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  1. Was at work last night at Target in Broadview, Il and came across these... Happy hunting!
  2. True!! And hopefully they see how much interest we adults have in collecting. I never see kids buying transformers anymore. It's always adults!! That has always been my problem with Hasbro's demographics. I simply can't imagine what cooky formula they came up with to determine what peoples motivations for making certain purchases are. Surveys won't help much. They simply don't get answered by enough people to be really effective. Not to mention, some just won't admit they collect toys. The wild card in the debate which is not considered enough, is buying power. A collector will get one or more of everything they like and then some. Kids have to go through the parents which is a far tougher road. Most of them will only get a select bunch of figures from any one particular line. So no comparison there. One collector can easily buy more than several average kids combined. All I know is the more a figure seems kiddiefied, the more it turns off collectors and the more likely they are to be the ones clogging the works. Meanwhile the more interesting selections can come and go like the wind time after time. We collectors have been a growing force in the marketplace for quite awhile now. Amazing that the powers that be still don't get it! By the time they ever do, they'll have screwed so much up it won't matter anymore.
  3. It most likely will be that TRU would never take this type of action. Not that it wouldn't be an appealing idea, but old dogs just don't want to learn new tricks. So again I wonder, how can we ever get a nation wide chain to hang our hats on for the growing need of import and exclusive items at more reasonable costs? The big retailers are starting to see a trend of more people heading back to more specialty type stores favoring the more helpful and friendly employees and better selections to choose from. This favors TRU but doesn't totally fix them. So might a new contender rise from the ranks of the once nearly extinct toy store industry and bring a BBTS or TFSOURCE type of store to every other mall and shopping center across the country? Could it ever happen? Or is it just a matter of time before it does?
  4. They sell toys in Sports Authority?? It was one of those surprise finds for sure. They had a bunch of the deluxe figs from the final waves of Armada long after they were gone. My nephew was there and just happened to spot them at one of the checkout lanes. Don't know if any tf's still show up there or not.
  5. MP Prime I saw the day I got mine and I believe two other times, one being a returned to shelf layaway. If I hadn't put mine on layaway at first sight, then I probably wouldn't have got one. I doubt they had any idea it would sell so well. They probably thought after the first MP Prime, there wouldn't be as much demand for the new version.
  6. Apparently not too many folks on facebook thought so...oh well! People think it's too much of an undertaking that TRU couldn't afford or handle. I happen to disagree. Now I know BBTS, TFSource and other online retailers would HATE the idea I'm sure. Right now, most main line action figure lines appear to be suffering a total lack of interest from kids and collectors alike. The offerings are not nearly as good as they were years ago and quality is all but gone. Specialty lines and imports are sucking money away from domestic retailers like never before and believe me, THEY (retailers and makers) NOTICE! I'm just not sure they understand the market they inadvertently created or ever learned how to properly handle it. Retailers especially don't get it. In their minds, toys are for kids...that's it, end of story. Somehow, the market research tells different things to different folks. Consumer sources put total action figure sales to be nearly equal between kids and adult collectors. Companies like Hasbro clearly don't buy that stat, and for that matter, retailers I'd imagine don't either. However, I believe what my eyes and experience tell me...and that is that the even split is a lot more likely to be true. Now, as I said, TRU has been fading for a long time. They, specialize in toys, big retailers don't. So we're not talking a huge leap here. As was stated by Tripredacus, they alread do this in Japan and other countries with Hasbro product and we've already seen here that imported Asian exclusives KILLED. Now simply expand on that. Put more of the popular tv show and movie lines out. I know I'd love to see the Walking Dead line on shelves a lot more often. There is way too much good stuff we never even see for ourselves because they are only ever available online or some specialty stores. Easy to never buy what we never see! Master Grade Gundam models, I'd kill to see those there again! It would be sad to find out TRU had to fold one day and really never gave it a shot.
