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  1. Debates about the size of the figure aside this is a great Optimus Prime. I'll go so far to say that I don't think we'll need another Optimus Prime figure for quite a while. Transformation is inventive and the resulting figure is near Masterpiece quality. I truly feel this is the best G1 style Optimus Prime to date.
  2. Do you have to file the whole peg around or just that one side of the peg shown in the diagram?
  3. It's funny, since of the best figures I've handled in recent times are the cyber series and authentics. Both lines are designed for discount chains.
  4. Pant based plastic? If it comes in my size I'll be down.
  5. One of these days I'm going to talk about my tin-hat theory on modern transformers and their construction.
  6. Absolutely the quality has gone down ever since the oil "shortage" almost a decade ago. What makes it worse is there's a vocal minority in the Fandom that tries to excuse the quality reduction and brush it all under the table.
  7. Whereas Cliffjumper is on the smaller end of the deluxe spectrum Hoist is a figure that's on the larger end, it's a big beefy robot. Unlike the 30th anniversary figure, Earthrise Hoist borrows more from the classic G1 design, for better or worse in the case of the arm flaps. Transformation is a bit fiddly but once everything comes together you end up with a nice and tight truck mode. While not the best of the Wave 1 deluxe figures, Hoist fills a niche that might just be what your collection is looking for.
  8. This has to be one of the best if not the best One-Step Changers I've ever handled. The transformation is new and something I'd like to see used again, possibly with the other Monsterbots. The arms are by far the most articulated of any simplified figure utilizing ball-joints in the shoulders and elbows. I always say the One-Step Changers make for the perfect desk toy but Repugnus exemplifies the term. If you're someone who automatically turns their nose up at the mere mention of the phrase One-Step, you need to give this figure a look.
  9. After quite a while we finally have a Cliffjumper figure that isn't a repaint with a new head of Bumblebee. For me, the highlight of the figure is the modular weapon that starts off as a Bazooka and ends up being skiffs and thrusters to hover on water, like in that episode from the G1 cartoon. While some may not see the value because of Cliffjumpers' small stature, this is a solid figure and a great start to the Earthrise line.
  10. Well, the Earth has, uh risen? The Hot Rod and Military Patrols are the first tastes of the new Earthrise line for many and they taste, like plastic. Seriously, why are you putting toys in your mouth? Seriously though, these are ok figures; the Hot Rod Patrol while looking cool in car mode are seriously lacking in robot mode. I guess it's hard to make good car robots at that size. The Military Patrol are better figures but suffer from very loose joints. Both teams feature a combined weapon mode like the Micromasters from the Siege line, the Military Patrol make an overall better weapon. Ultimately, both sets are fine but there's no reason to run out and buy them on sight.
  11. These new Ultra Class figures from the Cyberverse line feature a spring-loaded "Energon Armor" gimmick. The translucent armor bits are brightly colored, giving a "Cyber" Samurai look to Bumblebee and Hot Rod. Clobber will be a figure of note to collectors as it's a new character and right now this is the only way to get it. Overall, these figures are fun additions to any collection and will add a bit of color to any shelf.
  12. Most people are going to want this set for the Sharkticons and that's OK, but don't turn your nose up at the repaint of the Hot Rod One-Step changer. The black deco is nice but I would've preferred a Hot Rod with the "Tribal" markings from the Sharkticon themed episode of the cartoon. If you can find it on sale it's worth the pick-up.
  13. Hound is the latest in the line of Masterpiece figures to follow the design style of looking like it stepped right out of the cartoon. Some fans don't like this style as it has lead to more complex transformations in the Masterpiece line. While I find Hound's transformation to be involved, after a couple of go-arounds it does become intuitive. Many who have bought the figure have experienced breakages in packaging or shortly after getting the figure out of the box but I haven't had any issues thus far and feel confident to say I won't in the future. Those QC issues make it difficult to fully recommend this figure but Hound is worth a look.
  14. Here's a nice little set that gives us a great G1 inspired Quintesson Judge, complete with rotating face gimmick. Oh, there's also Spark Armor Prowl and Shockwave without their armor, but with snazzy masks! Since this is an open package set make sure the Quintesson isn't broken and the masks on Shockwave and Prowl are included.
  15. Don't hold me too this as, I can't see more of Prowl to be sure, but it looks like Prowl is the Spark Armor figure, not the Warrior Class version. Same with Shockwave.
  16. While I was hoping that Optimus Prime would be the best figure of the first four, it ends up falling somewhere in the middle due to incredibly loose joints that make a fun transformation finicky. The included Ion Blaster while small, features quite a bit of detail but I feel the Matrix is where the included blast effect will spend most of its time. Overall, this is a solid figure but not the home run that I was hoping for.
  17. Not so much on Amazon as the free 2-day shipping is still a great benefit, but on eBay I'm thinking about purchases more; especially on those items that are selling for a premium to begin with. I do find it odd on there that I have to pay tax on an item that someone already paid tax on. Ebay also has to adjust their system so that I'm not getting charged twice; once for the item and again for the tax.
  18. Shockwave is a good deluxe figure but I feel it falls short when compared to Bumblebee and Megatron. My one big issue is the neon-pink rubber cable that connects the large cannon to the backpack; it's way too stiff out of the box and even after working it can still limit arm articulation. Overall, Shockwave is a solid purchase but I would recommend the other figures in the wave first.
  19. Following up on Megatron is Bumblebee, while not as good as Megatron, it's probably the best deluxe class Bumblebee I've handled. My one complaint with the figure is that the wings can bump into the shoulder pads and limit arm articulation, small potatoes honestly as you can adjust things to your liking. Overall, this is a very, very solid figure and worth the purchase.
  20. Megatron is a part of the new for 2020 Cyberverse Deluxe Class line. As many collectors have said, these are the Cyberverse figures they've been waiting for. Megatron features an involved, intuitive transformation that becomes second nature after a few go-rounds. This is by far the best Deluxe Class Megatron figure I've ever handled and highly, highly recommend it.
  21. Astrotrain is a good figure and a great note to end the Siege line on. Unfortunately, I don't feel it's worth the price it's going for now, but this is the new reality we have to get used to with Leader Class figures going forward.
  22. Crosshairs is a repaint with a new head of Ironhide based on the late G1 Targetmaster. Thankfully, the leg panels are tighter on Crosshairs than on Ironhide and hold in place during transformation. All the joints are just as stable as on my copy on Ironhide which is a tip of the hat to the Hasbro design team that in the Siege line all repaints were just as good as their original versions.
  23. As one of the last deluxe class figures released for the Siege line, Spinister has a lot riding on its shoulders. While it's not the best deluxe class figure released it does have a lot of positive things going for it. While the transformation can be a bit fiddly at times it does feature some unique and interesting steps. I think Spinister deserves a place in your collection, especially if you're a fan of those late 80s double Targetmasters.
  24. Ultra Class Prowl is a fun figure with a cool gimmick that makes for a fun play feature. Prowl would make for a fun desk/fiddle toy which can be said for most of the Cybervese line. Remember to support creators!
  25. Apeface was one of my favorite Transformers as a kid. I loved the double Headmaster gimmick and the transformation on the original toy had some interesting steps. I was excited when it was announced that Siege would be getting an update to this character, double Headmaster and all. The figure is solid but the execution is lacking in some parts, especially with how the gorilla back/fuselage comes together. Overall this is a fun figure that I can really recommend if you find it on sale.
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