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Your newest figures and your verdict


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I recently purchased Lockdown and Brawn at Walmart recently, and I am quite happy with them.


Lockdown is a great figure and a fantastic homage to the Animated line. The robot mode and the vehicle mode are both reminiscent to Lockdown's animated appearance, but it has it's own movie styling to make it a unique figure. Lockdown's vehicle mode is actually one of my personal favorites from the entirety of transformers. It's sleek and menacing, but also gives you insight into Lockdown's persona. He has a transformation scheme that's a mix of both Animated and Movie standards, meaning that it's mainly simplistic with a few instances of advanced conversion. I haven't had any problems with the ball joints on his arms. They're tight enough to pose, but loose enough to move without struggling, so it's more than likely that many reviewers received figures with QC issues. The only thing I have against this figure is the hook he has as a hand. The hook itself is made out of soft rubber, which will likely become brittle in the coming years, and is positioned in a way where in vehicle mode it just dangles off the bottom of the car and in robot mode where the "mech alive" gimmick obstructs the posability of Lockdown's arm. It's not a perfect figure, but it's strengths outshine its weaknesses. All in all, I would highly recommend it; especially for Animated fans.


Brawn is also a figure I would recommend, although he falls a few short points below Lockdown. The thing that really stands out to me about Brawn is how much his color scheme changes from vehicle to robot mode. His vehicle mode is mainly a dull brown with a few black and gray accents, nothing too fancy. However, when he's in robot mode, his color scheme explodes into a multitude of different hues. He not only retains the colors he had in vehicle mode, but he also gains a main color of dark green, complemented by a metallic gold, metallic silver, and accented with red in certain places. I have to admit, I'm a big fan of his paint scheme. However, this isn't the only strong point of this figure. In fact, Brawn looks very strong overall, having a wide stature and an armored appearance. He is also very posable due to his transformation. Double jointed arms and knees as well as various swivels and a ball-jointed head can get some decent poses out of Brawl. However, the main drawback to Brawl is the fact that his vehicle mode kibble can really limit his posability in some places. Most of it is adjustable though, so he can still get away with a decent amount of poses. Brawn registers as an 8.5/10 on my scale.

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i absolutely LOVE lockdown.


initially i wasn't going to pick him up. he wasn't in either movies, and he's a deluxe car which are quickly becoming scarce in my movie display due to the greatness of the human alliance figures.


anyways. his alt mode looks incredible. it looks mean, nasty.. everything that the decepticons stand for. but the robot mode is the true gem. i love his leg articulation, and the "mech-alive" pieces. i'm so glad that the bottom of his feet have the ability to stay flush to the surface he's standing on.

at first the asymmetry of the arms bugged me. but now that i have him in person, i love them. his left hand looks great, and the giant hook rules, especially with that piston in his arm.

the chest is awesome with the spikes and the decepticon symbol.

and lastly his head. is head is PERFECT. i look at his face and can immediately imagine what his voice and personality would be like. i imagine a more gurgled movie soundwave type voice. the articulation in his head is probably the coolest i've ever seen. it reminds me of a cockroach. the whole neck swivels, then the next part is on a ball joint so it can spin and look up & down, then his actual head piece is on a ball joint and can move up, move down, look up & down, & rotate 360 degrees.. you literally cannot get any better than that.

this figure is WAY better than the animated version. he's definitely my favorite deluxe figure of the line. it's a shame he wasn't in the movie.


ugh.. and i bought ratchet. i got him for $5.. he's barely even worth it.


there is practically no painted details. . the hip kibble really kills it for me. his limbs are all pretty nice, and his chest is decent. but he just looks very blah to me. his gun doesn't lock onto his arm (on mine) which isn't a big deal, i just cut that piece of and gave the gun to lockdown.

get him if you want him. i'll probably end up getting deluxe ironhide to partner up with him. but he really isn't anything special. he's just another one of those figures that excites you cause it's something new on the shelf, but in a few weeks or a month, he'll end up being just another deluxe wheelie.

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Okay, I didn't get everything I thought I was getting, but I did have a day of scouts



I passed on the Depth charge version because I had some weird Notion his legs would be floppy. Glad I finally have him. The boat mode is kinda bland in all black, but If you look close the camouflage pattern is still their in an even darker black. The robot mode really looks good in the blue and black. Another nice scout. Not super amazing, but not bad at all.



He just looks plain evil, and the axes storing in his wings are cool. He has the spring loaded feet gimmick I hate, but then he also has a gerwalk mode so he rules in my book. Too bad I didn't get the Mindwipe to partner him with.



