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  1. Thanks man! & sadly I'm not quite back yet, just visiting family for Joey's send off. Still the experience was just to rich not to share. It was just so emotional looking at a man who served with dignity, & another about to do the same. Then seeing how a little toy binded, it's just a reminder that everything is significant. God Speed to Joey! And thanks to Grandpa Lee! I hope to be back permanetly soon, just lying low for a while rebuilding the bank. Till then everyone keep on keeping on, of all the fan bases this is the best!
  2. Well, bid & they might. I'm getting ready to head back to my excuse for home soon. I'm hoping MidMay of June to be up & running again.
  3. I agree, Generations is gonna be sidestepped. It looks like Hasbro wanted to do things right with the retools but dropped the ball on the distribution end. Peg warmers'll will do that though.... As for the redeco/retools, well I think either nothing'll come of them but more likely they'll be the bulk of next seasons whatever they'll be calling Classics. On the topic of Classics though(or whatever they're calling it this time around) has anyone else noticed the Botcon figures seem to dictate what we'll be getting in a year or two? BotCon Kup & Scourge, Generation's Kup & Scourge.... If they're gonna do some Classis combiners down the road like with the Stunticons this year It does make me worried cause it always seems the later figures of the line always get cut short & we'll be stuck with alot of incomplete sets.
  4. I bought some of the PCC commanders & only liked about 3. From the 5packs I only have the combaticons & thats just because I found it at Target for $10. Honestly thats where PCC went wrong, the concept was alright(although I hate the unarticulated drones)but they're just to much money. Articulation would justify the $20 price tag on the 5packs, but without, well, if $10 justifies a full set to me, it won't(and hasn't) justified most of the 2 pack figures. Moderate pricing would have ensured the PCC line, but Hasbro got greedy with a subline.
  5. -BTW Grandpa Lee is calling the figure Rosie :P
  6. hopefully sone I miss this place, shameless plug but go check the endcap....

