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  1. OMG LIKE BFF'S TFF'S 4EVR <3 <3 <3 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. this figure is terrible compared to the cgi model.. that's the whole point of a toyline.. to give you a physical interpretation of what you're seeing on the screen. .. we have a preconceived notion of what they should be like.. because in the movie we see what they should be like.. how does something capture the look and feel of a character with being less accurate than previous molds? that doesn't quite make sense. and how are you in a position to judge the look and feel of a figure that you don't have? it's obvious you don't have leader prime.. if you did, you'd know how high the bar has been set for a movie prime. i disagree with your assessment of the purpose of the toyline. yeah, hes not a perfect replica of the CGI model, but it is a toy. if you look back through the 70's and 80's at chogokin and super robot toys, they all had crazy colors, firing fists, missiles, propellers and other gimmicks that the original robot from the show didnt have, yet they were awesome toys. not to say that toys shouldn't represent the character, but we already have the difinitive version of prime, the '09 Leader and to a lesser extent the '10 voyager. while this toy does have solar panels and weird details, he does capture the feel of the character, specifically the longer legs, a detail most toys omit. Blitz, I've always been a fan of your reviews, a well written and illustrated review such as yours is much prefferable to sitting through someone futzing through a transformation in a video; however, I have some constructive criticizm: the Realism category i think shouldnt factor into the final score. i think it should be definitely kept because your opinion on the topic is part of the reason we read these things, but i dont think it should have any sway over the fundamental issues like how well executed the engineering is, poseability, or how appropriate and well executed the paint has been applied. It basically means every class aside from HA Leader or Alternator is going to have a default point deduction just for being a lower price point. aside from that, i really like the addition of play/price ratio! kudos on that idea, as this is really an expensive hobby and any way i can be dissuaded from buying something that really is a dud is much appreciated. You've always done this, but i find it fun and informative when you tell us what the alt mode is based on. Besides the movie figures (where most vehicles can be purchased from a dealer near you!) do you do research on the alt modes or do you just have a vast store of knowledge?
  3. ok, everybody say "che... ...ese"? Damn it Wreck-Gar!
  4. Listen, Rockefeller, some of us would be happier to see Hasbro make something a little more cost effective and Galvatron at Voyager scale, although BRILLIANT!! from Fansproject (MOST BRILLIANT 3RD PARTY COMPANY EEEVAH!!) would set someone back quite a bit just to have a fully functional and quite cook Galvatron and frankly I'd rather see what they'd do with Sphinxtron more than anything. Hasbro, Make it happen!! :thumb hey man, Im not rich, i just like what i like. if i gotta skip an entire line to pick up what i really want for a 3rd party release, like i did for Hunt for the Decepticons and Fansprojects Crossfire then so be it. im just sayin, id like a good cheap one from hasbro, but i dont think its gonna happen. I prefer to brace myself for the more expensive option. oh also, everything that Breaker said is completely badass and spot on, there are alot of directions to go to for G1 characters. (i <3 Hooligan too)
  5. i would actually prefer a 3rd party option on this, Hasbro usually needs to include whatever gimmicks that are present in their current toyline in any of their releases and despite the 3mm clip and rubsigns is the least intrusive gimmick in recent years, i would rather fansproject or someone else make something more like an adult collectible that doesnt have to withstand drop tests and the like, as those always impede aesthetics to some degree. that said, i wouldnt pass on a decent hasbro version.
  6. got wreck-gar, perceptor, prime and bumblebee from bbts today. Wreck-gar: FINALLY! i like how his alt mode is a transformer sized motorcycle, hes big and bulky in both modes, and his crazy grin is just awesome. hes a bit fiddly and difficult to get into bike mode, but the result is worth the effort. highly recommended! Perceptor: really awesome toy. the alt mode is ok, but the bot mode is outstanding! the chrome is gorgeous! a definite leg-up on the united version. the poseability isnt the best, but when have you seen perceptor do much more than rub his chin anyway? if you like perceptor or chrome or complicated transformations, he is recommended Bumblebee: hes the same mold as classics bee, but molded in a much nicer yellow color, its pretty much G1 Bee in movie bee colors, which actually looks nice. im going to use him to replace my classics bee, the orangey yellow with the sparkles looks nicer to me than the more lemony yellow color of classics bee. if you already have Bee, you might not want him unless you like the richer color. Laser Prime: really ugly paint in alt mode, but so ugly it becomes cool again!. the wheels and shape of the cab are decidedly chunky and looks better in person. although, it doesnt hold together super well. it comes packaged with 2 big clear ties holding it together, and when removed, the panels slip about and have trouble settling in to their designated spots. with some efort, the seams can be worked together, but the reward is not worth the effort. however, bot mode is just fantastic. theres some weird kibble bits like the doors on the inside of the forearms and the extra long heel spurs, but they are easily ignored when you get him into a good pose, which is easy to do, and comes naturally for the toy. the only hangups i find are the shoulder armor, in particular the connection tab that connects them in alt mode bangs into the torso, slightly hindering the right arms poseability; however this can be worked around with some creativity. oh also, light piping EVERYWHERE. recommended, a decent if not great deluxe figure.
