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  3. Tonight on GotBot Goes Live, we react to the Pulsecon 2023 reveals, the good, bad and ugly. We update some YOLOPARK products . We even debated whom Rescue Bot Chase could be retooled as, pure speculation with that one. Finally, trivia and this week's unboxing!
  4. Nightshade is very green, but man does the metallic green pop! Obviously, you'll need to buy this figure to complete Mandroid but besides that Nightshade is a solid figure overall.
  5. With Target cancelling of their Studio Series 102BB Optimus Prime Preorders recently, there are a lot of upset fans right now. For whatever reason, the inventory for the much anticipated Voyager class made for the Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts didn't meet demand. This leaves collectors with having to play scalper prices of $75+ USD, not get one altogether, or consider unofficial alternatives. - Read the Full News Story
  6. Formidable warriors go head-to-head in these in-hand images of the just revealed Transformers Legacy Deluxe class figures with United Windblade who's taking on Evolution Shadow Striker. It is anyone's guess who would win this showdown. Check out the versus images in the gallery that follow to see the faceoff images thanks to @transmini. - Read the Full News Story
  7. Walmart Collector Con returns for the weekend of New York Comic Con starting on Friday, October 13, 2023. Previews go up on October 5th with G.I. Joe, Transformers and Star Wars being focused on, on the main page. Chances are this will be the next capsule series exclusives line, that is rumored to be the "Star Seekers" that brings is the crew of space pirates lead by Thundertron. - Read the Full News Story
  8. Figure-oh No.308 Magazine is out in Japan with a HUGE previews issue this month giving up products from Earthspark, ROTB, Legacy, Masterpiece, Studio Series, and Missing Link toys! Read on to see the full list with scans thanks to @3startoysya. - Read the Full News Story
  9. Transformers Legacy Evolution Voyager Junkion Trashmaster. Can be taken apart and combined with other figures with a 5mm port. comes with a claw type weapon that becomes the garbage trucks compactor.
  10. Mark's powering up for even behind the scenes features coming soon with some flashes on two more United figures they revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023. Getting ready to roll out are these are brand-new Legacy characters and molds coming through the portal with Inferac Magneous and Prime Thundertron. Dig into the video and caps that follow for the in-hand previews. - Read the Full News Story
  11. Last week
  12. Wsup TFormers! I'm super stoked to bring you my latest fan mode, the Trash Titan, otherwise known as 3G, the Garbage Goliath Gestalt!. This one is a collaboration between and one of my viewers, RobertH. Robert created the torso and I created the limbs. A very very cool and fun project that you can undertake if you have the bots at home. Requires: 1x Trashmaster, 2x Scraphooks, and 2x Crashbars. Check out the pic and also the vid, if you're interested in seeing the tutorial. Thanks and have a nice day
  13. IAMNOFIRE shares his latest high resolution toy photography image gallery featuring threezero's MDLX Rodimus Prime. The non-transforming Transformers MDLX G1 figure is based on the original 1980s Transformers cartoon, with extended articulation and details in the video and images below. - Read the Full News Story
