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  1. My updated Generations Red Alert.
  2. Its difficult to say what's "accurate" since Roadbuster was never shown in the G1 cartoon. I never liked the look of the original toy so I guess that's why I'm not really loyal to that version of RB. The Universe version could be bigger but other that it rocks to me. Not in the toon but he's been in plenty of comics. Thats what thats from, thats what he looks like in the fiction. Yeah. I read most of the comics with RB in it. I meant that usually there are some differences between how the figures look that acutally were in G1 compared to the comics. I usually tend to go by G1 standards for my updates of figures and that's probably why I can accept the figure the way it is. It's understandably not for eveyone though.
  3. Its difficult to say what's "accurate" since Roadbuster was never shown in the G1 cartoon. I never liked the look of the original toy so I guess that's why I'm not really loyal to that version of RB. The Universe version could be bigger but other that it rocks to me.
  4. Was doing some dusting so I decided to take a break and check out what my Galaxy Tab camera was like. Mirage on watch duty.... Universe Roadbuster doesn't get alot of love for some reason but I love him... :love Shots didn't come out so hot but I shared anyway :tflaugh
  5. Please tell me you found this guy at retail. If so where. Been waiting for him to come back in stock at BBTS. Can't believe I'm fiending to pay $23.99 plus shipping for a scout. :doh
  6. Generations Wheeljack: One of the Gems of the whole line. A charachter who has never really seen that much love to this point gets a upgrade. Paint apps are great. Him being on the short side doesn't bother me at all since he's supposed to be a scientist and not a battle bot (That whole kick all decepticon ass Transformers Prime Wheeljack came way from left field to me). They even tightened up all the joints that were loose on Tracks. Only downside to the figure is that we've seen some kick ass customs using the Sideswipe/Sunstreaker mold and I kind of still think that mold may have fit Wheeljack better when retooled with the spoiler, bumper, and such. RTS Perceptor: Another excellent figure. Love the fact that this is the color scheme chosen for the US version. Plus it has chrome where its supposed to be. His alt mode doesn't really bother me so much since wasn't he a ATV type vehicle in Last Stand Of the Wreckers? (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Generations Thundercracker: What needs to be said about this guy? You already know it's awesome just to finally complete the seekers. Just like the rest of the Generations line lately the paint apps are spectacular. Even has a painted decepticon logo on his chest like Dirge. Downside? The rest of the seekers make my 25th Anniversary Starscream look like crap now. Thankfully I have a Henkei of him.
  7. Thank the heavens for BBTS. Picked up Wheeljack, Thundercracker, and a second set of Kup and Scrourge.
  8. What state was this in? Please say NY. Maybe Long Island area. :)
  9. What's the fascination with little rat sized dogs now. Where did all the love for massive dogs like Labs, Akita's and Mastifs go? Cute little guy though. And is that American eagle he's wearing?
  10. Darn u!!! I keep switching between the Energon and ROTF versions of Onslaught and finally decided that the Energon fit the G1 colors better. Now you go do this to me and bring up the debate in my head all over again. :tflaugh Will he stand on his own like that??? He's already back heavy as he his normally.
  11. Ahhhhh.... The plastic crack fix is back After getting nothing in quite some time I picked up Generations Thrust and Drift today from the local TRU. A very pleasant surprise indeed.
  12. Absolutely! I third those statements. This is pretty much my favorite Devastator of all time, minus some customs that I've seen.
  13. one robot mode for each face and the other two for the alt modes :tfevil ...well I guess my post is no longer needed because of prowlclone Has he ever posted pics of his whole collection?? To do that with every figure he would need a seperate house just for his collection it would take up so much space. I have a very modest collection and even with stuff in bins I still have figures all over the place. I couldn't imagine trying to have every mode of every figure posed.
  14. Well now hold on. Most of us collectors here tend to also collect other things then TFs. My latest Haul post was almost entirely Spawn figures with no TFs whatsoever. And lots of us happen to collect similar non-TF things whether they be Final Fantasy or Marvel or whatever. I feel like the only reason TransFan2 gets singled out is because he consistently posts hauls that are of large quantity. And the fact that he rarely says little else just furthers the curiosity. He is within his right to flood the thread with pics of his hauls because were all doing the same thing, just not as much. We should play a guessing game. I think TransFan2 is a doctor. I think the only explanation for Transfan2 is that he's a seller and the stuff he posts is a haul but stuff he intends to sell in some way. He tends to get a lot of stuff in bulk. I think I saw him with 5 takara animated Blitzwings recently. What regular collector would need that many?
