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Recon Ironhide- Now this is how it should be done! I LOOOOVE the heavy weapons upgrade. Why we can't get more like this I'll never know. The modifications to the mold are also quite a nice change over the original making it well worth buying even if you don't usually collect repaints. Just a note of caution however, CHECK THE WHEELS! The first one I got had wheels that were bend inward. The bend was in the plastic and cannot be corrected. The store I exchanged him at had several others with bent in wheels as well. Find a good one though, and it's well worth it.


Bludgeon- Now what can I say that hasn't been said. While it is very light, I don't let that be the mark of quality unless stuff starts to crack off of it. My only real concern is that with the lighter plastic that it may degrade more easily over time than previous figures will. If it doesn't, then I have no problem. Anyway, this is a must have figure. I wouldn't have minded a little more weaponry to match Ironhide, but oh well.


Universe Hardhead- I like this guy a lot more than I thought....and I pretty much liked him from the start. The mold works great for him. Now if only someone could come up with a really good custom headmaster upgrade kit for him we'd be set. Just a couple of little QC issues but otherwise a really good repaint not to mention a great buy for $15.

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HTS black box Megatron Universe figure: Got this figure in the post today. Won it on ebay for 90pence plus postage


He's not a bad figure. Colours are very nice compared to the green version from the classics 2 pack. One thing I had to change on him though was the end of his cannon. It was red, so I puled it off and popped on one I had from a junker classics 2 pack Megatron. Doesn't look so crappy now


As for the QC of the figure though, the paint on his face looks like it was applied half dry, so it's a little blotchy. The other problem, which is also present on the original 2 pack version, is that the right arm pops off at the shoulder quite easily when transforming him.


Overall an OK figure, and will look great with my Henkei Megatron on a shelf.


6-10 mostly because of the shoulder and face problems mentioned

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I got a bunch in the last few weeks, so here we go!


Voyager Bludgeon-Love this guy. I really like the detailed tank mode a lot. Robot mode is perfect for a samurai theme and I dig the multiple options for weapons placement. I really actually like the head sculpt, but the white paint kinda washes some of the details. Also, he's barely movie-ish-he can fit in with classics very well. And the rubber pieces on the treads were a nice touch. A very nice character update! Even in hand, I still can't believe we finally get a new Bludgeon! It seems like I'm gushing but this is a dam-near perfect transformer. Hasbro was definitely running on all cylinders when they made him!


Picked up the walmart super-tuner set on clearance for thirteen something. A much more reasonable price. I had dead end, but not sideways, so yay for repaints. I like sideways robot mode better then dead end's, but dead end looks better in alt mode. I'm glad this set had the darker sideways variant. I will have to agree to whats been said before tho-the red plastic used really does have a knock-off feel to it. Blowpipe is epic win. I never got this mold last time around so this was new for me. I got the first movie craptastic game rather late in the game, and was sad I had passed on some of these drone molds. This was one I really needed. I love how his robot mode looks all super complicated-like a truck just exploded, but the transformation is nice and easy, with some rather clever part movements. I think the blue color really suits him, even though it is kinda plain.


I picked up animated bumblebee on a whim, mostly to increase my bumbleebee army. Not much to say. I like his robot mode-looks wise. Its nice that his robot mode is a bit larger than you would expect from the size of the altmode. But his arm articulation is horrible. Not much else to say.


That was all last week, now for this weeks haul

Recon-Ironhide! Finally found him. The Ironhide mold was solid to begin with, and now they have fixed my main gripe with the mold-The roof attachment. You have no idea how much this simple thing brings me joy! His roof stays on in robot mode now! Then you get all the added weapon goodness. So many combination and re-arrangement possibilities. I love the little clips that allow you to attach everything to vehicle mode. On top of all that, he gets bayonets! Then the new doors. The armored look just suits him so well. This really feels like an all-new toy.

When I saw pics of him earlier, I thought I was gonna remove the Lightning artwork from him, but having it here finally, I kinda like it now. They need to start doing this kind of thing for all the repaints. I would buy more then! A great fun toy all around, another one knocked outta the ball park!


Finally picked up ejector as well. I'm feeling this scout line this time around. But I have been "saving" them. I haven't picked up the few scouts I still need so I have something to pick up when I can't find anything at retail. But the wallmart I was at yesterday had their scouts marked down to 5.44 for some reason. As good a reason as any to finally grab ejector. What can I say that hasn't been said already? He's a Frakkin toaster! The head is the best part for me. It really captures the manic glee of the character quite well.


Then I was a sucker and picked up alliance bumblebee. I told myself i wasn't, but I have been on a bumblee army building kick to compliment my Decepticon Starscream army. I never got preveiw bee so the cannon arm was new for me. Car mode is decent, but I like how the black looks on his robot mode. Also a bit of a suprise-the rear end of the car holds together quite well. I was not expecting to after so many uses of the mold. The eyes on this one were off though-he's always looking to his right.


