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  1. Studio Series Optimus Prime is a great figure and can be seen like a true version of a movie style G1 Prime. Transformation is intuitive and fun to do, every panel has a place in both robot and truck mode. This is one of those figures that can bridge Generations and Movie figure collections.
  2. Wheeljack has always been a favorite character of mine from the original G1 cartoon. Surprisingly it wasn't until the release of the cartoon accurate deco of the Masterpiece figure that I finally got around to opening the original release. Transformation isn't that complex and after a few transformations can become intuitive. While many will say the original toy deco has more detail. I find the less "busy" cartoon deco picks out more of the sculpted bits on the mold. Either version is a worthy addition to your collection.
  3. Hot Rod and Wheeljack are fun additions to the One-Step sub-set of the Cyberverse line. Both feature a fun weapon gimmick and in the case of Hot Rod, one that works better than the larger scale toy. Each figure makes for a fun desk toy and enjoyable addition to any collection.
  4. Chromia is an OK figure that I feel is taking a spot from a more deserving character in the Siege line. Transformation is fairly easy but the amount of clear plastic used in the mold gives me concern over long term durability. The included COMBAT weapons are a nice touch and really fun to use and play around with. Recommended if you're only a fan of the character.
  5. For those who weren't able to get Cogman under The Last Knight line, Hasbro has re-released the figure in the Studio Series line with some different paint details, sorta like going from last years car model to the current year's design. While the figure looks nice unfortunately second mold syndrome rears its ugly head and this version of Cogman is a floppy mess. If you missed out the first time this is a good opportunity to grab a representation of the character.
  6. Prowl is a solid deluxe class figure and a nice update to the previously released Classics and Combiner Wars versions. Transformation is smooth and intuitive but the resulting figure has short legs that cause the overall proportions of the figure to look off. Being a core member of the Autobots it would be hard not to recommend their actual RoboCop.
  7. Most collectors have ignored the Scout Class line from Cyberverse which is a shame since they're fun figures. Ratchet draws heavily from its RID look with a slight nod to G1. The gimmick of a tow hook is fun but a little confusing since it doesn' really fit with the character. Overall Scout Class Ratchet from the Cyberverse line is a fun figure and worth a look.
  8. The Wave 2 Siege figures pick up where Wave 1 left off. Sorta Cybertronian updates to a set of Classic Transformer characters with liberal sprinkling of the COMBAT weapons system. Ironhide is a large deluxe that feels solid but suffers from some thin plastic and weak panels with a weapon that could've been designed better. SixGun has a weaker vehicle mode than Cog from Wave 1 but makes up for it with the sheer number of weapons it can form. Both are solid additions to any collection.
  9. Much like Bumblebee Authentics Optimus Prime is much more limited in terms of articulation but has a unique transformation that I don't remember seeing on a Prime figure before. Both size classes of Prime feature the same transformation but the larger figure has the strange addition of an inside bending elbow joint. Both are fun figures and would make for great desk toys.
  10. Megatron and Starscream are the real standouts from wave 1 of the Authentics line with Megatron being the best figure overall from wave 1. While simple, these figures are highly articulated and would fit in with any Scout/Legends sized figure.
  11. Outside of some tolerance issues with the chest Voyager Starscream is a good figure and is using the best Tetrajet mold we'll probably get outside of Masterpiece. Many people will consider this figure a shell former and I don't feel that's accurate since there's a lot going on with the jet parts and main body coming together. This figure would be a solid addition to any collection.
  12. While the Scout Class in the Cyberverse line is one of, if not the most polarizing sublines in Transformers history, I enjoy the figures for what they are. Shadow Striker features a fun spring-loaded blast effect that kinda reminds me of Mario Kart for some reason. Ultimately, I see most collectors passing on the figure and holding out for a Warrior Class version.
  13. One of the last figures released from the Energon Igniters subline from Bumblebee: The Movie, Nitro Class Blitzwing is an interesting figure. Hasbro was able to work a nod to Animated by including a face-changing gimmick into the figure, a nice touch that's usually not found on these simplified figures. While I feel Dropkick is the overall better figure from the Nitro Class, Blitzwing might have some interest to fans of the movie and Animated.