  7. I hate doing this but I've been cooped up in a studio apartment. I'm typing this from my brother's basement(which sucks) Anyhow I'm close to seeing the light & getting back on my feet but I need some funds. Well here's the part I hate, I'm using Ebay. I have a few things listed & here's the link http://shop.ebay.com/drph013dave/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562 Help if you can & thanks, I'm trying to work my way back home. I have more stuff I can list. -also ebay messanger works great with my cell so exploit it ;)
  8. Hey guys. Sorry for not being around, but I explained my absence around the holidays. I'm working my way back though. Well, I'm typing this from my brother's house, there's been a family get together because my oldest nephew Joey is getting ready to ship off with the Navy to Afganistan. Amist all the worry for this kid who use to cry in my mom's back yard cause he when cakka in his panties, well, the man we've gathered to celebrate is learned & true calused with everything we have to give & then some. Couldn't be more prouder even though he did bring up Power Rangers with me. Still I saw that coming & suprized him with the recent Release of the Megazord & Titanus. -He did ask about Dragonzord, & I promised him there'd be one when he comes home(IDK, I'll get him a origional) Thats my nephew though & I'm proud that he turned out as well balanced as he did with both a sense of obligation & a recollection of fun. Well, Like I said I'm at my brother's house & I have a couple boxes here with some figure that I just couldn't resist opening. One of them was Animated Lugnut one of the few Animated figures I really liked. Oh how he beat on Beast machines Divebomb..... Well that brings us to the next part of the story. At the send off for my nephew the family was stunned to see my Grandpa Lee fly overhead & call from Teterboro airport. Grandpa Lee is my late father's stepdad. He's gotta be pushing 90, & while he wasn't always present in our lives, he was always there for my Dad. It was amazing to see the man show up. He maybe met my nephew once before. Joey kinda shyed away from him, a bit nervous about what he's getting into. He came into my sorta room in my brother's basement where I'm typing this for reasurance & at a point I realized everything from the sympathy to tough love to old fashioned beatings I gave the kid over the years where nothing for this situation.... Thats when Grandpa Lee knocked on the door. He looked around & told me I should be doing better. I reasured him I'm working on it and was graced with a thin lipped smile of aproval which was returned. -see, he wasn't there for me, neither was I, this was about Joey. Grandpa Lee took my place sitting on my cot & told Joey about WWII. B17Lee is still the lisence plate on his Buick. He told Joey that the things he does today matter & may be misconstrued in the future but the piont will get across. Thats when he picked up Lugnut, he twirled it around & told him his best days where flying planes just like this. He pointed out how his pal Evan use to sit in a belly gun where "this silver piece is" then went on about everything wrong with the model that somehow proved his point... -it's a long story but one that reasured my nephew as his bus came by early to take him for deployment. It doesn't stop there though. After Joey retired for that night & Grandpa Lee got up & said he should be off to his hotel I couldn't resist myself. I told him the Model B17 wasn't just that. He looked at me with faint care as I transformed the figure. Lee looked at the squat angry looking robot & said "how'd you make it look like your mother?" -my mother's a 4'9" 200lb angry Itlian woman... We laughed, we laughed, we laughed, we laughed as we did shots of Johnny Walker Blue from the bottle my brother had hidden in his basement. Then I told him the robot was a bad guy which lead to laughing more. So thats my story here. I don't really know what the point is, but if I had to guess looking at a torch being passed from one generation to the next, struggles, asperations, & what not, maybe it's just about the little things that find a way to connect us as family. Joey shipped out today, with best wishes. Grandpa Lee flew back hom today with those same wishes & "a neat little thing" to show the fellas at the VFW. Cheers To The Heros!
  9. The Seacons aren't regular retail so you have to go online for it. It's supose to be just a BBTS exclusive, but all the major sites have it. As for the army builder friend of yours, well I wouldn't worry about depleting the supply. There's really no shortage out there where even a hundred army builder collectors would put a hurt in it especialy concerning the reissue. So basicly, if someone wants to spend their money that way, let them. Otherwise these things will just stagnate in listings anyway. Plus at least this way, the figure stays cared for and enjoyed. The counter argument to Omega Prime, that just seemed like semantics. What you described was pretty much exactly what I did back then and why. What I look forward to though is building Omega Prime (it's been a while) and pairing him with the repro Master Sword I got. It won't be the exact clear limited version, but it should still be cool. -and no I don't feel bad about buying 3 swords, I watched them for a year and no one else was buying them...
  10. Thats the best dam thing I've seen ever!!!
  11. I have 2 of that pervetastic version! On the topic of QC. I'm playing with my nephew and nice (ages 8mons & 2 so they can't touch much) and yeah, theres alot of stress marks on figures right out of the package like the grey flap on Tracks. Whats upsetting though is when I opened Alternity Sywarp and took him out of the box his entire right forward quarter pannel snapped off and stayed in the blister :( Oh well, I'm sure TFSource will exchange it.
  12. I got a bunch of them stolen from China befor packaging so they're all bubblewrapped in the corner. I am very happy though cause conserning the NECA Helraiser line I can complete the Pillar of Souls and Leviathan Configuration now!!! What'd you guys get??? OH, BTW just a suggestion. I opened the Microman/Robotman Baron and this figure is awesome!!!!! I got it for $12 or so off BBTS so if your ever just looking for something to fill a buyig void, give it a try.
  13. Lots of beers, some (loosing) scratch off tickets then this... Theres a couple things missing like a new flask, some martini shakers, and WST Magnus w/ Trailer but hey... Sadest part, tomorrow I have to drop it off in a storage locker. Also, RobotMan Baron, really nice figure!
  14. I don't feel bad, especialy if it's a new figure. While some items restock slow, other's just build up..... Like you, I'm also not a completionist, and only get a second if I really like the figure. -Army builder's don't count as they get opened. When I buy a second, I'm not hoarding, or scalping. I'm just collecting based on prefrence to what I like as well as how I like. Normaly I get one open it, and then see if I can find the second on sale when I want one. Then again I've also scoured the internets looking for them. It's just enjoying the figure on 2 seperate levels. Then sometimes I do keep them boxed. ie, Omega Prime. I have the import versions sealed, and the domestic also sealed. I tried the figures, really enjoyed them and want to keep them clean. I took my time and found a RID Prime with a cracked wheel for $20 loose, so I got that for handling. Then today I also got a third RID God Magnus discounted off BBTS. Now I can enjoy the figure bixed by both Takara & Hasbro, as well as handle it (I also got a repro God Sword today too ;) Another figure thats staying in the box now is the Seacons reissue. I want to open it same as a normal purchase. however i'm taking the chance that it'll be discounted later, and that'll be the one I rip open. I don't feel bad doing that because honestly, at this point anyone who wants the set(who can afford it) well, they have it. -dam GP I miss this, Merry Christmas :P
  15. I keep the clean one sealed to hopefully keep it that way for prosperity. If I know I'm doint that when I'm in the isle, I'll snag the more beat up box to open so the next guy shopping can have the cleaner one left on the shelf. Of course if I only intend on buying 1, I nit pick the packaging unless I think I can get the manager to knock a couple bucks off the top.
  16. Merry Christmas, now, what'd you all get me :)

  17. Energon Hot Shot all over again! I don't like the oversized weapons. Same as TF2 I may pass on the rehashed characters unless they have a reall good update, and so far, I'm not seeing it. I like the movie designs, and I understand they're dificult to translate into toys, but the giant gimmics are never any fun. Also same as TF2, I'll be looking more into the sideline filler and new characters.
  18. OK, here's the bulk of it. Merry Christmas Guys!!! Not pictured is a WST Ultra Magnus w/ Trailer and 6 hellraiser torment pillars cause I forgot.
  19. If I like a figure I'll but a second to keep sealed. -I'll have to really like it though. If it's something I know right off I'll want 2 of, I scrutinize the package and the lesser one gets opened. If I want to get 2 of a expensive figure (seacons reissue) I'll get 1 just to have it, but leave it sealed till I can eventualy compare it to one I get on sale or clearance. -should that never happen, well, at least that collectable is still well packagaed. Again, normaly when I get a figure it's to be opened and enjoyed. There are other situations which are play by play though via descretion.
  20. So I guess whit the BC Seekers Hasbro just said **** It! Between how much we overpayed in Botcon & Henkie to complete this set, seeing all the figures out with a rough $12 retail is kinda evil. I could be mad, but it just seems a fitting tactic for some Decepticons :P -Just to catch up, the only Gen figures I haven't been thrilled with are Prime(to much kibble and poor balance). Soundwave(misproportioned), & Blurr (Drift is awesome though). I look forward to picking these guys up in retail.
  21. Loyal Fans Wait No Longer

    1. TheTfboy


      Gee... I wonder what that means. :P

  22. In a trade w/ Bigkid24 I got the Bruticus upgrade parts today. May I say, Holy :poop !!!
  23. packing packing packing, looking at a place tomorrow to hopefuly put all this stuff! -beach front no less...

  24. thats how I intend to keep it.
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