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  1. Picked up a DOTM Laserbeak, Mortal Kombat (PS3) and LA Noire (PS3) from TRU today.
  2. yeah, the new Voyagers are a bit smaller than what they used to be.
  3. yeah i got him a couple saturdays ago. hoping they make a leader version of it
  4. Picked up Heroic Age Captain America (Bucky Cap) and a Marvel Universe Spider-Woman at TRU today. Also got a Beast Wars Scorponok from E-bay in the mail as well. My Beast Wars figures are complete now! YES!!!
  5. On Friday, I got my Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Megatron from E-Bay. And for today, I got a Human Alliance Roadbuster from E-Bay.
  6. ^^nice!! I picked up a Marvel Universe Mystique and an X-Men First Class poster with Colossus and Wolverine damaging the Danger Room from Things From Another World in Universal CityWalk. Also, picked up an Avengers t-shirt and an Autobots t-shirt, featuring Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Jazz and Rodimus Prime.
  7. Picked up Beast Wars Waspinator, Rhinox and an Animated Voyager Bulkhead at Botcon today :). Now I just need a Transmetal 2 Megatron, a Scorponok and a Terrorsaur to complete my Beast Wars lineup. As for my Animated lineup, just needing a Leader Megatron and a Blackarachnia.
  8. Picked up a Super Combat Captain America, Captain Britain and a Marvel Universe Vision (clear) from TRU today
  9. Picked up a Cyberverse Commander Powerglide and a Deluxe Mudflap from TRU today.
  10. First off, here's a pic of my last haul from Friday, May 27: And for today, thanks to an employee at my local TRU in town, I got: So now I'm a happy guy.
  11. Picked up 2 Marvel Universe 2-packs today at TRU: X-Men First Class Cyclops and Jean Grey X-Men First Class Wolverine vs. Sabertooth I'll post a pic later. Still no Shockwave.
  12. Hauled in from TRU: Captain America - Heavy Artillery Captain America - Battlefield Transformers DOTM Voyager Skyhammer
  13. why, thank you sir! i try to keep my hauls as epic as possible HA!!
  14. Got in a HUMONGOUS haul for today. From Big Bad Toy Store: Marvel Select Thor Marvel Universe Gladiator Marvel Universe Cyclops Marvel Universe Cable Marvel Universe Apocalypse Marvel Universe First Appearance Wolverine Revoltech Valkyrie VF-1S Revoltech Iron Man Mark VI Corbot Defender War Axe CrazyDevy.com King's Power Parts Cannons Perfect Effect Ultimate Form Backpack set Perfect Effect Scouting Force Transformers United Rumble and Frenzy Transformers Generations Wheeljack Transformers Generations Warpath Transformers Generations Thundercracker Transformers Generations Sergeant Kup Transformers Generations Scourge Transformers Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor Devil Horns Custom Cliffjumper Kit And from Toys 'R' Us, next to my job: Voyager DOTM Megatron Leader DOTM Sentinel Prime Deluxe DOTM Bumblebee Deluxe DOTM Ratchet Deluxe DOTM Sideswipe Deluxe DOTM Crankcase Deluxe DOTM Topspin Deluxe DOTM Roadbuster Deluxe DOTM Skids Marvel Universe 35th Anniversary Classic Giant Size X-Men Set All I can say is, FUCK YEAH!!!!!
  15. I think i'll be picking up that Powerglide and sell off my Universe 2.0 one. For me, its just best to have that guy scout-sized rather than all giant.
  16. My non-TF haul: Marvel Universe Wolverine vs. Silver Samurai (source: Toys 'R' Us) Marvel Universe Dark Spider-Man & Dark Wolverine (source: www.TFormers.com member "ersico") Marvel Universe Ms. Marvel (Dark Avenger Variant) (source: www.ebay.com) The bigger haul is almost here....:D
  17. Another Marvel Universe haul from the Toys R Us that's about 95 feet from my work: Ronin Warpath (red & blue) x3 Kitty Pryde x2 Sunfire x2 Havok x2 Archangel (blue faced) x2 I'm keeping one of the Warpaths and Ronin. The others are going on E-Bay
  18. Hauled in Doc Sampson, Black Panther and Sunfire from Marvel Universe, courtesy of Mr. ersico. Thanks man!
  19. My Non-TF Haul for the day: Marvel Universe 2-Pack Storm and Nightcrawler
  20. Hauled in some Marvel Universe and Thor figures today. Bought the following: Grey Hulk Punisher Silver Surfer Wolverine and Captain America 2-pack Marvel's Shield Bash Odin Secret Attack Loki Battle Hammer Thor Over the weekend, I also hauled in a Playstation 3 Move control pack, a Move charger, a new SD card for my camera and an HTC Evo 4G phone.
  21. ^^that's awesome man! I hauled in an X-Men Classic Collector's Set featuring Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast and Angel in their original uniforms, courtesy of some person on E-Bay. I wish they made Marvel Universe-sized versions of this set.
  22. Heavytread - This guy is just screaming to be renamed Guzzle. I placed him with my other Wreckers. The robot mode almost pays complete homage to runt-sized Wrecker, from the alt mode to the way the main cannon sits pointing straight up on his back. Could use a couple paint apps but being that it is a PCC commander, I doubt it really needs it. The Mini-Con he comes with (forgot the name of it) looks alright. It's one thing I can't stand about the PCC Mini-Cons is the lack of paint apps. The translucent plastic just sickens me. Aside from the Mini-Con, the main figure is just pure badass. I'd give it a solid 2 thumbs up. Grimstone and the Dinobot Drones - Ok, I think this could've been done a little better. Grimstone could've been executed a whole lot better in the articulation department. Posing him in his alt mode leaves his ass sticking way up, almost to the point that he's just inviting a gay dinobot to slip him a pooper plugging. Going into bot mode, he stands ok. Limited posing, as with most of the PCC line. The colors are that of the G1 Dinobot scheme. Going into combined mode, the Ankylosaurus and Pachycephalasaur (sp) make the legs. They just make for extremely huge boots for Grimstone. They are also kinda difficult to peg in. As for the arms, the Spinosaurus and Parasaurolophus peg in easily. The limbs for these PCC guys just scream LAME. I think it would've been better had they built these guys a bit larger, and give them manual fold out features rather than the automorph feature they've been given. I'm not totally bitter that I got this figure but at the same time, I'm not overly impressed. So I give this figure two horizontal thumbs.
  23. probably. i don't have an official count as of yet but i'll handle that probably later tonight :D UPDATE: 508 Transformers total. And that doesn't include what's sitting in my Pile of Loot over at BBTS. Scourge, Wreck-Gar, Kup and Perceptor plus my Perfect Effect Ultimate Form set. If anything, I'd say I have just about 700-750 figures chillin in my room right now. That's a ton of dusting.
  24. everything's put together by series and era. took me a week
  25. Just got Marvel Universe Jean Grey and Moon Knight courtesy of ersico
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