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Your newest figures and your verdict


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Not really a "new" purchase but last week I did pick up a BW Depthcharge and BW Rampage off of Ebay and have been having a blast with them so far. The two really bring back memories, Beast Wars was the TF show I grew up with as a kid, I remember having pretty much all the figures as a kid, even the really shitty ones like Injector and Scavenger. But to me Rampage and Depthcharge were the biggest characters I remember, I loved marine life as a kid so of course my favorite characters would be two giant aquatic bots beating the shit out of each other :tflaugh


Are you talking about TM Scavenger? He's pure awesome! How DARE you dislike one of the best BW molds!

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So ever since x-mas my Walmart has had nothing but 5 human alliance skidz, and a few robot replicas. I go in there today and everything's is still the same, I mean this toy isle is utterly destroyed with nothing where its supoosed to be,everything is just chillin on the shelf, I go around the corner, and much to my enjoyment-A single solitary row of new deluxes.

1 armorhide

2 dirge's

2 tuner mudflaps

and an alliance BB

So I scored a Dirge! Dirge is finally in my collection! :)I wanted to grab both, but I was nice and left the other for the next guy. First off I must say I LOVE THIS FIGURE! The colors work nice, and the jet mode just rocks. Very little robot kibble, just his thighs and waist pieces visible near the rear. I love how his legs are incorporated into the jet and not just hanging underneath. A very sweet transformation too. This is a very solid jet mode. Between voyager screamer and now him-I think Hasbro is finally starting to get that we are sick of the whole "I'm a jet with a robot on bottom" thing. It makes me hopeful for the future of jet-formers. Robot mode is pretty good, just oozing with character. The head sculpting is so awesome and unique. The mech alive feature works well and is completely unobtrusive. You can position the wings on his legs many different ways. He has a few negatives-His arms are kinda derpy the way they are articulated-and the cockpit arm hinders posability . He's also slightly on the small side in robot mode. Also I've heard some people not liking the false cockpit window and false shoulder intakes-but I think it completes the look. In my little tf world-the chest cockpit is an open window to his spark. He leaves unshielded-just to spite the world and dare fate to try.

Overall a great figure 9 outta 10. He loses a point for his arms, but that's the only real gripe I have. This is a great figure and his ascetics will alow him to blend into any line fairly easily.


On an unrelated note, my walmart also put out some voyagers-8 demolshor's to be exact. So it looks like I won't be seeing Bludgeon or Ironhide any time soon:(

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^ Yeah, Dirge is excellent. By the way, does yours have this weird problem where the cockpit and the top of the fuselage don't line up right until the legs snap into them? I think it might just be mine with the arm kibble pinned through at a slight erroneous angle. It's not too horrible, as I don't feel like the plastic is being stressed when it's forced into the proper place by the legs and it's undetectable in both modes.


I also wish that his tail were painted in gold too, that would have been nice.

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I thought i had a problem at first similar to this, but it turns out I wasn't fully transforming the arm right. Came out of its transformed position pretty easy, and I wasn't realizing it, and nothing lines up when the cockpit ain't snapped all the way down. Mine does have this weird thing with the legs tho. For jet mode, one side goes in perfectly, the other has to be coaxed into place, like the pegs are just slightly big or something. But this one has tight joints and perfect paint apps, so hes staying. I've had a string of minor qc annoyances on the last few figs I bought.

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With the legs it's just the massive amount of hinges that need to be lined up.


I'm no kitbasher by a long shot, but I wanna get a couple more and do a Hellbat custom. The head is almost the right shape without the points, and the detailing in the chest almost looks like the folded up bat...


This should get abandoned half way through.

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:yay My package arrived today!!! :yay


Hasbro Red Powerglide (Universe 2.0) Been waiting a long time for this figure. I like him, at first when I seen pic of PG, I didn't like the legs compared to his upper body, but seeing him in person it looks much better. Prefer the colours on this one to the white version to. Highly recommended 8/10


Fansproject CC upgrade kit: Already had succh an awesome figure when I got the CC set, well now he has extras. Love the gun/canon and love the launchers. makes him a miniature MP Magnus IMO 8/10


Tigatron USB: Just as aweseom as Ravage is, and makes a good north to Ravage's south 7/10


Reisue insecticons: I only ever had Shrapnell when younger, so this set was most welcomed into the collection. A note to other collecter's my figure's stickers are sticking and staying on my figures fine so far. I noticed some people mentioning that they don't hold so wel in some cases

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Wow, I've purchased so many figures in the last week I don't know where to start...


