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  1. Hasbro continues its "Booster Pack" collection of releasing weapons, blast effects, and small accessories with repainted figures, in the Kingdom line. This time they're using a repaint and slight retool of the Fossilizer Ractonite called Tricranius to pad the release of some neon-colored blast effects. If you're into the Fossilizers from the Kingdom subline then this release might interest you, but I don't find the blast effects as enticing as a bag of weapons and accessories as we saw in the first booster release.
  2. Gnaw is tiny. When I first saw packaged images I thought its feet were part of its knee pads. Most of the tray is empty space, so much for being environmentally concerned. I also don't feel there's any engineering in it that justifies the deluxe price point. It is a cool figure, transformation is fun, and sorta reminds me of G1 Gnaw from back in the day. If you happen to have the versions of Gnaw from Titans Return and Cyberverse this version will fit right in an instant army. I do recommend the figure, but just be aware of what you're getting with the price.
  3. If I'm being honest this set feels a little flat to me. While I appreciate the work that went into retooling Sideswipe for a more G1 look, I feel the steps didn't go far enough. Skywarp just feels off but I'm impressed by the head sculpt. Hopefully down the line, we'll see a proper Generations style Magnaboss set. If you like what you see then pick up the set, but for most this might be an easy pass.
  4. The Deluxe Cheetor from Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures is a great figure, much better than the Kingdom Deluxe. Transformation is relatively simple, although the instructions could be a little more clear on where things tab and my copy needed a little more force than I felt comfortable with. The animation likeness is very good too making Cheetor a solid addition to the line, and your collection.
  5. It's great to see the Crash Combiner gimmick updated for the Cyberverse line. I always liked the "Buddy System" style of combining and thought it was executed well in RID. For the Dinobots Unite subline Hasbro has made the figures bigger and added accessories, which ups the play value a bit. Megatron and Slag/Slug aren't going to set the world on fire with their articulation but I really like their overall look. I really think Hasbro did a great job capturing the look of Megatron from the Cyberverse cartoon. The combined mode is big and a little beefy with Megatron housing most of the spring transformation gimmick. Obviously meant for younger hands, I feel the Dino Combiners offer something to an older fan as well.
  6. Here's a fun little throwback to the early days of Beast Wars, right down to the Kenner logo on the packaging. Rattrap is a simple one-step changer that was quite articulated for the day. Unfortunately, the ball joints haven't held up and can't support the weight of the figure well on my copy. Cheetor is a real stand-out from the early days and it's worth remembering that it was one of the most articulated figures of the day. All the joints are still tight and can hold a pose, it's a really fun figure. Both Rattrap and Cheetor are fun figures and if you've never experienced a Transformer from this era, they're worth the purchase.
  7. Rodimus Prime is a really great figure and the Masterpiece buster we all thought it would be. Yeah, that's all I really need to say about it.
  8. Hasbro along with IDW has decided to reboot the Shattered Glass concept with some Pulse exclusive figures and a new comic. The first of these figures is Blurr, a repaint of Studio Series 86 Blurr featuring a new head, which I believe is a bit of a send-up of the head used on the FunPub version of SG Blurr. I do like the darker more purple-blue with the metallic teal highlights in vehicle mode. Overall the figure is the same, if you liked SS 86 Blurr you'll like this figure, if you had issues with the SS 86 mold, well, those issues are still here.
  9. YO DAWGSSSS!!!!! Peep this funky fresh G2 Ramjet with the poppin colors, based on the original toy from back in the day! While the mold is the same as the Earthrise release, the neon glow gives it a fresh new look. If you're a fan of G2 then this figure is most def a must-have, but for most waiting for sale might be the most righteous way.
  10. Now, these are squad goals I can get behind! Continuing our look at the Dinobot Adventures subline of Rescue Bots is the Dinobot Squad pack of Grimlock, Snarl, and Predaking; one of these things is definitely not like the other. All three feature simple transformations and static posing but Predaking is the stand-out with articulated dragon heads. Definitely worth a look for younger fans.
  11. Rescue Bots are fun Transformers with simpler transformations that are made for smaller hands. The Dinobot Adventures version of Bumblebee with his partner Lance is a fun set that will charm fans both young and old.