I picked up another Walmart movie skywarp, as my first one fell and broke, but this new one is horrible. Nothing tabs into place for jet mode at all. Really bad degradation going on here. Good thing I can start parts swapping with the broken one.


Also, I finally found a dino megazord.


A good haul for me!

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OK got a bunch of repaints today and who cares???


One was an upgrade though (upgrade used loosely) I got my first Cannon BB in the Nest 2 pack.


I gotta say, I love the updated arms, some wrist swivels woyld have been hince too, but hey.


Thats about it. The cannon's arent worth the sacrafice to the mobility in the chest pieces which just make the head (nice reuse of the Premium sculpt) look super tiny.


I may do a parts swap to update one of my TF1 BBs, or I may just sell it. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. Still, it's far from that much better.

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I got a reissue of the Takatoku Valkyrie mold, a VF-1A piloted by Hikaru Ichijo. It's awesome.


I also got Masterpiece Skywarp, who's cool, but a little dissapointing 'cause of how poorly he tabs together in robot mode.


And finally I got Bludgeon. I love him, but I'm afraid the tank turret might eventually snap off. When I look down his collar in tank mode I can see horrible stress marks around the rivet hole. Fortunate for me I have a surplus of medium sized ball joints and sockets I can use to fix it if I never need to.

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'07 Movie Longarm - He's the tow truck from the first movie toy line, based off of the tow truck Mikaela used to tow Bumblebee around in the battle of Mission City and the drone type of the same name from Transformers: The Game. The vehicle mode is quite solid, although I don't care for how the lightbar is just floating there behind the cab. He can tow most Deluxe carformers if there's enough room under their bumper for the hook to hang onto, which is a nice feature. Amusingly, the missile launcher can be triggered in this mode. The robot mode has one heck of a BFG! It's screwed into his right hand, which is odd. Overall, I would have liked to have gotten the Hoist repaint, this was much cheaper and didn't come with a Mixmaster I had no interest in.

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Revoltech Hot Rodimus arrived to my house the other day as an early valentines present. I was unbelievably disappointed by him ...at first. This guy was about half to a full inch smaller than I was expecting him to be. His fists were impossible to swap out and I had to push them out with a pen after taking his forearm off. The revolver joints were also a bit awkward to work with and the one for his display stand was so tight it snapped off right away. AND! his right led kept falling off.


After a good amount of time shaving plastic, gluing, and adding nail polish, I finally got around to posing him.


Hot Rod is just an absolutely amazing figure once you get his gun hands on and you start pulling off some crazy action poses. While I enjoy the fluidly moving joints of most figures, I enjoy how the revoltechs actually force you to plan ahead, making you work methodically to create the pose at hand. Its a bit of a puzzle in its own way and gives a lot of satisfaction once you figure it out.


The size to price ratio of these guys is a bit off putting, but they're certainly entertaining.

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ROTF Dirge and ROTF Swerve = AWESOME!!


Dirge was just fantsatic. Love the sturdy mold and that crazy transformation that brings him into another sturdy alternate mode. Just fantastic! The colors are great great too. There's nothing bad I can say about him except that he has one shakey wing that bothers me a bit but another trip to the good old toystore will fix this problem although I'm not sure if I'll try my bit at repainting finally to make a Thrust. Love the chest ...what looks like turbines to me...as well. Great playability and how can anyone argue with a Harrier for the alt mode? I know I can't!


Swerve was completely awesome and that new head sculpt is just too fantastic. The figure on a whole reminds me more of G-1 mailaway Overdrive more than anything else and for all puropses, thats just who he is right now. LOL!


For the Swerve figure, the head sculpt is great enough to make a ROTF/Universe Tracks in my opinion. Just change the color of the car to blue, flames, white helmet with yellow accents, red face and DONE!


Just an idea Hasbro! No exclusives please! LOL!

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I picked up Walmart Universe Red Powerglide a couple days ago for $15. It looks better out of the package than the box photos suggest. The colors do make the mold actually look like Powerglide, unlike the general release. I think the shoulders might peg together a little better too. His shoulders are more stable than the first one, but still not quite enough improvement in my book. If anyone has a suggestion for this, I'm all ears. I still find the mold rather lacking, mostly because of the shoulders, but giving PG his proper colors and the price I paid make this version much more palatable than the original release.

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I picked up Walmart Universe Red Powerglide a couple days ago for $15. It looks better out of the package than the box photos suggest. The colors do make the mold actually look like Powerglide, unlike the general release. I think the shoulders might peg together a little better too. His shoulders are more stable than the first one, but still not quite enough improvement in my book. If anyone has a suggestion for this, I'm all ears. I still find the mold rather lacking, mostly because of the shoulders, but giving PG his proper colors and the price I paid make this version much more palatable than the original release.



