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  1. This was a surprise???? I just walked into Walmart and transformers prime deluxe toys JUMPED to $15.89! Toy selection is sparce...not enough of the new figures....too many damn bees. No classics in sight, oh but wait when we do get those, they are too small too simple and wait for it....................$15!!!! Star Wars are about the only line that's got it's act together...and the show has been on summer hiatus!!! Movie lines do help out but high prices are totally blowing the deal. For me once I get all of the DOTM stuff I passed over at normal retail in favor of waiting for ROSS, I'm pretty much done with toy collecting for a while, at least till Hasbro comes back to planet earth where they need to lower the prices back to a realist cost like $10 a deluxe figure...seriously. The Amazon specials look pretty reasonable. I want a bruticus so I'll get the $60 set.
  2. "Hasbro decided to expand the toy brand beyond the norm of actual transformers to include human piloted mechs, more involved than the more simple HA line, would you buy them?" Hell Yeah!!!! I'd buy that!
  3. Now the most expensive transforming toy (or about of any toy I have purchased) is the Toynami book set of Robotech transforming jet and it's armor / booster add on set. Total cost $160. The damn toy was so fragile that parts would just fall off. So I thought I would never spend that kind of money on a toy ever again. My toy budget limit is set to $30 a month, providing that I do have the extra $10-$30 to spend to spend on my hobby. With tough economy I have really tightened up. Toys are so cool and so fun but are so below the bottom of my priority list :)
  4. most i have ever spent? $20!!! Best deal I have ever with $20? Leader Starscream, at Ross.
  5. to me the only Leader sized toy under the Hasbro label that was more gear toward adults was Leader Starscream with out question!!! Other leader toys seemed to be to simple and just bricks filled with electronics to make lights and sounds for the kiddies. The only other adult friendly line was the Human Alliance main line and some of the classics.
  6. Finally! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-63LRHHx5E
  7. 1. Factual when you or anyone else goes to moviemistakes.com you are bombarded by ads upon ads, even you click on the actual movie title to see it's mistakes you get redirected to another site trying to sell you something. Click on the title again same thing happens. You'll eventually get to what you went to the site for but you have to go through an "bomber raid" of ads before you get there. This is typical of sites that are just bursting with viruses, trojan horses, and spyware; all types of malware. So have your anti-virus/malware up and running and up to date before you go. *note to admins: please don't post links to sites like this ever again. Moviemistakes.com is it's own mistake, and is a dangerous site...just the fact you get hit with ad after ad after ad is a clue*
  8. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yay :yay :yay :yay :yay :yay More cool toys on the way :yay :yay :yay :yay :yay :yay
  9. In a situation like this I would have just at the very least snaged a couple for myself..."cool, hasbro wants to destroy merch and waste plastic, then me taking a few of these into my truck is really not stealing, Hasbro has elected to not make money on them anyways". And I would do that. Now what is surprising is that hasbro has not done what they have done with their special toys before and just wait a few months and send them off to ROSS at a discount...make sense right? But I can see that their main goal is to keep the value of the comicon special high by destroying the extras that wont sell. Limited is limited and they had their extras...time to destroy them. If you were lucky to be there grab what you can "Mission Impossible style" and don't call Hasbro, call it a day :thumb
  10. Thanks for the explanation, guys. Wasn't aware those stores just toss 'em back to the shelf for someone else to purchase. If you don't want to go hunting for that soldering kit, might I suggest Wire Glue( http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/tools/b70c/?srp=4 )? Seems like it'd be good* for a project like this. *I bought a thing of it, but haven't yet came across a project to use it with yet, so I can't say how well it works. :lol Hmmmmmm wire glue, you know I saw some glue looking shit on those leads to the trouble LED; not solder, fucking GLUE! Anyways when I was taking the chest / head assembly apart, it was only 1 lead that came off...then eventually the other lead fell out. Everything else (chest lights) seems pretty secure and does not look like will suffer from over use but the design on that head needs to change. So when I get into this again, I will not only need to solder the leads but also figure out some way where the LED is not attached to the head head so you can freely pose the head with out worry that something will bet worn out and break again
  11. Alright I finally took this guy apart...the area that has the lights and cockpit...wow what a major paint in the ass. anyhow it is loose wiring to the head...yes who ever designed this thought it was a great idea to mount the led to the head instead of it free floating from the neck...so if you pose leader starscream too much and move his head the wiring goes with him..."great job Hastak". Also the leads were not soldered in just held in by some kind of tubing. Putting this all back together is a real bitch and when I find my soldering kit and a few months have gone by I might do this again.