  12. Well I got it off Amazon. My Target was completely bare except for one Giant One-Step Bumblebee from the Buzzworthy line and the exclusive Re-Action Megatron and Optimus Prime figures. I know they're being found it Walmarts but your mileage may vary. Like I said Amazon shot the price up so I wouldn't buy it from them right now.
  13. The Cyberverse line has always given us new and inventive ways to transform and play with our Transformers, the Roll and Change line is no different. Optimus Prime features lights and sounds as well as some Snap-On Energon blue body armor. The included sword is a great weapon but is also used as a lock to the changing gimmick. While the price might be a bit high for most, the toy is a solid, beefy, fun figure.
  14. Taking another look at a figure from the Shinkalion Z line made by Takara/Tomy we have the Shinkalion Hida with the Z liner Vida. The trains look good but the real treat to the set is that this is a double Z combiner with both the arms and legs being replaced. If you're interested in trying out the line, I recommend getting this set to experience the full cross combining play pattern.
  15. Wreck-Gar is one of the more iconic characters to come out of Transformers: The Movie. The G1 toy was one of my favorites so I knew I had to get the Junkion leader as soon as I could. Robot mode is so spot on to the animation model, I was waiting to hear quotes from classic 80s infomercials. Transformation is fun with a few cues to the original G1 toy. The entire 86 line is a joy and Wreck-Gar is one of the real standouts.
  16. While not a Transformers proper, the Super 7 Ultimate Voltron can give us a good idea of what to expect from the Super 7 Transformer figures, and that idea isn't very good. While the figure looks good, this is a design based more on the toys rather than the cartoon design, articulation is limited and to be blunt, stifled. There is no real way to get Voltron into any of its classic poses, and since Voltron is being used by an example by Super 7 themselves, we can expect the same limitations in the Transformers line. While I think more humanoid characters might fair better, I now have pause as to whether I'll be investing in the Ultimate Transformers Line.
  17. If you asked me to list five obscure one-scene, one episode Transformer that would get a figure, I would've never picked this version of Bumblebee. Taken from the first episode of the first-ever Transformers cartoon, Origin Bumblebee is a great reproduction of the flying saucer-type vehicle that we see Bumblebee transform into, in those opening moments. Complete with Energon rods, that the figure can't hold, blaster, and jet pack; Bumblebee is a fun figure with a very interesting and fun transformation. Definitely worth a place in any collection.
  18. I bought one of these the other day, because I am THAT cool.
  19. At first, I was angry, then I was just disappointed. Tracks should've been a fantastic figure, everything they were trying is really cool and inventive. Unfortunately, some poor design choices lead to a figure that looks good but can never be touched. If some tolerances were a little better, if pegs and posts came together better, this could've been a figure of the year contender, as it is I can't recommend it at all.
  20. Red Alert is our first look at the retooled Not-Lamborghini mold that will be released through exclusive channels in Kingdom. While having a new look that's really noticeable in vehicle mode, the transformation is the same. All the panels fold and hinges bend the way you would expect and are used to. While this mold can be seen as a Masterpiece replacement, there's just not enough new here to strongly recommend these newer looks over their Siege releases.
  21. Core Class Soundwave could've been a great figure that unfortunately with some QC issues and odd sculpt choices is only a good figure. The use of ball joints results in hips and elbows that are on the cusp of being floppy. The cassette mode is fine from the front, from the real the lack of a way to secure the arms makes it hard to have a clean look. While I find it hard to recommend Soundwave fully, it will work well in a Core Class display with Megatron and Starscream.
  22. It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's Wingfinger! This fosilizer is based on the bones of a flying dinosaur, and it's an ok figure. I found myself enjoying Dino mode more but I was impressed that you can make a bow of sorts out of the parts. While not a first-round purchase, you might find something of interest to this bony fellow.
  23. I liked the original Beast Wars Cheetor toy and this version from Kingdom is really good too. While I miss having a blaster the smooth and simple transformation makes up the loss. I'm sure you've already bought this figure if interested so enjoy!
  24. This Transformer certainly isn't for the birds! Airazor is a fun toy with a unique transformation that really works for a bird-based figure. If you are a fan of Beast Wars I'm sure you already have the figure, for everyone else it's a solid toy and worth the purchase.
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