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  1. Got a new shipment in the mail today. From E-Bay user davemamer: Overbite Skalor Seawing Tentakil Nautilator Snaptrap hehe cheesy action pose Alt Mode Weapon Mode Piranacon
  2. out of everything i collect, i don't have a single Batman figure....AND HE'S MY FAVORITE SUPERHERO!!! Man, I let him down :P
  3. Well, thanks to Sami, my new Menasor parts arrived. Thank you very much btw. I also got my Dead End and Wildrider in the mail from Ebay user dit38. Both need the Reprolabel treatment. And the end result:
  4. there was a Nautilator I saw for $69.99 on a BIN. no weapons though
  5. I'm probably gonna beat myself up for this but oh well. My newest acquisition from E-Bay user davemamer (Item 360235008085) and yes, it's complete.
  6. My haul from last week, thanks to InfiniteCRON: Dragstrip, Breakdown and Motormaster. And Sami is shipping me some parts for Menasor. I also picked up Dead End and Wildrider from E-Bay (from user Dit38), and I'll have pics of them posted as soon as I get them in. To finish it off, I have this sitting in my Pile of Loot from BBTS: its just missing the two guns. chalk up another rescued figure from the BBTS Action Figure Orphanage aka Vintage Department
  7. I probably blabbed about getting these earlier in this thread but if I didn't here it is - my G1 Dinobots. Snarl (E-Bay: shawnmatthewtoys) Grimlock (E-Bay: g1transformerstore) Slag (E-Bay: bellkad1230) Swoop (E-Bay: wheeljackslab) Sludge (E-Bay: wheeljackslab) All complete, lots of wear, some of them are in bad need of a reprolabel job, and most likely some joint tightening And to finish off my haul for the day, I preordered War for Cybertron from GameStop. Gonna get me that Shockwave.
  8. i really think they should rename that department to Recently Used or The Action Figure Orphanage. I have about 100 figures purchased from that site's vintage pile
  9. From Big Bad Toy Store's Vintage Department: Onslaught, Silverbolt, Powerglide
  10. OH MY GOD...that Devastator looks BAD ASS!!!! Where did you get those parts? Who makes those parts? Man, that is almost a perfect cartoon representation of G1 Devastator. Very nice. i ordered the parts directly from Crazydevy.com. Didn't want to go through BBTS. The leg kit makes Devastator taller. IIRC, Superion was taller than Devastator by a few scant millimeters. With the kit, he's mucho taller.
  11. Got some stuff in the mail today. And after installing all the mods:
  12. I hauled in Universe 2.0 Ratchet without weapon. My G1 Roadbuster finally came in from the Philippines with everything but the antenna, radar dish, and missiles. And for my E-Bay hauls, all 5 G1 Dinobots, complete with weapons and very little wear. I am a happy collector.
  13. TFA Arcee and a KO Defensor set. The Defensor set isn't all that bad. Part plastic and die cast parts, original G1 colors, box included. Its pretty much the same one Sami picked up a couple days ago.
  14. hehe i pulled all the guns out and it brought me back to that picture of Fortress Maximus vs. Godzilla. The word "OVERKILL" came to mind haha
  15. I got Cliffjumper and Galvatron from Liege Evilmus today And two more Wreckers - Whirl and Guzzle
  16. Razorclaw Divebomb Rampage PREDAKING!! And TFU 2.0 Prowl GESTALT SHABANGABANG!!! That's right...no Gestalt collection is complete without VOLTRON!!
  17. Got these a while back: Deluxe ROTF Lockdown Voyager Mindwipe Deluxe ROTF Brawn Deluxe ROTF Ratchet Got this guy a couple days ago: TFA Cybertronian Mode Ratchet And I got these guys in the mail today, hence the reason I am one stoked mofo right now: THE PREDACONS!! Tantrum Headstrong Razorclaw
  18. I got two more Wreckers in the mail today. Topspin and Twin Twist. Both came complete, and with stickers slightly worn. My cousin had these as a kid, but he did what any kid would do, and that was to beat the crap out of them and toss them away. I give them a 6 out of 10.
