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  1. Repaired Room continued.... More.... I have more, which I will upload into my collection album. But that is my room...I sleep in it, I'm happy that I'm back in it, and I'm glad I can start collecting solid again.
  2. Back on December 8, 2010, my room suffered a major flood coming from an emergency fire sprinkler pipe in my room. My floor was destroyed, part of my wall and some of my boxed figures were ruined. Two months later, on February 9, 2011, I received my best birthday present ever....my rebuilt room. I shared the news last month, and even promised pictures. Well, now I have them. So here they are:
  3. Got Cybertron Megatron in the mail today, courtesy of ShadowJin.
  4. I used to autocross, using a Ford Focus ZX3 as my driving platform. Since I started doing it, I just haven't been able to make turns at a slow pace without gunning it. Cornering has just become a speed obsession with me.
  5. I hauled in a Marvel Universe Thanos, courtesy of ersico. And I also got my speeding ticket fine in the mail...$244 for doing 40 in a 25 on a left turn. Yes, I make my turns fast.
  6. PCC Dinobots and Heavytread came in the mail today from Hasbrotoyshop.com.
  7. ^^ very nice haul there Omega Jetfire. You planning on doing any of the CrazyDevy mods to both Devastator and Predaking or are you leaving them as they are?
  8. So I was going through my collection, and I decided to open up my ROTF Bludgeon, Animated Japan Wingblade Optimus Prime and Animated Japan Blackout. ROTF Bludgeon: My first impressions, upon opening this figure, was the vehicle mode. Quite the awesome looking tank mode. What kinda soured my liking a tad was the handle of the long samurai-esque sword. This handle makes up the end of the main tank gun barrel. The plastic was a tad bent but that's something a little hot water and a vice can fix. What bent me out of shape was the sword itself. No chrome, which made it a very lackluster sword. Even the smaller blade, tucked away in the hidden sheath, sucked. Transformation was pretty easy, and can probably be performed without taking a glance at the instructions. In looking at the figure, in both modes, I think this thing could use some paint apps. Light piping would have helped out a bit in the robot's head too. I know some of you like this figure but I am just going to go ahead and bust a confused Caesar and give it two thumbs horizontal. I'm so-so about it. Animated Japan Wingblade Optimus: At first, I wasn't too sure about the clear plastic on this figure. It's two modes in one box. The standard Optimus has all parts in transparent plastic. It gives a nice effect to the figure but it doesn't do it any real justice. Weapons are the same as the US Spec Voyager version. Transforms all the same. Now what comes solid painted is the Wingblade parts. The backpack is given a nice metallic candy red finish, while the shoulder cannons and winged gauntlets are given the metallic blue. The gauntlets just port onto Optimus' hands. Each gauntlet hand is slightly spring-loaded, with a slot on the finger portion to accomodate the Magnus hammer. The jetpack clips onto the lightbar, all the while the shoulder cannons peg into the jetpack and just sit there with no secure fastening to Optimus' shoulders. The figure also came with 2 projectiles to plug into the shoulder cannons. All in all a very nice piece but it could've been a lot better had they just stuck with solid plastic rather than translucent. A thumb and half for this one. Animated Japan Blackout: Now this Voyager is awesome. The vehicle mode features six vulcan cannons (2 on each arm, 2 over the top of the vehicle). Transformation is very simple. Pull out the tail rotor, flip the waist section and legs down. Flip the legs out, rotate the feet out as well. Bring the arms down and flip out the hands. Take the cockpit section apart and fold it back till it snaps into the holes of each side of the center chest assembly. Fold the main rotor blades down like the Movie Blackout, and you'll have yourself one menacing Decepticon. The tail rotor clips into either hand, and features a disc launcher. For what it is, it is quite an awesome figure. He really came out nicely done. Two thumbs up for this one.
  9. RTS Windcharger: This scout is full of badassery. The transformation is simple, reminiscent of Hubcap. The red plastic looks like a custom candy finish you see on hot rods. The hand cannons are a really neat feature as well. Two thumbs up for this scout. HFTD Tomahawk: This is a pretty awesome deluxe figure for what it is. The transformation is relatively easy, and the robot mode looks simple yet aggressive in it's own right. I couldn't resist renaming him to Rotorstorm to kinda sit in on my Wreckers squad. Two thumbs up for this guy as well.
