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  1. Okay I got another bunch in the past few weeks. Deluxe Ratchet First I will say I am a ratchet fan and I am biased on this guy. I've been anticipating him for a while. I can deal with the smaller scale. The voyager version was not a bad toy by any means, but this one's robot mode is more screen accurate. The wheel pieces hanging from his hips are the only real out of place thing compared to the cgi model. Granted its all accomplished through shell forming cheats. I love the shoulder pieces the most. The automorph thing for his chest lights is a very nice touch. He has decent posability-but the horrible open hands strike again. At least he can still use his gun though. The little bits that fold out from his arm around the gun are cool. The vehicle mode is where this toy fails. Not only is he the wrong model of hummer, he is kinda small for a deluxe. Also-all the robot mode limbs hang underneath and look really bad. Overall this guy is not for everyone, but is a decent cheaper alternative for those who still need ratchet. (I was trying to be truthful and objective there-This is one of my absolute favorite new toys) Deluxe Lockdown This guy is pretty sweet. The vehicle mode looks completely bada$$. Robot mode looks appropriate for the character. His multiple neck joints are just insane in the best way possible. I like the slight bit of asymmetry on the shoulders. His weak points really are the arms. The balljoints are very week, and will pop apart at the slightest touch. You have to transform him just right so they don't fall off. Even then, the elbow on mine still falls off a lot. Also the hook hand is made of a very soft rubber. The only bad points on what would have been a perfect transformer. I am loving the more realistic look as compared to his animated counterpart. Deluxe Brawn Vehicle mode is great, and goes well with Ironhide and Scattorshot's overall aesthetics. These three in particular really feel like their own little strike force. I love the cross compatibility with Recon Ironhide's weapons. The transformation is very shellformer, but its not complicated or annoying its pretty smooth. I love that the last bit of transformation is revealing his guns in his hands already. I love his little guns they look so cool. The robot mode is amazing with how much color shows up compared to vehicle mode. This is definitely Brawn's colors. The downfall is that he has kibble EVERYWHERE. You can still get some good possability, but nothing can really hide the kibble. Especially the back wing peices. Legends Devastator. I like this guy. A lot. He is even smaller than I had thought, but he's a great fun toy to mess around with. He doesn't have much posability in full combined mode, but I like that with the way the transformation works, you can give him elbows. The face blew me away in person. I didn't know from the pics that all the green behind his eyes and mouth were sculpted bits. Very nice. The Individual robot modes vary , with long haul, overlord, and Scrapper being the best I think. Mixmaster is the worst with the Devastator head hanging off the back. The vehicle modes are all pretty good, could have used more paint apps though. Overall a very cool toy that is more fun than it should be to play around with. Tuner Mudflap. What can I say it's mudflap. I always did like the Mudflap mold. I picked this one up mostly to attempt swapping some of the clear blue plastic with the regular one. But now this ones colors are starting to grow on me, so the both may remain as is. Lastly I was at a goodwill store and found a random Junker Energon hotshot. He is missing his car doors, roof and robot head. But for 50 cents I bought him so energon Hot shot can now powerlink to himself.
  2. I picked up Rotf Armorhide today. Another mold I missed out on first time around. Judging from the pictures I have to say I like the colors on this one better. I can't beleive I passed on this mold for so long. Spring loaded shock absorbers, pose-able machine gun, seats in altmode-that become hands-he has so many sweet features. Heck, he even has propane tanks in him. The sculpted detailing is pretty darn good to. All his built in features really don't get in the way of anything either. His only drawbacks are that the front bumper comes off sometimes, and with everything else going on, it leaves his transformation rather simplistic and easy. A great mold, I'm glad I finally have it!