This guy rules! The altmode definitely is cool. An armored pickup with guns and a huge plow-whats not to like?



Let's face it-this toy should of been made in these colors all along. The only problem is it uses the "plastic toy" red, and has less paint apps, so hen looks less "real" than Ransack. Also-he is just as floppy and prone to falling apart as Ransack. Still the plane mode is great in these colors.


Then one of my friends randomly gave me a Stratosphere. He didn't have the mini Prime, but for free, who was I to refuse? This guy is okay. Jet mode is solid, robot mode still looks weird with the orange parts and weird proportions though. The main complaint I have with him is his simplistic transformation. I don't feel its a movie voyager transformation at all. More like a giant legends figure. Legs from bottom, arms from top, pop out head and your done. The way the cockpit windows split automatically is cool though. But for free-he's great!

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Found Mindwipe today and he is actually quite awesome. Has a great Alt mode and the robot form isn't shabby either. He stands very sturdily and the arm knives look great. In looking at him you wonder if this retooled shouldn't have been what was used for the Fallen because when I look at him that's who I see.

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I got Breakdown recently and he's a great little figure. I especially like his alt mode. Very slick and cool looking. His transformation isn't that difficult, but I'm okay with that. His 'bot mode's pretty nifty, too. If you see him, definitely pick one up!

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:yay :yay Finally found Animated Arcee and I have to say this is one of the best figures I've picked up in awhile. The poses available with Arcee are amazing. Her color is great and Alt mode and robot mode are both incredible. The wings are awkward but they are removable, it's almost like the creators of the figure thought of everything. The only faults I can find with the figure are the head kind of looks like Luke Skywalker's helmet when flying a X-wing and that the way her hands are made it will take a little tooling to get a gun to hold in her hand. But those are minor gripes compared to the greatness of what she is. Amazing. :yay :yay

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Legends Soundwave - 9/10 - The BEST legends figure Ive ever seen or owned. The detail and paint apps are great, he has elbow joints and his head, shoulder bits and legs are on ball joints. The only reason he doesnt get a 10 is because his knees have no articulation. But on a legends figure I expect them to be lacking in that area in the first place.


Scout Brakedown (BREAKDOWN!) - 9/10 - My favorite scout thus far (dont have Skystalker yet), his transformation is nice and his posability is good. The monkey arms and small footprint can be overcome easily and his paint is simple yet attractive. He just loses a few points because of the monkey arms and small footprint that need overcoming to begin with. Regardless, he has replaced Ransack as my favorite of the movie scouts.

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Just got Marvel Crossovers Spider-Man and Iron Man combiner. 3/10, garbagio. Blocky and cheap feeling plastic. For figures these size they are lacking in posability, especially in the heads and in Iron Man all over. His backpack is too heavy so he cant pose in any way except standing straight up.


Glad I bought these on clearance for $14. Still no signs of Lockdown, Bludgeon, Mindwipe or Skystalker.

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Finally got Human Alliance Bee. He's a lot bigger than I was expecting, Going from the other two HA figures I own. I love the head sculpt a lot. The light Piping is pretty decent, and I'm glad he didn't have the painted pupils the deluxe had. The face mask option is pure win, If a little cheap in execution. I really don't mind the cannon arm, but I wish the seats would have been able to fold up like on skids. One of the reasons I waited so long to get him is the rear end of the car trying hard and failing to be the shin armor. But it is a clever bit of transformation so I got over that hang up. Still debating whether or not to do the leg mod. ( His wheels are dead center in his ankle in the movies-so Wheels on the inside or outside really make no difference to me). Also- I hate the spring loaded chest halves the pop back in if I even breath wrong. One thing I do like is that the backpack compresses far more than I thought it would. He does have a ton of play-ability though. Overall a fairly decent figure, and a good representation of the character.


Also picked up legends wheelie, just so I would have a closer to in-scale wheelie. I normally don't do legends, unless its a character I can't get otherwise (universes cosmos, wheelie, warpath etc). Legends wheelie is a cute little guy, and fun to mess around with. I love how squat his altmode is. He loses some major points for having the robot mode chest and face completely visible from behind.

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Voyager Bludgeon -- one of the few movie figures I own... though with everything else coming out over the next year and some custom ideas I've been having recently, that may very well change.


The Verdict -- I waited like everyone else did and the waiting was worth it. One of my favorite all time figures. Just WOW is all I can really say about the figure.

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