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  1. One thing I appreciate about Bandai Namco is that they'll try anything to promote their Gundam brand. Case in point, using the Haro mascot to spearhead a new line of simple transforming ball toys, based around iconic mobile suits. Don't expect a lot of articulation or detail from these figures, their sole purpose is to look like chibi mobile suits that fold up. I do appreciate that the designers made sure the arms and head move for some expression. If you've been curious about Gundam this might be a fun place to start and obviously, these make for great desk toys.
  2. While I'm happy with this set, make no mistake that this is a simple repaint set that doesn't offer anything new or different in terms of the actual toys. The black deco looks sharp and makes the figures just look cool. If you've been picking and choosing which molds to purchase this is a great way to experience the police car and motorcycle molds.
  3. Quite possibly this might be the toy line of the year.
  4. Clean Braver is next up in the Takara Tomy Job Braver line. I think this figure is a big step up from the helicopter models and is a really fun and solid toy. Like the helicopter model this tweaks and plays with the standard Braver transformation while still giving that tactile fun feel of the spring transformation. I highly recommend this toy and think it's a solid addition to the line.
  5. This is a toy that's 40 years in the making. Growing up I always wondered how the Autobots would or could help the GI Joes against Cobra and then I would wonder if the Decepticons with Cobra could be the ultimate threat to the world. Sure there were playground rumors and as an adult, there were shrugs and the occasional I don't know from those in power, but we never got the ultimate crossover. Sure, there have been a few winks, nods, and SDCC sets over the years but finally here is the first, official, toy-based, non-convention exclusive, GI Joe/Transformers crossover. It makes sense for Megatron to be a HISS tank, as that's a form that can contain the sheer power of Megatron. Transformation really isn't that difficult and the resulting HISS tank really, really looks good, without the fusion cannon I would say it looks exactly like the classic Cobra machine. The Baroness is an excellent addition, and while I could think of a few other selections, it makes sense for her to be included with Megs. The price might be a little off-putting but there is a chance Megs might end up on sale at some point, but for me, the price was totally worth it.
  6. This figure looks slick. I wasn't 100% sure if I'd like the G2 figures being released piecemeal in the Speedia 500 line, but Shadow Strip blew me away. The black and gold deco pops, and the metallic turquoise on the head and guns really bring everything together nicely. While I'm not sure if I'm all in on G2 Stunticons, Shadow Strip really makes me excited for what's coming.
  7. One thing I like about Legacy is Hasbro's willingness to reach across lines for figures, case in point Minerva. Minerva comes to us from the Japanese-exclusive Masterforce and Victory series. The figure is a repaint with a new head of Elita-1, if you liked that figure, you'd like Minerva. I appreciate that the blaster meant to represent the original toy's gun is painted black. I can only recommend Minerva to those who are fans of Japanese-exclusive characters, otherwise the grief and stress you'll go through trying to find this Walgreens exclusive might not be worth it.
  8. Sometimes there's a figure that in pictures and videos just looks off, but once you get the toy in hand it's actually really good. Blitzwing is one of those figures. While there are a few issues with the kibble and the extended canopy, it's really not that bad. Once you do the transformation a few times and remember that there's an order some steps need to follow, it's very fun and satisfying. While the price point might be a little high for some, if you can find Blitzwing on sale it's worth the purchase.
  9. Once again we're taking a look at toys from the forthcoming Rise of the Beasts movie, released under a different line. In this case, we have Energon Igniters re-released from the Bumblebee movie under the Target Exclusive Buzzworthy Bumblebee line. They're really fun and make for great desk toys. It's a great opportunity for new fans to check out some of the fun figures from an older movie line.
  10. Finally, we've gotten to see some of the new toys released for the Rise of the Beasts movie line, under the Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures Dinobots Unite subline. If you're reading this you probably know why, but let's focus on the toy, and what a toy it is. This is all gimmick, plain and simple, but the addition of a simple head swivel does give this figure the ability to emote a little. Now to be honest, on my copy of the figure the transforming gimmick worked about 3 out of 5 times, your mileage might vary but it's worth a mention. I really like the look of this Prime and I'm really excited for the rest of the Rise of the Beasts line.
  11. The second release under the MPG subline is Getsuei, who will form the right leg of Raiden, the legendary train combiner. Train mode is top-notch, which isn't surprising since the look and accuracy of the trains are the focus for Takara. That's not to say robot mode is bad, it actually has a simpler transformation than Shouki with a cleaner end result. While I can't guarantee that all the train bots will end up like Getsuei, I can say that if you want to try the line out, this figure is a great place to start.