  3. Finally got Human Alliance Bee. He's a lot bigger than I was expecting, Going from the other two HA figures I own. I love the head sculpt a lot. The light Piping is pretty decent, and I'm glad he didn't have the painted pupils the deluxe had. The face mask option is pure win, If a little cheap in execution. I really don't mind the cannon arm, but I wish the seats would have been able to fold up like on skids. One of the reasons I waited so long to get him is the rear end of the car trying hard and failing to be the shin armor. But it is a clever bit of transformation so I got over that hang up. Still debating whether or not to do the leg mod. ( His wheels are dead center in his ankle in the movies-so Wheels on the inside or outside really make no difference to me). Also- I hate the spring loaded chest halves the pop back in if I even breath wrong. One thing I do like is that the backpack compresses far more than I thought it would. He does have a ton of play-ability though. Overall a fairly decent figure, and a good representation of the character. Also picked up legends wheelie, just so I would have a closer to in-scale wheelie. I normally don't do legends, unless its a character I can't get otherwise (universes cosmos, wheelie, warpath etc). Legends wheelie is a cute little guy, and fun to mess around with. I love how squat his altmode is. He loses some major points for having the robot mode chest and face completely visible from behind.
  4. Okay, I didn't get everything I thought I was getting, but I did have a day of scouts Sonar I passed on the Depth charge version because I had some weird Notion his legs would be floppy. Glad I finally have him. The boat mode is kinda bland in all black, but If you look close the camouflage pattern is still their in an even darker black. The robot mode really looks good in the blue and black. Another nice scout. Not super amazing, but not bad at all. Skystalker He just looks plain evil, and the axes storing in his wings are cool. He has the spring loaded feet gimmick I hate, but then he also has a gerwalk mode so he rules in my book. Too bad I didn't get the Mindwipe to partner him with. Scattorshot This guy rules! The altmode definitely is cool. An armored pickup with guns and a huge plow-whats not to like? Divebomb Let's face it-this toy should of been made in these colors all along. The only problem is it uses the "plastic toy" red, and has less paint apps, so hen looks less "real" than Ransack. Also-he is just as floppy and prone to falling apart as Ransack. Still the plane mode is great in these colors. Then one of my friends randomly gave me a Stratosphere. He didn't have the mini Prime, but for free, who was I to refuse? This guy is okay. Jet mode is solid, robot mode still looks weird with the orange parts and weird proportions though. The main complaint I have with him is his simplistic transformation. I don't feel its a movie voyager transformation at all. More like a giant legends figure. Legs from bottom, arms from top, pop out head and your done. The way the cockpit windows split automatically is cool though. But for free-he's great!
  5. Okay my taxes came back so I got another big haul Here it goes... Deluxe Wheelie I kept passing on him over and over till he was gone. Luckily I went to a meijers this week. (BTW if any one still needs any figures from the first few Rotf waves last summer-Every Meijers I went to was loaded with the stuff.) Anyways, I really like wheelie. WAAAAYYY more than I expected to. The head's a little off, but he's pretty darn close to the cgi design. I absolutly love how is vehicle mode is almost a scout size with Giant frakkin tires, and then robot mode is huge. The only complaint with him is the stupid faction changing gimmick is so loose it just swings around and shows whatever it wants. All his joints are solid though. Marvel crossovers Captain america Well I bought another one, mostly because I likes the altmode and he was on sale for 11 somethin. Not much to say here. He's got the weird jointing and transforming system as the other marvel crossover figures I've seen, but the robot modes on these are better than the star wars ones in my opinion. Human Alliance skids Another solid win for the human alliance line. I could care less about the little mikalea figure. But the rest is win. Much better than the deluxe, and he gets Two hands! The paint apps in robot mode are pretty good. I don't mid the door wings, because he's so cool overall. It's funny how his transformation is bassically backwards from the deluxe. With the arms coming from the front instead of the back. The arcee he comes with is cool to. I didn't think I'd like her, but she's a fun little bot! With Nightbird's head for the win! I'm so hooked on Human Aliiance now it's not even funny. Activators Fireblast Grimlock. For what he is he's cool. Mostly Picked him up Becaused I liked the deco. He's an activator so all the obvious drawbacks are there. The only other activator I have is Prime and Grimlock is way cooler than him. Not much else to say. Scout Scalpel. I can't win on this guy. The first one I got last summer had broken legs right out of the package so I returned it and said good riddance. I picked up a new one on a whim the other day. And While this one was much more solid then that other one, one of his little clear arms popped off at the elbow while I was opening it. It fell into the depths of my couch and I have yet to find it. So he's a gimp. It's a shame, they shoud have made him a deluxe-because I actually love this little guy. He just could have been executed a little better. Scout Brakedown This guy is pure win all around. I have no complaints whatsoever. A perfect scout and a perfect homage! Now if only we could get the rest of the stunticons like this. That's it for now, but my Wife was shopping with her mom today and called me to see what I needed still. So when she gets home tomorrow I got Skystalker, scattorshot, depth charge, mindwipe, leo prime, and hopefully Human alliance bumblebee (if she could find one)
