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  1. Once the Studio Series 86 line made it past two years of shelf life, you knew they would make Mr. Shoulder wound himself, Brawn. While I always felt that the Titans Return figure was a fantastic representation of the G1 design, the Studio Series designers took it one step further and gave us what I think is the best Brawn to date. Transformation is intuitive and fun, even working in an homage to the transformation of the original toy. This is definitely worth a spot on your shelf, maybe clutching at its shoulder as it falls down.
  2. Beast Mode Optimus Prime is a fun figure with lights and sounds that I find entertaining. Transformation is simple but has a few interesting tricks, such as the way the legs fold up on themselves. Articulation is limited but this toy is all gimmick. I wonder if Prime had a lion's head burst out of his chest in the movie if it would've done better.
  3. The Rise of the Beast figures released under the Studio Series line have been fantastic. Optimus Prime finally joins their ranks and the figure is great! Transformation is smooth and rather intuitive. My only complaint is that I feel his arm cannon seems a bit small. If you can find the figure at retail it's definitely worth the purchase.
  4. This is a fun set although I'm a bit disappointed that we got a Rhinox with virtually no paint details instead of a new mold. Wheeljack is a good figure and I appreciate how different it is from the Mainline Deluxe; I'm always impressed when the designers find a way to transform the same character differently. If you already bought Rhinox then the price of the set might be a little prohibitive but overall it's a good package.
  5. We all knew that we would eventually see Bumblebee when Laserbeak was released some months ago since they share the same mold. Well, here it is, new head and all. There's not much to say, if you liked Laserbeak it's more of the same with Bumblebee. The issues I had with the chest staying in place are still there but what do you expect at the size? Bumblebee is a fine desk toy representing its Dark of the Moon look well.
  6. Coming from the Beast Alliance subline we have Beast Combiner Scourge and Scorponok. This was a set that I feel should've been a part of wave one as it's a fun set that gives us a simpler version of the main villain to play with. Technically this release comes from the Japanese Beasts Awaken line so hopefully this shows up at domestic retail soon.
  7. Leave it to Takara to come up with an Optimus Primal figure that straddles the move and original toy aesthetic. What I originally thought was just an upsized version of the mainline Voyager is an entirely new mold that brings back fond memories of the original toy. The only real issue I have with the figure is with the pressure launching missiles, but it's a very minor quibble. This is a fantastic figure and I'll be curious to see if the Studio Series release tops it.
  8. And now for something completely different. One thing we can count on with Summer Blockbusters is an almost neverending supply of tie-in merchandise. Recently, movie theaters have gotten in on the act with novelty snack/popcorn buckets. While we've already looked at the Optimus Prime bust, leave it to AMC to roll out the whole cab and trailer that can hold your popcorn as well as a beverage. What impresses me the most is the plastic and overall build is better than most of the figures in the Generations line. While I would find it difficult to actually use this for food items, as I would be concerned about rust after cleaning, some of you just might enjoy this as a new dinner service.
  9. If you're looking for quality backup power packs and chargers you can't go wrong with Anker. Their Optimus Prime is a licensed edition of their Prime power pack and is a two-in-one charging block and portable battery. Unlike many other licensed products with Anker, you're paying for quality, not the license. If you're looking for an on-the-go power source while representing Transformers, this Anker charger is perfect for you.
  10. This set is excellent, with Orion Pax being the stand-out figure. It's funny to think in the shadow of the 40th anniversary of the Transformers brand that we don't just have ONE Orion Pax figure, but SEVERAL to choose from. Shockwave is good but I feel it's a bit light on the accessories, then again I'm not that familiar with this version of the character so what it comes with might be accurate. Overall, I feel this set is a much better value than the Rise of Tyranny set.
  11. Optimus Primal is a fantastic figure but the difficulty in finding it makes it hard to recommend especially with two other Primal figures coming that look to be better versions of the character.
  12. It's nice to see Hasbro explore more of the G1 Universe by dipping back into the history of Cybertron and the origins of various characters. The Rise of Tyranny two-pack gives us a look at the IDW versions of Megatron back when it was a miner with a vision, and Ratbat when it was a Senator. Unfortunately, the many uses of the Seige Megatron mold have resulted in a Miner Megatron that can barely stand without being counterbalanced by its weapons. Rat Bat is fantastic and might be the best use of the mold since SS 86 Scourge. My recommendation boils down to this, while the issues with Megatron can be fixed, at this price point is it worth it and can you justify paying that much for Ratbat? If you can answer yes to either or both points then you might find some real enjoyment to this set.