  7. Okay, so we know TRU hasn't always handled things very well and we also know their future is not looking the brightest. They have been trying to right the ship and I give them credit for hanging in when so many others have faded away into oblivion. Well, MP Soundwave got me thinking, and I honestly believe it could be trying to show them the way, if they'll just open up their eyes and look. One store I know of yesterday sold 18 MP Soundwaves in just a few hours! I have also noticed that various collectors lines that come in tend to do pretty well, however they are random and restocks are iffy. It's more like an afterthought that pans out for small gains. Stuff like popular TV show, horror movie, and video game figures. The limited supply and never knowing what they will or won't get kills it. OKAY, now to the point. Why doesn't TRU devote a large section of their stores (complete with a big marketing campaign) towards making themselves the countries ONLY big chain retailer to feature a full selection of IMPORT and domestic high end and regular collectible figure lines. TRU already has a good working relationship with many of the Japanese toy companies, how difficult would it be to negotiate a deal with them to get some more of these exclusive things here? There is so much more beyond Transformers that would bring in lots of big wallets loaded with cash to spend. Collectible action figures are HUGE business worldwide. Most big retailers just won't commit too much to them. TRU is really the only one that can. SO...what do you think? Could this be the missing link for TRU? The thing that finally gives them an edge over conventional retailers that they've never been able to find? The more I think about about it, the more it seems like a no brainer...so long as the right deals can be made. If dad's are shopping there more for themselves, they might be more likely to make purchases for their kids while they're there that otherwise would have ended up at Walmart and Target. So you get a trickle down effect. At the very least, they should look more into seeing if it's possible or not. I just don't see what they have to lose at this point.
  8. I want that Predaking!!! All these years and never even had a part to one. Every time he's been reissued it's been at piss poor times for me, and the increases in price didn't help my cause any. This Hasbro version seems to be just what I need. While the time is once again REALLY bad, I'm counting on these not selling through nearly as fast, so I'm not going to sweat it yet. The only thing that made me nervous was Soundwave and that mission is now accomplished as of yesterday. Metroplex is my next target and hopefully a semi decent sale comes along to knock down the price a little before I cave in and buy. Hasbro is killing with this 30th anniversary line. It's gonna be a brutal next 6 months then I suspect a short lull til we get smacked in the face with the next movie line.
  9. I had been trying to get an Aveo Swerve since they came out with no luck. At least 3 different times I thought I was going to get one, only to have the rug yanked out from under me. A couple of weeks ago that luck changed and I got one for $10 and change. Not a bockbuster deal, but well worth it. Over the years I've found various figures out in a store after they were long gone and already going for insane prices on ebay...usually in places nobody ever thinks to look...like Armada Nemesis Prime for $10 in a Sports Authority when they were going for crazy prices. Another time it was Energon Ultra Magnus for $18 in a Target when they were long gone and hitting $100 on ebay.
  10. I'm currently working on selling what I've considered one of the biggest jewels in my collection...my mint Sonic Convoy box set. I never wanted to sell it, in fact I still had hopes of opening and displaying it someday when I had more room to work with. I'm also selling my more expensive Iron Man figures. This is the costliest time I can ever remember in terms of Transformers to buy. Soundwave, Metroplex, and Predaking to start...Acid Storm, Target exclusives, and new waves of Beast Hunters and Generations all at once are simply overwhelming.
  11. Yeah, TRU is being sneaky with these in some places. I went to mine yesterday and as I walked in noticed a guy in a suit buying one and immediately thought I missed again. Of course none were out on the shelf. I went to the video game counter and asked and sure enough they had more in back. They said it was the last case they had, but I really think they are saying that to keep people limited to one without getting grief for it. Another nearby store had 18 of them and sold out within a couple of hours. The guy I was talking to said that he alone is taking over 20 calls a day asking for them. So I'm guessing more people will be better off asking in store rather than relying on phone calls to ask. Because even if you do call and they say they do have them, they could easily be gone by the time you get there.