  6. Okay I've had these for a bit now, so new toy factor is worn off Human alliance Barricade. Due to a combination of money flow and already having deluxes, I had skipped on human alliance so far. Barricade was bought on sight, no questions asked the first time I saw him. Because he's Barricade. This is a pretty Sweet toy. Almost all of his car mode is integrated into his robot mode very well. The head is awesome, and he looks imposing. The transformation is nice in that nothing is finicky or hard to do at all. I really like that you get options for moving his chest bumpers around. The instructions tell you to leave em straight, but you can angle them for more accuracy. The little probe things that come out from under his front end are a nice touch-if not completely screen accurate. It's nice that they are there though. Posability is decent. The only flaw with this guy is the hand. I don't mind his left hand being the saw thing, because it is done really well. But the right hand just sits there-you can't do much with it. Overall this is an excellent figure to have and is light years ahead of his deluxe counter-part. He's sold me on human alliance. Conveniently my wally world just put out a bunch of the other three HA's. Now I just need the cash. It's my understanding that Bumblebee is considered the best of the others so far? It's a toss up for me right now, because I'm really starting to Dig Skidz' robot mode in this line. Decisions, decisions... Masterpiece Skywarp My wife bless her heart found him for the thirty dollar clearance for my as a gift. I finally have this mold after all this time. It's a masterpiece figure, So the detailing is excellent. I don't even mind the wings hanging off the hips like I thought I would cuz this jet mode is epic! There's plenty of features in this mode, but I won't get into details because they are all pretty cool. Robot mode is pretty nice too. I like how the front of the nosecone gets hidden away for the most part. The face switching trick is nice, even if it was only because screamer had it. He is smaller than Prime, but not so small that I feel cheated. Pretty good size over all. I have two major gripes with this toy. One is the little parts that go on the outside of his air intakes pop off at the slightest provocation. They go back on fine, but I really feel a masterpiece shouldn't have the parts designed to pop of shtick going on. The other is just the fact that he feels lighter than I hoped. I dont feel like I'm handling a tranformer, it feels like I'm handling a model. But I'm pretty satisfied with him, especially for a thirty dollar price. Scout Nightbeat. Another solid scout figure. A cool little car mode and a somewhat menacing robot mode. The lower jaw can be a bit hard to get pulled all the way up. I bought the repaint Because I preferred the colors over dead end. My only problem with him is hasbro's fault. I'm sorry-this just isn't Nightbeat. Still trying to figure out a new identity for him.
  7. I got a bunch in the last few weeks, so here we go! Voyager Bludgeon-Love this guy. I really like the detailed tank mode a lot. Robot mode is perfect for a samurai theme and I dig the multiple options for weapons placement. I really actually like the head sculpt, but the white paint kinda washes some of the details. Also, he's barely movie-ish-he can fit in with classics very well. And the rubber pieces on the treads were a nice touch. A very nice character update! Even in hand, I still can't believe we finally get a new Bludgeon! It seems like I'm gushing but this is a dam-near perfect transformer. Hasbro was definitely running on all cylinders when they made him! Picked up the walmart super-tuner set on clearance for thirteen something. A much more reasonable price. I had dead end, but not sideways, so yay for repaints. I like sideways robot mode better then dead end's, but dead end looks better in alt mode. I'm glad this set had the darker sideways variant. I will have to agree to whats been said before tho-the red plastic used really does have a knock-off feel to it. Blowpipe is epic win. I never got this mold last time around so this was new for me. I got the first movie craptastic game rather late in the game, and was sad I had passed on some of these drone molds. This was one I really needed. I love how his robot mode looks all super complicated-like a truck just exploded, but the transformation is nice and easy, with some rather clever part movements. I think the blue color really suits him, even though it is kinda plain. I picked up animated bumblebee on a whim, mostly to increase my bumbleebee army. Not much to say. I like his robot mode-looks wise. Its nice that his robot mode is a bit larger than you would