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Should Megan Fox be in Transformers 3? Is it time for the arrival of Carly?


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I don't see the point of having Carly in the next film since we didn't have Spike or Sparkplug in the first two.









Oh, and Mikaela is a stupid name for a girl. What kind of an asshole thought up that name?

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Key members of Bay's filming crew hates her guts, her Jennifer's Body movie bombed. At this point having her in Transformers 3 seems pointless. She looks good, but her hotness is getting old fast. Personaly I don't think she's all that. I think Carly should be the new love interest for Sam in Transformers 3. And if she's anything like her G1 counterpart it should add something to the story. Megan Fox is just there to look hot, they can get any girl for that, and actaully make her smart also. It makes sense to introduce Carly also if they want to continue the series in the future. I can already see Daniel showing up with probably Hot Rod.

I'm betting she will not be in Transformers 3. What do you all think?


(shrug) I've been saying for some time that the Tformer franchise could do without her, and was warned by one of the forum mods to moderate my tone. Now the forum mods themselves are questioning the value of her presence to the TFormers franchise. Seems times have changed.


In other posts, I said candidly that this girl was little more than a pretty face, and that her off the wall rantings seemed to be nothing but a transparent ploy to ingratiate herself to the hollywood glitterati who dislike the US (despite the fact that hollywood owes it's very existence to america's liberties and freedoms). When TF: ROTF came out, she went into that disgraceful rant about sacrificing middle america to Megatron, and as a result I refused to see the movie, simply because she was in it and I didn't want her to have one penny of my money. I knew it wouldn't hurt her ultimately, but it was a stand I chose to make.


I hope she can turn herself around. She's pulled a 'lohan' or a 'hilton', having gotten far too much fame and far too much money in far too short a time. That's bound to go to a person's head and get them all full of themselves. Hopefully Fox can turn it around and grow some common sense before she finds herself on the ash heap of movie history along with numerous other flash-in-the-pan hotties who thought they would be rich and famous forever....

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I get that part of the Hollywood formula is to have attractive "leads" in the film, but Transformers 2 could have done without Mikaela entirely.

:agree She should've been replaced with some other actress in the 2nd film...then maybe finally get to Carly in the 3rd.



Maybe they could reveal that "Alice" scanned Carly's form, and bring back the same actress . . . THe bit where Alice scanned an animatronic figure at a theme park didn't make it into the movie, so why not? We could get some fun bits with Sam freaking out at the resemblance, and then the Carly (inadvertently) becomes a rival for Mikaela.


Better idea - forget Carly. Give a nice amount of screen time to the latest human member of NEST - Marissa Fairborne!

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Why is she a factor in the movies? What does she really do? Stand there and look "hot"?!? Go to the mall between 4-8pm and you could see hot walking everywhere. She's not hot fellas. She's average. She's a fake Hollywood chick on a 30ft screen. That's not real. She's not real. Why fall for it? Her rise to "stardom" because of her looks has perverted the Transformers series more than Devastator's wrecking balls. I felt the blond girl Alice trying to kill Sam contributed more in a few minutes than Fox in the whole movie.

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(shrug) I've been saying for some time that the Tformer franchise could do without her, and was warned by one of the forum mods to moderate my tone. Now the forum mods themselves are questioning the value of her presence to the TFormers franchise. Seems times have changed.


No worries man. No one said you have to like her. Just don't troll about it. :tfpwn

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Nah. i HATE character replacements or removals. Remember Charmed? and remember that plothole they left when they killed off Shannon Doherty?


ANyway, regardless of her role with or witout contribution to the movie I believe she should stay. But if they do throw in another female, there better not be some dumb love triangle. those are just terrible.

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This whole Megan Fox thing is all hype. In fact I'll goes as far as to say that these so called "crew members" who hate Fox are just BS.

Let the writers have open forum creative control and replace the director! I want Tony Scott to do Transformers 3! Now that will be a frakking movie with a REAL director (sorry Bay you wore me thin with poor "Madlib" dialogue, the 2 Frakked up robots, no character development with cooler new bots, enough comedy relief to make a reviewer confused as to what type of genera you were going for, no real direction for actors, Shai Lebuf forced to carry the entire film on his back and broken hand/arm, more holes in your plot lines than swiss cheese, oh and a robot humping Megan Foxes leg! WHAT THE FRAK!!!!! and finally after watching all of season 1 of Fringe and the new season 2, it has become more than obvious that Orci and Kurtzman had very little real creative and writing input in the film...in short very good writers put to very little use. So yes it is really time for a new director) *now from that rant* or how about Steven Spielburg! That's it; Tony Scott or Speilburg. I don't care if Fox is in the film or not...her bad acting (if you will) is a result of the directors in ability to direct, plain and simple. What exactly can a poor girl do with "hey, now just look HOT!!!".


Leave Fox alone, replace Michael "the sex pot" Bay!

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Bay... has a very strong personality, that's why a lot of people do not like him. He said it himself, he doesn't take no for an answer.

Just a thought: it strikes me that a person with a 'strong' (i.e. forceful) personality and a refusal to 'take no for an answer' is basically someone incapable of acknowledging their own mistakes. And a person like that, well - such a person would at best be unable to accept criticism, and at worst be perceived as a raving egomaniac.


I think you might be onto something; a strong personality and refusal to take no for an answer sound like a very good reason indeed as to why a lot of people might not like Michael Bay.


I would believe that if I didn't see 3 theater full of people laughing and clapping at the end of all his movies. With that same logic why didn't GIJOE do as well? If it was the better movie, why didn't people go see it?

Two excellent examples of the argument ad populum. Because something is popular doesn't mean it is 'good'; similarly, just because something is 'good' doesn't mean it will be popular. (Indeed, it seems that nowadays the two share an inverse correlation.)


I just have to know one thing. Didn't you at least think the Forest Scene was damn cool in ROTF?

My first impression of the forest scene was fairly positive; and I went and tracked it down on YouTube because I wanted to see it again. After watching it a couple of times however, I came to the conclusion that it was actually somewhat mediocre - the only reason it seemed so enjoyable on first viewing was because it was markedly better than the rest of the film. (It's even difficult to enjoy Prime taking on the odds and (mostly) winning, as in retrospect the entire encounter can be taken as an example of villain decay.)

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