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OPTIMUS OPTIMUS OPTIMUS, seems thats all you ever here when talking about Transformers. What about the guy who made his life a living hell though!?!


This thread is for some bad guy appreciation!!!


So here's the point, toy, cartoon, comic, other, or a combination of them all, who's your favorite one? Do you wanna list who ranks where in what order, go ahead...


I'm gonna start the ball.


I love the bad guys, and have always rooted for them. It sucks though that in the average story they rarely wind up on top, but they do have the most fun along the way :mwahaha


Megatron, has always been pretty much just plain evil! I've always been a fan of the David Kaye Megatron (not to take anything away from the awesome that is Welker) and am watching Energon on DVD right now.


I have to say, he's really bringing it!


This Megatron is cold calculating, vicious, and condecending. Beyond being a great fighter and besting his advisaries physicly, his belittling banter just really ads insult to injury! The fact that his troops aren't immune, and actualy suffer more from that just really gives us a great ruthless, unyealding Megatron who won't shirk anything!


G1 Megatron was ruthless, and still one of my top evil refrences in life. Don't ask me why though, he was linient on insubordination? This puts him a peg down for me. It almost seemed like he wanted his troops to try and rival him so he could keep putting fear into them and watch continuios grovling. Thats a whole new level of psycosis.


Beast Wars Megatron, he didn't care for the ego trip, he had that covered on his own without help. Unlike G1 Megatron, he would make an example out of insubordinatnt troops. The only reason why I think he wasn't finalistic in the act was because he knew he had a limited army to work with. If not for that, I have no doubt that he would have delivered fatal shots instead of maiming ones.


Cybertron Megatron was somewhat similar. He seemed full of himself, wanting to evolve the leader rank and act like a diplomat as well as dictator. He was powerful, and relentless, but he always seemed like he knew the end of his line was near. I truely think Cybertron Megatron knew hew was going to fail, but wanted to do so in a self rightious blaze of self serving glory. He wanted his defeat to be worthy of the name Megatron and not just be scrap on the way side like he made of so many other bots. He wanted to be legend!


Movie Megatron and Animated Megatron are hard to guage. The seem to have the right stuff of EVIL, but limited screen time...

In the movies it's one thing, but Animated had 3 seasons that he was hardly in. Thats just not right. Animated Megatron looses alot of points for not stealing the show.


Thats not as bad though as RID and Armada Megatron who did have screen time, but really just seemed to be phoning in a bad guy act.


Well. I said I'd start and I did. I'll get into the toys later on in this thread, but right now it's your turn to look towards the sinister side and cheer on some evil villany...


:lol :mwahaha :lol

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I personally prefer good guys, but I share your sentiments on the disproportionate marketing toward good guys over bad guys. It's because good guys sell better; the classic example being late G1 in Japan where almost every Transformer released on shelves were Autobots. Metrotitan might be big, but he was outnumbered by swarms of Autobot Micromasters! :D


I really liked how Beast Wars had a (more or less) even balance of goodies and baddies; to the point where in Japan you could collect almost the entire BW toy line in versus sets.


I bought a Megatron T-shirt yesterday and realised that I'd never had a Megatron shirt before! I have lots of Autobot T-shirts but not Megatron shirts! I also have a Decepticon insignia cap, but I really want an Autobot cap -- but I can never find one because they always sell out!




But as much as I prefer goodies, I of course enjoy collecting baddies because my goodies need baddies to fight!! But I've spoken to people who grew up with conservative Christian families who forbade them from buying Decepticons or any other toy labelled as "evil." So they were only allowed to collect Autobots and just had them wage Autobot civil wars! (e.g.: Protectobots vs. Aerialbots)



Now you all know that religious people who fear Transformers actually exist IRL. (0_o)

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Great, now I gotta hate Randal!


I expect this though for Kevin Smith with his head firmly shoved up Luke Skywalker's ass!


As far as TF gear, like actual cloths. I have 2 Decepticon belt buckles. One is just a cut piece of metal that will draw blood. A Decepticon Faction shirt, an Autobot Faction shirt that I basicly us for dirty work. When the choice was put before me between an Optimus and a Megatron shirt, Megatron won hands down.


