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  1. Apeface was one of my favorite Transformers as a kid. I loved the double Headmaster gimmick and the transformation on the original toy had some interesting steps. I was excited when it was announced that Siege would be getting an update to this character, double Headmaster and all. The figure is solid but the execution is lacking in some parts, especially with how the gorilla back/fuselage comes together. Overall this is a fun figure that I can really recommend if you find it on sale.
  2. Singe and Rung are the last of the Battlemasters for Siege. Singe is a repaint of the Firedrive mold while Rung is brand new and probably will be the most wanted of the two. Hopefully, if you want them you can find them, of the two Rung is the one to get being a new mold.
  3. Autobot Jazz finally makes its return to Transformers in the Cyberverse One Step line. Transformation is smooth with a really strong spring that I'm concerned might weaken over time like with Prowl, with whom Jazz shares a frame and some parts. Overall I think this is a fun figure and as always makes a great desk toy.
  4. Hopefully, some folks get some use out of this. Springer is a fun figure but if you don't work the inner hinge right you'll never be able to transform it right.
  5. Drift and Bumblebee are good Warrior Class figures but suffer from the usual Cyberverse complaints of thin and cheap-feeling plastic. Of the two, Drift is the better overall figure but Bumblebee is much better than the original Warrior Class toy, the gimmick works. If you're looking to only buy one figure I'd go with Drift.
  6. These are two fun sets that in the case of the Battle Squad are digging deep in Transformers history. Rumble and Ratbat are good, but I feel require a Soundwave or Soundblaster to get their full effect. The combined weapon mode of the Battle Squad is surprisingly better than I first thought.
  7. Hasbro gave fans a chance to select two characters that would be featured in a battle pack. Mirage and Impactor won and as a bonus we got what was probably intended to be the first Powerdasher, Aragon. Well, what we end up with are two repaints with new heads and a repaint of Weaponizer Cog with a new head that people are surprisingly going crazy over. Ultimately it's up to you if the set is worth the price but I'm quite satisfied by the main retail releases of the three figures in this set.
  8. Star Convoy is a great use of the POTP Optimus Prime mold that unfortunately is showing its age. The legs on Convoy have a tendency to pop off while the combined Star Convoy has weak ankle joints except for the pivot which is extremely helpful holding the figure upright and distributing the weight. The overall look is fantastic but maybe wait for a sale to pick this figure up.
  9. Impactor is a solid hunk of plastic beef that follows in lockstep with the name Wrecker. Transformation is smooth and satisfying. This is a figure that will have a long life on desks of many G1 comic fans. Definitely worth the pick-up.
  10. Barricade is a repaint of the Generations Selects Smokescreen figure and it is gorgeous, the best looking Transformers figure that I can remember in a long time. My favorite aspect of the figure's deco has to be the gray/lavender combo that's used on the limbs. Highly recommended.
  11. Out of the three Datsun brothers, Smokescreen is my favorite since the character got quite a bit of development in the G1 cartoon. Like Bluestreak, Smokescreen comes with the shoulder launchers that are clearly based on the animation model for G1 Smokescreen. If you can find it for a reasonable price Smokescreen is a must for any collection.
  12. Jetfire is a fun Deluxe sized Cyberverse figure with an unobtrusive gimmick and good articulation. The plastic may feel thin in some areas and the ball joints will loosen over time. Overall this is a fun toy that should be in your collection.
  13. The Grimlock included with this set is the best Cyberverse figure I've handled. Transformation is fun and very intuitive. The Trash Crash armor piece is ok but doesn't add much except for some color. I recommend the set based solely on the Grimlock figure alone.
  14. It's the 35th anniversary of The Transformers; pause while we all realize just how old we are... OK. Bluestreak is a nice looking repaint of Prowl that features the iconic shoulder blasters. If you're looking to complete the car bros, then Bluestreak is a no brainer, but I have to say the figure stands on it own quite well and is well worth the purchase.
