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  1. Just wait until you get it in hand. Those legs will fight you.
  2. Considering it's only a few bucks more than a leader class transformer, that Voltron is probably the single coolest toy someone could ever buy for the money. It makes me sad that I don't have the room to display him atm. So how crappy is it for you to get the black lion's arms folded up for robot mode?
  3. MP-11 is gourgeous! Chest still doesn't lock in too well, but the colors and the remolds make this so worth it

  4. I know the rules say no G1 reissues and w/e, but I have to say that the BBTS seacons are my least favorite combiner just because of all the quality issues with the release. I'm surprised they managed to pack all 6 of the correct bots in the same box. I never had any on the beast wars combiners, had energon superion with the fans project kit, and I have a few re-releases/KOs of a few other combiners. That said, I think Rail Racer is a close 2nd for my favorite combiner simply because of how slick he looks, but he still has some problems. I never managed to get him to hold the guns very well and rapid run always has a hard time staying attached (and midnight express' robot mode is 85% legs). My favorite combiner has to be Omega Prime. I absolutely adore the vacuum chrome bits and the transformations for prime and magnus are very fun, though frustrating at first. Hasbro, can we plz haz more big, shiny robots??
  5. The big problem with bumblebee is that his toys are beginning to suck. Way back in 2007, the concept camaro was arguably the best deluxe toy to come out of the first movie line. Animated had a pretty nifty deluxe mold too. ROTF gave us the snazzy HA one. ...Then it started to go down hill with battle blades bumblebee (too many camaros already, and what a crappy name?). Then comes DOTM and takes the BBBB (again, seriously??) mold, shrinks it down and simplifies it. Then we get the even worse nitro bumblebee. On top of it, as goktimus said, we got a few dozen repaints of old bumblebee toys that everyone already owns. ...Then comes this craptacular Prime RID bumblebee, which seems to be the worst mold of then entire first wave of deluxes with its crappy chest and trasformation gimmick. My point is that if hasbro wants to keep making half of each line consist of a yellow car, they better make sure that the figures are actually worth buying. Don't pack half a case of Prime toys and then decide the rest of the space is best filled with your "transformed" dinner from the night before.
  6. Can I count ROTF Arcee and Chromia? I know I paid about 97% more than they're worth, and I only paid $6 each.
  7. No. Not at all Something as potentially awesome as a true homage to star saber and victory leo should stay far, far, FAR away from TF Prime and lame, gimmicky extra combinations. There's few things I want more from mainstream transformers than either a fantastically done classics victory saber or god ginrai, and I don't want either to be ruined by this mediocre new line (nor the guy that made the FOC Bruticus toys for that matter).
  8. I agree that Prime should come with a trailer. He's just a 'meh' truck mode without it. I know there's plenty of play potential from the trailer, but masterpiece figures aren't so much toys as display pieces and I can't justify the extra $100 (or space) for something I'm not even going to display, let alone play with. For Rodimus, the trailer is justified because it's his 2nd alt mode and the little red wagon of doom turret mode looks quite cool. For Prime, it's an expensive silver platform.
  9. I don't see why everyone's saying that hasbro won't release mp-10. Of course it won't have the trailer, but considering that they've released all of the molds except megatron so far, why not? Plus, it's Optimus Prime. When has hasbro NOT tried to push out yet another prime or bumblebee in the last 6 years? Personally, I'm hoping for a $70-80 prime because there's no way I'm spending $250 for a trailer that I'm never gonna use and just keep in a closet.
  10. In ROTF, Jetfire only tells the story how he used to be a decepticon and then defects the autobots. This was just there to flesh out his character a bit and give a nod to G1. In terms of what happened only in ROTF, Jetfire was always an autobot. Sentinel, on the other hand, was portrayed as the new hero of the autobots. As the movie progresses, it seems, that he'll be the one to save cybertron and finally end the war. But then comes the shocking revelation that he was actually working with the decepticons to enslave the earth to rebuild cybertron. To put it shortly, Jetfire was an autobot in ROTF and is listed as such for his toys, but Sentinel is an autobot for his toy because it would be a spoiler otherwise.
  11. Caved on prime cliffjumper because of that awesome car mode. Combo of a mustang and a challenger?

