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  1. The Deluxe Class version of Prowl from Cyberverse does a few things better than the Siege or Earthrise versions. Some collectors might be turned off by the new style of white plastic that the figure uses but it feels good in my hand. Overall I'm a big fan of the blue deco as it's a nice change to the usual black and white traditional look of Prowl. Between Prowl and Starscream it's hard to choose but I do feel Prowl belongs in any Cyberverse collection.
  2. Technically this is an ok figure. It also embodies everything I find wrong with the movie aesthetic and the toys that try to recreate those designs. You might enjoy it, but I don't. If you buy it, good luck. Oh yeah, There's a mini Shia Lebouf figure included too.
  3. Deluxe Class Starscream is a fantastic figure and probably the best version of Cybervervse Starscream that we're going to get. Transformation is involved but satisfying, every step has a point and parts come together well. The blast effects are solid additions and really make the figure come alive. Very highly recommended.
  4. The Buzzworthy line is a celebration of all things Bumblebee, and I love it. This figure, a surprise right at the end of 2020, looks to fit in with the Kingdom Core Class figures. Transformation is relatively easy, any issues are due to the size and ball joints being ball joints, and I have to tip my hat to the weapon storage. Spike, while being simple, is a fun little addition. All in all, a great set.
  5. Super Megatron really embodies the thought process behind the Generations Selects line, characters or versions of characters that may not be well known, but are important to the history of the brand. A retool of the Titans Return Galvatron mold, Megatron almost looks like a new figure. While there are some tolerance issues with tabs and slots, overall this is a fantastic figure.
  6. In 2020 the term "Masterpiece Buster" started to permeate the fandom, no figure best exemplifies that term than Netflix Bumblebee. A licensed reshell of the Cliffjumper mold, Bumblebee is a near-perfect update to the classic G1 character. If you can find it at the proper retail price it's definitely worth the pick-up.
  7. Continuing their sub-line of more complex, "Deluxe" figures from the Cyberverse line, Hasbro released right before Christmas Soundwave. An impressive sculpt that almost looks like it came right off the screen, Soundwave has the added bonus of a small transforming Laserbeak, the best we've seen thus far when compared to Siege or Earthrise. Transformation is fun and intuitive and feels very solid in truck mode. This is easily recommended for Cyberverse and Soundwave fans.
  8. Get ready, because you're about to enter the DANGER ZONE!!!!! Coming from the delayed Top Gun sequel Maverick, Maverick is a surprisingly fun Transformer, that isn't as bad as some would let you think. Yes, Maverick uses the same plastic as Siege Apeface, but it feels and looks better, the dirty look just doesn't come off well in pics and vids. Transformation is fun with some intuitive parts to it. While not the perfect jet Transformers, it's really good and worthy of a spot in your collection.
  9. Pop goes the Transformer? I admit I don't know much about Funko Pops, those Vinyl figures that are seemingly everywhere and on track to be the 2000s version of Beanie Babies. This is a metallic version of G1 Optimus Prime with a color palette that closely resembles the vintage toy. If non-transforming Transformers are your bag then you might want to pick this figurine up. For me, I'll stick with the litany of other transforming Optimus Primes out there.
  10. Finally! After having the date pushed up, then back, then who knows when you're getting it, Amazon delivered my Autobot Alliance set. Having gotten the Galaxy Odyssey Paradron Medic set a week prior were able to compare and enjoy the Nissan van family of Ironhide and Ratchet, out of order. Having been able to enjoy the Earthrise Datsun brothers car mold twice already Prowl feels a little flat, but I was surprised at how tight everything came together. This was supposed to be our first experience with the mold after all. Good luck getting the sets if you're trying, don't give in, and don't pay
  11. If you're a fan of Hot Rod and/or The Transformers: The Movie, you need to have this figure. This is the best version of Hot Rod.
  12. Thunderhowl is the last of the first "Series" of Cyberverse Deluxe Class figures, the more premium line that is a step up from Warrior Class. Transformation features some interesting bits, I really like the butterfly technique, but overall the figure feels flat. Maccadam is really not what I was expecting and kinda feel it's a waste. I think putting the cost of the BAF towards improving the figures would've been a better option.
