around the Primes, seeping out of the crystalline ground and taking form before them. "...you do not realize how wrong you are..." the Fallen added as a cannon grew out of his arm, which he pointed down at the sprawled form of Onyx Primal. "Destroy them!" both clones then shouted in a united voice, making the army charge at the group. "Primes, defend yourselves!" Optimus roared as he cut down one of the Tyrants, making his comrades charge at the enemy and clash. PRIME EFFECT 5 The battle was fierce and unforgiving as the Primes and the soldiers of Darkness fought while a storm battered the area with rain, thunder, and lightning. Orion, Jack, and Myra had engaged the Wraiths while Unicron's clone watched with a look of disdain. And Optimus and his brethren fought the Tyrants as Megatronus stood over the injured beast-form of Onyx Primal, a disinterested look on his face as he glanced down at the Beast. "You are not one of these people, you were not touched by Primus's wretched light. You are nothing." he said in a hateful tone, gaining a growl from the black-Dragon which resulted in the Fallen-Tyrant stamping its foot on the beast's back and making the Maximal yelp as he aimed his arm-cannon down at it. "Time for you to join your species in extinction." But just aways to the left, Solus was charging towards the pair and knocking any Tyrants out of the way with her Hammer. "Micronus, I need a boost!" she shouted to the Minicon, who was right now holding onto an enemy's face and gorging its eyes out. "Okay, on my way." he said back before climbing up onto the Tyrant's head just as the Femme approached, before leaping off and shifting into a small object that clicked onto her right arm, while his enemy was then shot down by an energy-wave from Jackson Prime's holo Star-Saber. "That's great." Solus then exclaimed as she felt a boost of power surge through her body, which was visible due to her optics and joints glowing with bright purple light as she then swung her hammer into the Fallen's back. "Arrgh!" he grimaced while being sent flying over Oynx and onto the ground ahead, while the Femme stopped over her Maximal friend. "Okay, Micronus, give Onyx a boost while I deal with Megatronus's doppelganger." she said while watching the clone of her dead lover slowly recover, as the small Minicon disconnected off her arm and landed on the Dragon's back. This made Onyx Primal quickly get back to his feet and roar up at the heavens as his optics and the underside of his black armor began to glow with a blue light. "Go and help the trinity, Onyx. Go now." Solus then added, earning a low growl before the Dragon spread its wings and launched itself back into the sky, leaving the female-Prime with the Fallen, who had just got back to his feet, looking back at her with his narrowed purple optics. "You would strike the one you love?" he said with a sinister and judging tone, which only made Solus's optics narrow in return. "You are not Megatronus, therefore I have no trouble ending your miserable existence, Tyrant." she replied, making the Fallen smirk as they circled each other, completely ignoring the battle raging around them. "You would like to think that, but my Master not only corrupted and enslaved your lover, he also absorbed everything that made Megatronus who he was. So I know you just as well as he did...and secretly he knew you had feelings for Nexus, you cheating whore." he said back, which enraged the Femme as she launched herself at him and swung her hammer. "You lie!" Meanwhile, Myra, Jack, and Orion were holding their own against the Wraiths, all while Unicron merely watched from just aways. He seemed more than happy to let the liquid black drones do the work for him, looking almost bored as he stared at the three. "Several Wraiths just spawned here on my side." the blue-haired Bot stated as he stabbed the nearest enemy through the chest with the Star-Saber, before performing a roundhouse kick that took off the head off another to his right. "Same here on my side." the Asari added while throwing two Wraiths into a group advancing towards her with her biotics, making them topple like bowling pins. "I noticed..." Jackson Prime replied while slashing two enemies in half with his holo-Saber, while also unleashing an energy wave that cut through another ten behind them. "...no matter how many we kill, more just keep coming." he added as his Son grabbed and threw another Wraith to the floor before pulling his weapon out of a dead enemy lying on the floor beside him and swinging it into the head of yet another Wraith that had charged at him from behind. "So what's the plan? Just keep swinging until we cannot anymore..." he asked, with his own Daughter giving both Men a knowing look as she performed a biotic flare that decimated a large group of Wraiths as yet more rose up from the ground. "I hope not, that plan sucks." she said as the trip found themselves surrounded by a couple of hundred enemies, which made Jack look up into the sky and smirk. "I wouldn't worry..." he started to say, before suddenly Onyx swooped down and landed on a number of the Wraiths before swinging his tail through scores of