  12. I am feeling way down lately. 3rd party figs aren't nearly that much better than Hasbro offerings as people make them out to be, and the quality is generally worse..yes even more than the current "cheap feeling" Hasbro stuff. It's like the same thing with everything else, if it's different and costs more than people fool themselves into thinking it's better. I have a bunch of 3rd party stuff, once on the shelf I'm scared shitless to even touch them. I don't know what has been going on with Hasbro or if it's even them or the retailers, but finding any stores lately keeping up with new stock is at an all time low. I've seen shelf and peg spots empty for MONTHS and more and more I'm starting to notice that I'm only ever seeing the real good figures once or twice if at all. Recently I preordered gen Springer and Blitzwing thinking they would be nearly impossible to find seeing how retailers have been. They have been too, as I only saw them ONE time and thankfully bought them then. I WAS going to keep the ones on preorder, but after nearly waiting 2 months after I found them them at retail, I cancelled the order. They just now got them in. My TRU has been stuck with little more than a log jam of DOTM crap still for some reason at full price....actually they cost more now than they did when the line was new. I'm just getting tired of the shit already! I've never waivered in terms of loving Transformers...even the ones a whole lot of people don't like. But everything else in the equation is what is killing it for me.
  13. What I'd like to know is how the hell are people keeping up with 3rd party stuff with the prices going so damn high and now having more companies than anyone can keep track of? $170 for that add on kit for FOC Prime/Magnus is pure insanity! It seems like every new company sets higher and higher prices, the big rub being the unknown factor...not knowing if they are really good quality or crappy like Sonicron. On top of all that they are getting munchkinized to half the size, but not half the price. NUTS! I completed Hercules and it took me 2 years to do that...Now these things are selling out so fast we're pretty much screwed if we don't get them right away or probably end up paying even more. It's disheartening to say the least.
  14. Vehicon is most certainly on top for me. It's among the closest thing there is to perfection in a main line deluxe figure and one that the fandom can mostly agree on which happens.....never!!! FOC Shockwave is another very solid deluxe figure and nice representation. Prime voyager Bulkhead. Lots of flak over not getting the FE version right away made this figure unnoticed or simply not cared about by many actually turned into one of my big surprise figs for the year. Prime Ratchet is another surprise of the year to me and simply can't ignore. Prime Voyager Dreadwing. Love everything about this figure minus weapon gimmick. All in all the Prime line is all win in my book. With a show I enjoy just as much, I place the line high in my all time list. For the record, I don't compare MP figures to the rest, they stay on a whole different level. My favorites come only from widely available releases as well so no 3rd party or imports.
  15. madman1366


    With the holidays over more folks will be turning their attention back to things they put off for a bit like army building. Right now i have 8 rid, 3 FE, and just 1 jet. If we get some nice price breaks then I'll get more.
  16. I picked these up and I honestly don't think they are that bad. again, there's been worse. The weapons don't quite work like mechtech, no springy gimmicks mucking anything up. Now what will be an issue are the qc issues, but to this point they are fixable. Bumblebee I really like. All of them except laserback are retools of the rid figs. BB is the most heaviest with basically the whole upper body remolded, but still functions similarly to the original. The beast thing be damned, he just looks ready to hunt and kill something. That's cool in my book. Wheeljack is a slightly less, but rather heavy remold as well. My gripe being arms popping off and the spikes all over being a bit of a pain . to deal with. Otherwise, he looks ready to stomp some ass like BB. His biggest addition being the fold out wings which can be adjusted to whatever way floats your boat. The spear folds up and has a launching ring that can open and be clamped to some part of the enemy as a restraining device i guess. Not bad. Soundwave is probably the least remolded, but does pick up some mass...particularly on the wings. Ravage is tiny but OK. SW also has a grappling harpoon which doesn't help the alt mode, but it's fine for bot mode. It would have been much better with a couple of better color choices. Laserback wasn't my high on my pickup list, but he isn't half bad. He reminds me of a lower form of cybertron Scourge before .getting upgraded. Bot head being super loose and a not having enough articulation for his beast mode does hurt it more than anything. However he does have a rather nice bot mode with some neat steps in transforming. Weapons nicely integrate into a beast mode and can still both function as his back/gun pops up and can swivel .so he's like part beast part mobile gun station. I see where people are coming from though. These would be fine figures at the old $9.99 price, but for what we're stuck paying now they need to step things up a lot! Yes, retailers are jacking the prices, but I'm sure Hasbro has some part in that as well. While I am liking these, I don't have that fuzzy feeling looking forward to the Optimus coming.
