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  1. Is it a Rock Lord? Is it from that planet from Headmasters? It's a little bit of both. Coming from the Infernac Universe Magneous is the first of the Weaponizer/Fossilizer gimmick for the United line. Building off the perfect transformation of Evolutions Junkions, Magneous feels more solid than previous releases in this style. Transformation is fun and I didn't experience limbs popping off as I did with the Junkions. I find it fascinating that unlike the Weaponizers, Fossilizers, and Junkions; Magneous doesn't have any marking aligning it with the Autobots or Decepticons. Magneous is a great figure and leaves me excited to see the rest of the rock offerings in this line.
  2. It's great to see how deep Hasbro is willing to go for the Legacy United line by including Chase from Rescue Bots. The basic colors of blue and white pop and I appreciate the inclusion of Chase's handcuff weapon. Transformation is fun with the way the legs collapse on themselves a highlight. While some might pass due to the Rescue Bots connection, Chase is a fun figure all around.
  3. Thundertron is a unique addition to the Legacy line and shows how deep Hasbro is willing to pull. Transformation is fairly simple but I am concerned about the strain on the mushroom pegs all the twisting will cause over time. The Lion and robot modes feature a striking blue-and-white color scheme that I quite enjoy. I appreciate that the designers could include the best-remembered feature of Thundertron, his peg leg. While Thundertron might not be for everyone, it's nice to see this character from the Prime toy line included.
  4. So much for giving our wallets a breather! In the waning days of 2023, Hasbro is starting to trickle out their 2024 line Legacy United. The first figure for most of us is Animated Optimus Prime. While I was never a fan of the cartoon, I did respect the toys and how they captured the style of said cartoon. This Voyager interpretation while giving the design some fresh angles, remains faithful to the original look. I think Animated and all Transformers fans will find something to like about this version of Optimus Prime.
  5. Armada Optimus Prime is the crown jewel of the Legacy Evolution line and a fantastic figure. I'll admit I miss some of the gimmicks like having a proper base mode, but the modern updates like articulation and an overall solid feel are an even trade. If you can find this figure at retail or even on sale I'd jump on it as prices are starting to fluctuate.
  6. Takara has returned to form with their release of the Earthspark line. For many years Takara was known for having a more premium paint deco on their releases, even doing some retooling and adding accessories. That ended after the Titans Return line with a few odd releases here and there. Optimus Prime looks much better than the Hasbro release, with better symbols and what I feel is a better use of silver paint. Starscream is much improved from the original Cyberverse release and has a more metallic look from what I've seen of the Hasbro renders. These Takara releases make a great gift for collectors who might already have these figures but would appreciate the refreshed decos.
  7. If there's one word to describe Studio Series Rhinox it's thick. Robot mode is solid with a few interesting tricks in the torso and legs. Rhino mode has a slight gap in the middle but overall it's very chunky too. If you're looking for a movie design that leans more toward the classic Beast Wars look, you might find the mainline figure more enjoyable, but this release fits the bill for a figure that captures the movie look.
  8. Once again we're taking a look at some figures from the Star Wars Mission Fleet line. The Bad Batch became popular after appearing in the Clone Wars TV show and now are featured in their own cartoon. Each figure features a good amount of articulation for the size and character-specific accessories. I was impressed by how the designers were able to work in weapon storage on such a small scale. If you can find these on sale or clearance they're definitely worth the purchase.
  9. Full disclosure, I haven't seen an episode of Stranger Things yet so if there's a detail or Easter Egg I miss now you know why. With that out of the way Code Red is an enjoyable figure, the transformation is very intuitive and I found it easy to do by memory after using the instructions initially. The accessories are fun and I appreciate the included blast effect, which is made from a harder plastic so my fear of it melting or damaging plastic is lessened. Hasbro has been producing some excellent Crossover figures lately and Code Red is no exception.
  10. Somebody at Hasbro must be a big fan of the Thunder Machine because this Crossover set came out great! Transformation is inventive with the leg transformation being a real highlight. While I would've preferred Thrasher, it's great to have Zartan and Zarana in the Retro style, maybe we'll see more Dreadknocks? While the initial price might seem a little high, I don't think this set will stick around like the HISS Tank and AWE Striker so you can pay a premium now or a LOT more later.
