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Liege Evilmus

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I think the choice of alt mode isn't so much the problem as the execution. There's nothing really wrong with Megatron being a tank so long as the toy is well designed. Megatron as a gun would still suck if it weren't designed so well, just look at Classics "Clown Nerf-gun" Megatron! Having said, I agree that most tank Megatrons are not well designed. Combat Hero Megatron is a SWEET toy, but I can see how being a purple tank might be a bit offputting to some people; and the bright orange air pump is an eyesore too (but the gimmick is fun! :D). G2 Megatron is an oversized brick and a half cos he has an electronic sound gimmick, and you know how I feel about oversized and overpriced toys with sound gimmicks! ;) Although by 1993 standards, G2 Megatron wasn't _that_ bad; his articulation wasn't much better or worse than a lot of other Transformers from that time (it wasn't until 1994 that Transformers started getting more serious with articulation).


The problem with ROTF Megatron isn't that he's a tank... it's because he's a f'ugly tank. Just as he was a f'ugly jet in the first movie. Nothing wrong with jet TFs so long as they're done well. And that's not Hasbro's fault, it's because that's how Paramount portrayed Megatron in the movie. The movie stories did justify why Megatron's alt modes keep looking alien, but the result is that the alt mode (and overall engineering of the toy) is less appealing than if he were a realistic Earth vehicle.


Deluxe movie Decepticon Brawl is a good example of a well designed tank Transformer, even with the should tab problems (which was really a manufacturing flaw rather than a design flaw, I've heard they fixed it for ROTF Desert Brawl). If a tank Megatron was designed in a similar vein then I think we'd have a pretty cool toy. :)


But yeah, I guess this shows that they tend to put more effort and attention to the goodies over the baddies. Just compare the extreme awesomesauce that is ROTF Leader Optimus Prime with the bitter disappointment that is ROTF Leader Megatron. Although both leaders are meant to be flagship toys, they've clearly put more effort into Optimus Prime. But again, half the blame lies with Paramount for giving Hasbro such an odd and unorthodox form to engineer into a toy.


On the flip side I find Animated Leader Megatron to be a better toy than Ultra Magnus. Megs is my favourite of the Animated Leaders. :)

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I agree about TF2 Megatron. That figure is a huge part of why I started this thread. I don't put blame on Paramount though because of that, the blame sits on Hasbro's shoulder's in my oppinion.


My evidence, Voyager Megatron!


Now I am not a fan of Animated, but I do like that Megatron. It's simple and right to the point, and gives the look of what a Megatron should be.


Even with that, Magnus has more detail and features. Hell even Bulkhead went the extra mile. Keeping in mind none of those leader features where ever shown on air in a "show acurate" line, it's like a cherry on top of the Autobot fanwank cake that Supreme Prime and all his butthole versions are towing in...



NO NO NO, this isn't propper!


If you love nonrepublican evil, speak up and be heard. Enough of the Prime pandering, explore the other side of the coin and give us some good friggin Megatrons already!!!

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Just gonna go on and add that on my shelves, TF2 Megatron is a clone experiment by Energon Megatron. The Voyager Version is a refined version.

Energon Megatron and TM2 Megatron are using a Dark Matrix to try and recreate the incident that spawned Fury (TF1 Megatron) from Cybertron Megatron.

While Energon Mgatron is trying to perfect that, TM2 Megatron is raising ancient beasts (the fallen and ravage) as a new horde for him to control.


-TF2 The Fallen on my shelves is really nothing more then a chained attack dog. Thats why I want 3.

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I'm jaded with Decepticons and usually only buy an Autobot/good guy when I like the bot mode. My fav Megatron so far ruled in the Beast Wars era. When he made his way into the Ark and tried to change history was/is some of the best 5 min. in cartoons EVER !!!


For me it's only interesting when the Decepticons are kicking skidplate and I have little time for useless humans being cute or stupid. Bring on the all encompassing Transformers story on Cybertron. Why can shows like Stargate & Clone Wars keep having fun & serious stories every week, but we can't get a serious Transformers cartoon for adults ???


Megatron figs have sucked for the last few years but Crabitron saved his line FINALLY :con


I haven't seen all of the era's of shows but I always thought that the Autobots wanted peace and tried to stop the Cons. While the Decepticons only lived for power and to RULE. They would often decieve their own for their own power. Here's my problem lately...


On Bludgeon's upcoming package bio it staes that he's been "hiding" in the Jungle and on Ironhide's it says he's hunting Bludgeon. ???WTF???


I think that's what they said, and it may not have been Ironhide ??? Funny thing is that even though I read all of the info on the back of packaging, I don't let it change my idea of what/who a figure is. BUT this has been bothering me. A big bad Con hiding and a peaceful Autobot stalking ???


wait, what were we talking about ???


:con :con :con

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yeah, the movie bios really depict the Con as chicken :poop


Most read something like, "this guy loves picking on people, but when confronted craps his pants and runs away"


Stuff like that is why I pretty much got tired of the provided stories and just stick with my own ideas of what these characters should be, which is really close to what your saying.