It pretty much irks me taht we don't have a Megatron voice changer. Other series villians get them. Then again, it would be something movie style, so it's not to big of a loss.


I do hope for a Megatatter, and some more traditional voice changer/cannon love to come or way one day though. Sorry but everything Optimus all the time just gets boring as he is. Megatron is always intresting though.

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Great, now I gotta hate Randal!


I expect this though for Kevin Smith with his head firmly shoved up Luke Skywalker's ass!

Dude, it's a parody! Chillax. :)


And Smith pays out on Star Wars too...


"You know what, maybe we should start calling your friend Padmé cos he loves Mannequin Skywalker so much, right? Danger! Danger! My name is Anakin. My sh!tty acting is ruining saga." <---good call :D


As far as TF gear, like actual cloths. I have 2 Decepticon belt buckles. One is just a cut piece of metal that will draw blood. A Decepticon Faction shirt, an Autobot Faction shirt that I basicly us for dirty work. When the choice was put before me between an Optimus and a Megatron shirt, Megatron won hands down.

Yeah, I know people who have that Decepticon belt buckle who've told me stories about it cutting into their guts. Certainly wouldn't be good for a fat arseperson of generous girth like myself. :D


It pretty much irks me taht we don't have a Megatron voice changer. Other series villians get them. Then again, it would be something movie style, so it's not to big of a loss.

So Hasbro are damned if they do and damned if they don't. :/ Perhaps they could release two variants of the voice changer; one with Weaving's voice and the other with Welker's. After all, they did it with Optimus Prime (one with Cullen and one with... umm... some dude trying to sound like Optimus Prime?!)



Sorry about the darkness. :P

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I did get the buckle from an Australian seller ;)


I'm not overweight, but still sitting down slashed me. Hence the thing is in the dispaly case till I meet someone I really have to pretend to like.


Thats what Megatron would do!


PS, your clip, not helping. Now not only does Star Wars suck donkey b---s, Randal is waiting to be s-------ed buy the jackassery that is Lucas.


Sorry(well not really) but outside of the space ships, even old Star Wars sucks!

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Energon and Cybertron were 2 hated shows but the Cons kicked ass on a regular basis on those. My favorite scene was when Starscream singlehandedly took on all the Autobots and came out on top


I'm probably missing the point of this thread but Megatron doesn't seem as popular a badie as the Joker or Lex Luthor.

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Actualy thats exactly the point. Batman, Superman, Spider-man, they all have enemies that make them what they are.


Batman without the Joker is just a guy in a cape...


Megatron is a horific villian, worse then all of them, but he's snubbed basicly by Prime's PR department.


Hence it's time to speak up for one of the greatest most ruthless plotters and schemers in the universe, and cheer for the bad guy!

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Acutally, I think baddies get even more shafted in other toy lines like Batman. I'm not a Batman collector, but there seems to me like there's a dozen different versions of Batman (e.g. Battle Slam Batman, Hang Climber Batman, Super Sabre Batman, Power Pack Batman, Cyber Tank Batman etc.) for every one Joker.


My TF baddies top 5 list would be:


1. G1 Scorponok: started off as run of the mill evil villain, but after prolonged bonding with Lord Zarak their minds kinda merged into one, tempering him with a touch of humanity. Fiercely loyal to the Decepticon cause and genuinely caring for the Decepticons under his command; he is also bound by a sense of duty and honour. His greatest moment was also his last; fighting alongside Optimus Prime against Unicron and dying in Prime's arm with the Autobot leader mourning his passing.


2. Beast Wars Megatron: a suave sophisticated villain who was adept at pitting his enemies (and allies!) against each other for his personal gain. He likes to keep one step ahead of his enemies and uses guile and deception to achieve victory. How many times have we seen BW Megatron in a seemingly defeated position, only to later learn that he was holding all the Aces! And in Beast Machines he actually enacted G1 Megatron's creed of "peace through tyranny."