  11. Well, again Super7 got me to invest in one of their designer figures. When I saw that Unicron would be coming in their ReAction line I knew I would fall down the hole again, especially since the figure is based on the G1 toy prototype. Even though I knew what to expect I was still surprised by the arm articulation, usually you can expect decent up-and-down movement, giving the figure some play value. Well, that went out the window as a combination of the curve of the arms and shoulder placement means anything above a slight bend makes Unicron look like it's dabbing. Thankfully I bought this figure on sale and that's the only way I can recommend it.
  12. Nightbird is a much better deluxe figure than Mirage, but that's not saying much. Much of the transformation is similar to the mainline figure, but I miss the claw weapon and how it and the sword integrated to form the rear spoiler. What is interesting about this Studio Series release is how the bulk shifts from the front on the mainline figure to the rear as a backpack. While it's not a perfect figure Nightbird is good and I'm not looking for a second attempt like Mirage.
  13. Well, they all can't be winners. While Mirage has a great vehicle mode, the praise ends there as the transformation is quite fiddly and the robot mode is limited by car bits and design. If you really want this figure I recommend waiting for a sale, coupon, or closeout store.
  14. I must say I find myself enjoying Frankentron, even though it's the fifth use of the Impactor mold. Transformation is still fun and I'm happy that all the parts peg and lock into place like they're supposed to and the new accessories capture the spirit of the figure. Overall, I think Frankentron works better as a Crossover figure than Draculus. If you're a fan of the classic Universal film, this is worth the purchase.
  15. Leave it to Hasbro to keep the best figures for the end of the line. Optimus Prime and its Beast Combiner partner Lionblade are awesome, this is the best set of the line. Prime features great articulation, something the other Beast Combiners lacked. Lionblade is an obvious homage to Lio Convoy or Lio Prime; depending on where you're from. Airazor is a triple changer of sorts and is functional for most figures. Hopefully, you'll be able to find these figures if you are interested.
  16. There's not much to say about Ratchet, it's a repaint of Ironhide with a new head and waistpiece. I still have issues with the size of the figure and the use of clear plastic but it is a nice representation of Ratchet from the cartoon and movie if you're like me you kind of need Ratchet to complete your 86 display.
  17. There's not much to say about Frenzy. If you liked Rumble you'll like Frenzy, and now you can decide who is who.
  18. While the Noah Diaz Exo-Suit figure is very, very simple, the designers really packed a lot into what the figure can do. The core figure of Noah Diaz is fairly articulated for its size, any pose I would want to put it in I was able to pull off easily. The drone part of the figure is removable, but even attached doesn't limit movement THAT much. While some might find the price to be a little high for what you're getting, I'm pleased with the figure.
  19. It's another Optimus Prime and Bumblebee toy! By now we all know how the Taticons work, but for some reason, these were rather hard for me to find, here they are now in all their finger-fun glory!
  20. The simplest of the simple, Taticons, more commonly known as finger changers, are small representations of the main cast of Earthspark. Arcee's classic muscle car design is represented well while Hashtag has a very nice-looking metallic flake in its predominantly purple color scheme. Really the only bad thing I can say is that these are rather hard to find online for a reasonable price point.
  21. While I think this is a good figure, once I got over the size shock after opening the box, Optimus Primal just isn't worth the price. I feel the transformation, while simple, is overly involved to try and drive up the parts count. The Mainline Voyager of Primal handles the leg transformation better. The accessories are nice, but I don't understand why they weren't included with the respective figures in the first place. I can only recommend Primal if you find it on sale.
  22. While it's nice to see Hasbro celebrating all aspects of Armada in Legacy Evolution, I find it hard to recommend the Powerlinx Hot Shot and Jolt set. The main draw of this set is Jolt, a fantastic update to the classic Minicon and much, much better than the Universe 2.0 release. Unfortunately, I don't see the value when it comes to the rest of the set. Hot Shot still has the same issues the original release had, the extra weapons and blast effects are nice but don't add up to a whole lot. I can only recommend this set if you passed on the original Hot Shot release or find it on sale.
  23. With the final release from the Battle Changers line, we get Scourge, one of the best releases of the subline. Transformation is simple and familiar to the other basic Scourge figures released. It would've been nice to get this figure released sooner as it will probably be hard to find at mass retail now.
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