  14. In my opinion, one of the best Toyhax sets of 2023.
  15. The Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 beat goes on with another new behind the scenes report from Mark Maher @markclonus, this one featuring the newly revealed Legacy Animated Universe Optimus Prime figure. The Autobot Leader lands as Voyager class figure with a totally new mold. He's got a big axe but no mask and more than meets the behinds the scenes on the making of this toy. - Read the Full News Story
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO! *Proceeds to shoot lasers from my eyes ala Devastator* But seriously though, they got roasted over this set on Facebook. Nobody wants this. What a waste of plastic. Why bother swapping out the ass skirt if you're not going to do anything better with it? At least make those two hinged pieces flip around to the back of the ass skirt to minimize it as much as possible. What about that shield I was talking about in my last comment? I thought DNA liked to give things shield for no reason? Who the hell thought it was a good idea to take that shitty chunk of flaps with molded missile launchers in it and attach it to the gun that has a huge extension on it? That's about the worst looking thing I ever seen. It's far worse than any attempt to turn Motormaster's base tower piece into something resembling a gun. Just fucking replace the pieces outright. Nobody wants to repurpose them into stupid looking shit. They already designed a full replacement for the ass flap so why not just make full replacements for the other parts too? What is going on with that chest? Did they intentionally try to invoke the visage of Omega Prime with that? It's bad looking on its own and its even worse since you put the entire old chest on top of it instead of just the Autobot badge that's on a 5mm peg. And all for what? to slightly cover the hands of the smaller robot mode in truck mode? What a roundabout way to go about doing that. Did they even try to match the gold paint? I've seen 3D printed sets on Ebay try to color match better than this. Do they really think those shoulder flaps look good up there? They accomplish next to nothing in vehicle mode either. At first I thought those would sit in the grooves instead of hovering 1mm over them like that. It's just stupid looking when they're being used in truck mode. Who would even display the figure like that anyway? This trailer is actually useful unlike the Earthrise and G2 trailers. So the trailer stays with the figure at all times as it's needed for the super mode. So there's no need to cover the super mode hands in truck mode as the trailer will always be covering them. Even still, who the fuck cares about the fists being visible? It's such a non issue. Oh and they block the 5mm ports on the shoulders on top of looking like garbage. The door fillers are okay I guess. The front skirt is okay I guess. Other than the bad paint matching. The hands look okay but I hate those tab and slot connections. It's nice they gave two ports but I can almost guarantee that they'll fall out. Those things almost always suck. Just not worth it honestly. Who really uses the finger articulation anyway if we're ALL being honest about it. You do a couple of poses here and there and it is pretty cool but that's it. You don't think of it again once it's on a shelf holding things. The feet things are less than okay. I thought they'd at least have some molded something on the blue parts to turn those pieces in truck mode into missile launchers. But no, they have the same kind of molded detail as the stock parts. So why even bother with more than just fillers for the toes? Nobody was asking for the super mode to be taller. I think it's too tall as it is. It's taller than their already established scaling. Just yet another almost complete failure of a kit from DNA. At least the SS RotB Scourge kit looks good.
  17. Hailing from the darkest reaches of Junkion, weighing in at an impressive 169g. He is the master of trash...This. Is. Trashmaster! Who, coincidentally, is also the first Legacy voyager Junkion who is a weaponizer, as well (my version of Junkasuarus will be in a separate video).
  18. Hi TFormers. I made a Junkion Power Suit for Mr. Trashmaster consisting of 2x Scraphooks and 1x Crashbar. If you don't have 2x Scraps at home, you can use Tow-line or Axlegrease in its place. Thanks for watching and stay creative!
  19. I'm kinda disapointed they are doing Prime, I was hoping they would do more female autobots like Arcee and Chromia.
  20. The new Transformers Legacy Evolution Wave 4 QR Codes character bios are now available for the following characters below. Click on the image to view the Hasbro profile pages. - Read the Full News Story
  21. There's a new kit in town, and this one is a real gunslinger from DNA Design. Their DK-45 seeks to be the ultimate Armada Optimus Prime Commander upgrade kit. In their usual fashion, DNA have made changes all over the figure with a new gun, hands, fillers, extenders and more that you can see in the images below. - Read the Full News Story
  22. Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Insecticon Shrapnel . Comes with one weapon and two removable legs. from the G1 universe.
  23. The official Transformers SNS updates on the new poster Transformers Legacy United revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 by artist Guido Guidi. This fantastic new illustration presents the Wave 1 characters and more than meets the reveals, including the following possible characters that we all hope will get new toys:• Animated Optimus Prime• Animated Bumblebee• Armada Tidalwave• Armada Galvatron• Beast Wars Neo Magamatron• Beast Wars Tigerhawk• Beast Wars II Tasmanian Kid• Cybervsrse Windblade• Energon Galvatron• Infernac Boldercrash Armorizer• Infernac Megneous Armorizer • Junkion TBR• Prime Thundetron• RID 2015 ChaseHere is an in-depth look at the #LegacyUnited character poster revealed by the team at #HasbroPulseCon last week. - Read the Full News Story
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