I STILL say Powerglide is one of the coolest molds we've had in a long time. I picked him up as well but he's still in package although the bok is pretty craptacular. I have the origional U-PG in my collection and still love the colors. He kinda looks more dynamic that way to me and am only thinking about opening the red PG just because I want to see what he's like in red.


I just picked up Ultra Silverbolt an hour ago from ToysRUs for $15 and I'm soo two ways about him. The mold is cool. Love the jet mode, Love the Robot mode and his well ratcheted parts and have no real problems with him except that the robot's torso is just blaring out from the bottom like ..."Look at me! Look at me!! I just wish that the chest and mid section had at least transformable panels at least to make him seem more like a Transformer. Although, I do feel the nostalgia just pour from this guy. Which makes him ...awesome?...!...?...! I donno. ^_~

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    • I'd like to put something into perspective about this set which is further strengthened by the recent leaks. First: This is TARGET's fault this happened, not Hasbro's. Why? Because they're the ones who cancelled the single release to begin with. Just like Walmart cancelled  "pink" Hot Rod in the Velocitron line.  Second: If Hasbro didn't do some sort of multipack for this, Hound wouldn't have been able to come out at all until possibly late 2025. How do I know this? The recent leaks that show that Crasher, Cosmos, Galaxy Shuttle and possibly Shadowstrip and the aforementioned Hot Rod (and hopefully Sideswipe, Mirage, Jazz and Dead End from Toxitron as well) as all being reissued sometime in 2025. It would've taken another year and a half to two years for Hasbro to try and course correct since that's about how far they plan in advance. If Hasbro not done this five pack then the earliest we would've been able to get Hound was 2025. I don't think the crybabies would've been able to wait that long. There's already people crying about having to wait that long for SS Hatchet as it is. That's the quickest they could've course corrected for the main lines. That is however what Generations Selects is for but I would imagine it couldn't have happened any earlier than this due to the licensing issues or whatever's going on that prevents Hasbro from using and/or reissuing new toolings and decos from store exclusives sooner. So there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on with this set. Or rather, Hound in particular. However and as others have pointed out over the internet, this didn't need to be a five pack. In all honesty, five packs are a bit much. Even four packs like the Buzzworthy ones were a bit much. Three packs should be where most multipacks should top out at provided there's no actually reason for four or five to be in a set like if they're a team or combiner or something. This should've been two-three packs by adding in Sideswipe as he also has translucent plastic. Then go from there with more. Bumblebee, Prowl, Bluestreak, Red Alert, Smokescreen, Hoist and so on can join these five, Sideswipe and Buzzworthy Cliffjumper in the blue painted window crew.  I'm not saying we should suck the dick of the great and powerful Hasbro for this or anything as it could've and should've been done better, I'm just saying that it's a lose/lose situation for them and that the vast majority of the hate should be directed at Target...and ultimately the fans for not having bought the previous Buzzworthy sets. However whoever designed some of them should get a lot of the blame too as some of them where badly timed, even if I do own all of them and wanted to own them. Terrorsaur did need to be reissued, Dinobot not so much even in toy colors for both. Tow-Line was a horrible mold reuse and the poor sales showed it. Origins Jazz was great. Bumblebee, maybe not quite as much. The four packs were great as well. But then that was counterbalanced by the horrible Cyberverse 1:1 reissues that had their Cyberverse counterparts also clogging shelves at the same time but hey, at least there's different packaging. It's just that there were big hits and big misses and barely anything in the middle. Had Hound and Hatchet gone through as planned, I would expect them to have sold poorly honestly. The only reason why people seem to be clamoring for them now is that they're two years late at this point and one is still another two years away. Were there people excited for them? Sure. However there seemed to be more who couldn't care less. And I'm sure that would've been reflected in the sales. So Target was right for cancelling them even if their shitty stocking and listing practices caused most of the wild sales discrepancies of the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line as a whole. But yeah, I see a lot of GoBots here lol.  
    • Back in the day, Takara's World's Smallest Transformers surprised everyone with their 2-inch Gashapon (capsule toys) sized figures that could actually transform from robot to vehicle. They even managed to make a transforming trailer and repair bay / command center, with tiny Roller for the Autobot Leader, when he needed to recharge. - Read the Full News Story
    • It is that time of year again for Walmart Collector Con 2024 Spring! This year's exclusives event will being going on March 14 & 15, 2023 with various reveals coming on both days. There will be a Sneak Peek starting on March 7th, that may give us some clues. If the leaked listings are any predictor, we could be seeing the Star Seekers capsule series with a cast of pirate characters including Cannonball, Ferel, Filch, Lockdown, Roadpig, and Thundertron figures, see possible listings below. - Read the Full News Story
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