  17. A warning to those still looking in stores, reports coming in today that TRU raised the price by $20. So they'll set you back $119.99. After seeing the price of Thundercracker bumped up, I can't say this wasn't expected. Though I'm kinda pissed they went up so much.
  18. madman1366

    Prid Vs. Fe

    Well after finally getting my hands on the rest of the FE deluxe gang I feel like now I can let loose with my final judgments between the PRID vs. FE deluxes. Hopefully, the voyagers aren't far behind but for now I'm rather satisfied. I can remember the uproar over not getting Cliffjumper, Megs, Optimus, or Vehicon FE figures and all the disgust over the PRID Optimus, Bulkhead, Cliffjumper, etc... In the end, I'm going all the way with PRID! While both Cliffjumpers have their respective good and bad points I just like the PRID version better. I find him much better to fiddle around with and much less of a hassle to transform. Vehicon was already a no-doubter. The FE version is OK but does come up lacking in a few areas that the PRID version simply overwhelmed it. Still as with all of these, nice to have them both for comparisons. Arcee, I always liked both versions equally so that's a wash. One has nicer detail and complexity and the other is just as nicely detailed only wonderfully simplistic. Bumblebee is the only clear deluxe winner over the PRID. Though, the PRID version (especially with Hot Shot) has grown on me considerably. Megatron, Starscream and Optimus are just really good figures in this scale. All three are well deserving pickups and probably wouldn't have been topped. Seeing they all got voyager molds it's rather unfair to compare those to deluxe. Voyagers are better for scale, but the deluxes are nicer designs. My expectations are for FE voyager Optimus to be a wash, and FE Bulkhead to be a little better but close to even. We'll see. I'm actually pleasantly surprised though to actually see that Hasbro did a lot better than I originally thought with early PRID figs. I commend the choice to go ahead and make the newer versions when they just as easily could have left them at the FE designs. Twice the enjoyment is the way I see it! Now that the pining away for those FE's is mostly done, we can all breathe a little easier.
  19. For wall shelves I sure wouldn't mind finding a lead on some good cheap floating shelves. Targets are expensive, but I found an online return on clearance for $8. It was a pretty large one too. Getting ready for some renovations so I haven't found a home for it yet, but if I could get a bunch more like this one that would be killer! If you haven't seen these, you mount a bracket to the wall with 2 bars that stick out and the shelf slides onto the bars and get locked down by screws under the shelf. You don't see any mounting bracket once it's done but it's very secure. After a little work that's gonna take awhile I plan to lay out my whole collection. Most of it is in storage right now, I just keep cycling stuff in and out due to the limited space. However, I always have hope that I'll eventually have space to display it all.
  20. I managed 3 PRID, 1 Jet, and while scouring for a MP Optimus grabbed a FE version to make 3 of those. The case with 2 Vehicons showed up at my Target, probably last Sunday because they were on the pegs when I was in on Monday night. I barely had enough for the Rumble and couldn't get any more Vehicons. I posted they were there too on our local TFW forum, which is usually pretty lively, but to my surprise they were still there Wednesday morning. Haven't been back there since. But if any are still there they probably will come home with me. A guy at another Target nabbed a couple just before I got there. No problem though, I wasn't after them anyway. Right now my ONLY priority is that MP Prime. My TRU had them I'm guessing Wednesday, the only day I didn't check cuz I didn't even have the money to stick it on layaway. Hit 3 stores today and came up empty. I will say one thing though, if anyone puts Prime figures on sale anytime soon then I might have to see how far I can push that Vehicon army. After awhile though, I'd probably sell a bunch off to anyone who still needs them. I did that with Scrapmetals. Had like 18 thanks to BOGO sales just to have a nice horde of them on the shelf for a bit then stored a few and sold off the rest.