  19. I picked up 4 today and 1 the other day. HA Barricade: Damn this thing is sweet. I think the Frenzy figure could use a repaint. It's a nice looking figure all around. Mindwipe: Not gonna open this one. The figure looks great in it's stealthy jet mode. Had to snag this one from some dude at the Target I bought him at. He was just scoping the one I had in my hand, and he was digging around to find another. For all I care, I walked away with a gem. ROTF Lockdown: It's wall candy. Plus, it makes up for my lack of purchasing an animated version. Missed out on that completely. Deluxe Ratchet: Now, if this were a Voyager, it'd be better. I say that because it's almost movie accurate as far as the shoulders, gun, and legs are concerned. Other than that, it's wall candy. ROTF Brawn: Nice mold, real menacing in that good guy sort of way. This one is gonna remain wall candy until I find me another one. BTW, in my other post on the last page, I mentioned that I got a Brave Maximus....well, not anymore. Apparently the seller on E-Bay had it in storage and it got crushed. Still no details on how the figure came out, whether it is intact or not, but he refunded me in full. I'm just sad about it.
  20. Cool, I'll try that out. I was almost tempted to get that Gears of War set but I find myself at odds with spending money on that add-on kit.
  21. First time posting. Been a long-time lurker but never registered till a few days ago. So far my newest figures to my collection are: Transformers Universe 2008-09 Silverstreak: Great figure, just looks a little odd due to the head just sitting on top of the hood scoop. Kinda gives the figure the long neck look. Transformers Universe 2008-09 Sideswipe: Another great mold. For me, I see only one flaw and that's the lack of the shoulder cannon that he had in G1. Other than that, it's a lovely shelf piece. Transformers Universe 2008-09 Sunstreaker: See Sideswipe. Transformers Movie Bonecrusher: This is actually my second one. I have one still sealed in its package. Can't say I enjoyed this figure much. Bulky, ape-like arms with very limited poseability, shoddy head design without light piping...I dunno. Just seems like a figure that could have used the Voyager size treatment rather than a Deluxe. Transformers Universe 2008-09 Prowl: I love Prowl. Always one of the Transformers I've grown to like over my time watching the G1 episodes. Like Silverstreak, odd long neck look. Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus: This was a pain to find on his own. Thank God for E-Bay. He is such an awesome figure. Can't complain. I just need to get the FansProject City Commander set to finish it off now. Transformers G1 Targetmaster Scoop: I ended up buying this guy after reading The Last Stand of The Wreckers. I looked them up on Wikipedia and started compiling a list of figures to find and purchase to complete a Wreckers line-up. I bought Scoop off of BBTS and Tracer and Holepunch were found on E-Bay. Aside from the basic transformation of the figure, the overall aesthetic look of him is nice. Could use a little more color to define some features. I'll probably be doing that sometime soon. Great start, though, to completing the Wreckers line-up. Transformers G1 Technobots: I started this out back when I was 7 yrs old. I had Lightspeed and Nosecone at first but I ended up losing them somewhere in my backyard. So 22 years later, I found them all on E-Bay. Lightspeed came without any weapons. All the stickers were still in good condition. His tail end was loose but that didn't matter. Nosecone came complete with no sticker wear whatsoever. Joints were tight. Afterburner was complete also. Tight joints, stickers weren't worn down. Strafe was only missing his pistol. Other than that, he was also in good, tight condition. Scattershot was above all, the best. Stickers were in great condition, all of the Computron parts were present. As their separate pieces, they look sweet. As Computron, they're just an all-around prize to have among my gestalts. Transformers RID Brave Maximus: Found on E-Bay...COMPLETE! I should also add SEALED to that. I know the real prize would've been the G1 Fortress Maximus but I'm an easy-going guy and I can settle for this.
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