  7. looks awesome so far, i dont know why it was reported as a recolor of the legends class mold, the 3mm clip hardpoints are a dead giveaway that its at least scout class, but my money is on it being a deluxe. you can make out the back of the head and the transformation if you look closely at the smaller clearer image. if you look closely at the front of the tank (the turret is facing the rear) you can see the thighs, which leads me to beleive the front treads form the legs. the turret should form the chest/torso area and the rear treads appear to be able to attach to the turret at those silver parts that i assume flip up to allow access to connection pegs or clips. looks pretty freaking awesome IMHO, bought.
  8. ive got mixed feelings about ratchet being the same old mold, for one i was hoping for a new voyager for him, but also, i want to spend as least cash as i can on DoTM, and i can see myself getting suckered in on at least the leader class sentinel prime and im willing to bet theres more HA figures that i wont be able to resist. i guess either way theres a silver lining
  9. looks like a deluxe class or smaller human alliance figure. its got the clips like deluxe figures have on his gun, and its size could be estimated from the roll bars, being they are the right size to accommodate the clip system that current releases are using.
  10. so, uh... whatcha got? :tfgrin but seriously, maybe a post in the Endcap will help you decide? if you go through with placing prices on stuff, it makes you choose whether or not this item in your hand is really worth that much to you, and takes away alot of the separation anxiety. i know that for me, taking photos and writing descriptions on ebay really lets me say goodbye to the toy. it helped me get rid of my entire set of Hurricanger megazords which were a keystone of my robot collection, and the care i put into the listing helped the price a bit too. just give it a shot and see how it feels, you can always delete the listing if you cant go through with it. i used to be a super completist, but when i started selling some of my ROTF stuff on ebay, i realised most of my collection ive accumulated is really just expendable junk. now i just keep it to what i REALLY love, which is classics, (lately with generations and rts it has been really hard to keep my finger off the trigger)but it keeps me in check. good luck fellow Tfan! :D
  11. yeah, there's no stress marks on mine, and i have to admit i've been pretty rough on it, for how expensive it was. roddys bicep where you clip that tab has sort of a cutaway near the elbow. this area is where you wanna slide the tab in. you then gently slide up to where it gets wider, closer to the wheel, and then you slip the clip over the tire. it shouldn't make much of a click if you're doing it right, and no stress should occur. i hope this helps, it makes me cringe to think somebody's expensive toy is giving out on them. oh also, if it ends up breaking on you, you can buy replacement parts. i did this when my city commanders (which i bought on ebay) neck joint broke. i contacted BBTS and they sold me a whole new head/neck/torso peice for $15. just FYI
  12. its too bad you cant count ROTF Hoist, because i think hes the closest incarnation we will be getting for a long while (granted hes a little more badass looking than the G1. oh well, wont stop me from having him pal around with my RTS Grapple
  13. Really? When I got that set I initially got it for Ol' Lefty, but I ended up selling him as I eventually found Hoist to be the real jewel of the set. Different strokes I guess. My dream repaint would be Energon Scorponok in G1 colors! I know, obvious choice, and many customizers have done it already, but Im too lazy to do it myself.
  14. "oh boy a Beetle Bumblebee toy! this is so cool, hey everybody, look! robot.. mode... pics... :doh " its not that i hate it, i just dont have any use for a toy that i pretty much own already anyway, and its not better than my classics bee, or even the new repaint coming out soon. now if classics bee was reshelled, you might color me interested, but for now ill pass.
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