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  1. Thundercracker is a repaint with a new head of Starscream, that was repainted and released earlier this month as Red Wing. Other than the new head Thundercracker sports the same battle damage pattern as the other two released seekers but a classic blue paint scheme indicative of the G1 character. Since Thundercracker is a mainline release it's a tad easier to recommend it over Red Wing, who just became a Target Redcard exclusive.
  2. I'm not going to go over all the complaints about the Cyberverse line, you're here so you're at least interested in this figure. After decades of being almost forgotten it's nice to see Alpha Trion getting some love if my counting is correct this is the third figure, the character has gotten. Drawing heavily on its G1 design the figure cuts a rather regal and knowing pose, Trion has seen and done things. Transformation is simple and as always the action feature works just ok. I can really only recommend it if you're a fan of Optimus Primes' wise mentor.
  3. See there's stuff I'd kinda like, like the TCC set and Hulk, but nothing I'd drive myself crazy to get.
  4. I kinda wish I got the Voyager Prime figure sooner because it's much better than the Leader Class version. Transformation is involved but fun and I really like the included weapons. If you don't have one yet definitely pick one up.
  5. It's here. Since it was first revealed, Jetfire has been a strong contender for Toy of the Year. While there are some minor issues with panels holding together, this is the Jetfire figure I've waited 35 years for.
  6. Red Wing has a storied history for modern Transformers fans and those who fondly remember the TFCC. The figure itself is a repaint of the upcoming Thundercracker figure, who is a repaint with a new head of Starscream. The big plus in Red Wing's favor is the chest piece doesn't pop off during transformation, something I hope is a foreshadowing of improvements made to Thundercracker and Skywarp.
  7. Greenlight and Dazzlestrike are the latest Amazon exclusive figure set that Hasbro has been putting out recently. Greenlight is a repaint of the Moonracer mold with a new head and oddly new forearms. Daz(z)lestrike is a repaint of Battlemaster Lionizer with a new flame slash effect. If you're looking to complete a combiner then that's the only reason I can recommend this set.
  8. The Battlemasters are one of the hidden gems of the Siege line. Caliburst continues the update to the traditional Targetmaster look with a nicely articulated figure and blast effect. Smashdown is an all-new mold that transforms into a rather cool war hammer with an equally cool and useful impact effect. Both are highly recommended to fill out your Siege ranks.
  9. Red Alert is a surprisingly good repaint of Sideswipe with a new head. The new accessories are fun, but make me wish Sideswipes shoulder cannon was included for the "Perfect" look. Red Alert is a perfect addition to any collection.
  10. If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? TRANSFORMERS!!??!! In what was a surprising move Hasbro released a crossover with the Ghostbusters to co-celebrate both brands 35th anniversaries, man I feel old. The figure is surprisingly solid but the joints are on the cusp of being too loose, something that might be an issue down the line. One bonus that I don't think is getting enough attention is the inclusion of a rubberish Slimer figure. Yes, there are some complaints about detail and the overall fit and finish, but I think Hasbro did as well as they could releasing a figure that appeals to such a small audience.
  11. The Decepticon Sports Car Patrol are repaints of the Autobot Race Car Patrol with new heads. If you didn't like the Race Car Patrol you probably won't like Blackjack and Hyperdrive. On the plus side, the joints are tighter than on the Autobot figures.
  12. Brunt is the first Decepticon Weaponizer in the line and it's not great. While vehicle and robot modes are solid, it's individual components are lacking and just not as fun as Sixgun or Cog. If you have a warm spot in your heart for Trypticons old partner drone then this might be worth a purchase for you.
  13. Hasbro does know how to make sales. Buying three of the Refraktor figure allows you to create the classic camera mode of the original toy, it's quite ingenious how all the parts come together. The standalone figure is really good with a cool looking ship mode that 99% of collectors will probably only use once.
  14. BotBots are small transformers designed to attract those who like collectible blind box figures. All I want is the damn electric guitar.
  15. The Cyber Series subline from the Transformers brand is a nice throwback to the glory days of G1. Yes, it's a simplified figure that doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the main Generations line, but there's a charm that makes Sideswipe and the rest of the line fun.
  16. I had high hopes for WWII Bumblebee but they were quickly dashed when I removed the figure from the box. The loose joints, especially in the hips, as well as the very soft plastic panels, let me know I was in for a bumpy ride. Transformation is relatively simple, but the fiddly nature of the panel tabs makes finishing the vehicle mode up frustrating. Good luck getting the cockpit panel to sit flush, joints have to be lined up perfectly and even then it'll probably pop up. If you can find it for $15 or less it's worth a pick-up otherwise, it's a hard pass.
  17. While there are a few flaws to Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime, the figure is a great tribute to the classic Cybertron Leader Class figure. The armor comes together nicely although getting it situated on the back can be tricky. It also would've been nice to see some extra folding bits on the cannons that could replicate the spring-loaded features from the original toy too. Overall it cuts an impressive silhouette and would look good on any shelf.
  18. Jazz can be considered one of the best Studio Series figures made once you get past the size. The transformation is fun and intuitive while robot mode is very accurate to the movie. There are a couple of key bits to the transformation that I feel could've been explained better but that's par for the course with Hasbro instructions.
  19. I have a lot of mixed emotions about Sideswipe, it's a good figure but has a lot of fiddly bits that used to define movie style figures. Transformation isn't good or bad, it's just there, nothing really stands out. If you're a fan of the character or the vehicle this is worth a pick-up.
  20. Siege Megatron makes for a fine H-Tank and a great update to the classic G1 design. One thing I really like is how the tank barrel forms the fusion cannon and a really great sword. Definitely worth the pick-up.
  21. The Battlemasters and Micromasters are the heart of the COMBAT system that Siege is built around. I think of them as the old accessory packs that would be released for GI Joe and Masters of the Universe for example. The blast effects are a nice touch that I hope we continue to see down the line. Overall, I feel Aimless is the best of the bunch but the Rescue Patrol is a solid set as well.
  22. You would think the company known for making robots that transform into vehicles would be able to nail a transforming character from a line that is based around giant robots combining, you would be wrong. Cruise feels like a figure from the old Star Wars or Marvel Crossover line, a transforming figure made by people who never made a transformer. I fully believe that if the design of this figure was given a second look over many of the problems could've been corrected. If the design was shown to someone from the Transformers brand, it would be fantastic. Even to a Power Rangers fan, I can't recommend the figure.
  23. The Big Powered gift set from the Takara Legends line features three HEAVILY retooled Titans Return figures reimagined into Dai Atlas, Roadfire, and Sonicbomber. All three figures feature a "Base" mode and can combine together like the legendary G1 toy. If you don't have an interest in the Japanese history of G1 this might be a pass, but for the rest of us, this set is a must-have.
  24. Studio Series Optimus Prime is a great figure and can be seen like a true version of a movie style G1 Prime. Transformation is intuitive and fun to do, every panel has a place in both robot and truck mode. This is one of those figures that can bridge Generations and Movie figure collections.
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