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  1. With Flip Changers you know what you're getting. How inventing the transformation is and how well it works is what's important. Skullcruncher takes the butterfly-style transformation and puts a unique spin on it by transforming backward and having the tail flip out. The figure closes up tightly and quickly although I did notice some hesitation when using a softer surface. Elita-1 uses a new transformation I haven't seen before with the roof sliding back to transform to robot mode. Once or twice the joints would stick going to car mode but it's not something I'm overly worried about. Between the two I enjoy Skullcruncher more but both make for fun desk toys.
  2. The Deluxe line from Earthspark doesn't have a theme to which characters will get Deluxe figures. Thrash is nice, but is it better or different enough from the Warrior Class figure? Transformation is interesting but borrows quite a bit from the Warrior figure, and I miss the sidecar. Ultimately, which version of Thrash is better will be up to you.
  3. With the 40th anniversary of the Transformers brand being here, many products are coming out from all over the place. Bloks, or Buluke have released these great blind box figure kits of some of the more popular characters from the brand's early days. Building them is very easy and what you end up with are surprisingly well-articulated mini action figures. Think of these as Action Masters with more joints. Since these are blind boxed I recommend buying a whole case to give yourself a good chance of getting a complete set.
  4. Well, it could be worse. ROTB Wheeljack has a lot of good points, the vehicle mode is nice, the robot mode isn't bad, and in theory, there are some interesting steps to the transformation. Unfortunately, it's the transformation that makes Wheeljack undesirable. If there's one word to describe my issues with the transformation, it is clearance. There just isn't enough room to allow parts to pass easily. A good transformation should leave you feeling satisfied, this one makes you feel relieved it's over. I'd wait for a sale or clearance to pick this figure up.
  5. Here's a quick how-to on building one of the Transformers Bloks kits!
  6. Here's a look at what figures are in the first wave of these new kits made by Bloks!
  7. The Cyber Series was our first look at the Evergreen designs put into effect. The figures have stayed in production through the years with deco changes here and there. Amazon sells two packs of some of the core characters, Optimus Prime and Megatron are one of those sets. I believe that Prime features a more metallic paint job while Megatron's deco now features a bit more brown. Transformation is simple for both but that's not necessarily a bad thing. These make for great introductions to the Transformers brand and the sets make a great gift.
  8. While being very, very small, even the Core Class box had a lot of space left over, Rumble is an interesting figure. While I wish Rumble was released closer to Soundwave's original release date, Rumble can interact with the larger figure by fitting in its chest and the back weapons form a small blaster. Transformation is simple and I like how the back weapons are integrated into the alternate mode. I can only recommend the figure for those who are big fans of the Bumblebee movie, or Soundwave completionists.
  9. I'm not going to spoil it here, you'll have to watch!
  10. Trashmaster is the best of the Evolution Junkions. There's a beef and solid hand feel that defies the smaller stature of Trashmaster. While the figure doesn't disassemble as deeply as the deluxe Junkions, I appreciate that Trashmaster is easier to transform and doesn't come apart in my hands. This is a solid purchase and a good addition to any collection.
  11. I must admit, at first, I thought Scrapheap was a waste of space, did we need ANOTHER Junkion retool of Wreck-Gar? Scrapheap is not only a solid figure but also the best Junkion we've gotten in the SS86 line. I can't single out what makes this version of the mold better, it's just fun to transform and pose. If you're going to buy one of the Junkions Wreck-Gar is the one to buy but if you have space for two, Scrapheap is a solid purchase.
  12. Bebop and Rocksteady are nice throwback figures to days gone by. The transformation has a few neat tricks that were groundbreaking back in the day. I can imagine that these were a kid's first Bebop and Rocksteady back then. I'm excited to see if Playmates will continue the Mutatin' line.
  13. Out of the four figures across the two Reactivate sets Optimus Prime is the best. That's not to say the others are bad, but Prime delivers on all points. Robot and Vehicle mode takes the Evergreen design and beefs it up while the transformation is involved but not overly complex. This is one of the better Prime figures we've gotten in a while and it makes the set with Soundwave the one to buy.
  14. With the release of Studio Series Mohawk, I think Hasbro has finally captured the best "Softtail" Motorcycle design and transformation, a lot is going on in this little package. Articulation in robot mode is fantastic, I appreciate the articulated jaw. Transformation is simple and fun, I appreciate how everything pegs together solidly. My only real complaint is the hidden feature of removing the head, obviously to replicate a scene from "The Last Knight." I can see collectors getting the figure as I did with the head rolling loose in the packaging or worse, missing entirely. Hasbro should've waited to release Mohawk in a later wave when the windows were returned to the packaging. That issue aside, Mohawk is a fantastic figure and something you'll enjoy.