    1. Blitz-Wing


      I succumbed to the same weakness. Tempted to take the horns off...

    2. Superior Grilled Cheese

      Superior Grilled Cheese

      They're a little silly, but they're also unique enough to give it some charm

  12. The bot shots are tiny. Like, smaller than legends tiny. The heads aren't removable, as they're molded on the same piece as the chest. Also, the heads are only the front halves and couldn't be added to another figure, even if you do manage to cut the heads off from the bot shot. It'd be easy to say these are the successors to the robot heroes line, but with an actual transformation element, and I really dig em so far. Here's a comparison with dx scourge and DOTM legends bee
  13. I don't see why the big issue over the colors. I mean, after seeing how they combine into a scramble city stretch armstrong, I think color is at the very bottom on my list of reasons why I wouldn't buy it
  14. o.O ...fansproject did make a kit for superion. It didn't include new bots, but they did give him a whole new look:
  15. As long as they're really cheap and the designs are interesting, these could be really awesome. I like some of these gimmicky transformers just because they're new and different, like the gravity bots a couple years ago and some of the animated activators
  16. No. This would be like your parents telling you there will be an xbox and a puppy under the tree for months. When the time finally comes and you're so excited to finally get your hands on all of it, you unwrap the bows to find socks. Not an xbox. Not a puppy. Not even clothes you care about and would be happy to have. No. Socks! When you ask why just the socks, even after all of the teasing, your parents respond, "are you sure you wouldn't rather have the socks? I think you'd really have a lot more fun with the socks." You then proceed to offer to use your own money to buy the xbox or the puppy, but they still refuse. You even say you'll do extra chores for a year. Nothing. Then your grandma stops by to give you even more socks. This is what it's like :P
  17. It happened with HA mudflap before and it's happening with soundwave now. I don't mind because I didn't like his tiny legs and kibbly arms. ...still pissed about mudflap because I have both twins in all scales except for HA
  18. Optimus is going for around $50-100+ it seems I was looking forward to spending $20 on him for the last 2 months now. So much for that, right?
  19. Since when does Hasbro not like re-using existing molds and printing their own money? You'll see them again. And again in 5 different repaints, 10 for Bumblebee. Here's the problem: we've seen replacements for every single toy in the the first edition line (except for bulkhead). Why would they launch a new main toy line with 2 voyager primes, 2 dx bumblebees, 2 dx cliffjumpers, etc? Also, there's been quite a few recent times where Hasbro has invested R/D into creating a new toy, only to release a small amount and never to be seen again. Off the top of my head: -ROTF HA Mudflap -HFTD voyager lugnut -HFTD voyager highbrow -DOTM HA Soundwave* -DOTM DX Soundwave* -DOTM DX Que* -DOTM DX Leadfoot* *so far -We also came really close to not seeing generations Warpath and Wheeljack at retail either Personally, I think there's enough evidence to suggest most of us will not get our hands on the FE molds without blowing a lot of money on ebay.
  20. From what I've been reading, these "first editions" were supposed to be released under the generations subline, but then became some preview figures after Hasbro later decided to make a complete transformers prime line. Because the rest of the line is vastly different from these first editions (ie, crappier, simplified, and more gimmicky), they weren't and aren't meant to be released with the rest of the toys. Other than ebay, I don't see these toys showing up ever again, or at least in numbers large enough to satisfy all of us collectors.
  21. I don't really collect them, but I have a few star wars, joes, and iron man 3 3/4" figures. I'm also starting to get a decent number of revoltechs of various forms (like the zoids blade liger and the alien). I sort of regret being a macross fan. There is nothing cheap there, but the 1/60 scale valkyries from yamato and bandai can be soooo nice. Then again, there's also those, umm, "fantastic" transforming vf-1 revoltechs
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