  14. Hasbro has gone ahead and saved the best for last, Ironhide is a fantastic figure and the best of the Power/Power+ subline. The transformation is the most involved of any previous Power figure and has the added benefit of ball-jointed arms. Ironhide is definitely worth a pick-up.
  15. This is a figure that a lot of people were looking for when it was revealed, even people who don't usually enjoy simplified figures. This version of Soundwave is a tribute of sorts to a certain style and period during the 1980s. Turn up the melodic rock and enjoy this great toy.
  16. With Ultimate Class Bumblebee there are now Bees at every price point and size, sorta like a fast food menu. While there's a chunk to the figure, the thin plastic makes me feel concerned over time that the toy won't be able to hold up to normal play. Transformation is surprisingly involved but again the thin plastic brings me concern. Overall, I think there are better options to get your Bumblebee fix in this line.
  17. Bumblebee is, unfortunately, the weakest figure of this wave, which is a shame since the character is the main focus of the show. Bumblebee uses the newer side rotation transformation which was first seen on TLK One-Step Drift I believe. While a fun transformation it does result in the car kibble almost forming a cape of sorts around the figure. This can be an easy pass as there's plenty of other options for Bumblebee in the line.
  18. With Ultra Class Optimus Prime there is now at least one Prime for every price point in the Cyberverse line, with more to come. It's not the best figure but it's not bad either, it's just there. My one major complaint is that the legs activate the action feature, which results in a very long cab if the shield isn't deployed. I can't give a solid yay or nay on this figure so the decision on purchasing is up to you.
  19. Nitro Class Dropkick is one of the best figures I've handled thus far in 2019. It's chunky and all the parts come together solidly in both modes making for a pleasurable transformation back and forth. I can't recommend this figure enough, but I also know many of you will pass on it just because it's been labeled a simplified figure.
  20. Prowl has always been one of my favorite characters so I was quite happy to see its inclusion in the Cyberverse line. The last time we got a One-Step figure was back during AOE and it was a curious addition which gave me hope for more "Classic" characters getting the One-Step treatment. Transformation for Prowl is simple but I feel the action attack would've benefited from a spring-loaded action like the transformation. Overall, this is one of my favorite One-Step figures we've gotten thus far in the Cyberverse line.
  21. This version of Optimus Prime features one of the smoothest Transformations I've experienced from a one-step figure. In robot mode, the figure looks very close to the animation model and I like the axe hand feature as it swivels independently and adds another level of play to the figure. Most are going to pass on this figure which is a shame since it's a fun little toy.
  22. To my surprise, Hasbro downscaled their Wave 1 Alpha Class Grimlock to a pocket-friendly size. Transformation is identical to the larger scaled figure but as to be expected, paint details are lost and the small dino arms are just molded in. Bravo Class Grimlock makes for the perfect desk toy and is fun to have.
  23. In what can be considered the natural evolution of One Step changers, Action Attackers feature the same simplified transformations but with the bonus of a weapon feature. Megatron features a firing Fusion cannon naturally and a robot mode that is closer to the show model than the previous One Step Megatron release. Ultimately there's nothing I can say that will steer most collectors towards this line but if you're looking to try something fun and simple, you can't go wrong with this line.
  24. For many collectors, the Authentics line is a series of figures that can be overlooked. That's a shame since a few of the figures tic many of the necessary boxes for collectors. Alpha Class Megatron, for example, features a nice amount of articulation and a transformation while simple is surprisingly involved. If you should happen to see Megs on a shelf it's definitely worth a pickup.
  25. Hot Rod is an ok figure but I think a lot of collectors and fans are going to find it lacking. The flame gimmick is ok but it really doesn't do much and doesn't look to have any offensive purpose. Transformation is fun but there isn't a stand out wow moment. I think only fans of the character will really want the toy.
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