  13. Finally, I was able to get my hands on this figure. The hype is justified as this is a fun Prime to transform and pose around. Unfortunately, for many, this is still hard to find, and with the Studio Series version coming around the corner, I'm not sure if it's worth it to buy, especially if you can't find it for a reasonable price.
  14. Devcon was one of those characters growing up you wondered why they never got a toy. There were convention exclusives here and there but those never felt right. Finally in Legacy Evolution, we get the first mass retail Devcon figure. Transformation is smooth and feels better than its main mold mate Blurr. For reasons explained in the video, I feel this figure should've been bigger, but it's still a solid purchase.
  15. Leave it to the Legacy line and go DEEP on this selection. The Paradise Parakeet was only featured in one episode of the G1 cartoon but left an indelible impression. Unfortunately, the soft rubbery plastic makes the figure feel gummy and tacky, with the humidity that I'm experiencing I'm surprised the figure hasn't melted. For accessories, PP comes with a Deluxe Class Beachcomber. Transformation is fun and including rubber tires is nice, but I don't see anything radically different from the Titans Return release that should compel you to run out and buy PP to get this version of Beachcomber.
  16. There are some things that I never thought I would hear myself say, plug the car into the steak platter is one of them.
  17. Finally! I was able to find one of the Tacticon figures. It's what I expected, fun and easy to handle. I would've preferred having the finger groove molded the other way, but that's a small complaint. Don't pay more than $10 for these.
  18. Jawbreaker is a fun little figure that's a joy to transform and says a lot in a small package. I really appreciate how the weapon gimmick is so well hidden, it really took me a moment to find it. Hopefully, this shows up at retail sooner than later since I know Jawbreaker is on a lot of fans lists.
  19. Not much to say really, It's a popcorn bucket in the shape of Optimus Prime's head that lights up, don't pay $70 for it.
  20. I was surprised by how fun Armada Megatron is, and by how small. I can't remember the last time I transformed a Leader Class figure that was this simple, that's not to say that there aren't a couple of fun bits to the transformation. Articulation isn't THAT hampered by the shoulder pads, but you will need to get used to how the arms work. It's nice that most of the classic gimmicks have been updated but I do miss the inclusion of a minicon and Megatron's shiv. While I do recommend the figure I understand if you find the price a bit offputting.
  21. If it's a movie cycle you know there will be plenty of Bumblebee toys. Beast Mode Bumblebee features lights, sounds, and a third mode hybrid of beast and bot. Transformation is simple, but there are a few steps that I think older fans will enjoy. Overall, Beast Mode Bumblebee caters to a specific audience but there are a few things that all fans can enjoy.
  22. It's nice after all these years to finally be able to experience the G1 Hot Rod figure. The transformation had some neat tricks that really were innovative at the time and finally, we're getting a paint deco that matches the film. The price is a little high for what we're getting but if you're like me and never got to experience the vintage Hot Rod toy, it's worth a look and purchase.
  23. While I own the previous two Generations Rhinox figures, I never opened them due to horror stories about the transformation and stability. I was relieved to find that the Voyager Rhinox figure from the ROTB mainline is a real delight for the hands. Transformation is smooth and results in a solid Rhino and robot mode. If you can find it this is a solid purchase and a great addition to your ROTB Rhinox collection.
  24. If you've ever wanted an Optimus Primal toy that responds to sound and auto converts, this toy is for you! Optimus Primal is beefy and chunky, the toy responds to sound, not voice commands, so anything from a whisper to a shout will trigger one of the over 100 commands. If you were looking for a bargain Robosen Transformer, you'll have to keep looking. At $125 I find the toy overpriced, especially since AA batteries are required so I recommend waiting on a sale that would bring the price down to the sub $100 range. Other than that, this is really fun and something a whole family can enjoy.
  25. As with every movie line various retailers get their share of exclusives and Target, under the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line is no different. Scorponok and Sandspear are a fun set and possibly the best Weaponizer set thus far, highly recommended.
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