expect from the size of the altmode. But his arm articulation is horrible. Not much else to say. That was all last week, now for this weeks haul Recon-Ironhide! Finally found him. The Ironhide mold was solid to begin with, and now they have fixed my main gripe with the mold-The roof attachment. You have no idea how much this simple thing brings me joy! His roof stays on in robot mode now! Then you get all the added weapon goodness. So many combination and re-arrangement possibilities. I love the little clips that allow you to attach everything to vehicle mode. On top of all that, he gets bayonets! Then the new doors. The armored look just suits him so well. This really feels like an all-new toy. When I saw pics of him earlier, I thought I was gonna remove the Lightning artwork from him, but having it here finally, I kinda like it now. They need to start doing this kind of thing for all the repaints. I would buy more then! A great fun toy all around, another one knocked outta the ball park! Finally picked up ejector as well. I'm feeling this scout line this time around. But I have been "saving" them. I haven't picked up the few scouts I still need so I have something to pick up when I can't find anything at retail. But the wallmart I was at yesterday had their scouts marked down to 5.44 for some reason. As good a reason as any to finally grab ejector. What can I say that hasn't been said already? He's a Frakkin toaster! The head is the best part for me. It really captures the manic glee of the character quite well. Then I was a sucker and picked up alliance bumblebee. I told myself i wasn't, but I have been on a bumblee army building kick to compliment my Decepticon Starscream army. I never got preveiw bee so the cannon arm was new for me. Car mode is decent, but I like how the black looks on his robot mode. Also a bit of a suprise-the rear end of the car holds together quite well. I was not expecting to after so many uses of the mold. The eyes on this one were off though-he's always looking to his right. I picked up another Walmart movie skywarp, as my first one fell and broke, but this new one is horrible. Nothing tabs into place for jet mode at all. Really bad degradation going on here. Good thing I can start parts swapping with the broken one. Also, I finally found a dino megazord. A good haul for me!
  8. I thought i had a problem at first similar to this, but it turns out I wasn't fully transforming the arm right. Came out of its transformed position pretty easy, and I wasn't realizing it, and nothing lines up when the cockpit ain't snapped all the way down. Mine does have this weird thing with the legs tho. For jet mode, one side goes in perfectly, the other has to be coaxed into place, like the pegs are just slightly big or something. But this one has tight joints and perfect paint apps, so hes staying. I've had a string of minor qc annoyances on the last few figs I bought.
  9. So ever since x-mas my Walmart has had nothing but 5 human alliance skidz, and a few robot replicas. I go in there today and everything's is still the same, I mean this toy isle is utterly destroyed with nothing where its supoosed to be,everything is just chillin on the shelf, I go around the corner, and much to my enjoyment-A single solitary row of new deluxes. 1 armorhide 2 dirge's 2 tuner mudflaps and an alliance BB So I scored a Dirge! Dirge is finally in my collection! :)I wanted to grab both, but I was nice and left the other for the next guy. First off I must say I LOVE THIS FIGURE! The colors work nice, and the jet mode just rocks. Very little robot kibble, just his thighs and waist pieces visible near the rear. I love how his legs are incorporated into the jet and not just hanging underneath. A very sweet transformation too. This is a very solid jet mode. Between voyager screamer and now him-I think Hasbro is finally starting to get that we are sick of the whole "I'm a jet with a robot on bottom" thing. It makes me hopeful for the future of jet-formers. Robot mode is pretty good, just oozing with character. The head sculpting is so awesome and unique. The mech alive feature works well and is completely unobtrusive. You can position the wings on his legs many different ways. He has a few negatives-His arms are kinda derpy the way they are articulated-and the cockpit arm hinders posability . He's also slightly on the small side in robot mode. Also I've heard some people not liking the false cockpit window and false shoulder intakes-but I think it completes the look. In my little tf world-the chest cockpit is an open window to his spark. He leaves unshielded-just to spite the world and dare fate to try. Overall a great figure 9 outta 10. He loses a point for his arms, but that's the only real gripe I have. This is a great figure and his ascetics will alow him to blend into any line fairly easily. On an unrelated note, my walmart also put out some voyagers-8 demolshor's to be exact. So it looks like I won't be seeing Bludgeon or Ironhide any time soon:(
  10. Yeah, its the large one. Its a really nice figure, but its a little hard to stand without the base. Its worth trying to hunt one down tho. Very impressive display piece. I plan on taking the fallen back and exchanging, but i live an hour away from the nearest target, just havent gotton out that way. Luckily, his head will go on and pretty much stay, just pops off sometimes.