others. "Onyx!" Orion exclaimed with a relieved smile before Optimus, in his vehicle mode, joined the fight and ran down another score before pulling a hand-brake turn and sliding into several others and stopping beside the trio. "Jack, Myra. Get in!" the big-Bot said as his passenger door opened, with the pair nodding back as they climbed into the vehicle. "What about me?" Orion asked as he sliced the head off another Wraith, while Optimus began to drive off and run down more enemies. "Look behind you." the Autobot replied, making the blue-haired Bot turn to find Onyx kneeling down beside him with his neck and head lowered. "Okay, this is going to be cool." Orion then stated with an enthusiastic tone. As that was happening, Solus and Megatronus were locked in battle as both tried desperately to gain an advantage over the other. "I don't recall it being so difficult to kill you, Solus." he said back while firing a blast from his arm cannon, but the Femme deflected it with her hammer effortlessly. "Perhaps it is because that time was due to you blindsiding me, which is a mistake I am not intending to make again." she replied with a confident smirk, gaining a similar reaction from her adversary. "Sounds like you are finally accepting who I am." the Fallen said as he lunged at her, only for the Femme to hit him in mid-air with a swing of her hammer, sending him flying and hitting the floor hard. "No, my Megatronus died the day Unicron corrupted him. You're just a lifeless copy..." she replied as he rolled a couple of times across the crystalline floor, finally coming to a stop just aways from her. "...and now it is time for you to embrace your end." the Femme added as she walked over to his still form and raised her hammer over her head, readying for the killing blow. But her eyes suddenly widened as Megatronus rolled over and looked back at her with a caring and fearful expression. "...Solus?..." he started to say, which made her pause as she saw her Lover lying before her. "Megatronus?" she asked with a hopeful tone, thinking for a split second that her Lover was somewhere inside that copy. But this made the Fallen smirk back as he lifted his arm-cannon at her and fired, hitting her directly in the chest and sending her onto the ground with a damaged chest plate. "Ha ha ha ha..." the Tyrant laughed as he quickly got back to his feet and walked over to the Femme, who was trying to get recover despite the pain she felt in her chest. "...all this talk of knowing what I was and all I had to do was show you an affectionate face and say your name softly, how truly pathetic you really are..." he continued as he stood over her and aimed his weapon down at her, the inside of its barrel began to glow as he prepared to fire. "...and it's time for my Master to consume you." he finished as his arm cannon hummed and shone brightly, but just as he was about to fire, Nexus Prime rolled in and sliced the Fallen's legs off. "Arrrgh!" he cried out while falling to the ground, his feet and legs dissolving into black dust which blew away in the almost gale-force wind. "Solus, you alright?" the Prime asked while helping the Femme to her feet, gaining a nod from her in return as she looked down at the crippled clone of her Lover. "Yes, this thing just exploited a momentary weakness of mine." she replied while gripping the hilt of her hammer tightly, gaining a knowing nod from the Bot. "Okay. Well, I'll let you do the honors." Nexus said back, gesturing to the enemy as the Femme stepped before it and raised her weapon over her head. "...Solus..." he said in a soft tone while looking back with a touching stare, but this was met by a cold and angry look expression as she looked down at him. "You're not him..." she started to reply before slamming her hammer into his head, crushing it and killing the Tyrant as its body turned to dust and revealed the cracked crystal ground where he lay. "...that was for you, Megatronus." "Okay, let's get back to helping the others." the other Prime then replied, only for the Femme to stop him as he turned away. "Wait, I think we are in even more trouble than we originally thought with this attack." she warned, gaining a curious look from Nexus in return. PRIME EFFECT 5 Meanwhile, Orion rode on the back of Onyx as the Maximal rained down fire from the sky and wiped out scores of Wraiths and Tyrants alike, while on the ground, Optimus drove through the enemy as Jack fired his rifle through the wound-down window of the Autobot's passenger door, killing any black-drone that Optimus missed. Myra was doing the same thing on her end, throwing biotic projectiles which slammed enemies onto the floor, killing them instantly. "This is getting too easy." the blue-haired Bot called on his com-link, gaining a head-shake from his Father as he head-shot another Wraith that had managed to dodge Optimus's aggressive driving. "Why did you have to say that, Orion?" the Human Prime asked disapprovingly, earning a nod from the Asari in return. "I guess that means we should expect trouble now." she replied as Unicron suddenly appeared before the truck, gaining Optimus's attention as he sped towards him. "Run