  12. Its because those stores do not return them back to the distributor or mark it as defective product. If you've paid attention to all the toy-swapping horror stories, you'll realise that stores with tape it back up and put it back on the shelf for sale. This means some other unluck kid is going to end up buying that broken toy. Thanks you for posting this! :thumb now that part of the conversation is squashed are there any mod geniuses that has worked with this toy that could help me out here?
  13. :agree I don't see how it's wrong, or horrible, if you're swapping a brand new (but defective) toy for a same brand new, but non-defective, toy. :tfhuh I'd understand if it's a figure that's been owned since original release, but it's not, is it? Oh I get your point, I've had mine for about 2 weeks now, packaging is in the trash, so it would have to be a total swap. I see what you mean about the whole defect issue (and I take care of my figures so it is like new so a swap is possible) but because these are clearance items, this toy is going back on to the shelf if I bring it back and I really would hate for someone to get my unfixed toy...but the real issue is that Ross is not getting anymore Starscreams Period...they got the few they got and that is it. So he is really hard to find as it is. The one I got was the last one they had. Selling leaders for $20 is a huge kick in the shorts for hasbro so ($60 collectible for $20!) don't expect to see more of these. I would really like to read from someone who understands the electronics on this guy and maybe they could help me out before I open him up. I think it is a loose wire but where? Someone with real experience moding this toy can help by telling the known issues with the lights and sounds. Maybe even give me hints on how to avoid these issues later. To get another clearance Starscream only means I will eventually get the same issue.
  14. Sorry Puma...not going that route largely due to the fact he's becoming very scarce. Plus it would be wrong anyways ;) John...that was my first thought. I hope someone here who have taken this guy apart can help me out.
  15. What do I do...my brand new leader Starscreams eyes won't light up anymore though his chest lights and front intake lights still work. So what do I do? Any help from those who have had this happen to them or know how to deal with the lights on Leader Starscream, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.
  16. well it is a shame that there are some many other things that need my financial attention right now...cos I'd really like to do one more toy splurge for PCC Dino-bots that you can get a 2pack with. I never interest in any of the other PCC figures 5 pack nor 2 pack. But dino-bot made sense; all the bots matched in color and theme, robot dino-pets for the main transforming dino-bot is plausible. Over all the final combined bot looks to be the best from the lot. So yeah I will most likely miss out on the black friday sale at Wal mart but I'm happy with what I do have :)
  17. Yeah the sad thing about being a character that gets killed by a human is that only a 3rd party company is willing to put in the time to make add-ons that other wise should have been part of another starscream release but with buzzsaw and booster rockets...call it Leader Buzzsaw Starscream. But it is Prime that gets that upgrade treatment like 4 times over; battle hooks, busterprime, jet something prime and now another prime (sorry it's 3am). I was planning on getting deluxe DOTM leadfoot to canniblelize for parts; his gets for booster jets for leader starscream and the rockets for his "mini me" DOTM deluxe starscream.
  18. COM'ON VIDEO REVIEW PLEASE!!!!!!! I really want to like this figure basically that now since I have the leader Starscream, figures like Soundwave as well as voyager Megs are almost near to scale of Starscream...it would be a cool display in my case. But looking at the toy well it just seems so simple and really underwhelming. I'm comparing against other figures that came out in the sub line Hunt For The Decepticons along with Starscream which I see is a very tall order. Now there is still one final installment of the movie figures called the trilogy series celebrating the release of all 3 movies in box edition...so with that in mind I'm hoping for remarkable changes to the Soundwave figure that is slated for that secondary release. Hopefully we get a new paint job/ mold out of this sorta like the sidearm sideswipe. I'm not singing the praises of a hopeful HA version because the bot mode looks like a complete mess from what we have been able to see. So yeah those who already have these toys please lets start rolling out the video reviews!
  19. We have a lot of BIG toys thanks to the movies and now is the time to really rate and nail down which one is really the best over all BIG toy Leader and above sizes. Bare in mind some leader class toys really didn't need to be that big as HFTD voyager Battle Blades Prime proves and in other cases HFTD Starscream needed the leader treatment to give us the best Starscream ever made. Lastly please not I have omitted most repaints because there so many and so pointless...you like shadow Megatron just select ROTF Megatron. Happy voting!
