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  1. Hi folks. Back in October, Hasbro approached me to translate and adapt MP22's booklet into English for their release of this toy, which comes out first in Hasbro Hong Kong's markets at the same time as Takara TOMY's version (December 27). I've only just become aware of a mistake that I have made in the translation of Step 11. I do not know if Hasbro have picked up on this mistake and corrected it, but at any rate, with just over a week to go before this toy hits shelves, it would be much too late for Hasbro to make any correction. So I would like to post the correction here, and please feel fr
  2. In Australia our price points* have remained unchanged, but indeed we are getting less 'bang' for our buck. The one annoying new price point is Commander Class... smaller than Scouts, yet more expensive. Gah. :( It does make it harder to justify paying full RRP for toys now -- recently more fans are inclined to wait until I find a toy on sale rather than paying full RRP. A lot of Australian fans are now referring to full RRP as "impatience tax" (i.e. as opposed to just waiting a few weeks or months to get the toy on sale). One suggestion I heard from someone - and this is purely just specu
  3. Gee, hard to say considering how mediocre 2012's fare has been... Masterpiece Optimus Prime (though the hunt for him was a massive load of butthurt). None of the others really stand out to me. :/ Most of my more exciting acquisitions have been of toys that came out before 2012, like _finally_ finding United Frenzy/Rumble, but then surprisingly managing to score it for free. :D But yeah, although I got those toys in 2012, they're technically 2011 figures.
  4. People's comments about the quality of Hasbro's toys is very relevant too. And it's not something this petition covers -- the petition merely asks Hasbro to resume giving us Classicsverse toys. We all vote with our wallets in terms of telling Hasbro if their toys are any good or not. :) I think the Asian exclusives are developed by a different branch of Hasbro than the US branch in Pawtucket Rhode Island. I suspect by their branch in China. Although it would be super easy for other Hasbro branches to source those toys and release them into other Hasbro markets too.
  5. You're right. I didn't mean it that way, but I can see how others may have interpreted it otherwise. I've now editted the petition and REMOVED all mention of Third Party toys. The wording now ONLY focuses on asking Hasbro to resume making Classicsverse toys. That was always my original intent with this petition, but I've clearly sidetracked myself by mentioning the Third Party stuff. Anyway, fixed now. :) P.S. I have now editted post #1 to better reflect the nature of the petition. Staff: could someone please edit the News page and remove or edit the old image and replace it with the
  6. IMHO a new character - even one that's known to fans and unknown to kids - has a better chance of being appealing to a random child than yet another Bumblebee! A well made toy will sell, even if it's not known to kids through stuff like movies, cartoons etc. Remember that the original batch of Transformers that was released in 1984 grossed US$1.4 million by the end of that year, making it the most successful debut toy line. And that was when the TF media was in its infancy (most of us living outside the U.S. never saw the cartoon until 1985, and yet the toys still sold in '84). Beast Wars also
  7. http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/hasbro-inc-make-more-transformers-based-on-g1-characters-with-modern-day-toy-design-2?utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=url_share&utm_campaign=url_share_after_sign Please feel free to share this petition and spread the word. Let Hasbro hear our collective voices! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since 2006 Hasbro produced Transformers based on beloved Generation 1 characters using modern toy designs in lines such as Classics,
  8. Australia's a Hasbro market, so we got the U.S. version. Airachnid's arms are five flavours of fail. It's similar to the arms on Vehicon, which leads me to believe that the toys were designed by the same person... but they've worked out worse on Airachnid than Vehicon. But to be fair, Airachnid is a more ambitious design challenge than Vehicon. Airachnid's just another reason why letting animators design Transformers first (instead of letting toy designers just design them as toys) is a bad idea. :( I wish Hasbro would quit it and go back to the old formula of just designing toys as
  9. Airachnid is kinda rare down here. We haven't seen Transformers below the $5 since the 1980s! The cheapest we get are $7 Legends/Legions... $5 if they're on sale. :~( Welcome the world of TF pricing outside N. America. (T-T) As for the toy... yeah, it's not good, but I don't think it's quite as horrible as some people make it out to be. I can see what HasTak have tried to do with this toy, but it just doesn't work out so well in execution. It's one of those "nice try but no Cy-Gar" toys (like say, the Fuzors ;p). The colours on this toy initially appears really dull, but on closer inspecti
  10. Some comparison photos between Knock Out and Smokescreen Vehicle mode Robot mode:
  11. Blackarachnia = spider Airachnid = helicopter just sayin' ;)