him down, Optimus!" Jack said, which was answered by the Autobot slamming the accelerator down and making the engine roar as he increased speed toward their enemy, making the Wraith clone smirk as he stood his ground. But just before the Semi-truck could slam its grill into the clone of the Chaos Bringer, Unicron dived out of the way and then fired several energy blasts at the trio. "Incoming!" Jack shouted as Optimus began to strafe left and right in an attempt to dodge the attacks, with the first few flying past, only for the last few to hit the Truck directly, earning a grimace from the Bot as he lost control and was forced to transform back into his robot-mode, flinging Myra and her grandfather onto the crystalline ground as he rolled to a stop. "Myra, are you alright?" Jack asked as he slowly got back to his feet, gaining a painful nod from the Asari as she mirrored his actions. "...yeah, nothing some medi-gel wouldn't fix..." she started to say before turning her attention to Optimus, who was trembling slightly as he got to his knees. "...Optimus...?" she then tried to ask, only for another voice to speak out and cut her off. "You should worry about yourself, Mira Prime..." This made the Asari turn around to see Unicron standing over her with a glowing fist aimed at her head. "...because if just one of you three die, then the Trinity dies as well." he continued but Myra simply smirked back, which made the Wraith's expression change to confused as she gestured above him. "…what?" he started to ask while turning around and staring up, with his purple eyes widening as a look of shock appeared on his face at what he saw standing before him. But before he could say anything more, he was suddenly crushed as Onyx Primal landed on the jet-black enemy and crushed him to dust. "No one hurts my daughter." Orion then said as the Dragon roared in return, gaining an appreciative smile from the Asari. "Thanks for the save…" she began to say, only to be cut short as the ground began to shake. "What is going on?" Jack asked as Optimus and the other Primes looked around with confused looks, while the earthquake continued. "I am not sure." the Autobot replied, gaining a knowing look from Solus. "I think we should ready ourselves though…" she started to say before a giant black hand suddenly broke through the crystalline floor beneath Onyx Primal and grabbed the Dragon, flinging Orion off its back in the process." "Dad!" Myra shouted before using her biotics to catch him in mid-air and lower him gently to the ground, while Onyx roared in frustration while attempting to break free from the hand's grip. "Onyx, Micronus,…get out of there!" Nexus then shouted, but only the Minicon was able to do so as he transformed back into robot mode and was quickly thrown from the Maximal's back as it continued to fight against the vice-like grip of the black hand before a dark and booming voice spoke up, shocking everyone. "I have finally found you,…Beast, and now I will feed on your spark!" it boomed before slimy tendrils grew out of every part of the hand and stuck to Onyx, draining energy through the Dragon's body as it roared in agony. "Onyx!" Micronus cried out as he and the others watched as the jet-black Beast started to look weak and brittle as the blue glow of it's optics and the gaps between the pieces of it's armor flickered. But then, almost as quickly as it had started, the hand drained the life out of the Maximal and its body went limp before it sank into the black liquid-like surface of the appendage and was consumed. "NO!" the Minicon screamed with wide-eyed optics, having seen his second beast-like friend killed before his eyes as the black hand opened up to reveal that Onyx was no more. "By the Allspark…" Optimus began to say, only for the ground to shake once more and cut him off. "This has been a long day coming, but you are all within my reach…now…" the voice boomed again before a giant jet-black figure with glowing purple eyes breached the crystalline ground and revealed himself to the Primes, towering over them as Unicron appeared at his feet. "…it's the Darkness!" Jack added as he, his family, and the remaining Thirteen stood before the behemoth as the storm picked up it's pace. "This really is our darkest hour." the former Autobot Leader replied with a worried tone, as it appeared that the end really was around the corner.
  15. Tonight on GotBot Goes Live, we covered news from the livesstream, especially Studio Series 86 Steeljaw, Bumblebee and Springer, plus ONE, Dr. Wu and DNA Design. I address Bingo Toys Missing Link-ish dip and then we play trivia before doing this week's unboxing!
  16. The 86 Swoop Leader Class doesn't ship until Fall 2024, but he's flying in the wild already with some new In-Hand Images Transformers Studio Series Dinobots figure. Check out the last of the SS86 team in and out of the box as well as compared with other Dinos and more thanks to @ LegenDary ToyCollections20 . - Read the Full News Story
  17. What happened to the Bumblebee! I watched the stream, went to bed, woke up, and poof! It was sold out! How!?!
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