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  1. Said storm has bought me a extra day of TFormers love(even if it als means I gotta deal with my brother) but hey, TF talk & Beer!

  2. It's a great display, but as bots evolve, can they compete let alone guard(I hate that I don't have ref pics from my old TF room, but thats why I post, to evolve it when I set the new shelves)
  3. I have the G1 guy a couple times over....
  4. With respect to the host.... Thank You! I Like the alt(sorta) & wouldn't mind trying the truck section Optimus, but the combines whole deal...... Much like ROTF Devistator, it may have some points of warrent however the whole pacage is far from "Ultimate" Even Takara Jetwing Prime I have to say no. Now even with the new Optimus figure, how hard would it have been to make only a part of the trailer break off into a jetpack & leave the rest as a pick & grabe weapons platfrom? Goktimus, you're delivering the detail in argument that makes you worthy of having Prime slapped on the end of your monicure(sorry if mispelled). All it confirms to me is that either Hasbro or Takara are overcomplicating what should be a easy offering. "ultimate prime" is very much a unwanted step backwards for me.
  5. Awesome. I'll be heading down there soon so here's hoping! Still if anyone had a Guardian Robot idea for a arial squad, let me know, I'd prefer bots that could keep a uniform look.
  6. Strong edit it was up again today & I scored mine. If a sale comes along, I'll retract what I said & get a second. -sweet dreams of $14 Marvel Universe Galactus-
  7. yeah, I always loved Rumble & I guess Frenzy too, but I'm not playing ball here. I don't care if they are cancelled, or rarely visited Rumble & Frenzy figures. You have $14 worth of bot here with alts I don't really like. They may be able to get $75, hell they may be able to get $175, but they won't be getting it from me.
  8. yeah the Devistators coming out are a tough one. They look awesome but even spread out, a premium is a premium price! This has been a thing with me & TFs for a while. It's like comic books in the 90's. Withe everyone on the band wagon & premiums on everything, you have to draw a line & decide what is actualy worth it? It all looks great, and yes we want it all. But then we get to the point when the premiums are really kinda shoody, and the excuse that it's 3rd party gets old. It's not like even like 8 years back where $10/12 bucks bought you a nice figure, $40 bought you something groundbreaking & new with $100 bringing in a vintage MIB piece that you always dreamed of..... I've always loved collecting TFs and always will, but this year I scaled way back & bought maybe 8 figures. That said I just took the rest of the money & put a healthy down payment on a house 2 miles from the beach. So really it is just like comic books in the 90's. Do we let the markets trick us into what things are worth(I have so many issue 1s of things that are worthless) or do we demand better for our dollar in a niche market!?! I know I'm right, but I also know there's enough people ready to jump on whatever they put out there to kick out the ground from under me.
  9. Liege Evilmus


