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  1. Hot Rod surprised me with how little kibble there is in robot mode. The foot transformation is exciting, with how it becomes the rear vents and spoiler in car mode, which is usually done with a panel. If you're a fan of The Last Knight and the Hot Rod design then I feel this is the figure you've been waiting for.
  2. Love one another, that is the greatest commandment. RIP Jason David Frank.
  3. I was surprised by how much is new with K-9, a retool of Wolfang, and I was surprised to see it show up on Hasbro Pulse before it was found at Walmart proper. The figure is really nice and at least on my copy is a bit more stable. While it's a tough choice between Wolfang and K-9 if you had to pick one go with K-9.
  4. Although we're well into being 36 years removed from The Transformers: The Movie, the Studio Series 86 line is still going strong. Rumble is a fantastic representation of Soundwave's minion and this is by far better than the Siege version that we got a few years ago. Due to Rumble's small size, we're able to have its piledrivers included, a nice touch for a Generations release. I'm really impressed by the cassette mode, it's smooth and complete on all sides, fitting easily into the chest of any version of Soundwave that's compatible. Hopefully, this means more cassettes are on the way in the SS86 line.
  5. Let's be honest, most people are going to buy SG Soundwave because right now it's the cheapest, and easiest way to get the Earthrise Soundwave mold, the retool of Siege Soundwave into an 80s-style Micro Cassette player. Don't sell SG Soundwave short though, with a new head and a minimalist but sharp paint scheme there's a lot this figure has to offer those of us who already have the elusive Walmart exclusive Soundwave. While the price is a little high, it's still cheaper than what the other Soundwave goes for on eBay.
  6. It's nice to see an update to the classic Targetmasters of old, especially when they include their partners. Pointblank is a surprisingly complex deluxe figure whose transformation results in a very, very clean car mode that at first glance doesn't reveal robot kibble; one of the benefits of being a futuristic car. Peacemaker is a very simple partner with only two points of transformation, then again I'm just glad it wasn't another reuse of a Weaponizer. I definitely recommend Pointblank as it's nice to see later G1 represented.
  7. There's a lot going on here with Skullgrin, not all of it is good. The figure looks nice if not a little small, that might be due to the overly large head that looks really good. Unfortunately, the head is marred by rubber tusks that due to shipping, will probably be warped and falling off the figure out of the package. Transformation is surprisingly involved, just don't trust the instructions completely as there are a couple of unclear bits. One thing I really like is the modular play factor between the gun swords and the back cannons, yes the gun swords come warped and frankly, I don't understand why since they're packaged in tissue paper under the tray. Skullgrin is very good but it's the issues with the soft rubber tusks that make it very hard for me to recommend a purchase.
  8. One of the goals of Legacy is to encompass all points from the history of Transformers. Armada Starscream is a faithful update to the original figure, much better than what we got from the Thrilling 30s deluxe version. Transformation is rather faithful to the original Armada mold with a few new touches, like the panels that lock the legs together, which make the toy feel new. Armada fans, this is the Starscream you've been waiting for.
  9. I didn't think I was going to like Crosshairs, especially as I was struggling to get the figure out of the box and properly transformed. I was surprised that the figure isn't half bad, yes there's a huge backpack but there's a point to it, whether the point is functional is up to you. Transformation is smooth and fairly intuitive with all the panels coming together nicely in car mode. If you've been waiting for an update to Crosshairs this just might be the figure for you.
  10. This is a good mold that I'm sure you'll all enjoy in a couple of waves when it's released as Bumblebee. If you like your Camaros in pink then pick it up now, otherwise, wait.
  11. Once again Hasbro finds a way to bring us two legendary characters in the Transformers Universe. Orion Pax again uses a mold originally used by Kup, this time from the Studio Series 86 line, and with a generous amount of retooling giving us our best representation of Orion Pax yet. Alpha Trion is a surprisingly heavy retool of the Studio Series 86 Scourge mold, again giving us our best Alpha Trion figure. The inclusion of Vector Sigma is a really nice touch. If you can find this set at retail then it's definitely worth the purchase.
  12. While these are nice sets and I enjoy the larger transforming vehicles, the complexity of getting parts to move on most of the Bot Bots makes it very hard for me to recommend them for smaller hands. Of the two I prefer the Outta Controller set more, just have a spudger handy.
