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  1. Who cares? This is still cool as hell. ...now I want to get a certain energon toy :(
  2. got part of my haul in the mail today. revoltech #034 vf-1j, and a g1 astrotrain. the vf-1j is quite the amusing little figure and astrotrain is satisfying my itch for something vintage (too bad he doesn't have his gun and had to order stickers from reprolabels)
  3. In about a week, I should get my macross haul...revoltech vf-1j, transforming revoltech vf-1s, and a yamato 1/60 vf-1s. Until all that gets here, divebomb does a decent stand in gerwalk mode
  4. Gettin a bit of a ginyu force vibe from those two riders
  5. Got me a modern day brick, Shadow Command Megatron. Posted a review here.
  6. think about it at least. I fiddled with barricade for about 10 minutes before i couldn't stand those hips. as far as hauls, did get animated lockdown for 8 bucks and the reprolables set for ROTF sideways
  7. the hips are easily fixed by shaving off those tabs. did it the other night at 1am after work, so its not hard at all and completely worth it
  8. the war machine is a great little figure. Optics, I think you would love it after a bit of silver dry brushing for some wear, considering he is "war machine"
  9. if you like the look of him, bludgeon is a very cool samurai-skeleton-robot. awesome swords, good poseability, lots of detail, and a few interesting small gimmicks
  10. the teaser, the pleaser, the rocker, the shocker, the spocker, and finally the show stopper
  11. shouldn't that be a question you ask before bidding? :tflaugh I wouldn't be too concerned over plastic quality because if its complete crap, at least its still a giant G1 soundwave with pretty good detail it seems
  12. This is why I enjoy having mindwipe and skystalker now even the back ends up looking nice and tidy! Its very simple to do. Don't rotate mindwipe's shoulders all the way during transformation so he still has a gap in his chest large enough for skystalker to fit in. Then just shove the little guy in and move around fiddle with the all the other bits (wow that sounds bad :tfevil )
  13. Just got skystalker. Awesome! Cool thing about this little guy is that recon ironhide's guns can clip onto his forearms. Stuff like that is what makes me really wish hasbro would create some accesory packs of simple guns like that
  14. makes me sad that an official one will never happen
  15. oh oh, my turn! I think the three universe ultra modes all have their flaws, and each have their own strengths. Silverbolt is rather nice in both modes, but you can't overlook that its a jet with a folded up robot and a robot with a folded up jet. Homage or not, that seems a tad unacceptable when you compare it to its peers. The electronics are also a bit odd because he's the only figure where the eyes only light up when you transform him. Articulated feet would also have been nice, but that's a bit of a nitpick. He does have a very nice and faithful robot mode with almost flawless proportions. The black on the skyfall repaint doesn't hurt either :thumb. Onslaught is overall a very imposing figure, which works for the character. However, he doesn't look at all like the source material and has become an original form. But I can appreciate that because the look is successful, imo. I do have a few gripes about him, including his goofy giant fists and broken sound clip, but I enjoy him very much. Just wish he would've came with a big ol' rifle like recon ironhide (or the original onslaught). Powerglide is a bit more complicated. I love that we have a unique transformation in a plane for once. As much as I like that, I can't help but be a bit confused over the proportions of him. In his defense, he's not nearly as goofy looking in person as photos suggest. I also hated that his feet were sculpted so he couldn't make use of the articulation he has in his ankle. Some shaving fixed that. The colors do bother me. They're just too plain and boring, not to mention his hips and thighs are different colors (wtf is the point of that?). Powerglide just doesn't look as good as either onslaught and silverbolt, but I just can't help but enjoy him the most of all 3. I guess a good transformation scheme and an actual gun mean a lot to me :shrug
  16. motorcycle. I'm assuming its some sort of reissue with darker blue. never heard of the race car spiderman
  17. funny, I just picked up cross-overs spiderman tonight also got the Hulk, which is quite the delightful figure, complete with robo-toes and an actual, usable, spring-loaded punch gimmick
  18. Revoltech Hot Rodimus arrived to my house the other day as an early valentines present. I was unbelievably disappointed by him ...at first. This guy was about half to a full inch smaller than I was expecting him to be. His fists were impossible to swap out and I had to push them out with a pen after taking his forearm off. The revolver joints were also a bit awkward to work with and the one for his display stand was so tight it snapped off right away. AND! his right led kept falling off. After a good amount of time shaving plastic, gluing, and adding nail polish, I finally got around to posing him. Hot Rod is just an absolutely amazing figure once you get his gun hands on and you start pulling off some crazy action poses. While I enjoy the fluidly moving joints of most figures, I enjoy how the revoltechs actually force you to plan ahead, making you work methodically to create the pose at hand. Its a bit of a puzzle in its own way and gives a lot of satisfaction once you figure it out. The size to price ratio of these guys is a bit off putting, but they're certainly entertaining.
  19. It is very awesome. The jet mode is sexy cool and the robot looks incredible. The thing that kills it are the little problems: the neck has a hard time staying in, the hips have very little movement and jointed a bit too high imo, the stripes painted on seem like they'll rub off or scratch quickly, and like all other reviews have said, the gerwalk modes needs to be cheated to look that good and the panels on the sides of his hips pop off too much. Its a great toy and worth it if you have the cash, but it does have its small quirks.
  20. Just got this in this week. Not as blown away by it as I thought I would be, but certainly not disappointed
  21. got the MMPR dinozord today. It has a lot of disappointing traits, but the thing is still highly recommendable. It also helps that its only 20 bucks (I wonder how this thing would be as a $150-$200 soul of chogokin now. perhaps for the 20th anniversary???)
  22. no wonder he's such a coward, small "weaponry" :tflaugh
  23. The Die-Cast one? http://www.collectiondx.com/review/chogokin/vf_25f_alto_custom If it is, might want to think about getting this one to go with it: http://www.imageanime.com/mafralvfhear.html Mine should be here middle of next week. I got it with the super parts. I prefer the slightly armored look over the over kill full armor Sweet, I'd prefer that too, but I didn't want to spend $200 plus on that at once. So you're getting the new/movie version? Color scheme is slightly different on that one, which didn't sound to great to me, but still... Super Pack > Heavy Armored Idk about new or movie or w/e, I've just wanted a variable fighter since I first saw robotech as a kid. Never watched any macross, just love the look of the vf-25 overall. I figured 5 years was long enough putting off buying one of the 1/60's, especially since I got it new for only $130 plus shipping
  24. The Die-Cast one? http://www.collectiondx.com/review/chogokin/vf_25f_alto_custom If it is, might want to think about getting this one to go with it: http://www.imageanime.com/mafralvfhear.html Mine should be here middle of next week. I got it with the super parts. I prefer the slightly armored look over the over kill full armor
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