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  1. This is the Prime universe remember, only five wreckers have been revealed and only four by name, and two are dead. Also how do you think they would find out a random bountyhunter is killing them off? They'd think it was a decepticon and being a group of muscle heads would take their frustration out on said decepticons, and one by one they would be picked off. You need to get your facts straight, You need to grasp the fact that the wreckers so far in Prime are a disjointed group of autobots that are down to maybe three members if that, and only two are seen alive. You also need to realize
  2. so your saying that in the middle of a war, the wreckers would stop attacking deathcamps, prisons, and etc. To hunt down a serial killer that goes after decepticons as well as autobots, mind you one that can knockout the power of their ships, turn invisible, and rebuild his own body from a very large stockpile of "parts" available? And as it stands the Wreckers were made up of Bulkhead, wheeljack, ultramagnus, and seaspray which died in prime? Not to mention bulkhead mentioned another death. So I'm guessing WheelJack would hunt him in the JackHammer, easily stalled out with an emp blast, then
  3. I like the kids, but they don't have to be in every episode. I'm guessing that bulk and arcee are more focused on home then anything else right now. I am very afraid though that prime is turning into "cybertron" 2.0
  4. Animated ratchet was a soldier, prime ratchet is a set piece. Lockdown is a best example of what a decepticon version of a wrecker would be. You may not want to see the truth, but Wheeljack is no match for a character trained in martial arts, has a cloaking device, and a emp weapon that can stop Jackie literally dead. Lets not forget that Lockdown also has a stockpile of "upgrades" ranging from chainsaws-to-myrhical weapons. Jackie has two swords, and two grenades on him at any time, if you count his ships stock of grenades, then toss in a few crates.
  5. So I checked out all these pics of the ne prime figs... And uh... Well some of them "are" pretty cool, but bumble bee and wheeljack are only redecoed with spikes, while soundwave got one hell of a overhaul, also dingdong the mechtechs gone!!! Wooo! My only complaint... Predaking my arsh thats Cybertron Scourge, what the heck? WheelJack, soundwave, and PredaScouge are a must on my list porcupinebee can stay on the shelf with stealthbee and his r.i.d. Reject edition.
  6. How could you even say that, Jackie was defeated by soundwave, and if miko hadn't used the JackHammer then the insecticon would have killed him. Jackie may be tough, but Lockdown is a friggin serial killer of the TF universe. To be honest I think the wreckers as individuals are nothing but a bunch random characters that as a whole may have been a threat, but as individuals they have no chance at surviving in the long run. Heck Bulkhead mentions most of them already are dead. Face it Jackie's swords have a reserved spot above Lockie's Mantle.
  7. Lockout was an amazing character, one that deserves more screen time. So I was thinking... Lockout was a character that preformed frankenstien experiments on himself obtaining "upgrades". Knockout is a self proclaimed doctor who sells upgrades... And it hit me... Siblings. The two could have had similar up bringings, but both went their own creepy way. Lockdown not interested in how he looks turns himself into a monster, proclaiming himself a bountyhunter and removing parts off of his prey. Knockout seeing his sibling is disgusted and focuses on how he looks while lending his talents to thos t
  8. I'm actually wondering, should I buy a first edition Arcee off ebay or take the chance and wait for bbts/toys r us to get her in? I kind of want to get two and maybe do a custom deluxe FlameWar saw her cyberverse and love the paint apps.
  9. Im not saying its the same in all stores, but in my store as well as other local shops you just see voyagers selling more often then deluxes but you also got to think there are like fifty bumblebees for one soundwave. Also harshness on the voyagers dude, starscream, ultra magnus, megatron might have a crummy paint job but he's got a good mold, and thats not counting the takara molds.
  10. I just picked up Voyager DreadWing this guy is straight 10's in my book perfecr except for the retarded mechtech weapon gonna glue it in place and paint it, though his transformation is a bit scary some parts fit so tight I was worried I'd break him. Also got... R.i.d. Soundwave 10's agains but mine has a slightly bent arm from packaging looks fine as the drone, but his wrist is bent. R.i.d. Rumble they shoulda called him frenzy, but again straight 10's he's awesome hasbro should add more paint apps on his car mode though, but the fig is well made and looks good. Reveal the
  11. Actually targets out here have voyagers at $26.99 so wally world beats out everyone else in prices except for the deluxes, which I understand. When the movie line died they were left with army surplus levels of bumblebees and other unwanted characters. They took a hit on these by marking them down. So they now ask for more for deluxes knowing voyagers sell better.
  12. I work at a walmart in Oklahoma, deluxes are indeed $15.76, but voyagers are $21.96 though if you want a voyager ya gotta be fast prime doesn't sell so we have about nine of them four megatrons, two bulkheads, and maybe one starscream. We also have a slot for 19.99 revealers what ever those are. Also $32.99 for weaponizers
  13. True didnt think of that, I gues regardless we'll see the starsaber and darkstar at least, but I love the new arm Meg's looked mean as hell before, with that arm he just looks scary. Thinking back it reminds me of the bios saying he preformed frankenstien experiments on himself to ad to his firepower.
  14. Does anyone else think that a Megatron with "prime" arm and DarkStar saber would be a cool redeco? Just think of the arm replacing the cannon on top of his jet mode with the sword attached... I do hope that they extend out the front a bit Meg's was a bit off in jet/starfighter mode. I say redeco because I see them replacing an arm and weapon rather then a new mold these days.
  15. Howdy all, I'm a nut for odd balls and these guys looked cool, but are seeming kinda off beat these days, any chance a fellow fan would be interested in selling me a set? Hell I'd settle for one of them, I can't really explain it, but these guys have a presence about them that I really love and after a buddy let me check his out I've been dying to have one! Anybody feel like parting with any? Also if asking about selling or buying is taboo I'm sorry @.@'
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