  21. Vehicons should be making their away around. My store I work at had the case that has 2 packed in it so those should finally start showing up in more plentiful numbers all over soon. Last time I checked they had both sat on the pegs for 3 days and were still there. But that was 3 days ago and I haven't checked since. Right now they are only getting a few bucks more than the shelf price at the store so I don't think they're quite the attractive scalper bait they were a couple of months ago.
  22. I ran across a case of FE deluxe figs at TRU today. Only really needed a Vehicon and got the one they had. First sighting was reported earlier today and that was quite a distance away so they should be getting around rather quickly to TRU's everywhere.
  23. TRU is running a buy one get one free sale on them. Great time to get their exclusive Devastator set with the Ironhide and either get the regular set for the regular g1 Kreon or two of the exclusive sets for the price of one. Sell one at half price you only paid $50, got coupons or anything else and pay even less. BOGO's ROCK!!!
  24. Wow, since the start of the year new releases trickled out like out like a drippy faucet, and now, NOW....Whoa nelly! It's a FLOOD! Let's take a recent head count shall we... MP Thundercracker MP Optimus Generations Bruticus Deluxe Asian exclusives Scout Asian exclusives Legion Asian exclusives Prime First Edition deluxes and Prime/Megs pack New Cyberverse commanders New Prime deluxe wave with Rumble and now the case assortments with 2 Vehicons are out Voyager Dreadwing More new Bot Shots Coming any time now...FE Voyagers and TRU Asian voyagers. ....and that's just Hasbro! Granted the MP figures are the main wallet buster here but they all add up to a big wallet hurting real quick. My brain and wallet are on severe overload. The worst part is, if I find something while searching (basically anything on the list other than MP Optimus) then do I buy that or hope I come across a MP Optimus which I consider top priority? Then if I don't come across an Optimus I'll kick myself for not getting what I passed up. So much to want, so little money to buy. So much indecision!!! ...Not to mention a little too much caffeine. I want to kick someone in the nuts for dumping this all down at once. If most weren't TRU exclusive I wouldn't worry but with these we just don't know how many they will get or how many chances there will be to actually find them or if we will at all. Why...oh WHY couldn't a bunch of this come out in July when I had money?!?!? C'mon you know you wanna....cry, scream, stomp your feet, or throw a fit. Speak now or forever, well you know.
  25. Just to put it out there, at one time I was studying to become a psychologist. Needless to say, I got a little sidetracked. So I'm not totally nuts or some mindless goof. Usually. I keep my eyes and ears open for interesting stories that surface from time to time. One most recently I believe I read on Yahoo, and also saw a news segment on, talked about how more and more it's being suggested that one thing adults are missing is the playtime they had when they were kids. Some places even going so far as to build some adult sized playgrounds to get the same exercise and activity their bodies enjoyed as kids. On the same note, adults who took the time to play with their kids, especially when it's similar to toys of their own youth, experienced a more energized and youthful attitude than those who don't. That's huge. That means staying open to new things and new possibilities. Not thinking you're too old to still have fun. Most importantly, not letting the passing of ones cultural generation get the best of them. I don't think anything makes people more bitter than seeing the cultural environment they grew up in and were accustomed to being overtaken by things they dislike or hate. So there's a lot to be said for letting out the kid inside. I believe those who are the most disrespectful about it are simply the most jealous. Either they can't won't let that kid inside them out and they get a lot of twisted angry and resentful feelings over it. It only makes them feel older, or reminds them of their age and they hate it. Age is as much a state of mind as it is body. Too bad more people can't understand that. It's part of what makes society so constipated.
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