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Your newest figures and your verdict


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ROTF Deluxe Dead End, Not my favorite figure, but he's a decent one. I just wish they used holes and pegs instead of those meshing slots of his to keep things together.

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ROTF walmart 2 pack scouts...yes this wont end well.


Clocker- This figure if he had been made out of good plastic would had been fairly decent, but for what ever reason Hasbro cast these figures in an extremely cheap flimsy black plastic. Its absolutely terrible! Parts are falling off on their own accord and overall its just bad...really bad. If I had bought this loose I would had most defiantly called it a knock off, its just way below hasbros standards. :alert 1/10 :alert :fire


Hardtop- This guy is a little better and even has some nice articulation, but once again he has quite a few parts cast in that nasty cheap flimsy plastic. His waist came apart just standing there. His gun doesnt want to peg into anything, its as if the peg is far to big to fit into any of the plugs. Although despite the evil cheap plastic returning its not as bad as clocker, but its still not on par with Hasbro's standards and it does feel like a higher quality knock off. :alert 3/10 :alert :fire


Air Raid- I own the original energon issue of this mold and its worlds better than this junker, and the energon issue was mostly clear red plastic to... This figure is loose, parts dont seem to fit correctly, and the head doesnt appear to be connected correctly to the body. Even the head turning gimmick just feels terrible, his "staff" is made entirely out of that horrible black plastic and has fell apart 3 times on me just trying to put it in his hand. This is really dissapointing, just not as badly as clocker... :alert 2/10 :alert :fire


Storm Surge- This is probably the only decent figure out of all 4 of the set, he is mostly made out of a white sturdy plastic and even in the area's where they did use black plastic it seems fine. Some of his joints do feel weird and he is below quality standards, but he is so much better than the other 3. 5/10


Also keep in mind I bought 2 of every 2 pack, and so far all of them have been horrible quality. WTF is wrong with hasbro, they wont let us have fort max due to "health hazards" then they turn around and let out shoddy knock off like things like these... If you cannot tell, I will probably retool storm surge into Sea Spray and just use these other things as spare parts.

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Either they've been recast to many times, or Hasbro is using the frailer plastic that the TF2 scouts get.

I have all the origionals. Outside of not liking Storm Surge's arms, those are all fine, so I think I'll just stick with them. If I want multiples, I'll go to the End Cap or start looking in the lot auctions.

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Got Leo Prime/Convoy today. The Leo Breaker mold is... Strange, but not unwelcome. It took me a couple hours of messing with him to understand how the arms are supposed to work, same as with Animated Swoop and his weird arms. The legs could have been done a lot better and I wish there was a reliable place to put his tail when he's not holding it.

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Bought the ROTF Ice Cream Twins today. Gotta say, they're really neat desk toys. They've got plenty of poseability for being smaller figures and the combination gimmick really doesn't hinder anything in their robot modes. Their transformation can be a little tricky at first, but it isn't too hard to pull off after a few goes. I must point out that my figures in particular have have a very tight peg and hole system for their combined vehicle mode. When I try to separate them, it takes a bit of force to actually pry them apart. I'm not sure if this is the same for all figures or if this is just mine. Regardless, I'd definitely recommend them.


4.5 / 5 stars.

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Ok after seeing this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs-XkQhOXTA, I have concluded that the issue with the back panels on the legs of clocker is a mold issue since it was present on even the cybertron version. But overall I'm staying with my original ratings, because like I said these figures are really lacking and have several defects.

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    • Here's Swoop in his core class form. Part of Volcanicus      
    • Seems I took over this thread with my crappy customs lol.  Vector Prime is/was a multiversal singularity. So any Vector Prime released will be the same Vector Prime regardless of anything else. However there's only been one Vector Prime anyway though and that's CyberTRON Vector Prime. Well I guess there's been two if you count PotP Metalhawk since the Primemaster that came with him is Vector Prime. The wiki still has them as being the same Vector Prime though. I was literally just thinking about Vector Prime and how he needs a new figure. We need more big Autobots with flying alt modes and he certainly fits the bill. I wonder what they're going to do with Safeguard? Hasbro claimed they don't want to do Battlemasters and Micromasters anymore as they supposedly didn't sell well. No, the Rise of the Beast ones don't count as they should've been out about two years ago. Those seem to be selling well now though regardless of when they were supposed to be on shelves. So maybe they'll circle back around to them to do the Armada and Cybertron Minicons. Swindle, Leader-1, Sparkplug, Drillbit, Jolt and now Safeguard and Clench all need to be done. And we do need new ones. I dug out Armada Jolt, Universe Jolt and even T30 Blazemaster who has a Jolt variant and none of them work well with Hot Shot. The two Minicon Jolts don't peg onto the Minicon peg in Vehicle mode and the peg isn't accessible in robot mode. Blazemaster can't peg onto the Minicon peg either but can at least become a gun for robot mode. Maybe if the hood or the engine had a 5mm port then Blazemaster could plug in as a gun in vehicle mode. Deluxe Optimus Prime is mildly interesting. We've come a long way from the Classics deluxe Optimus Prime mold so it's bound to be way better than that and thankfully won't have the spinning gimmick.  Armada Galvatron is a long time coming. I get the CW mold wasn't amazing for Armada Megatron but I really did want Galvatron too. Now we're getting a proper update and I still kind of want a CW Armada Galvatron lol. I hope they finish the trifecta and do Megazarak too. I'll even take a Lucky Draw redeco. Origin Wheeljack is a VOYAGER. Nice. I hope they keep going with these even though there's technically little to no more they can do. Soundwave and Laserbeak? No not the "hidden" mode of the Siege figure, I mean one that only turns into the "lampost". I would hate that so much as I hate having an alt mode that doesn't move on its own other than for small weapons. Blaster and Netflix Soundwave annoy me but I do own all versions. At least Perceptor has his tank mode thing.  If these new "rocks" are indeed Weaponizers, I hope they work better than the Junkions. I hate how the torsos don't do anything. I couldn't care less about having a self contained transformation if it means that you lose functionality of the gimmick. I don't even bother messing with the Junkions the same way I did with the Weaponizers, Modulators and Fossilizers. The names don't seem to line up with any Rock Lords either for the most part. Not that they'd need to change the names since Hasbro owns those. They'd only need to make sure not to have them be accurate to the original toys like Velocitron Crasher. Not that I'd know since I never found one let alone the two I wanted. Maybe these are like Rock Lords though and they're really trying to do new (aka old) things. Just going to have to wait and see in two weeks or so when they start leaking from the factories now that they're showing up again in store listings.
    • On Friday, June 2, 2023 at 6 PM ET, we are checking out #Transformers: Legacy #Triggercon #Crankcase.  Crankcase hates everything and as a result, he is difficult to like.  During his youth, he was bullied for his collection of circuits and servos, thus changing his view of the world around him.  As a member of the Decepticons, Crankcase revels in the pain of others. Have you missed a video in the HNE Toys video series?  Then check out our playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4vbVUjk2He2ReJA9PjWz67rJ56hKsT4G #HNE #Review #Transformers #Legacy #Crankcase #Triggercon #Decepticon #HasbroToyPic #HasbroToyPics @TFReviewers
    • So, what an odd mixed bag Transformers Studio Series Gamer Edition Barricade is. Yes, the articulation is atrociously limited BUT there is more to the story and some things quite charming about him too.  
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