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  1. Well couple days back I bought a figure I thought I would never get because I keep a strict budget of no more that $20 per figure...I bought a toy set that added up to $160 and it turns out to be the most fragile POS set ever and never again will I spend on expensive toys...moving right along, I picked up Leader Starscream for $20 at ROSS!!!!!! So here are my thoughts: first off my favorite type of transforming toy is the "jet former" "seeker" "macros" whatever you get the picture. I have been hunting for what I consider to be the best jetformer ever made and I think i got it! It is such a shame that Movie Starscream was not written to be more of a courageous bad-ass who challenged Megatron at every turn (sort of like Dino bot vs Megatron in beast wars) cos really this figure is so imposing and so commanding! He's way better than that expensive robotech set I bought years years and years past. Looks like he flew off my TV screen and "moved in" to my desk! This is my first Leader sized figure and therefore the biggest transformer I own. The detail is so amazing. And I can go on and on and on...If you don't have one, dont pray and hope hasbro will give this leader toy the voyager treatment like they did optimus prime to battle blades prime. Go out to your ROSS store find this guy and get him for the same price you pay for a voyager toy. If not ROSS TJ-Maxx has him for $4 more. Final verdict: if I had to only keep one toy from my collection and sell off the rest Leader Starscream would be it.
  2. Just got Sunspot as my own X-Mass Present to my self. Anyhow I really wanted Sky Stalker but I have to thank all the SCALPERS out there for making it impossible to find one "THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH FOR GRABBING EVERY SKY STALKER...REALLY, I APPRECIATE IT". Anyhow I got a Sun Spot; the colors are growing on me. They are not that bad and the mold holds well...no degradation. This mold really is the best scout ever made PERIOD. The Number one aspect of the figure is that this design and engineering is so completely feasible in the real world. I can really see our military gown the next step with our current drones and making them transform into robots. This style to me represents the most logical next step in that direction. But anyhow... this is one of my top favorites. So I have 3 good figures from this year: Battle Blades Bumble Bee, Side Arm Side Swipe (my absolute favorite of the 3) and now Sun Spot.
  3. past Friday Night...first toy in months!!! Sidearm Sideswipe. FOr anyone thinking of getting this toy and before I litter this forum with endless praise for this figure i must warn you all: this figure is for those who are willing to put in quality time to do some moding...and i mean taking this toy completely apart to cut out some excesses plastic that Hasbro left behind that cut out some really cool features for the toy. Matt Booker has all of the mods on his blogs http://mattbooker.in...fix-mod-part-1/ http://mattbooker.in...fix-mod-part-2/ If you are willing to put in the time then you will be rewarded with owning an amazing figure with great features...like the "one touch" spring loaded head. If moding/fixing figures is not your thing then don't bother with this toy. The mods here are a requirement because the toy out of the package will break after a few transformations unless you pull out your X-acto and tweeker screwdrivers and get to work. If you already have this toy...you'll know what i am talking about and have been looking for solutions to scary sounds of plastic stress. Ok but anyways...thats my latest buy and I really dig it...nuff said!
  4. Legends Ravage, the perfect accessory for your Battle Blades Bumble Bee. I'll post more of a solid review when I write up my review for Battle Blades Bumble Bee. Basically Ravage is more than a legends toy. Most Legends toys are like cheap cheesy versions of their deluxe and voyager big brothers where as Ravage is is a toy scaled to be in with the deluxe sized toys. What I mean is unlike most legends figures Ravage has all the detail good articulation (could have added a couple more joints but...)and here is the most surprising part: the alt mode, reentry, flight or what ever you wish to call it makes more sense than the one for the deluxe. In fact, it all snaps together in place! Not rolled up into this half baked ball of the deluxe version. It is pretty impressive. Even though the deluxe ravage has more articulation points I prefer this legend for one simple reason, you can recreate the scene in the film where BB rips him apart. IMHO, Ravage could have easily bundled up with Battle Blades Bumble Bee as a display add on piece. But i don't expect me saying that this toy is cool and worth your $5 bucks so I'll put it in pictures...
  5. I was thinking of getting Movie premium Jazz. What is the link to the Door mod for jazz where it gives him more leg room and doors for wings?

  6. I guess I'll start hunting down mirage. I just think right now Jet fire is the best of the lot. Still on my Jetfire high say how articulated is starscream if you don't try to put his guns on his arms?
  7. not until he's remolded w/ out the key B/S. Basicly he should have been remolded w/ a button to activate the rocket launchers
  8. ya I'm lucky but I'm nt budgeted for anther transformer for quite a while. too many more important expenses. then after that my next transformer will be obi-wan starfighter [saw it today in hand amazing figure] and then scrapmetal and finally sound wave. I think I'll wait till next x-mass for when crosswise will end up in a 2 pack w/ something real cool like a downshift.
  9. Down town Long Beach Wal-mart's got'em. Lots of crosswise, thunderblast and brimstone......but te bulk is mostly made of crosswise. Lots to go around. :clap
  10. what is wrong w/ Californians........alot of stuff has been sighted. Anyhow, sighted today at wal-mart in Long Beach are cybertron defence red alert (ya the big one), the 2 pack deluxes have finally hit wal-mart, and now wal-mart has the minicon 2 packs (not just tru anymore). Thats it for an up dated sighting. Oh yeah for any SW out there the new figs are out as well leia bosk, solo, and jabbas tweelek (spelling might not be right).
  11. all of wave one except for megs and prime are all at wal*mart downtown long beach. Also 1.5 wave of basics w/ clocker.
  12. Wal-mart Downtown Long Beach CA. Altinator Shockwave, Altinator Wheeljack, Universe Blastcharge. Finally got see some new Altinators.
  13. New listing for wallycron in downtown Long Beach CA. Energon Kicker! Yeah but I got the last one....however chances are he'll be restocked because I didn't see him yesturday. Also a price corection on the landmine bulkhead pack is $26 not $22 as I thought sorry. And as for Arcees there are plenty in double packs. chances are you'll be able to get Arcee paired with just about anybody....I looked hard and found a 2 pack with Arcee and command ravage.
  14. Just at my Wal-mart (downtown Long Beach). Al right the new ones: energon Barricade the basic 2 packs with Arcee Altinators swindle, Grimlock, windcharger, Jazz(I'm not spelling the other name) along with silverstreak and Hound. more mega 2 packs.... meh now new deluxe 2 packs and finally the best deal in town.......Ultra 2 packs with Landmine and Bulkhead! These 2 packs are $22 dollars! thats right 2 $26 toys for $22!
  15. Down Town LongBeach Wal-mart has the energon basic two packs and there were a few with an Arcee included! This next find was a big one for me but it is not of anything new. If you are like me and missed out on the first releases of Universe wave 1 which had the three beastformers (silverbolt reptilian snarl) then this might be for you! At the KB toys in Lakewood mall Lakewood CA they have a lot of snarls and reptilians all on the pegs. I looked hard for silverbolt but he must went as soon as he was stocked.....I'm calling later today to see if the have more. Also they had a lot of the energon repaints of cyclonus and demolisher (from armada) and I mean ALOT!. If you've been wanting these repaints KB is the place to be. As far as the Beastformers those have not seen the light of day since last year about this time in southern California. So this to me was a good find to say the least.
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