    From a Soundwave point of view I see the argument. But looking at the design, the silver & grey works for the mold.
  10. With the movie figures not really changing, it's hard to stay interested in the same character over & over again. I got the Cyberverse preview Prime free but beyond that Leader Battle Hooks Prime is the last movie prime I got. Unless they bring the Takara Jetwing prime over, otherwise I'm done with this version of Prime. Bumblebee, Battleblades was my last version but there's a evil looking one on the horizon that I really can't resist. Unless it's something unique I don't need the same guy over and over again. I got leader Ironhide & sold off all my other versions. That said the DOTM figures that I bought I'm very happy with & there's a few more I'd like to get. My true disapointment is that there's so many more that I'd like to see made that you know they're just not going to do. Concerning what I have though, I really am enjoying the figures.
  11. Alot of times Amazon puts items up before you can even preorder them. As for this guy I have Armada & Ebergon Unicron both loose & MSIB. I passed on the TRU Universe version just because outside of some paint it was to close to Armada. This version since Hasbro was kind enough to import, I will be getting but I doubt I'll open it. In my last TF room I had the 2 loose Unicrons beating on Primus. In the one I'll be setting up soon I'll do something similar but with the 3 packaged Unicrons in the backround. -Then I gotta find a way to work Marvel Universe Galactus in there ;)
  12. Dude the Leader Starscream mold is as good as it gets! I never saw Grapple or Lugnut. Granted I really haven't been looking though. I picked up maybe 3 figures since May. Also, no none of my stuff is moved yet, so yeah wind, knock that place down!
  13. I think one thing that really hurts the story telling is that they slimmed down the factions. You get a handful of focus characters then some annoying human (I'd like to beat Miko with Sari). Back in the day, even in AEC there where robots all over, and you got like a whole modern season in one vintage episode. I'd say go back to that. You're always gonna have Optimus & Megatron, but why not use them like Ultra Magnus in Animated. You know he's there, he's in charge, but you don't need him in every episode so the other guys can go do their thing. If they expand the character base like they use too the writers won't get tired just recycling the same 5 guys & maybe be less prone to just saying OK reboot it! Not for anything, I would love a searies that focused on the Decepticons instead of the Autobots. That right there is something they always had but never did and just has so much raw potential! Also, a horse & buggy TF would be awesome.
  14. The Guardians are more of a Autobot group & all my movie Starscreams are a Seeker attack fleet led by Supreme Starscream. I know alot of people don't like the movie Starscreams, but you can't deny they are impressive attack bots. & yeah, I try to check in when I can, but after the last house I was renting in got forclosed on I decided to live small & bank some money. So yeah, I bought a nice house in NC just off the beach & am hoping since it's already insured this hurricain takes it out to see so I can build a even better one ;P
  15. "Like!" I think Skyhammer as well as well as using Universe Treadbolt and HFTD Tomahawk to round these guys up. I myself have Strafe and Highbrow in The Ariels as well as Energon Bulkhead (Wildstyle...thinking of having him repainted to Springer). I think they make a great airel group. (Sigh...I also have Cybertron Snarl in it flying Voltron Lion style in my group. LOL!) I'm passing on Strafe just because the mold is to evil looking and perfect as Mindwipe. Highbrow I love, but he's another one who's to unique to build a army out of. Energon Bulkhead is a great figure, but he's got another group. Universe Treadbolt is a perfect fit, and when TRU blasted them out on clearance I did get a few. I also sold them and thusly kick myself. Oh as for Snarl, he's part of my Bruiser group led by Tigerhawk. It's a mix of Maximals, Autobots, and rouge Cons who are just bad ass fighters. In my old set up I had them on 1 shelf just staring down the wall with the Cons on it ;P
  16. kyhammer would be awesome air support. I haven't scored one yet but I heard he breaks easy. Anyone know if thats true. Also Lord-Onslaught, still 6 weeks before I'm back back. At my brother's gathering up some stored items. Bought a house but have to do some work before I can live in it. Can't wait to be done with the loft life!
  17. So, as alot of you know my collection has been packed up & really soon thats coming to a end. I look forward to putting my shelves back up. That said, in my old displays with the Decepticons growing more vicious & cunning G1 Omega Supreme formed a new guardian elite. Energon Landquake lead the team of 2 Energon Landmines. They're tough, versatile figures with amazing articulation in any mode & ready to go! The shelf made for a great display, & while I'm looking to set back up it's dawning on me that there's no air support for these bots. So my question, and keep in mind we're going for ELITE Guardian, which means fire power & rescue all rolled into one, what bot would fit in uniform & ability with the Landmine counterparts?
  18. One of my favorite TF buying stories was when I first started my current collection. It was actualy one of the things that made me start collecting.... WAY back when, me & my best friend drove across state into PA to buy weapons & fireworks at a flea market. I got my swords, I got my explosives, I got a pretzel, I'm golden right!?! Well, walking around we saw a lot all the way in the back & it caught my eye. I walked over and saw all the good G1 stuff all in the box, a guy sitting slumped in a chair & a woman lording over him. Everything was MSIB Grimlock-$5 Devistator Gift Set-$7 Scorponok-$20 (I will forever kick myself for trading that down the road) I told the guy I was out of money & asked if he'd meet me the next day & he said yeah. So I woke up early, drove all the way back with $2500 to clear him out but he was gone....... That was the event that took me from buying a couple toys for the hell of it into actualy wanting to collect.
  19. I like the DoTM figures that I got. I skipped on alot of the reoccuring figures but Leader Ironhide & Voyager Megatron are awesome! Alot of people never liked the movie line, I have. The designs, details, and inovations are a fresh breath of air to me that pushes a evnvelope that was very stale after AEC. My issue, is Hasbro. I was dissapointed with their ROTF offering in retail, there was so much more they could have put out there. DoTM though, with so many awesome bots they should be working on, it was like wave one with Optimus in every scale then "OK we're just gonna bleed this out with Optimus" I love the designs, I want the figures, but if all they're doing is the same guy over well, thats just bad marketing.
  20. I'm with this idea(don't know how the who conversation played out, no time for reading every post). here's my take though & something I'm not liking in modern times. -The fans complain so they just keep reinventing the wheel(and the fans still complain). -They make the toys and the fans get their favorite character from the show.... NOW THIS IS MY ISSUE While you use to get Prime and Megatron & who ever you'd also get a bunch of very fun side figures in the cheaper classes so while the show was just reteling the collectors could expand on their own. I loved that, my shelves are what matter to me, not the show. So now, instead of having varous figures in all shapes & sizes, you get 20+ Optimus Butthole Primes & maybe one or two random worth a dam figures. Tke the movie, with all the backround bots, do we really need something like the Cyberverse subline choked with Optimus, Sentinel, & Megatron when we could have a bunch of awesome!?!
  21. Minicon prorts are hidden all over on random bots. It's always fun to find a peg that for some odd reason is hollow.... I normaly don't deversify line & I have mini's all over. If they fit with The Ark Great, I bought some micromaster playsets for them. It always made for a great display. So in short, your collection, your call, go have some fun ;)
  22. 6 to 8 weeks & I'll be back permanetly, counting it down folks!

    1. Sparkless


      Awesome dude. I look forward to you frequenting these boards again!

    2. HnH


      damn that took a long time and it's still

      to long man lol

    3. Breaker
  23. getting ready to head back to the hovel, hope to be back soon & permanently. Take care guys!

  24. I only mentioned them as combiners cause thats what the groups are commoly refered to. Hasbro would probably just make the figures with either limited or no combining features at all. The only way I could see them doing otherwise is if they noticed how much the fan base loves the third party combiner upgrads & shat on their PCC line -my hopes aren't all that high though on that. Still, if you look back botcon & Generations do have alot in common. As mentioned Scourge was inteded to be retooled as LeoZak who recently had a aperance Maybe I'm just looking to much into this, either way, it'll be nice to see how things pan out. Also may I mention Generations is far more enjoyable then the Universe2.0 guys in quality & variety without being clogged with repaints!!! Anyhow, I have to sign back off for a while. It was great talking TFs with everyone, hope to be back soon!
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