3. Bludgeon: A warrior bound by honour, a kick-butt fighter and formidable Decepticon commander. He's also nice and evil too... the guy built Warworld and proceeded to attack Earth just because he could. Some say that amorality, not immorality, is the sincerest form of evil.


4. Carnivac: Also an honour bound warrior, but is not devoid of morality like Bludgeon is. His honour is also more deeply personal and pragmatic as well; as demonstrated during the Survivors saga where he personally hunted down Bludgeon, the Decepticon who killed his friend Catilla. He avenged Catilla's death not by killing Bludgeon; knowing that he and Bludgeon were both bound by a common warrior's code, he dealt Bludgeon a fate far worse than death... he defeated Bludgeon and allowed him to live with the shame and dishonour!


5. Thunderwing: Having risen through trials of fire to become Decepticon commander, Thunderwing was loyal to the Decepticon cause and his fellow Decepticons. He was ultimately seduced by the power of the Matrix which transformed him into a demonic being turning him against friends and foes indiscriminately in the Matrix's continuing urge to experience evil (after its previously thwarted attempt with other beings like Deathbringer and the Matrix-Spawn).

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    • I'm a long time fan and in my 40's with a couple of kids.  I started watching Kingdom last week and I'll admit that I felt some childlike excitement.  I wanted to give the series another chance, despite not enjoying Earthrise and being ok with Siege.  And I couldn't finish Kingdom, I only got partway through the second episode and I didn't want to watch anymore.  The first episode threw me off: the Maximals didn't act like Maximals:  kind, hopeful, and using violence as a last resort.  Of course the character voices were different too.  The size inconsistencies with the original series threw me off as well.  It's like the creators were just playing with the toys and weren't committed to continue the original stories, they were given the keys to  the toy box and wrote some fanfiction that Hasbro was willing to pay for.  When the Predacons acted out of character it started to get to me.  I turned off the show when Beast Megatron's voice drastically mismatched the original 90's series. I realized that I didn't want to watch anymore.  The character even spoke a classic line in the show: there was an added "Yes" in the dialog and it just didn't fit, it didn't work.  There was no deep, menacing voice, dripping with subtilty and purpose. When I knew what Megatron is "supposed" to sound like from the Beast Wars show, this new voice just sounded too youthful, and it through me right out of the story.   Anyway, I was half watching it for myself and half screening it for the kids.  Maybe it's just supposed to be a kids show directed at children and maybe kids would get something out of it, but I don't want my kids to watch it.  The entire series is so dark, with what happens to Magnus and the creation of the Nemesis that I don't want to show it to my kids.  I ignored that impulse and showed off the first couple episodes of Siege to my seven year old and after that he had no desire to watch anymore of it.  Both my kids like watching the old 80's and 90's shows and I can enjoy those with them.  The kids both ask for Transformers.  And Hasbro did a great job with the newer My Little Pony show that ran 9 seasons: and I can enjoy that with my kids: who both love it.  Kids shows can be written well such that both kids and parents get something out of them: but Kingdom is not that show.   I wish there was more incontinuity G1 and Beast Wars and even Beast Machines.  I guess it's pretty telling when the people in charge of the show aren't able or willing to get the original voice actors.  And aren't on board with writing a series that's in any continuity.  I mean, if they want to use the designs for Optimus Prime and use that nostalgia factor to get people to buy toys or watch a show, to buy toys then maybe they should write that character as Optimus Prime and not his angsty little brother.  And that chritic goes double for Beast Megatron. Transformers Rise of the Beasts will at beast be a "free" streaming watch if I watch it at all.  And Kingdom isn't worth your time.  Please go watch anything else, or better yet, turn the screen off.     I hope this post saves at least one person's time and money. Also, and I have to say this because of my screen name: where is Sunstreaker?: Earthrise Sunstreaker is the best Sunstreaker toy to date and he's not in the show.  Do you know how happy I would have been with a Trailbreaker, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker scene.  Or even a "Megadunce" scene.  Thanks for reading,  Out
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