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  1. Don't know if your picking on me again & if so Baweepgrannawepidon'tknowhowtospellthat! It's all good man! The last couple places I had where a mix of track, cases, & milk crate with random planking. The idea of checking out the HW stores is of course heeded. I'm heading to Harbor Frieght tomorrow cause really, you can't beat them for man stuff(even if it's gonna be geared towards play things). I'm gonna give those sheles a try, & maybe instead of lining a wall run some planksbeteen them. I love the idea of building, but I just don't have the time. Tomorrow a garde
  2. Thanks guys. & yes for moving the shipping boxes are great(and free) As for the shelving, I had track up for years & loved it. After a year though I may buy this place though & I'm pretty impartial to putting holes in the walls -or even worse having to refill holes in the walls & paint. I ditched nearly all my shelving units & counters so I'm pretty much starting from scratch. I am going to need some tables for a couple larger displays I want to set up, but yesterday I was looking at these http://www.walmart.com/ip/Plano-4-Shelf-Storage-Unit-Dark-Grey/8251820
  3. Windcharger is the only mold I haven't tried. The rest I either have or have sold off. Alot of these figures like Sharkticon & Tank Megs are good though & worth having if you didn't get the chance in their initial releases. -even still, I'd check the after markets to see if you can find a better deal.
  4. everyone should give me a dollar

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    2. Heavyassault


      I take its for more display case for you new TFroom?

    3. HnH


      would you settle for a button


    4. Heavyassault


      Ill take a free TF button.lol

  5. Thanks guys. I'm in the new place now & settling the house. The TF room is a project that'll last for a long time! Here's the blank slate... Now here's what the truck threw up, & this isn't counting the stuff in the other rooms..... Now I also have a awesome case for the living room, so just to get a couple things out of the way & a feel for the size... So fellas, before I star cracking open boxes, I need shelves, ideas, tab les, you name it. This isn't a unpacking, This is a reconstruction!
  6. Hey guys. I just have a minute & wanted to check in. I'm gearing up, gathering my afairs & by next weekend should be moved into my new house. Now, keep in mind thats moved in but not settled. Here's where the site comes in..... I have many, many massive boxes stuffed full of Transformers & what not that I'll slowly be unpacking. Alot of you guys have seen bits of my collection, but never the whole shebang! Now it wont be over night, but all my previous cases & shelves are gone, and I need to rebuild my Transformers room from scratch. So my idea, as I gather fix
  7. ^ The idea of subfactions is why I hate that they're not making so many filler characters in the toy lines. In my collection there are tons of sub factions. Thake the Energon Terrorcons, led by Scorponok they just want to be left alone & I've grown those racks with Cyberon Scrapmetals & ROTF Insecticons. ROTF Mindwipe & most of the ROTF decepticon Scouts are another subgroup, but can normaly be cohersed into fighting for the right price. I can go on, but you're right, the shows will never do it. I have my own mind though & collection & like I said, it sucks that it
  8. Oddly enough, I'm getting the burn too. After my goof with the F/R imports along with the TFC chunks for the next 6-8 months, a lot of collecting is getting scaled back. And yes, very pricey but spread out as it is becomes semi affordable(to me). I've been like this for a while too. The wallet draining & price gauging is to much. I got out of comics in the 90's for the same reason. I'll never stop collecting, but enough with the band wagon. There's no "must haves" anymore, just select wants.
  9. I Salute you dude & say screw that, join me in NC cheap rent & I'm gonna introduce taylor ham to the beach bumbs ;P
  10. Well, all this & I have no reason to disagree, but ther's one other point. http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/item_HCXmPrelfpVtpJnd9lshgP Bay just likes this style of car & after all the negativity from the fan base compaired to the billions he generated for the powers that be he just did what he wanted.
  11. Let me put it this way, My first MIB Omega after tax cost me $425(this was before Ebay when collector shops reigned) My second going a piece here & there cost me $40 & I'm a third of the way into my well third at $2. I completely understand wanting a figure now! -shipping time is the longest time! But then again, all good things come to those who wait.....
  12. yep, even all armored up it just looks craptastic. I know you didn't want to break out Armada Prime, but that is a impressive alt especialy with Overload & Jetfire. My biggest issue with this alt mode (which is my favorite of the three) is that it isn't neat. Even Ebergon Prime who's completely misshapen in alt mode presents a better offering then this. I'm dating myself but to me a Prime trailer should be a decent bunker & compact ary along and only after that a upgrade This thing is just incorrect.
  13. Shipping out again late tomorrow so I'll be poking in a bit. I'll be back for real though soon with a dam good interactive topic for all!