  11. Now theres an idea! I'm gonna have to go dig out my gigantic mcfarlane queen alien from a few years back now. That thing is pretty big, it would be close to the right scale. I guess I should of worded that better-the falllen's whole head comes off, but its so slender it seems like just a face.
  12. I picked up a few new bots lately, actually a few weeks ago so ive had time for the new toys factor to wear off. Finally found target firey the fallen. I was holding out for this version, as I didn't really care for the green on the other one. The colors are pretty nice, not as bad as photos looked. He is okay, but just okay. I like the design, and this should of been a great figure considering hes the title character and all. But he just falls apart. His kneepads fall off, his legs fall off, his elbows disconnect. All during normal transfromation too. heck, ive even had his face randomly come off. Luckily, everything pops back. Also, he has little red energy panels on his arms that can slide out. on mine, one of them was not even connected, just shoved in the hole. His only saving grace is that I like his colors and design. A figure should not come apart that much. Also, I actually like his altmode, imple as it is. Next up is Jetfire. Loved him in the movie, was unimpressed by the toy, but I pretty much knew what to expect going in. Not much to say that hasn't already been said. He's a jet with a robot slapped on bottom and robot mode is very inaccurate. I like that they reproduced the hunched over look of him, but his knees could be stronger. he is a fun toy tho. I knew he was gonna be big b4 I got him, but the sheer size of jet mode blew me away. Also-all of the jet parts are very detailed. He stays stored in jet mode-its just to awsome not to have a gaint blackbird. I only combined him with prime once. I just wasn't into it. But I didn't really like the combined form in the movie too much either. Besides as toys they look more imressive seperate I think. After that I was pretty caught on bots I want, but I picked up scout class rollbar. Hes pretty sweet. He's a dilivery truck, has there even been a delivery truck tf before? I like how his head sculpt and chest evoke optimus prime. He has a nice little auto morph-when you move the chest plate the front of the truck moves into position. I wasn't expecting that. A pretty nice little scout, but then all of the scouts from rotf have been great so far. And finally something a little weird for me. Marvel crossovers wolverine. I normally don't get any crossovers, as they usually have ridiculous bot modes, and there is something weird about the bot trying to be the character. The few star wars ones I have pretty much suck, and they stay in vehickle mode on my old star wars action fleet shelf. But wolverine is good not amazing but pretty good. He is a rally truck that looks pretty good if slightly cartoony. The thin I like tho is that it seems like hes a combo of movie ratchet and Ironhide. His legs unfold like ratchet, but then the tires fold around back like ironhide. The chest is the same story. The headlights and fenders end up at a raised angle like movie ironhide, but then the bumper and spotlights are on the chest like ratchet. Wether or not it was intentional i just love it. I was pleasantly suprized by him.
  13. I went to three different wally worlds today, no mp skywarp for me. Nothin else new was out, I'm pretty caught up on figures right now, so i picked up rotf ratchet to replace my rescue ratchet that broke. Kind of a consolation prize to myself. This has always been a solid mold. Not to screen accurate, but very enjoyable. As a nice suprise this mold is still in real good shape. Very tight all around. I don't mind the more subdued colors on this one, but would it of killed em to actually make the tires black instead of grey? That's my only complaint with this guy.