  13. Well, I was right, I ended up enjoying the Battlecharger mold as Runabout more than Runamuck. What can I say, I enjoy black. Besides being a stylistic choice, the black hides most of the natural gaps and pannel lines found in car mode. Either version is a solid choice but seeing as how Runabout is a Target exclusive, you might have an easier time getting Runamuck.
  14. Runamuck is the last mass-retail deluxe figure I'll be reviewing from Earthrise, *sniff**sniff* I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Runamuck is a solid mold with an interesting Transformation that is a worthy update to the G1 Battlecharger. Hopefully, the figure is easy for you to find if you're looking for it.
  15. The Autobot Clones are just ok, I'm not that excited for this set or most of what we've seen from Galaxy Odyssey. If you were lucky enough to get the Titans Return releases there's no reason to look at this set.
  16. Here's a hot tip, if I don't type much the figure is either really, really bad or really, really good. Gnaw is really, really good.
  17. THY KINGDOM COME! Had to say that, the core class figures from wave 01 are really good, the ball joints may make transformation needlessly fiddly, and they could loosen over time, but they're still entertaining figures that can make great desk toys.
  18. Fasttrack is a really fun figure that I wish was released during Siege to balance out the Decepticon side of the Weaponizer coin. The robot mode is relatively spot on to the old animation model and toy, with the added feature of being able to rip apart to become weapons and armor for other Decepticons. Ultimately, you're going to buy this figure to be a spear for Scorponok, but it has enough strong merits to stand on its own.
  19. The Centurion drone is a repaint of Siege Brunt in silver, if you liked it before, you'll like it again. The real draw to this set is the Accessory pack, yes Hasbro after all these years have answered the fans prayers, now you can replace that long lost missile from G1 Prowl in taupe; oh wait, this is a modern accessory pack, never mind. What you do get with this set is a large number of accessories for display, specific to one or two episodes of G1 and a couple of non painted weapons, one for a character not released yet. Overall this set is great for people who display and especially customi
  20. Sunstreaker is an ok figure. The color matching doesn't bother me as much as other people, what does bother me is the lack of a dedicated weapon and some tolerance issues with pegs on the roof of the car. Overall, if you're a fan of the character or looking to complete the Earthrise line it's worth a pick-up. Hopefully, the small issues I found can be corrected on further uses of the mold.
  21. Sometimes known as Trailcutter, not to be confused with Trailblazer, which means you might have to change, joining us in the Earthrise subline is none other than the Force Field guy, Trailbreaker. A repaint/retool of Hoist, Trailbreaker with its darker colors wears the mold better, not looking as bulky. While I would've preferred a less stern face the overall package is A+ and really should be a part of your collection.
  22. It's a silver car named Bluestreak because of how fast it talks and the stories it tells. Not one of the best-remembered or important characters from G1, Bluestreak has carved out a little niche for itself in the fans' hearts. The toy features a new front end retooled from Smokescreen or vice versa since I'm not sure who was supposed to come first. Overall, Bluestreak is a great figure and if you can find it for retail price is worthy of a place in your collection.
  23. I really dig these collaborations between Hasbro and other pop-culture entities. Gigawatt celebrates the 35th anniversary of the first Back To The Future film, yes it's been that long. Utilizing the core of Siege Sideswipe Gigawatt really encompasses the heart of Mr. DeLorean's modified automobile. I highly recommend the figure for Transformer and Back To The Future fans.
  24. I just realized that Doublecrosser is like the third Bridgemaster in the Earthrise line. I'm surprised they haven't pushed out more, especially figures like Doublecrosser that have multiple connection points. I'm not a fan of the bridge gimmick but I know fans are going to a lot of use out of Doublecrosser.
  25. When Smokescreen was first revealed I was curious as to how different the figure would be from the Siege mold, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was an entirely new design that borrows heavily from the great Masterpiece mold. While there is some hollowness in the legs, I personally don't see it as a deal-breaker and really feel Smokescreen, and the rest of the Datsuns belong in your collection.
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