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  1. While not a Beast Wars fan, I know that a lot of fans were waiting for Tarantulas to be released so they can work on completing their season 1 collection. The figure is solid, transformation isn't hard, but working with the spider legs might make things a touch fiddly. All in all, I think Tarantulas is the update Beast Wars fans were waiting for.
  2. Yet again Optimus Prime's main squeeze doesn't get her own figure. In POTP she was a repaint and slight retool of Starscream. In the WFC Netflix line, she was a repaint with a new head of Arcee. Here in Legacy, she's a retool of the as-yet-unreleased Walgreens exclusive Minerva, when will this injustice end???? The mold is solid, and not a full shell former, I appreciate what the legs do, to form the sides of the buggy mode. Articulation is solid all around, leading to a very good figure. Someday though, I hope Elita-1 gets her due.
  3. I have to admit, I like Wildrider more than Dragstrip. The faux Porsche design speaks to me more, and I like the display options with the backpack. Transformation is simpler than Dragstrip's if you can believe that, while the toy overall feels a bit more solid, that might be because Wildrider isn't designed to split into two. Obviously, if you're looking to complete Menasor you're going to need Wildrider, but on its own, it is a solid toy.
  4. Knock-Out was a favorite and stand-out character from the Prime cartoon. One of the few, if only Decepticon Medics, its personality was more mad scientist than a healer. This version of Knock-Out has more rounded features that some see as drawing from G1. The figure is a retool of SS86 Jazz so any of the issues with that mold are unfortunately present here. Those issues aside I find Knock-Out to be a good figure and a worthy successor to the Prime RID mold.
  5. Beetle/Steam engine and Taxi/Tree are two of the larger UnitRoborn figures in the line. Both feature the same combination gimmick; easy on, easy off, and a few extra steps to complete the transformation. Once again there's no real articulation of note, but that's not the point, these are fun fiddle toys that just look cool. I really think that any figure from this line, especially the ones I've looked at, is worth a purchase just to try them out.
  6. And now for something completely different. When these new combining toys were first revealed I thought they looked neat and ordered a few. It wasn't until they were in transit that a post on a friend's social media enlightened me that these were new Machine Robo toys, the line that gave the world Go-Bots. Let's be clear, UnitRoborn is a line that wholly is gimmick-based, the toys have no articulation or natural ability to pose besides just standing there. Therein lies the charm, these are fun, cute combining figures that you can slap together and pull apart over and over. I'm very curious to see what the future holds and how Bandai will keep this play pattern from getting stale.
  7. For being a simple repaint of Legacy Skids with a new head, Burn Out is a really cool figure, I think I like it more than Skids! Whatever quibbles I had with Skids' transformation are gone with Burn Out, I don't know if it's just winning the QC lottery, or if some slight tweaks in the tooling were made. With Skids still being found at retail if you have a Walmart near you, you have an option as to what color you'll like to buy.
  8. It's incredible to think that for all the time that Rescue Bots has been around, the longest-running Transformers line, Megatron of all characters hasn't made an appearance, until now. Sure, this is a simplified figure, but it's cool to see Megs reimagined as a drill tank, a standard of Japanese mecha stories. If you collect Rescue Bots then adding Megatron to your collection is a must.
  9. This version of Blurr draws heavily from its appearances in the IDW comics. There's plenty of new tooling, including a new head but it's the same core body as the SS86 figure, with longer arm pylons. There are now three versions of this mold out there to sample so the choice is yours.
  10. Cosmos was one of my favorite Minibots as a kid. Besides being a cool toy it was one of the few that lasted through the years. After a few new molds over the years that updated the look of the figure, this version from the Walmart Velocitron exclusive line, gives us a figure that captures the spirit of the Cosmos character, while giving us a modern take. Hopefully, those who want this one to a case figure will be able to experience the fun that is Cosmos.
  11. Core Class Ratchet and Wheelie are fun additions to the Transformers Studio Series 86 line. Ratchet's transformation is involved but intuitive, the resulting ambulance mode has a silhouette that is broken up by a couple of hinges. Wheelie is a treasure and a vast improvement over the figurine that came with Leader Grimlock. Transformation is fun although the exposed hands might be a distraction to some. If you can only buy one or want to know who to buy first, Wheelie fits into the line perfectly at this scale.
  12. Sideways is a bot of many hats. Herald of Unicron, glorified movie cameo, and Master Yogi to name a few. As far as I can tell this isn't a licensed car, which is ok as it allows for more wiggle room with the design and it shows. This is one of the few car transformers I didn't struggle with getting panels lined up and pegged into place. Robot mode is squat and lanky but once you have the legs bent properly they hold Sideways up well and it's pretty posable. If you've been looking for some of the more obscure characters from the live-action movies to get a figure, Sideways is a solid purchase.
  13. The final Wreck 'N Rule set that I'll be looking at ends up being my favorite. The colors on G2 Leadfoot pop, I especially like the metallic sparkle on the blue. Mastodominus is a good Fossilizer but I'm still not a fan of that style of figure. If you're looking to build your Wrecker ranks or are a fan of the G2 era, this set is worth the purchase.