  15. Refraktor was one of the surprises from the Siege line when it/they were first announced. Once the blacklight images were revealed on the packaging rumors started of some sort of set that would include three figures plus some extra parts to complete the camera look. Well, if HasCon 2019 had happened this Reconnaissance set would've been one of the exclusives. Featuring three of the Refraktor molds done up in the original G1 toy colors with an extra flash, camera grip, and housing to better complete the camera look. It's a cool set and an easy way to get all three members of the team in one shot.
  16. You can watch the video to find out about the toy but right now I'd like to tell you about Chris Hyatte. Chris wrote for many sites back in the late 90s to the early/mid-2000s and besides bringing a unique view to Pro-Wrestling help create the concept of "Scholarly" reviews of comics and toys. Right now he's not doing so good so if you can contribute click the link below, if not enjoy my review of MP-44. You Got To Be Kidneying Me
  17. Somebody wasted a question on this? It was probably the production mold that's unusable, if Hasbro wanted to they could've made a new one from the master mold but they probably didn't want to spend the money, daddy needs a new 911. The better question would've been how are people going to be able to see the figures in box if they're removing plastic windows?
  18. With the release of this set we now have SEVEN versions of the Tetra Jet mold and a complete set of the G1 Seekers. Skywarp is like any of the other versions of this mold but with a slightly different facial expression. The Battlemasters just reminds me of what we could've had with a few different barrel parts. If you're not set on completing the dastardly trio there's not much here to recommend then.
  19. Hasbro always seems to have store exclusives for its current Transformers lines and Siege is no exception. We've already taken a look at Ratchet but Hasbro delivers again via Amazon a trio of pretty good repaints. G2 Sideswipe is the third use of the mold and in many ways the best. Slamdance is a great figure as long as it has both its wings and the left foot doesn't break off. Trenchfoot is the Blowpipe mold in black and red, that's about all. I can recommend the set but don't wait for discounts since once it's gone, it's gone.
  20. Another point that might be a reason that people aren't going in on this is the fact that this is Hasbro, the company that brought us Prime Airacnid, Armada Sideswipe, Prime Wars P/CP and countless other "bad" toys and toys misassembled leaving the factory. Imagine paying close to $630 (tax and shipping) only for Unicron having some defect and your only options are sending it back, or trying to fix it yourself.
  21. Deadlock is the name Drift used when he was a Decepticon, represented here in the Cyberverse line using a design that looks a little like Drift's Generations toy. Unfortunately, the weapon gimmick doesn't work as well as it should, like almost every other Warrior Class figure, and the plastic feels cheap in certain spots. Those issues aside I quite like the figure and think it's actually one of the better Warrior Class figures in the line.
  22. The Siege Micromaster Off-Road Patrol are ok robots, great vehicles, and a weapon mode that should be burned with fire. The combined blaster had the potential of being great but the tightness of a peg and hole connection, as well as no real way to lock the legs in, leaves it wanting. If you have or are interested in getting the Target exclusive 10 pack then I don't think you need to pick this set up.
  23. Ro-Bo Shark do do do do do. Ro-Bo Shark do do do do do! Cyberverse has given a couple of great figures to round out our One-Step ranks, Shockwave and Sky Byte! Shockwave features a pressure launched blast gimmick, with nice fireblast detailing; while Sky Byte has a fun spinning tail. What impressed me the most was the new transformation gimmicks, it's nice to see Hasbro pushing forward in that direction. Both figures would make great desk toys and are highly recommended.
  24. Wait I just realized, this is a cat with a boat, cats hate water. Good one Hasbro! Cheetor is a beloved character from Beast Wars so I'm sure there are quite a few people happy to see it included in the Cyberverse line. The figure is pretty good since the gimmick is contained in the Battleship. Combined Cheetor is still fairly articulated and fun to play with. Definitely worth the pick-up.
  25. The Doctor is in the HOUSE! Siege Ratchet is fantastic G1 inspired update to the classic character. Retooled from Ironhide Ratchet features a few new accessories including a wrench! Set to be a Walgreens exclusive this is definitely worth the pick-up.
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