    1. Sparkless


      Hopefully sooner rather than later buddy. Speak soon!

  14. at 50+ pages why isn't this topic pinned in the review section?? Also to contribute Cyberverse Powerglige, the wings are on the wrong side of the arms but still worth getting. The missle pods are pointless outside of alt mode. -&- Leader Ironhide is awesome and you should sell your momma's gold tooth to get one.
  15. The only change they should make to Battle Unicorn is to put some pins in his shoulders so the armor plating doesn't pop off. Otherwise leave that Mystic Maximal alone. As for Mach Kick, sure, retool him all you want & get the kibble under control too. It's hafl done & in storage, but I have one I've been customizing into Robot Unicorn Attack ;P
  16. If Classics was to redo Omega Supreme it better transform like the commercial instead of the show which was a crap shoot for the situation. For what Omega is thats the closest we could get to a unified transformation. -plus it features Prime dying which is always a plus for me! If they revisit Omega they better do it right. Energon gave us a giant robot which is OK with the wierd train mode, but Omega is more then that to me. The segmented alt is what always made him SUPREME to me. Look at the play value, you got a rocket, a bunker & a all powerful tank. As a fan of basebots
  17. Thanks, I look forward to being back home for good soon too.
  18. If you're a serviceman, watchout for my nephews Joey & Anthony. Beyond that, the storm came & went, my new house didn't het ashed out to sea in NC & unless your in a flood basin your stuff in NJ is OK -including my display case. I can call out overhype in a boy who cryed would manner, or I can thank the powers that be for the pass....
  19. Really seems like the talents & effort on this figure could have been better aplied to a bot that isn't Optimus Prime. I know he's the star of the show, but when every class is filled with the same character, you can only care so much(if at all). To be perfectly honest I'd rather have a random filler bot then another Optimus Prime.
  20. A lot of movie bots deserve figures & are gonna get passed on. It's sad too because this figure I'd buy in a heartbeat.
  21. I really liked the Takara version. If it was just a repaint like the Universe offering I wouldn't have given it a second look. But it was a nice retool & thats always welcomed here. Still for the price I had to pass. I alread have Armada & Energon loose & boxed so the idea of spending about $150 on the figure again was out. Still, I liked it & when Amazon marked the figure as in stock yesterday for $59.99 with free shipping, I jumped on it. This version unless there's a sale I'll probably only buy once & leave it boxed. Does the Takara version look a little bet
  22. I'm in NJ & so far I can tell you you don't have to worry. I know my collection is safe the first rule is always nothing directly on the floor, and it's also insured by the storage facility I use. -I also include it under my homestead insurance so if disaster does strike I'm payed. This right here is a issue though, I'm at my brother's this weekend getting stuff ready for a move. I had a giant display case here that is well wrapped but outside. It's a 6ft tall 3ft wide giant glass octagon tarp wrapped on two boards on the side of his house & we have no way to get it inside.
  23. Goktimus.......that's impressive. I just have all mine standing. Omega and the guardian stand side by side, but I'm going to change that now!!! Unfortunately, I'm about to have to pack my transformers up. I have to move to New Jersey at the end of the year. Got a new assignment. When I get to the new house, it'll be fun again!!! If you want you can have my old place, I'm moving out ;) If you're unfamiliar with NJ, best advice, forget what you think you know about the state, and do not walk around pumping your fists, we hate that. It's a great place though, you can get everything on any
  24. If Hasbro was gonna start importing more Takara items I'd be happy to support them too, so I understand Jetwing Prime. It reminds me alot of Cybertron Prime, but that big jetpack just hanging off the alt mode kills me. If that does get a domestic release I will support it. I'll also be taking the GoW2 guns off ROTF prime & giving them to Battle Hooks Prime and sell off the extra figure.... There's only so much shelf space. Also I completely agree about the Mega Pretender outlook & is it just me or does anyone else thing of a gundam doing their final shot whith the BFG in
  25. At 5:57 against better judgement Eastern time I was ab;le to order mine & everything went through OK. I was gonna hold out for a sale but if one comes later then I'll get one to open (still thinking fondly of those $14 Marvel Universe Galactus' that I scored) Just keep checking back folks, it'll relist soon. Yes and Yes! I skipped the TRU Universe reissue and remember how long that stagnated..... Don't be afraid if you can't jump the gun, you'll still get your shot
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