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  1. Nightshade is very green, but man does the metallic green pop! Obviously, you'll need to buy this figure to complete Mandroid but besides that Nightshade is a solid figure overall.
  2. It's nice to see Hasbro reach across all Transformer lines for Legacy. Prime was an exciting show coming in the wake of the live-action movies. Skyquake and Dreadwing were two of the stand-out characters from the show and it's nice to see them in Evolution. The base mold that they share is meant to homage the Predator Skyquake, a character from the European Generation One period. Skyquake and Dreadwing are fun figures and either or both would fit well in your collection.
  3. By this point, we all know what to expect from the Flip Changers. Megatron is one of the better ones since the propellers actually spin, I was expecting them to be molded in. It's touches like that, that I appreciate and I think you will too.
  4. Well, this figure almost fooled me. I first thought this was an all-new mold with so many new parts. Grimlock, is a heavy retool of the Cyberverse Deluxe figure, almost every exposed piece is retooled from that mold. While my copy is a bit loose in the hips, I find this to be the better of the two releases.
  5. I want to think Hasbro heard the complaints about the first Jurassic Park crossover set and put some extra polish on this one. JP-12 is a really great deluxe figure although having watched the film I question making it an Autobot. Dilophocon is fantastic and is a real throwback to the type of Beast Wars figures I enjoyed. I am eager to see who the mold gets turned into next. While the price can be a bit off-putting to some, I don't see this set staying around long enough to go on the deep clearance like the first one.
  6. Snarl is on the same level as Swoop and Skar at the top tier of the Core Class Dinobots. Volcanicus is lacking in articulation above the waist and while impressive for the size, feels small in the hand. There will have to be some heavy retooling to get me interested in buying these figures again as either Moonstructor or Dino King.
  7. It's incredible how some different colors can make you appreciate a mold and realize what it's for. While we all thought that the mold was intended for Tarn, with these new colors and details of the mold pop, I believe that Bludgeon was the intended use all along. I also have to point out that a Voyager Transformer has enough articulation to do a proper two-handed sword pose, something that figures double or triple the price can't do. If you tend to favor Tarn then I'm not sure I can recommend the double dip, but this is the best Bludgeon figure since the original G1 mold.
  8. If this is the last of the Beast Weaponizers then the line is going out positively. Arcee has a relatively simple transformation that results in a well-articulated figure. Unfortunately, Cheetor is missing a lot of paint detail that I feel could've been included. Overall, this is a fun set that most will find enjoyable.
  9. Nacelle is just like every other Siege Tetrajet but in some snappier colors. Just watch out for whatever the figure is covered in.
  10. Out of the four Smash Changers we've gotten, Rhinox is the best. Combining the limited articulation of Optimus Prime, with the overall fun of Optimus Primal, Rhinox rocks! The cherry on this sundae is the removable Rhino head that can be used as a weapon or shield. You could wait for a sale to take some of the edge off this price, but since it's a late-line release you might be playing chicken with finding it.
  11. It's nice to have official snippers finally in the Transformers line. While I'm unfamiliar with the story that Kaskade and Javelin come from, the figures are solid. The colors are really great and appropriate for a soldier who has to operate under some stealth. Between the two, Javelin uses the newer mold and personally, I dig their rifle more and hope to see it again down the line. If you're a fan of the story or the molds these figures are made from, this is a good purchase.
  12. If you like Junkions you'll enjoy Axelgrease. I'm not a fan of the arm transformation as I find it needlessly difficult and really takes away from the figure. The accessories are fun and expand the playability of the toy, but ultimately I find very little to recommend.
  13. The truest definition of a desk toy is something fun to fidget around with. We should all know what to expect with Flip Changers from Earthspark by this point. No articulation, all gimmicks. Terran Twitch looks really good and is close to the show model. As I always say do NOT throw these around as they can break, I'm especially concerned about the Vtol wings on Twitch.