  14. Deadline has passed. Too bad importers won't be able to get the coasters
  15. Red Cog is exactly the same as the original Cog from Siege, just with a lot more weapons which are the real draw of the figure. Based on the model from the Netflix show Red Cog or Rog can also double as the companion drone for your Legends Brave Maximus. The various blasters and barrel extensions are great to compliment the armaments of some of the lesser outfitted Autobots. If you're looking for another Cog or some extra weapons Rog is worth the purchase.
  16. Next up in the Beast Wars reissue line is Terrorsaur. I never had the original release and was looking forward to getting it, since I'm a fan of those one-step transformers. Terrorsaur is fun, I really like the simple transformation and weapon storage. To think, in 1995 Terrorsaur was considered a highly articulated figure. If you missed out on experiencing the mold or your vintage figure is a little worse for wear, pick this figure up.
  17. For the 10th time in a row, we're looking at a figure using the not Lamborgini model that was first introduced in Siege. Clampdown is an homage to the pre-transformers Lamborgini police car. Yup, that was a thing back then. Transformation is the same and I was pretty pleased that after 10 versions the mold is still tight. A real bonus is that the set includes all of Red Alerts' weapons so we get both a rifle and a shoulder launcher. If you have a majority of the other 9 versions of the mold there's not a lot here to recommend other than being able to complete a collection.
  18. While I feel that Commander Class Motormaster was released far too early in the line, that doesn't take away from how fun it is. Transformation is relatively easy and I like how the feet do a 180 to replicate the cab toes from the G1 toy. The only problem is the coloring of the plastic might make it hard for some to find the slots for the tabs. The trailer is very dense and heavy, something that surprised me after experiencing Optimus and Rodimus Prime's trailers. While some might find the base mode boring, I do appreciate it being there as it gives the trailer something to do outside of Menasor mode. While I know most will be buying Motormaster for the Menasor combined mode, the toy stands on its own and is fun in its own right.
  19. While I feel a little flat about the whole Wreck 'N Rule line as a whole, I have to admit this set is a little fun. Spindle is a good retool of Paleotrex with new parts to make it into a Spinosaurus, I was wrong about it being a Dimetrodon. Impactor has a lot of new parts in the torso to bring the figure in line with its classic comic appearance. While one can never be sure of availability, I think it's a safe bet to hold off and wait on a sale for these figures.
  20. While I appreciate the possible wink and a nod to GI Joe with the paint deco, WnW Bulkhead, like the other figures in the line, feels a little flat to me. Perhaps it's because Legacy Bulkhead isn't that old yet for me to be nostalgic for the mold. The new hammer is nice and I wish I could remember if it was animation accurate. If you've been holding back on Legacy Bulkhead now you have a choice in paint deco to decide between.
  21. I was really looking forward to this release but QC issues have really stayed my enjoyment. The figure looks great, don't get me wrong, the metallic purple pops, but once you start handling it the floppy arms get in the way of posing while making the transformation more fiddly than necessary. Nightstick is another release of a Siege Battlemaster, this was a great opportunity to re-release the Universe Nightstick mold but that just makes sense. Ultimately, I can't really recommend this release if you already have the Kingdom version, even if you don't Kingdom Cyclonus is still easy to find.
  22. When Studio Series 86 Arcee was originally announced, many fans thought it would be a slight repaint of the current Earthrise mold that has been re-released in the Kingdom line. Well SS86 Arcee is a heavy retool of the older 30th-anniversary mold that results in the best G1 Arcee we've gotten to date, it's by no means perfect though. Transformation is a bit more involved than you would think, especially when you realize that having enough clearance in vehicle mode is a difference of millimeters. Car mode is the closest to the G1 animation I've seen, I'm very impressed with how the designers were able to pull it off. Unfortunately, there is still a sizable backpack to deal with in robot mode, but the joints are tight enough for now to handle it. There are plenty of better Arcee toys, but if you're looking for a pure G1 experience this is the best you can do.
  23. For those that missed out on experiencing this mold during Titans Return, Diaclone Universe Twin Twist is an excellent opportunity to grab the mold sub $30. Transformation is still smooth and enjoyable, I really enjoy the extra Titan Master ports on the Drill Tank. The colors pop and remind me of the legion of Jumpstarter KOs that populated dollar stores and candy shops of the 1980s. Twin Twist is a must-have if you're only open to getting one figure from the Wreck 'N Rule collection.
  24. I think after the Brontosaurus the Triceratops is my favorite Dinosaur. I'm not alone as the Triceratops has been featured in many different toy lines over the years. It's great to see Slag featured here in the Studio Series 86 line in all its G1 glory. The one section of the transformation that impressed me the most was how the legs folded out making Slag almost double in size, then watching the Dinosaur legs almost disappear. Robot mode is fantastic with tight ratchet joints and that G1 aesthetic that leads you to think Slag just walked right out of the movie or cartoon. Obviously, I can't find a single reason NOT to have Slag in your collection.
  25. I was initially excited when Dinobot Sludge was announced as the Brontosaurus was/is/who knows, my favorite Dinosaur. Sludge is unfortunately a floppy mess from the waist down that takes away from being a fantastic figure. I also have issues with the panels that form the top/back of Dinosaur mode pegging together well, but the loose hip and knee joints are the biggest issue. I strongly recommend waiting for a later release that hopefully fixes the loose joints.
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