  15. Not a Transformers haul but I ran into this while searching for TF's at one of my local spots. It's the plastic version of Masterpiece Voltron with the "Metallic" finish. Gotta say I'm quite impressed with this set. The horror stories of the Die Cast version breaking easily scared me off from that one but this one is great.
  16. Well done sir. Captain power was the :awsum back in the day. I had all of those when I was a kid plus the tapes. I still remember being a kid and believing that moving the jet back and forth was really controlling the tv :tflaugh :hbang
  17. Used this pic for another thread and I thought it came out pretty good for being taken with a Blackberry so I decided to post it here.
  18. Received the 1st TFC Toys Gear of War set and got the PE-01 (Rumble) today. Gotta say both items are dissapointments for me :wat Starting with GOW set, the launchers while looking good, suck. So much in fact that the black one I received no longer has a spring in it as it came out with the missle. The missles constantly get stuck in the launchers and getting them out is almost impossible without damaging them. The parts for Inferno are decent but they turn him into a parts former and the best ways of handing his issues are not even explained in the manual (I.E. you have to turn his fist a certain way to get his blaster on right. Also the manual tells you to have the ladder hanging off his arm when there is a much better solution connecting the ladder to his back. User reviews really helped out). That being said the Inferno parts do make him a kick ass figure once you figure it all out but they don't justify the price for the set, particularly if the launchers are faulty. Now onto the PE-01 Shadow Warrior. Now this is my own fault for maybe not investing enough time researching the product but the thing is small. I mean real freakin small. I mean Classics Legends Brawn and Wheelie small. Granted I understand the scale used but the why is the thing so freakin expensive. For the size of what he is getting two that were painted red and blue would have been more of a set to justify the price. His legs pop off a lot as well. Other than that however I love the amount of detail and articulation on the thing. He's a nice figure but let him be damned for being expensive and not turning into a tape. Maybe I'm just spoiled from the greatness that fansprojects has put out and is about to consume us all with when the Bruticus upgrades come out but I just expected so much more from these sets.
  19. I have both of them and if you like Dragstrip then overkill will blow your mind. how has his mold held up? im going to get him eventually, but does he suffer about the same mold degradation as dragstrip? My Overkill is very sturdy. I dare say he feels more well made than my Classics Grimlock. On the flipside my Drag Strip was loose out of the box and kind of felt like Knock Off grade plastic. Love them both but OK is way better.
  20. I have both of them and if you like Dragstrip then overkill will blow your mind.
  21. U have to get SS's feet in the perfect position. As you take them out of the package you slide the foot slighly forward and then the spring feet are a little more sturdy. And to the previous poster the reason I dislike the spring feet are exactly because of this reason. SS would have alot more posibility in his legs were the spring feet not there. In alot of poses he'll fall over because of them not being flushly against the ground.
  22. Picked up Breakdown. Soon as I opened the package both legs fell off. :redface Matter of fact they fall off alot but they seem to go back on easy enough. Robot mode is nice but the alt mode is where it's at. The details on the thing are great. It amazes me that I have deluxe figures that I've had to paint wheel rim details on that the scouts already seem to have. Considering the latest wave of scouts seemingly having alot of homeages to go bot figures like Spoons and the Buggyman (I swear that who Beachcomber was intended to be) paint this bad boy red with a blue windshield and you would have a great Turbo. Also picked up the Skystalker scout. Another great little figure. So great in fact I actually picked up three of em to be Mindwipe's minions. Great Robot and Alt modes, nice transformation and neat gimmicks like his axes hiding out in his wings. Only drawbacks are the spring feet and the lamest combination gimmick with Mindwipe since the Safeguard twins from Animated :fail
  23. Picked up Scout Breakdown plus three Skystalker scouts to be Mindwipe's drone minions. Scrourge and the sweeps re-invented for ROTF.
  24. :yay :yay Finally found Animated Arcee and I have to say this is one of the best figures I've picked up in awhile. The poses available with Arcee are amazing. Her color is great and Alt mode and robot mode are both incredible. The wings are awkward but they are removable, it's almost like the creators of the figure thought of everything. The only faults I can find with the figure are the head kind of looks like Luke Skywalker's helmet when flying a X-wing and that the way her hands are made it will take a little tooling to get a gun to hold in her hand. But those are minor gripes compared to the greatness of what she is. Amazing. :yay :yay
  25. Finally picked up Animated Arcee. And since you guys were talking up Scorponok I happened to go to one of my favorite spots for loose transformers and they had him.
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