All are RotF:


Bludgeon- A really cool-looking figure that is simple enough to transform (except for connecting the chest to the abdomen). The color scheme is really appropriate. What I dislike about the figure, though, are the feet. Not the look of them, but the positioning. I can understand having them rotated a bit more inwards can give the collector more posable looks but, at first, I wondered if it was a manufacturing mistake until I looked over a number of pics on various websites. And another gripe, and this goes for all RotF figures, the instructions are really bad. The pictures are helpful only part of the time, but with no text, I didn't realize I needed to snap Bludgeon's waist with his chest. I had to come online for that. The same went for Dead End (I didn't know I needed to press the button down all the way to fold in the front wheels on that figure. Damn near broke it attempting to get the arms out until I came online again for further instructions). Bludgeon is still an awesome figure! 10/10


Long Haul- This is one of the few figures I haven't transformed due to me eventually displaying these figures in their robot form. So Hasbro did me a favor with him. :) The detail of the figure is phenomenal and, from the few Constructicons I've seen, he's the best-looking one by far. Sadly, like with most of the figures in this line, the plastic is thin and lightweight. I don't feel like, when it comes to the material, that my $22 was well spent in that department. 10/10


Grindor- The detail of this figure is also extremely wonderful! The transformation is a bit difficult at about the middle point, but, overall, it's not as bad as some of the other Voyager figures in this line. My biggest gripe with this figure is that the propellers don't seem to successfully fold and stay back like in the film. They tend to get a bit in the way. Also, I wish the paint job were a bit darker. At least a deeper shade of gray or a lighter black. The addition of the mini Skorponock figure was a really nice touch too. 9/10


Dead End- Probably one of the most difficult Deluxe figures I've had to transform...maybe even the most difficult out of the RotF line I've encountered thus far for the reasons I stated above in the Bludgeon review. But this figure is still one awesome toy! The Mech Alive gimmick should have been done with all of the RotF figures as it adds a nice touch to the detail of the figures. The black and burgundy color scheme is beautiful to look at and, in my opinion, goes well with the personality of the character. Despite the difficult, and frustrating, transformation process, Dead End is a great figure. 9.5/10


Gears- I never realized the mold was used from the 2007 Stockade figure. Nevertheless, I love the design and color scheme! The gear Autobot logo on the hood and on the front sides of the vehicle are a really nice aesthetic touch! The transformation was extremely simple with him. I found Gears to be the easiest Transformer to transform. 10/10


Jolt- A really nice figure! The vehicle mode is snapped together tightly, if not too tight to the point where I nearly broke the peg on the back end that makes up his right foot. I love the blue color scheme and feel it's appropriate for the type of job Jolt is designed to do. The details on the face are amazing and the transformation was relatively simple for the most part. His electro-whips are a nice touch but are a bit too short and look a bit odd. But that is just a minor gripe. 10/10


Swerve- I bought this figure due to the tremendous detail of the figure and how much he resembled the move Transformers. Boy I love this figure! The vehicle mode is exactly like that of Sideswipe's just with a different paint scheme. The Mech Alive gimmick, once again, scores major points here. The transformation is not too tough and the robot mode is beautiful! 10/10


NEST Deluxe Bumblebee- I would have preferred the original Bumblebee design, but with that being a part of an older wave, I figured I'd be spending and arm and a leg buying it. So I went with this one and am not disappointed. The attention to detail with this Bumblebee is astounding and breathtaking! I love this figure and everything about it! The NEST logo adorns both door panels and the cannon is molded very well. 10/10


Deep Desert Brawl- This figure is really neat and fairly simple to transform. I like the robot mode of this character and am using, also, as sort of a Devastator figure from the first movie as well. The attention to detail, once again, is really top-notch here. 10/10


Dirge- I went back and forth on whether or not I was going to buy this figure, but I decided that it was too cool to pass up. The figure, in robot mode, for some reason, reminds me of a Japanese kaiju (monster). It's kind of neat actually. The transformation is pretty simple and the color scheme fits. I like how the cockpit is a part of one of Dirge's arms and that the missile launchers fit onto both arms in robot mode. I really like the head on this figure too! 10/10


Interrogator Barricade- I missed out on buying any Transformers figures with the 2007 line and really wanted a Barricade. I was afraid I'd have to hunt down, and pay a lot of money, for the 2007 figure if I were to find one on eBay... Until I found this guy! The transformation is simple and I have, somewhat, mixed feelings on the gold maw. Nevertheless, I finally have a Barricade figure! 10/10




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On Dirge, I've stopped using his knees. His feet are poseable enough to support any stance he'd need knees for anyway and messing with them is aggravating with the wing kibble. Instead I leave the wing hinges on the knees in the Jet mode position, which makes them far less unwieldy. They bump into his arms a little bit, but overall it's a much cleaner experience with no loss in poseability. It's also much easier to tweak him into a stable stance.

