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  1. Yes. I rather like the fact that he could link up his fusion cannon with a black hole. Something very sinister about that.
  2. The giant elephant in the room that has been generating a lot of buzz lately is Megatron. With us revisiting the marvelous (subject to opinion but that's not the point) 12 day creation of MP-05 which would make Unicron proud, Pimp Daddy Megatron MP-05G coming out of left field in a Space Cadillac and 3rd Party MX-1 Apollyon which is looking very interesting from the chest and legs. Now we have MP-25 rumored to be Megatron? I stress rumored. On Tformers, the general talk is that TT has had this planned for a while. But if planned, why pump and dump a Gold Meg? Surely not to hype up Megatron to compliment MP-10. that would be the one hole in the MP line that doesn't need an introduction of a Flavor-Flav hype man. The other side of the fence was that MX-1 Apollyon was definitely a fire starter. I'm still on the fence about that but it will force TT to make a better Megatron if the rumors are true. What do you guys think?
  3. Depends on the amount of wear and tear on the clips. There may be a small break on the iside of the clip that makes it loose. Try clear nail polish. Seems to work for tightening loose joints.
  4. Not gonna even complain about the cassette door being centered. Great looking piece so far.
  5. That scene gives me nightmares til this day. As Prowl being one of my favorites, watching so much scene time dedicated to him left me wondering what was I gonna do with a bunch of dead Autobots when I got home. To answer dura-grip's answer, you can take it by the cartoon or comic book. But since you're talking cartoon, Galvatron was a lunatic. In the movie, when Galvatron says he would crush Ultra Magnus like Megatron crushed Prime, Ultra Magnus replied back indicating that they were two different Decepticons. On the other hand, when Galvatron is about to blast Starscream, SS asks if he's Megatron and the reply is "here's a hint." It's a toss up. I also like Rodimus as a leader. He wasn't going to get it right off the bat he was more realistic when it came to being a new leader. Sure, people hated him and wanted Prime back, but Prime's been leader for +4 million years. Rodimus got 2 years max? It was a fresh take that didn't get off the ground because of nostalgic fans hating change.
  6. I love how they make great use of the doors as foot stabilizers. And the front fenders are a great touch.
  7. Also needed are the energy conductors, a Dinobot brain module and his experimental shockblast cannon...all ofwhich will not be included. I'd settle for a better gun at this moment.
  8. May require a sticker set to cover up the factory paint job which isn't hard if Repro made chrome decals for Gen Metroplex. And Dr. Wu could easily(not easily but sure seems like it) make a head, the blue wings and windshield. We may see an official release of that since it's more of a collector's item than a children's.
  9. The wait is definitely the hard part. My biggest question is what's up with his gun? I know the toy only came with shoulder rockets and in the cartoon, he's either borrowing someone else's rifle or making up his own. Even in MTMTE, his back is to the camera while firing at Rumble(Frenzy). I hope that pistol isn't the final for his handbgun. Also, those worried about the sponsor decals, I'm sure Reprolabels will be on it. I think I'm gonna buy three, one in car form, robot mode and the third to fix my tv.
  10. Probably shutdown by Hasbro or Tomy Tak. Chimungmung has stopped selling KOs and gone legit so the best guess would be the pressure from the official toy companies.
  11. I'm impressed by the figure but it has Soundwave written all over it. Still, maybe the can get it out before TT announces their MP version.
  12. Obviously, I am more than excited about this. And the fact that the VW license has been secured, Jazz is a sure thing as well as a retool for Cliffjumper. And of course with Jazz, there is Stepper as evidenced by Tiger Track. 539
  13. As far as I understand it, Bandai still owns rights to Shockwave and several G1 characters. I'm not fully up to date but I don't know what legal action they can take. That would be like Hasbro suing Yamato for making the 1/48 and 1/60 veritechs.
  14. I'm surprised as well. After all, his designation number is before Bluestreak's number. With the body kit, I can see why they would save him for last. And now I find out that Amazon Japan has the real looking shoulder rockets as an exclusive. Reprolabels and Dr. Wu will definately be taking my money.
  15. I see your point, but gain, I want to see a little more realism and less cartoon appearance. It's NOT a deal breaker for me, as I have him preordered and awaiting his arrival. Same here, it's not a deal breaker and I will own all 3. I think with Prowl and the jump from cartoon to real life with all that white is what's odd. I do agree with having the chevron stripes and badges on his arm. I'm looking at MP Red Alert the white translated very well to toy form. I'll make final judgement once I have him.
  16. The feet and hands on Prowl are kinda hard to get used to but I think that's because there is soo much white on the figure. I love the way Bluestreak looks and the feet don't stand out as much. Reprolabels for Prowl is a 99% must with me until I see the final product in hand.
  17. Not only that, but Highway Patrol is spelled Highway Patorol and the blue badge that's on the hood.
  18. I was more concerned about the price of Ravage after looking at him in the video. I'm having a hard time justifying the price breakdown of $35 once I saw him in the video. They could possibly make Ratbat an exclusive or even part of a mail order promo along with some energon cubes to make his personality closer to his G1 Marvel Bio as Chief Fuel Auditor. And also include a MP Soundwave chest insert of Trypticon and having Ratbat telling him that he's using too much fuel. That will also give us an excuse to use robot points again. 539
  19. Would have looked a little better with a thicker waste. Not sure what's going on with the hands in back during battle station mode. Other than that, looks great.
  20. I'm already dreaming about the a G1 MP collection. Since Wheeljack is my favorite Autobot, hence my name, it's either a Lancia Stratus Trubo or nothing at all. The same mechanics and transformation will do between Sunstreaker and Wheeljack until you get to the head and arms and of course Sunstreaker's exposed engine. Maybe we'll get lucky and get a Prowl that comes with a Chip Chase, a Bluestreak with Auggie and Smokescreen with a slot machine.
  21. I think the Headmasters and Targetmasters would generate a good buzz. Hasbro's Hot Rod is basically in Targetmaster form so it isn't a far-fetched idea. Not too sure about the Pretenders. The Triplechangers would be considered a feat of next gen engineering if they ever made an Astrotrain & Blitzwing.
  22. Well Goktimus, you can be comforted to know that the Go-Bots had the same issue. Although it seems like they borrowed a little from Star Wars as well. Also, During Heavy Metal War, Chip was telling Ironhide that Optimus and Megatron's fight was like gladitorial combat. Ironhide told Chip maybe he'd understand if he knew what Chip was talking about. I just think with the cartoon, they didn't realize the full potential of what they created and with season 2 being a full blown commercial for newly released Transformers, they didn't have the time to come up with cleverly detailed back stories. Beast Wars did a much better job but I'll chalk it up to a more developed mindset.
  23. I would imagine that a suspension of belief is in order. I also felt that they did a good job of further explaining Earth culture assimulation with the Junkions learning their style of language from television airwaves, Autobots(movie) learning from the internet and the Autobots watching soap operas in the Ark during Prime Target. Prime telling Spike he was going for a "lay-off" was pretty funny.
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