  14. So my wife bought me leader megs with camshaft the other day. Camshaft is a nice free bee, but I think I would of been upset had I bought him standalone. I like the design of him, but the one I got is really floppy and loose all over. He has weird feet and almost no head articulation, so that brings him down a lot. Gonna have to mod him. I'm prolly gonna get shot for saying this, but I really like leader megs. He needs alot more articulation, especially the arm. I know the voyager is more accurate and I have had that one for a while and love it, but I really enjoy the leader too, and I know I shouldn't. I think alot of it had to do with finally having the right color scheme and back. The wings on the voyager were a big turnoff for me. That being said, everyone who likes the movie bots should have the voyager in there collection. I guess I like em both for different reasons. The voyager has the accuracy and posability, the leader has the color and size goin for him
  15. I picked up Long Haul last weekend. He is a pretty amazing figure, with nice detail all over. The vehicle mode alone has so many little sculpted details-it really helps sell the scale of the dump truck. I really like how the fron of the truck wraps around his legs in robot mode. He definitely looks powerful, but he's a little leaner than the cgi model. This gives him a more agile look than in the film. He has decent articulation, though due to the transformation no waist joint. The green color used on him is very nice, its not too over the top. The addition of the flip out blades is pure win, but a little strange. With his all around armored look, you would not expect him to be a sword bot. The working pistons in his elbow are pretty nice too. All around a great figure, but he does come with some flaws. The first is his hands. They are sculpted in the stupid open palms position we are seeing more and more of. And just like the hands on voyager starscream, no wrist swivel. The second major thing is more an engineering problem, but it may just be my figure. The part that connects his torso and waist is not very tight at all. To make matters worse, his shoulder ratchets are nice and tight, so nine times out of ten when you go to move his arms his waist will disconnect. These really detract from a fugure that would otherwise be pure win. as it stands prolly a 7 out of 10.
  16. Ok I told myself I wasn't gonna get this repaint, but I caved and got rotf smokescreen. I only had the g1 jazz from the first film, and despite his arms I really liked the toy. I had him out and was fiddling with him when i finally realized how bad his paint aps were getting, so i got a smokescreen as a replacement. I love the colors on this version, the looked kinda meh in the pics I saw, but in hand they are much better. The subtle blue contrasts with the red very well. I like the homage here because its not a straight up g1 repaint. It works well for a movieveerse smokescreen but also could legitimately be jazz reborn. He is gonna be jazz on my shelves, as universe smokescreen is my main smokescreen. The red colors show up on his thighs in robot mode, and some silverr on his knees and pelvis, but not much else. The jazz arm problem is there, but that can't be helped as this is a straight repaint with no new parts. My main gripe about him is he comes with the first jazz release gun and not the more accurate weapon from the final battle jazz. Also there is a nice metalic copper autobot sigil on his spoiler that I can see rubbing off very quickly if you ever attach his weapon in vehicle mode. overall I'd say a 7 out 10 for him, but I am biased cuz I needed a new copy of this mold I also scored a rotf thrust. I was holding off on breakaway for this one. The colors are nice and perfect for thrust. I really like that it has the movie ascetic in robot mode without being overly complicated. Also a movie jet without chicken legs. The new head is very seekerish, with vents on the side, but it is very tiny. The cockpit canopy is a dark purple color, and with where it sits in robot mode, his head all but disappears behind it. The robot mode kibble is incorporated fairly well-and while you can tell it is a pair of legs folded underneath, they don't hang like some other plane bots where they are kind of there. Also he has a waist joint that is ulesess because of the way the wings attach. And interesting design, but the tiny head you can't really see take away from it somewhat. 8 out of 10.
  17. Im more concerned about the akward pose of his hands. Any ideas on some better hands. You knows ones that are actually articulated and can rotate?
  18. muskegon target has universe smokescreen and animated magnus
  19. wal mart in fremont has a lot of animated-blurr, blazing lockdown, swindle, shockwave, and a couple of shadow blade megatrons
  20. just picked up the target freewaybrawl 2 pack and i must say the paint scheme on optimus just rocks! it makes my old robovision voyager prime look like a cheap knock-off
  21. In the past two weeks ive scored voyager animated prime, titanium ww grimlock, universe g1 starscream, cheetor, cyclonus, and hound. Also picked up the Springer vs Ratbat 2 pack, and legends g2 megs and legends lio prime.
  22. I've been to two different meijers in the grand rapids area that both had universe cheetor, cyclonus , starscream and hound
  23. i effin love your sig man!

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