  20. Well couple days back I bought a figure I thought I would never get because I keep a strict budget of no more that $20 per figure...I bought a toy set that added up to $160 and it turns out to be the most fragile POS set ever and never again will I spend on expensive toys...moving right along, I picked up Leader Starscream for $20 at ROSS!!!!!! So here are my thoughts: first off my favorite type of transforming toy is the "jet former" "seeker" "macros" whatever you get the picture. I have been hunting for what I consider to be the best jetformer ever made and I think i got it! It is such a shame that Movie Starscream was not written to be more of a courageous bad-ass who challenged Megatron at every turn (sort of like Dino bot vs Megatron in beast wars) cos really this figure is so imposing and so commanding! He's way better than that expensive robotech set I bought years years and years past. Looks like he flew off my TV screen and "moved in" to my desk! This is my first Leader sized figure and therefore the biggest transformer I own. The detail is so amazing. And I can go on and on and on...If you don't have one, dont pray and hope hasbro will give this leader toy the voyager treatment like they did optimus prime to battle blades prime. Go out to your ROSS store find this guy and get him for the same price you pay for a voyager toy. If not ROSS TJ-Maxx has him for $4 more. Final verdict: if I had to only keep one toy from my collection and sell off the rest Leader Starscream would be it.
  21. Well it seems like the end of transformers ANYTHING right now...yes this will be the first X-mass where there will be nothing new or exciting for transformers in any line. There will be a few prime toys and that's it. What i miss from the ROTF line is that the sublines were filled with re-tooled or re-molded better versions of their characters. I would have never thought to buy another sideswipe or another Bee but Battle blades Bee and Sidearm Sideswipe were so well done! So good that even the DOTM versions can't compare. Then battle blades prime came out...a leader class toy shrunk down to a voyager, plus he had guns! But the real star was Leader starscream. With DOTM not having any new sublines it just seems sad that we will never get better versions of the figures that came out in the main line. From the Main DOTM line I only got Starscream which I thought was the best in the line...being a deluxe sized toy that looked closest to the movie. This was the only toy I couldn't wait for and the only one I got. I got 2 Human Alliance basics Tailpipe and Sandstorm (tailpipe being the best of the 2). So what else is their to get excited about? As far as new toy reviews...that has been all but dead. We have a soundwave and Q and Dino coming down the line but no early releases. It is sad that there is no more movies to be excited about. I wish that Hasbro and Paramount pick up the ball on this franchise so we can get more opportunities to get cooler toys. Cos really guys Prime is gonna be one of those cartoons that gets really good and then for some obnoxious reason gets canceled just like Animated.
  22. For the new movie the autobot line up is pretty easy to figure on. But for decepticons I expect cyclonus scurge insecticons, quintisence, a rebuilt megatron aka galvatron and finally unicron. Are there any other decepticons we can think of for a new movie?
  23. I dont get it...the Bay movies were the best things to happen to Transformers. More movies means more realistic looking toys. The films are not the best but they do have their good moments. DOTM was the best of the 3...so it would be nice to see if Bay and company can keep up the momentum. But as far as toys...the movie toys have been the best most intricate and detailed figures in transformers history. The engineering and artistry of movie line transformers are so amazing. So to me when the movies were over I was thinking that we may never see this level of intricate engineering in a toy line again. I know, we got TF Prime but the figures really don't compare. Transformers 4 give me hope to continue collecting the line.
  24. Pre-order a game over a year in advance!?! A year guys! 2012!!!! That's insane. And here I thought this game was coming out in a few months. Please wake me when the game and figure are really here. Until then I'm going back to my WFC on DS.
  25. Just got Sunspot as my own X-Mass Present to my self. Anyhow I really wanted Sky Stalker but I have to thank all the SCALPERS out there for making it impossible to find one "THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH FOR GRABBING EVERY SKY STALKER...REALLY, I APPRECIATE IT". Anyhow I got a Sun Spot; the colors are growing on me. They are not that bad and the mold holds well...no degradation. This mold really is the best scout ever made PERIOD. The Number one aspect of the figure is that this design and engineering is so completely feasible in the real world. I can really see our military gown the next step with our current drones and making them transform into robots. This style to me represents the most logical next step in that direction. But anyhow... this is one of my top favorites. So I have 3 good figures from this year: Battle Blades Bumble Bee, Side Arm Side Swipe (my absolute favorite of the 3) and now Sun Spot.
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