  10. Just in...RTS Windcharger all the way from the UK via E-Bay. Hells yah!!
  11. picked up a Lightning Strike Thor from the new Thor movie, a Marvel Universe Phoenix and Cyclops 2-pack, an RTS G2 Prime, Killzone 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the PS3.
  12. I hauled in a Cable and Jean Grey set from Marvel Legends off of E-Bay this past Wednesday.
  13. Hauled in HFTD Tomahawk from TRU's online sale. Also, my room got repaired. Now I just gotta put my stuff back in there.
  14. damn, that thing is bad-ass!!
  15. Picked up The Expendables DVD, HftD Terradive, Marvel Universe 2-pack Sentry vs. Spider-Man, and Power Rangers Samurai Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Rangers all from Target and Wal-Mart.
  16. Daaaamn someone got an early tax return! :D haha I wish. I'm actually owing the IRS this year. The toy haul was something I had going with BBTS, all store credit for some of my duplicate unwanted figures. As for the car, I gave up my 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 (Cliffjumper) due to an exhaust system fail that wouldn't let me pass smog. As for my room, I've been somewhat roomless (homeless so to speak, since both my figure collection and myself reside in there most of the day) for a whole month and a week. The guys responsible for the rebuild are barely going to start it this Wednesday (1-12-11). So hopefully, in a couple days, I'll have a room again and so will my Transformers, Marvel Legends, Iron Man figures, Voltrons and Megazords.
  17. My haul for today: Fansproject Protector Armor Sidearm kit Iron Man 2 Modern War Machine Iron Man 2 Ultimate Avengers Armor Marvel Universe Modular Armor Iron Man CrazyDevy King's Power Parts Sonic Sword and my last week's haul was a 2011 Ford Fiesta SE. Coming soon, my rebuilt room.
  18. I put my sealed one up on E-Bay for $45 bid only. It ended up selling for $69.99 with $10.20 shipping.
  19. Found and purchased Marvel Universe's Iron Man 2020, Dark Hawkeye, Ghost Rider and Yellowjacket today at TRU.
  20. the other 2 episodes are just hilarious. it makes me wonder if they're planning on doing the other 3 episodes. Robot Chicken's version is supposed to be coming out pretty soon
  21. no ETA just yet. still going through some things with insurance. its been about 13 days now. sleeping on the couch is quite uncomfortable. as for that megazord i got, yeah it does look naked without the dragonzord but i'm hoping that they are making one to accompany this thing. Oh, hauls.....well, technically they're not at my house yet but I did win a couple auctions on E-Bay for a Marvel Legends Domino, X-23 (X-Force skivvies), an Iron Man 2 6" War Machine and a MOSC Marvel Universe Archangel (blue face). I also purchased the new Family Guy - It's a Trap DVD (HILARIOUS).
  22. As promised, here are pics of the damage my room took in. This was my worst thing to ever receive That all occured back on the 8th of December. Kinda sucks that my collection and I are still roomless to this day. But aside from all that I did get me a 2010 MMPR Megazord back on December 10 Also, yesterday I picked up a 2011 Marvel Universe Series 1 Iron Man
  23. Was wondering what should be a good asking price for some MOSC Classics figures to put on E-Bay

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    2. JT-Prime


      i have a Cliffjumper on E-Bay right now with a BIN price of $24 and a starting bid of $12. I'm also looking to sell off a sealed Rodimus, Bumblebee, Starscream, Ramjet, Astrotrain, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Mirage. Just don't know what to price them at without going completely balls out on pricing.

    3. ice_wolf74


      I just can't believe how much they have appreciated in value. None of the TF toys released in the last 15 years have gone up in price. Good luck!

    4. anthonyprime


      I will pray for him...

  24. the carpet was 3/4 soaked. my room had 13 minutes worth of water spillage into it before i was even able to locate and shut off the water main. luckily most of my electronics still work but my collection and I are pretty much homeless for the time being. I'll work up some pics of the damage as it is one of my worst hauls EVAR!! lol
  25. ^^ Nice man. I have to wait to be able to enjoy mine. Floods = no bueno.
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