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Let's see in the last 2 weeks I have picked up


ROTF Scout Rollbar - Excellent figure one of the best of the Scout Class and also found a deluxe size KO of him that's pretty good also

Powerglide (Walmart G1) - got him for $15 he is a pretty good figure though his robot form doesn't look that good

Skyfall - now this figure is intense, excellent use of colors and the head fits more to Skyfall then it does Silverbolt

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1. hybrid style galaxy convoy- almost exactly the same as the big one...with a few differences....size being the most obvious....ummm....a couple differents sets of hands...two heads...one for each robot mode....some diecast metal parts....handles on the big super mode guns...and no electronics...thought the cyber key gimmick is still fully functional minus the sounds....all in all im pleased...ive always like the cybertron line...and leader prime was always one of my faves...price was a little high...but it gets a solid 8/10

2. Human Alliance Barricade- freakin sweet...all around...its freakin sweet...i dont care that it has no left hand...im glad they incorporated the blade hand into it...frenzy is nice....love the head gimmick.....the brown plastic bothers me not at all.....just hate the windows dont form wings like on the deluxe...10/10

3. Rotf Dirge- hate it...hate it...hate it...arms suck....legs suck...the whole thing sucks...Jet mode is sweet though...for the jet mode alone it gets 2/10

4. G1 Menasor- total combiner sweetness..have wanted this set for years....found one at a hobby shop for cheap...not complete...has all the Menasor kibble...hands, feet, mask, sword and gun, and car for Menasors check.....awesome awesome combiner...love it....8/10

5. Energon Constructicon Maximus or whatever his name is....its ok...not great but not bad....i like steamhammer...and i like the bulldozer scouts...minus there weapons...thankfully i have two of the black axes from the movie repaint of energon strongarm.....the crane scouts suck....and combined hes nice...its nice...7/10

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    • I'd like to put something into perspective about this set which is further strengthened by the recent leaks. First: This is TARGET's fault this happened, not Hasbro's. Why? Because they're the ones who cancelled the single release to begin with. Just like Walmart cancelled  "pink" Hot Rod in the Velocitron line.  Second: If Hasbro didn't do some sort of multipack for this, Hound wouldn't have been able to come out at all until possibly late 2025. How do I know this? The recent leaks that show that Crasher, Cosmos, Galaxy Shuttle and possibly Shadowstrip and the aforementioned Hot Rod (and hopefully Sideswipe, Mirage, Jazz and Dead End from Toxitron as well) as all being reissued sometime in 2025. It would've taken another year and a half to two years for Hasbro to try and course correct since that's about how far they plan in advance. If Hasbro not done this five pack then the earliest we would've been able to get Hound was 2025. I don't think the crybabies would've been able to wait that long. There's already people crying about having to wait that long for SS Hatchet as it is. That's the quickest they could've course corrected for the main lines. That is however what Generations Selects is for but I would imagine it couldn't have happened any earlier than this due to the licensing issues or whatever's going on that prevents Hasbro from using and/or reissuing new toolings and decos from store exclusives sooner. So there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on with this set. Or rather, Hound in particular. However and as others have pointed out over the internet, this didn't need to be a five pack. In all honesty, five packs are a bit much. Even four packs like the Buzzworthy ones were a bit much. Three packs should be where most multipacks should top out at provided there's no actually reason for four or five to be in a set like if they're a team or combiner or something. This should've been two-three packs by adding in Sideswipe as he also has translucent plastic. Then go from there with more. Bumblebee, Prowl, Bluestreak, Red Alert, Smokescreen, Hoist and so on can join these five, Sideswipe and Buzzworthy Cliffjumper in the blue painted window crew.  I'm not saying we should suck the dick of the great and powerful Hasbro for this or anything as it could've and should've been done better, I'm just saying that it's a lose/lose situation for them and that the vast majority of the hate should be directed at Target...and ultimately the fans for not having bought the previous Buzzworthy sets. However whoever designed some of them should get a lot of the blame too as some of them where badly timed, even if I do own all of them and wanted to own them. Terrorsaur did need to be reissued, Dinobot not so much even in toy colors for both. Tow-Line was a horrible mold reuse and the poor sales showed it. Origins Jazz was great. Bumblebee, maybe not quite as much. The four packs were great as well. But then that was counterbalanced by the horrible Cyberverse 1:1 reissues that had their Cyberverse counterparts also clogging shelves at the same time but hey, at least there's different packaging. It's just that there were big hits and big misses and barely anything in the middle. Had Hound and Hatchet gone through as planned, I would expect them to have sold poorly honestly. The only reason why people seem to be clamoring for them now is that they're two years late at this point and one is still another two years away. Were there people excited for them? Sure. However there seemed to be more who couldn't care less. And I'm sure that would've been reflected in the sales. So Target was right for cancelling them even if their shitty stocking and listing practices caused most of the wild sales discrepancies of the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line as a whole. But yeah, I see a lot of GoBots here lol.  
    • Back in the day, Takara's World's Smallest Transformers surprised everyone with their 2-inch Gashapon (capsule toys) sized figures that could actually transform from robot to vehicle. They even managed to make a transforming trailer and repair bay / command center, with tiny Roller for the Autobot Leader, when he needed to recharge. - Read the Full News Story
    • It is that time of year again for Walmart Collector Con 2024 Spring! This year's exclusives event will being going on March 14 & 15, 2023 with various reveals coming on both days. There will be a Sneak Peek starting on March 7th, that may give us some clues. If the leaked listings are any predictor, we could be seeing the Star Seekers capsule series with a cast of pirate characters including Cannonball, Ferel, Filch, Lockdown, Roadpig, and Thundertron figures, see possible listings below. - Read the Full News Story
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