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  1. Authentics Barricade is probably the best Bravo Class figure I've handled. The transformation is solid, and while the joints are a little looser than I prefer, the figure isn't a floppy mess. Definitely worth the purchase.
  2. It may be one of the smallest, but Huffer is one of the strongest of the G1 Transformers. It's great to finally get a new-mold representation of the classic character for our collections. Transformation is fun and there's lots of play with the joints, something the sculpt hides really well. While the extra accessories are nice I see those being left in the box as they were something Huffer never really used in the cartoon. Definitely recommended.
  3. Nothing like a tank with a little onomatopoeia, emphasis on little. Warpath is another in the line of Minibot updates that some feel falls a little short of the price point. I like Warpath, it's a solid figure that you might like too.
  4. Continuing our look at something completely different is Shinkalion Z E6 N'EX. This time the trains are in red and are packing some serious firepower. The articulation of the figure tends to favor the more blaster-based type weapons this Robo is packing. As before with the Hyabusa, if you're looking for something different with your transforming robots, give this line a look.
  5. And now for something completely different. Shinkalion is an extremely popular line in Japan made by Takara Tomy so, in a way, it's like a step-sibling to Transformers. The new series Z features the cross-combining that's a staple of the line with a new power-up element. In the case of the E5, it's a new pair of arms and a bigger sword. If you're looking for something different in the way of transforming robots give this line a look, you just might find something you like.
  6. Oof, this is not a fun figure to transform. It's not that difficult really but the tightness of the joints really makes things harder than they need to be. It's a cool-looking jet and a fun robot but definitely, I can only recommend this to a more mature collector.
  7. Another big, chunky Optimus Prime figure to drive parents nuts. That in a nutshell describes this Commander Class figure from the Battle Call subline, of the Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures subline of Cyberverse. Transformation is fairly easy but clearances and joints make it a bit fiddly. The gimmick works but grows old fast, thankfully the batteries are removable. If you can find it on sale it'll make a great gift.
  8. Inferno is a fine repaint and retool of Grapple. Heck, I kinda like Inferno a little bit more. One thing that's really good and makes this figure a must-buy is that Hasbro fixed the pegs that go into the bottom of the feet in fire truck mode. Really just a stand-out mold and figure.
  9. B-127 is a repaint with a new head of Cybertronian Cliffjumper, who was a heavy retool of Off-Road Bumblebee; so basically we have a Bumblebee that's a repaint of a Retool of ANOTHER Bumblebee. It's actually a solid figure that's kinda fun to handle. If you're a fan of the movie it's a solid pick-up.
  10. Starscream is a fine Voyager and an interesting take on the Cybertronian Tetrajet, definitely looks like a ship I flew in some 80's space shooter video game. Transformation is interesting but relies too much on friction to hold parts in place. Overall, if you're a movie fan this is a good addition to your collection.
  11. It seems like with every other week comes the release of another version of the Siege Sideswipe mold. The Walmart exclusive WFC Netflix line brings us our second version of the previously Japanese exclusive Deep Cover character, forgoing its usual black and blue look for a navy blue deco splotched with battle damage. Surprisingly, this is the most solid version of the mold I've handled, your mileage may vary though. There's not a lot new to recommend here so buy the figure if you're really, really into the mold.
  12. Blitzwing really isn't a bad figure, it just suffers from one flaw in the torso that once you figure out a workaround doesn't impede the articulation. One has to appreciate Hasbro's desire to work some play gimmicks in too with the interchangeable hand and the articulated hand.
  13. Starscream is the best smaller scale Transformer I've handled in a very long time, I look forward to buying this mold several times over in a rainbow of colors. Megatron is actually better than I thought, I just thought the silver would be a little brighter but the gunmetal coloring is still cool. Both figures would make great additions to your collection.
  14. After a few false starts, Hasbro brings us a great update to the classic micro-cassette mode for Soundwave. A heavy retool of the Siege Soundwave figure this version, from the WFC Netflix line, is a great Masterpiece stand-in. Transformation is smooth and the updated Ravage and Laserbeak are nice touches. Unfortunately, this figure is hard to find due to being a Walmart exclusive so the best hope is other retailers get an opportunity to pick it up for sale.
  15. Thrust is a good figure, like the other Seekers, but it's not worth the high mark-ups that you're finding on the secondary market. Then again, if you're a collector you kinda need it to complete the team.
  16. Besides being useful to scare family members, Blackarachnia is actually a solid figure, better than the Masterpiece some say. Transformation at first looks a little complicated but everything comes together well and after a few go-arounds is rather easy. If you're a fan of Beast Wars then this figure is definitely worth the pick-up.
  17. While I'm happy that Beast Wars fans are getting updates to some of their favorite characters, Optimus Primal feels like a lot of work for very little in return. Some steps of the transformation are needlessly complex and fiddly, a simple leg fold would've worked better than a double knee. Playing with the figure really makes me appreciate just how great the original Primal toy was, and I recommend picking that one up if you've never experienced it.
  18. This is an interesting set as it really shows how far designs have come in almost four years. P/CP is a great figure and sells the set if you missed out on the POTP release. Barricade like the Siege release looks really good and might just be the best use of the mold. The shades of black and even dark brown used really make the figure stand out. If you're debating on buying the set I recommend going for it because there's a chance once it's gone, it's gone.
  19. Scourge is a fantastic figure and would definitely fit in the Masterpiece buster category if there was a Masterpiece Scourge. Sure the figure is a shell-former, but it works since the shell is an integral part of the robot mode look. You have to have Scourge to complete your 86 update shelf.
  20. Kup from the Studio Series is a great figure. While not the best representation of the character, it's hard to decide between this and the Legends version, I think this figure offers some interesting gimmicks that tie into the movie aesthetic well. Kup is a crusty old codger who is worth a place in your collection.
  21. Sure Deep Cover is the 8th or so repaint of Sideswipe, but it has blue accents so it gets a pass from me. Based on an early 2000s Ehobby exclusive that, was an homage to a Diaclone release from way back in the day, Deep Cover has quite the pedigree. The coolest aspect of the figure is that this is a 1:1 scale representation of the character if it was real. Most versions of the Sideswipe mold are still easily available so find one that works the best for you.
  22. Blurr is a good figure that suffers from some mold limitations. Transformation is fun with a few interesting bits, although some tabs are a bit too hard to peg together. The underarm pylons are an eyesore and unavoidable, but not as bad in hand. Overall this figure is worth a pick-up but not a first-round grab.
  23. Although it's part of the Kingdom line Cyclonus is a MUST for your Studio Series 86 collection. Transformation is solid, robot and jet mode are spot on to the animation, there's nothing more I can really say about this figure. Highest possible recommendation.
  24. Jazz is a brilliant figure and a near-perfect homage to the original animation model. Transformation is smooth and fairly simple that's satisfying going to and from the vehicle mode. I can't recommend Jazz enough.
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