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  1. Awesome, I did in fact lol. Leader Sentinel and Ultimate Optimus scale pretty well together, too, FWIW.
  2. /\ "Yeah, just hangin' out. Chillin', a little bit of illin'. Waitin' for my arm and leg to ship."
  3. So is the Special Features disc playable on DVD, or only BluRay? It's not clear.
  4. You can crush me, but you can't crush my spirit!

  5. Not really an action pose I guess, but some Deluxe-sized Starscreams: Universe 2, Energon, DOTM, and Prime.
  6. I'm going to try to resist buying myself any TF Prime figs, and ask for those for Christmas. (Stay tuned for posts from me about the new TF Prime figs I'll have bought, I have no will power whatsoever.)
  7. Also TRU in Niles, IL, Golf Mill Mall. They had one a few days ago along w/ a PCC Skyhammer, which I bought.
  8. Attention please: if DOTM Dlx Leadfoot doesn't hit soon, I am going to pop. That is all.

  9. I bought him so that ROTF Stratosphere could have an in-scale (-ish) buddy. Not a huge fan otherwise, he's got problems- the legs are odd, that "hand" is just lazy, the giant fist hanging off the tail, the alt mode balance issue, and the intact half-airplane on his back. One cool thing is that in alt mode, you can open the side of the forward fuselage to expose a pair of Mechtech ports, which will hold narrow weapons, such as the ones that come with Topspin. I modded his bizzare right hand so the horizontal fins can fold up against the vertical stabilizer or downward, to resemble a couple different types of axe-like weapons. Also took the spring out of the weapon (as I do w/ most of my MT weapons) so it stay open.
  10. Somebody's been conventioning... :beer Lookin' sharp.
  11. Thanks guys! The original 2007 movie mold. The forearm has a peg which fits the Mechtech port on Leadfoot, and the hole where the elbow pin would fit is where the cannon plugs into. All slightly trimmed, tweaked, etc.
  12. I got mine for 65 and have no regrets, he's quite fun. I might even buy another if he's clearanced deeply enough. I do think he'll end up like ROTF Supreme Devastator- derided and ignored at first, then sought after. Several Sup Deve's have recently sold on ebay for $80-120, loose. They're both quite fun.
  13. I'm a Juan Pablo Montoya fan, so I love the fact that we have a clean #42 car, even if it's not the current paint scheme. I've come up with a battle mode of my own, and once Reprolabels gets a big honkin' set for him, he'll be most excellent.
  14. Thanks guys! Fresh stealth battle mode pics up!
  15. I love mine, it's a great display for the Cyberverse fellas, esp w/ the action sets clipped on- Prime's trailer, Ratchet's lunar rover, and Bumblebee's truck-thing. In spaceship mode, it's a much different scale, since in the movie we saw several Autobots in the cockpit area, and the toys holds only one, but it's still pretty cool for pew-pew action. :ohyeah (We need a pew-pew smiley.) Bonus: the 4 big weapons (missile batteries and cannons) on the front are removeable, and use standard 5mm posts, so more BFGs for your other figures.