  12. The only good thing I can say about this toy is that I got it cheap (it was on sale, so I ended up paying $1 above the RRP for a Scout :P). Then again, I don't believe people should pay above RRP for any toy; so if you really want to get this toy, try to get it at BELOW the standard cost of a Deluxe --- certainly don't pay above Deluxe RRP for this figure. Otherwise, it's just many levels of disappointing. * The figure itself -- bland as hell. It completely relies on those annoying stickers for added detail, moreso than any other Arms Micron toy. Other AM toys still look okay without their
  13. Yeah, I really want Smokescreen. :) I ordered Arms Micron Smokescreen just before the announcement for BH Smokescreen came out - d'oh! So now I have an AM Smokescreen. Ah well... at least the Micron is a neat tribute to Devcon (it's the ONLY good thing about it, the rest of that little figure is pure crappity crapness on a craphat). Don't even start me on how stupid the stickers are... or that it's just a very bland repaint/retool of Knock Out. Gah! Had I known about BH Smokescreen at the time, I wouldn't have bothered ordering AM Smokescreen. C'est la vie. I'll get Ripclaw and Las--, Laze
  14. My daughter had fun playing with it as a Lego people carrier :) (she was about 1 1/2 at the time ;))
  15. $100 each?!? Just my opinion... but I don't think that's better value for money. Anyway, good luck with that. I have to answer to my wife if I so much as spend more than $7 on a toy! :D Let's post our photos of Transformers with celebrities... TF Prime FE Deluxe Optimus Prime with TV host Waleed Aly
  16. I was NEVER attempting to engage you in a debate about licensed vs unlicensed Transformers toys. You said that Pyro and Artfire are "overpriced repaints" and doing so implied that the third party toys are better value. I'm asking you to EXPLAIN this to me. That's IT. I mean, if you're going to ACCUSE these toys of being overpriced repaints - FINE - but be prepared to explain your viewpoint if called upon. I mean, if someone said "G1 sucks!" that's their opinion and they're entitled to it... but they better be prepared to tell us why! Likewise I'm NOT SAYING THAT YOU'RE WRONG... you said t
  17. I never said that they _were_ Deluxe sized. I said that they look to be "about Deluxe sized," then I asked you if that was a fair guesstimate or not. I was intentionally avoiding that debate altogether. You went and said "expensive repaints," implying that the third party toys you got are better value for money, yes? So I'd like to know HOW much better value for money they are by comparing them with their equivalent size classes, or nearest approximated size class. I don't own those third party toys, so I need your help to let me know what the nearest approximated size class would b
  18. Hmm... they look to be about Deluxe sized in that pic. Would that be a fair guesstimate? Okay, but I'm just curious to know how "price hiked" these Voyagers are compared to say those third party toys you've purchased. So let's just use the Voyager RRP as the standard here and compare by percentages. I paid 60% above Voyager RRP for Pyro. I paid 20% above Voyager RRP for Artfire. How much did those toys cost above or below Deluxe RRP? (or Voyager RRP if you think those toys are closer to being Voyagers in terms of size and engineering)
  19. Yeah I hear ya dude. I don't have the time these days to have long extended story-campaigns either. So most of my play has regressed back to more simple stories that are really excuses for fights etc. i.e. stuff that plays out like a Michael Bay plot! :D Seriously... the Bay movie stories are like watching a 10 year old (or busy 35 year old :P) play with their toys. "Waaaahhh! Take this, Sentinel Prime you traitor!" "Beeeeeeee---, he's activated the Space Bridge and there's like a zillion Decepticons popping out of the moon!" "What?! Why are there Decepticons on the moon??! Where the hell d
  20. How big are those toys? (i.e. which size class do they most closely match?) -- and how much do they cost compared to the regular retail price for that size class? For me... + Pyro = I paid x1.6 above Voyager RRP for this toy. Yes, it was expensive... but cheaper than what I would pay for an original G1 Pyro (that would likely crumble on me) + Artfire = I paid x1.2 above Voyager RRP for this toy. Not cheap, but I don't know if I'd say it's massively expensive either. Again, cheaper than what I would have to pay for an original G1 Artfire I paid standard RRP for Inferno and Grapple, so
  21. ...everytime I see the name "Lazerback", it's like hearing fingernails scraping down a chalkboard. (-_-) Damn you Hasbro and your illiteracy!
  22. I've never understood why people seem to think toy playing is "immature" (and I thought I would have better understanding here in a community of adults who collect toys). It's a gross misconception that full toy play is nothing more than just "Vrrooomm! Pow Pow pow!" Who EVER plays like that?!? I know I certainly never did when I was a kid. Toy play is an imaginative exercise -- think of Andy when he plays with his toys in Toy Story... you let your imagination run wild. Even during the 1980s I never played with my toys with just mindless action/violence... I always had to construct some e
  23. Back in the world of REAL Transformers...
  24. MacFarlane toys were terrible toys. I got a few of the Samurai X toys... absolute Scheißhaus.
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