  15. Soundwave is a great modern take on the classic character. The armored truck is a nice interpretation of the "Evergreen" design that we've seen in such lines as Authentics, RID, and Cyberverse. If I had to choose between Soundwave and Bumblebee as to who is the better Reactivate deluxe, I'd have to pick Soundwave.
  16. Tigerhawk is the result of merging a Tiger and some type of bird that's not a Hawk. Beast mode is interesting but I find the rear Hawk legs to be a little too weak to support the mass. The transformation has some fun steps, my favorite being how the front legs of Beast mode become the Robot mode legs. I'm impressed with how both modes feel solid with everything pegging in place that needs to. Being an obscure character I can see Tigerhawk appealing to die-hard Beast Wars fans or fans of the original toy.
  17. When first revealed WFC Starscream was met with some disappointment over the color pallet and design, I had some concerns over the length of the wings. Having the figure in hand I can tell you it is better than early looks, but it's generally not as solid as the original deluxe release. The colors are muted which I assume is accurate to the game while vehicle mode is more of a shuttle than a jet like the original toy. Transformation is ok, but I feel that there are many half steps and at first, I found myself asking "That's it?" Overall, fans of the WFC game will probably enjoy this version of Starscream but most can safely pass on this without regret.
  18. With this release, we get our first possible look at how Bumblebee and Starscream will appear in the Reactivate video game. Starscream has an interesting jet mode that gives me slight Armada vibes with a neo-classic robot mode. Bumblebee has an overall darker pallet that gives me Goldbug vibes with a vehicle and robot mode that is more mature than the G1 look. Transformation for both is more complex than you would expect with Bumblebee coming off as more fiddly than fun. While the price might be prohibitive to most Generations collectors, there's something here for those looking for designs outside of the norm.
  19. Thankfully I didn't have to wait as long as I thought to experience Core Class Energon Megatron. It's a good figure but nothing groundbreaking or radically different. I do find it funny that the upgrade to Armada Megatron is three size classes smaller. Transformation is simple, joints are tight, and Megs looks just like it did during the run of the Energon cartoon. Like I said, nothing bad but nothing surprising.
  20. If it continues the Cyber-Combiner subline might produce some of the best toys of 2024. The Cyber-Combiners are the best parts of Crash Combiners, and the Energon Powerlinx system, enhanced for 2024. Twitch and Robby make for a great pair but having both sets in I feel that the best combinations are between each human mech and each Autobot. I recommend the line and look forward to what's to come.
  21. Once again another early Christmas present in the form of the Cyber-Combiner two packs showed up from Amazon. The Bumble and Mo Malto set is fun and takes the Crash Combiner concept to a new level. The increase in size allows for more articulation for each figure and the combined mode. Yes, there are some hollow bits on both figures and the combined modes but they all feel solid with some heft. Bumblebee and Mo Malto are fun figures for big and small hands alike.
  22. If there's one word to describe United Animated Bumblebee it's small. The robot mode is small and the vehicle is even smaller, all accurate to the original character design. Transformation is fairly simple, I like how the legs transform and the robot mode is very articulated. Fans of Animated should be pleased with this version of Bumblebee.
  23. I'm not that familiar with Tasmania Kid, either the toy or the character. I know it comes from the Japanese Beast Wars II cartoon but that's about it. The figure we have here is nice, but I find parts of the transformation fiddly, there will be some lines as is the case with some beast figures. While not the best Core Class figure in United Wave 01, it's not the worst and I know fans of Tasmania Kid will be happy.
  24. With every new version of Windblade, Hasbro improves upon the figure design. With Legacy United, we have the best version of Windblade to date. The jet mode is excellent, while the transformation is smooth and fun, resulting in a fantastic robot mode that can fit in your Cyberverse or Generations display. It's hard to believe that it's going to be 10 years since the release of the original Windblade toy and Hasbro has released a figure worthy of celebrating.
  25. Legacy United has to have one of the strongest Wave 01 releases in a long time. Core Class Bouldercrash is our first look at the smaller Armorizers that I believe become weapons for the larger robots. Bouldercrash has a very nice clay red color that's accented by some bright red lines across the figure. Transformation is simple but fun, the weapon mode works best with Voyager or Leader figures, anything larger and the sword might become a dagger, but experiment and see what you like. I look forward to the other Core Class Armorizers and what they'll be able to do.
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