  12. I'm used to Funko Pops being small vinyl figures that can sit on your desk, Unicron is HUGE! Yes, a lot of the size is taken up by the packaging but the figure itself is still very, very big. Other than the size, Unicron is well detailed and fits in well with other Transformer Funko Pops. If you can find the big guy on sale then it's a solid purchase, otherwise, you might want to think a bit if it fits in your collection.
  13. The Unitroborn line continues to innovate and just be fun, something I think has been lacking from toys for a while now. While I worry that the overall gimmick might get stale, the end results are still fun and enjoyable. Both Pineapplebus and Ambulancecake make for fun desk toys that are a little out of the norm, which is something I think toys need in 2022.
  14. So yeah, remember that Scout Class Bumblebee that was hard to find? It only showed up at one random Burlington Coat Factory? Well, here it is thanks to Target's website. Hive Swarm Bumblebee just might be the best Scout Class figure I've handled, the figure is well articulated for its size and class. The gimmick is fun and works well. Obviously, most of you have moved on from Cyberverse but if you're trying to find some of the few gems then Hive Swarm Bumblebee is worth a look.
  15. Fire Braver is a fun figure that's a little top heavy. I'm really a fan of this gimmick and am looking forward to more.
  16. Show of hands, who is really surprised we got this repaint? I think as soon as G2 Laser Prime was announced everyone was anticipating Scourge, or Nemesis Prime, or Black Convoy, whatever it was going to be called. Here it is in all its black, teal, and neon pink glory. There are no surprises to the mold, if you liked it before you'll like it again. I do have to admit I'm getting a little bored and tired of the Siege Optimus mold so hopefully, this will be the last use and we can look forward to something from Armada, RID, or even Energon.
  17. This is something different and I like it. from the Kamen Rider Geats line comes the Revolve Change Figure assortment. The gimmick of the line features torso and waist swapping, basically, arms can be legs and legs can be arms. What amazes me the most is that the figure, in either mode, features full articulation. In my book, this figure is a front runner for the toy of the year.
  18. This is a fun little figure that really captures well the look of the shell and inner robot of G1 Bomb-Burst. Hopefully, this is a taste of a larger figure coming somewhere down the line.
  19. While having a lovely helicopter mode, Doctor-Heli, unfortunately, suffers from the Braver System gimmick having to be limited due to the mold. The only spring-activated part on the figure is the pop-up head, a very small head at that. The limiting of the gimmick does result in a vehicle mode with fewer gaps and a more solid overall feeling. While I find Doctor-Heli to be a little lacking, I would recommend buying one of the helicopters in the Job Braver line just to experience the mold.
  20. Fantastic figure. It's probably one of the most overlooked figures in history.
  21. And now for something completely different. Job Braver is a Takara/Tomy kid-friendly line in the spirit of Drive Head and Shinkalion, the toys transform, but they're not Transformers. The line features a gimmick called the Braver System which features little partner droids, which I assume are the AI of the combined robots, forming the lower torso and legs of the combined form. Transformation is relatively simple with a spring-loaded gimmick triggered by the small droids. Thus far I like them quite a bit and look forward to what comes next.
  22. I wanted to like this toy more than I do, unfortunately, overly tight springs and loose clips make this figure far more fidgety than it needs to be. I can really only recommend this to the die-hard collector or someone with nostalgia for the vintage toy.
  23. I remember the Cybertron Deluxe Class Override toy being somewhat polarizing when it was first released. Many fans didn't like that it had a one-step transformation. I always felt that was done due to the character being the leader of Speedia and always doing things fast. Almost twenty years later we have an update, now at the Voyager Class price point that has a standard transformation. While I enjoy the figure and think it's a great update, I just don't see what makes this figure a voyager. The engineering isn't anything overly special and we know that this was made with fewer runners than a standard Voyager. Again, while I like the figure I have to urge collectors to wait for a sale that brings the price of the figure down to a more palatable amount.
  24. Road Hauler has an interesting history in Transformers, mostly from Japanese fiction that draws upon a 5-second animation error from the old G1 cartoon. There's not much to say about the toy since it's the same mold we've seen before with Grapple, Inferno, and Artfire, this time with a new face. If you haven't experienced the mold before then this is worth the purchase, otherwise, I find it hard to recommend if you already own Grapple and Inferno.
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