  16. EDIT- a couple improvements to the big side cannons, and pics of the door cannons mounted. I love- LOVE, deeply, madly, disturbingly- HA Leadfoot! The alt mode is great, if lacking decals. Tight panel joints all around, nicely done. The standard Human Alliance opening doors are ironic since NASCAR cars do not have doors at all. Biggest alt mode disappointment: only two Mechtech ports, on the rear bumper, facing backwards. Virtually useless in alt mode (although I did fab up a right-angle adapter, see below), they are apparently meant to carry shoulder-mounted weapons in robot mode, about which more below. Worse yet, the ports, at least on mine, are also too large to actually hold a MT weapon in place without the spring-loaded cover pushing it out. WTH? I tried moving some of the plastic around in there to fix the problem, but itis barely working, I'll have to sleeve the holes. I had to mod him, of course- its what I do. Hands- cut the fingers down the middle, so he can move them in pairs. He can do a cool pistol-hand thing now. Panel on upper back- the stock shots show this part standing up behind his head. It can be folded backwards too, out of the way, but I modded it to fold forwards over his chest. Had to mod his a head a little, cutting off the activation handle for his shades and shaving down the back of his head just above his stumpy neck. Many of you have done this already, some of you say you havent had to mod it to fold the panel forwards- running mold change, maybe? Arm kibble- the seatbacks in robot mode form most of his forearms, but they keep his elbows from bending as far as they could, so I did a little trimming of the seatback in robot mode. (Another irony, these race cars only have a single seat.) Paint- broke out the silver paint marker and painted his hands, and some details on his arms, legs, etc., I think he looks better. Id like to study more screenshots of him before I go too far. I also added some black to parts like the underside of the front airdam, just to complete the paint scheme a little more. And I hit the Mechtech port covers w/ red permanent marker (my red paint marker sucks). Also colored the chest cannons black. Fender kibble- I shaved the arm supporting each fender section so you can pivot the part from both ends- where it attaches to the chest, and where it attaches to the fender panel. It lets you position those parts according to your needs. Door kibble- I shaved a little material from the horizontal pivot on the gray arms that support the doors to let them swing upward a little. Also shaved a bit of material from the edge of the fenders so the doors can tuck in a little better. Again, this gives you more freedom for positioning. (Again, it looks like some of you are able to do this without modding.) Club handgrip- The end of Steeljaws missile has a slot in it, which I tweaked to peg into LFs hand, allowing him to hold SJ in club mode, rather than just balancing his on his shoulder, as cool as that looks. Rear Mechtech mounts- I made a pair of mounts to make the rear MT ports useable in alt mode. They are the forearms off a Movie Voyager Optimus Prime, slightly modded. Basically they provide a 90-degree angle to the ports. Only good for narrow MT weapons, like Laserbeak's. The weapons sit very far back, but at least hell be able to use them in alt mode. Ill have to find a more permanent fix to the oversized holes, though. EDIT- I decided to remove the little cover flaps on the Mechtech ports, and tweak the openings as needed to give a nice stiff mounting point. I alos modded the gatlings slightly so they now plug in via the handle at the rear of the gun, upside down. This moves the guns forward slightly, looks better IMO. Stealth mode weapons- I took a pair of the gray gatlings from HA Whirl and sorta clipped them onto the top of the window nets- it's not a perfect fit, but for display they hold on just fine. Again, Ive seen at least one other one set up like this. EDIT- I carved a little notch in the bottom edge of the window net part, so the gray gatlings now clip in very securely. I also found a way to wedge the Steeljaw cannon mode onto the hood. Might be overkill, but it's fun. Future Front wheel pivots- havent started this one yet, but I want to add a second pivot to the arms that hold the front wheels on. Theres a fake pivot molded in, I want to put a real one there so the wheels can tuck into the sides of the torso, as Ive seen in some concept art. Itll improve the whole chest region. I have a couple junker TFs I think I can get some parts from. Note that this might result in front wheels that can be posed in alt mode. Cross your fingers. Wrists- I dont mind his hands as they are now, but I do want to give him some wrists. Two, to be exact. I cant wait to see/buy Reprolabels set for this guy.
  17. The Ravage character, to me, is one of those that need not have a fixed scale. He could be huge, like the ones we saw at the opening of DOTM, or smaller like the above pics w/ Deluxes.
  18. What dark magic be this? That looks like it was designed that way, what an awesome job! Any progress since these pics?
  19. Well, God Ginrai actually. D'oh, I should have known that, since I actually have the full-size God Ginrai. :tfpwn If I ever get my shelves installed, I plan to display most of my figs by character, as you've done w/ Bee. I do see that HA Jazz back there, tho; such a camera hog. :P
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