  13. I knew what we were getting from the promotional pics of Crankcase, but having the figure in hand still leaves me feeling a little flat. Crankcase is a retool of the Legacy Skids mold and that's where most of my issues lie. The retooling that was done to the Skids mold to make it look less like a Honda City and more like a Humvee makes the robot mode a bit fiddly, I just don't feel the back and torso ever lock in properly. This isn't a bad toy, but I'd say it's not the first one of the wave you should run out and buy.
  14. The Shattered Glass Slicer figure is excellent. The color scheme and possibly new weapons make me appreciate the mold more. The included repaint of Fasttrack as Exo Suit is a really nice touch. What isn't a nice touch is the price. There's no deal here and that's disappointing, especially when it's apparent Hasbro is saving quite a bit on the packaging. For as much as I like this set, I can only recommend it for those who are completing the Shattered Glass line or are die-hard Slicer fans.
  15. Just when I thought the UnitRoborn line couldn't get stranger, Bandai releases a Penguin that combines with a camera and a fluffy stack of pancakes that combines with a dump truck. I never thought I would ever type those words. That's part of the fun of Unit Robo figures, the crazy combinations that make cool-looking robots. As I always say, these toys are all about the gimmick, don't expect deep conversions or earth-shattering articulation. They're fun, and sometimes that's good enough.
  16. Ironhide is a good figure that unfortunately has a few issues with it. Transformation is involved without being overly complex. The figure has some heft to it, something that is missing from other voyagers such as Override. Unfortunately, the heft doesn't add up to size as Ironhide is smaller than some deluxe figures available on the market now. Also, there is a great use of clear plastic in load bearing and joint areas that leads to it being not a question of if, but when the toy breaks. While I enjoy the figure it is not one that should be handled often.
  17. Any idea where in NY? I was just at Target on Tuesday.
  18. One thing I appreciate about Bandai Namco is that they'll try anything to promote their Gundam brand. Case in point, using the Haro mascot to spearhead a new line of simple transforming ball toys, based around iconic mobile suits. Don't expect a lot of articulation or detail from these figures, their sole purpose is to look like chibi mobile suits that fold up. I do appreciate that the designers made sure the arms and head move for some expression. If you've been curious about Gundam this might be a fun place to start and obviously, these make for great desk toys.
  19. While I'm happy with this set, make no mistake that this is a simple repaint set that doesn't offer anything new or different in terms of the actual toys. The black deco looks sharp and makes the figures just look cool. If you've been picking and choosing which molds to purchase this is a great way to experience the police car and motorcycle molds.
  20. Quite possibly this might be the toy line of the year.
  21. Clean Braver is next up in the Takara Tomy Job Braver line. I think this figure is a big step up from the helicopter models and is a really fun and solid toy. Like the helicopter model this tweaks and plays with the standard Braver transformation while still giving that tactile fun feel of the spring transformation. I highly recommend this toy and think it's a solid addition to the line.
  22. This is a toy that's 40 years in the making. Growing up I always wondered how the Autobots would or could help the GI Joes against Cobra and then I would wonder if the Decepticons with Cobra could be the ultimate threat to the world. Sure there were playground rumors and as an adult, there were shrugs and the occasional I don't know from those in power, but we never got the ultimate crossover. Sure, there have been a few winks, nods, and SDCC sets over the years but finally here is the first, official, toy-based, non-convention exclusive, GI Joe/Transformers crossover. It makes sense for Megatron to be a HISS tank, as that's a form that can contain the sheer power of Megatron. Transformation really isn't that difficult and the resulting HISS tank really, really looks good, without the fusion cannon I would say it looks exactly like the classic Cobra machine. The Baroness is an excellent addition, and while I could think of a few other selections, it makes sense for her to be included with Megs. The price might be a little off-putting but there is a chance Megs might end up on sale at some point, but for me, the price was totally worth it.
  23. This figure looks slick. I wasn't 100% sure if I'd like the G2 figures being released piecemeal in the Speedia 500 line, but Shadow Strip blew me away. The black and gold deco pops, and the metallic turquoise on the head and guns really bring everything together nicely. While I'm not sure if I'm all in on G2 Stunticons, Shadow Strip really makes me excited for what's coming.
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