  14. These are the repaints that I'm sure we all saw coming. Nemesis Prime gives us Prime's ax in turquoise color while Thundercracker is what we've been expecting over the last three or so years. The molds are solid and I didn't notice any real degradation so they're worth the purchase if you want.
  15. It's Skids, in silver with a faceplate. If you liked Skids, you'll like this.
  16. Many fans are considering this version of Ariazor as the figure of the year and I can see why. With an intuitive transformation that hides the majority of the bird wings cleanly and articulation that's fluid and not hampered by beast parts, this is a really solid figure. It's a shame we never saw Airazor in robot mode in the movie so we can't be sure if this, or the Studio Series figure is more accurate to the movie, but this figure is a solid purchase.
  17. Mirage looks a LOT better in hand than the early pics made the figure look and in my opinion, looks better than the upcoming Studio Series release. Transformation is smooth and not that difficult. The colors are nice but I'm partial to blues and grays. This is a solid figure all around and worth the purchase.
  18. Every once in a while I like to take a look at transforming toys that aren't part of the Transformers brand. Playmates back in the day created the mutatin' subline of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand and thankfully those figures are being reissued. Leo, the leader of the Turtles is up first and is a really fun figure. The conversion is relatively simple but satisfying and the inclusion of mutating weapons is a nice touch. I look forward to the other Turtles and really, really hope they release Splinter, Bebop, and Rocksteady.
  19. This set is a lot more fun than you would think. While Prime and Bumblebee are animation-style repaints Hasbro also includes a nice assortment of extra accessories like a cartoon-style blaster for Bumblebee. Obviously, the big draw for this set is the trailer which unlike the Earthrise one, is fully loaded with the repair drone complete with radar dish, and a very well-built roller. It should also be mentioned that both figures show no sign of mold degradation. This really is a fantastic set and really worth the purchase.
  20. I might sound like a broken record but again with the War Dawn 2-Pack, you're paying for one quality figure, Erial a repaint with a new head and Motorcycle windshield of Legacy Prime Arcee. The SS86 Kup mold is showing its age with Dion, the arms barely stay on and joint tolerances are spotty. These issues are funny when you realize that Dion had the most retooling of the set. For the current retail price, I'd advise waiting for a sale.
  21. Ok, this is probably one of the cheapest in terms of quality and simplest toys I've reviewed. This is 100% for kids and what they get is a figure that's around Leader Class size and very simple. It is interesting to see the head is the same as all the toy versions of Scourge including the Studio Series, which means there is no representation of the movie look, yet. If there's a younger fan in your life then this is something they would enjoy.
  22. There's not a lot here that really wows me with Megatron. It's a good figure and I appreciate the updated design, but I feel the original deluxe was a touch more fun. I know a lot of people are going to be disappointed by the limited knees, whether or not that was intentional it doesn't affect transformation. For some, this will be a must-have but for others, I can see it being an easy pass.
  23. What some new parts and paint can do for a mold is fantastic. Elita-1 and Minerva were ok, but Strongarm is the best use of this mold. Outside of an entirely new mold, this is the best modern interpretation of Strongarm we'll get and it's my favorite figure of the wave.
  24. Shadow Striker is a great figure but there are lots of little things going on with it that might turn some people off. First, I feel labeling the figure from the Cyberverse Universe is a disservice as the use of this mold is clearly meant to homage the TFCC convention exclusive. That leads to the second point, this mold is meant for Robots In Disguise Sideburn who we know is coming at a later point. With that said I find it hard to recommend this figure since once Sideburn is released most of this version will become redundant.
  25. Bombshell completes the Legacy Evolution updates to the G1 Insecticons and I have to admit that I feel underwhelmed. Bombshell is a repaint/retool of Shrapnel and while it works well, I'm disappointed that we're denied three unique molds for the Insecticons. I do enjoy Bombshell and it's a worthy addition to your Insecticon army.
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