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Why can shows like Stargate & Clone Wars keep having fun & serious stories every week, but we can't get a serious Transformers cartoon for adults ??

+10 QFT! Yeah, I'd like to see an entire series done in a serious for adults but fun for kids way, just like Beast Wars! :D This is something I've discussed with Eric Siebenaler and I hope it's something they'll take into consideration for the next TF series.


Beast Wars proved that it _is_ possible for a TF series to appease kids and adults at the same time.

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Villians eh?


How about commanders like Bludgeon, Liokaiser, Deathzauras, Overlord, Tripticon, Sideways (from Armada,his point of view he was a commander, ..ish), Megastorm (G2 Megs for BWII), and the awesome, Starscream!


Bludgeon, FINALLY gets some serious toy love with a new mold, and new body in the comics (pretender orientated even)


LioKaiser, NEEDS to be brought to the USA as re-issued/tooled with the SAME character love Victory gives us.


Deathzaurus, is an ultimate weapon of Destron calculating treachary.


Overlord, was a commander that TOWERED above the rest in the Mastrforce/Zone series in JPN. He needs to be re made into new standards of classic Transformers.


Megastorm (head commander for the Destron army in BWII, brother) is Galvatrons lil bro, and has some good weaponary but needs to be re-hashed as a cold energon draining leader.


Starscream, GETS A REAL ACCURATE MOVIE DEFINITIVE VERSION IN TOY FORM!!! :woot Also gets the MP treatment a few years back, just a GREAT character along with Megatron.


And of course, the ALL MIGHTY MEGATRON! Best idea to have his weapon mode, be that stationary articulated cannon Liege :thumb

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I have been a fan of TF since day one and have grown fond of several of the incarnations of different figures. Lets face it, aside from the current movies, Prime is a representation of all that is good and just. Like superman and spiderman, when you see the red and blue of prime you know you are going to get a speach on justice and all that is good in the world. But just like our other red and blue clad heros they would be nowhere without the villians. Prime has megatron. We got that, Primus has Unicron, got that but lets show a little love to the one decepticon that is an enemy of every autobot and decepticon alike.





Out of all the different incarnations of the different autobots and decepticons, starscream is the one that seems to always be the same. The looks may be different but the smirk is always there. Regardless of the situation you know what you are going to get out of starscream. Let's take a look at a few quotes of the Screames greatest lines....




G1 series and 1986 movie:



Megatron: Soon, Starscream, soon, Scrapper's invention will give me the power to defeat the Autobots once and for all!

Starscream: [sarcastically] Forgive me, but I believe your boast sounds vaguely familiar.



Starscream: [Megatron has been gravely injured in his fight with Optimus Prime] How do you feel, mighty Megatron?

Starscream: [starscream kicks Megatron]





[said with smirk on his face]

Starscream: Oh, how it pains me to do this!

Megatron: Wait! I still function!

Starscream: Wanna bet?

[starscream lets Megatron's body drift from the open shuttle door into space]






Revenge of the fallen:


Starscream: Not to call you a coward, Master, but sometimes, cowards do survive...





Beast wars:



Waspinator: What is this? "Program does not respond!" Waspinator does not understand!

Starscream: [taking over Waspinator's body] I'll bet Waspinator seldom does! But try not to let it depress you, bug face...




[starscream lulls Optimus Primal into meeting him alone]

Starscream: Good. Now, you reap the appropriate reward for your trust and good faith...

[scorponok appears]

Starscream: Disarm him, force him to transform, and then chain him in the hold or somewhere!


Rattrap: You're nothin' but a schemin' snake in the grass!

Starscream: Ah, flattery will get you flattened, vermin...




[last lines]

Starscream: [floating in space] I'll be back! Even if it takes a thousand years, I'll be revenged on you all




Transformers Animated:


Starscream: What the... EMP? Stasis cuffs? Come back here and fight like Decepticons!


Starscream: Hey! You call this a fight? I'll rust before someone wins, and I'm in a vacuum!

Lockdown: [together] Will you keep quiet!

Prowl: [together] Will you keep quiet!


Starscream: Noble Optimus Prime, wise Ratchet, stealthy Prowl, and mighty... uh...

Bulkhead: Bulkhead!

Starscream: Oo, that's too bad.







Starscream is sarcastic ruthless and honest. Lets not forget that he also beat out Megs on the top 100 villians of all time from wizards... Megs 68/ Screamer 46...

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dcj91x i 100% agree with you.


i love starscream. he's definitely been my favorite character since i saw the show/movie when i was a kid.


i loved his voice in G1, chris latta did such a great job. my second favorite starscream voice would be from the movies. ('07 & '09)


and, in my opinion, out of both movies i think he had one of, if not the best transformaton sequences. when he comes flying in, the jet kind of tilts up, he tranforms and starts fighting ratchet and ironhide.. then he flips while transforming and flies away. i absolutely love that scene, it's definitely one of my favorites.


well i can't say anything more than dcj91x said.


it would really have been nice to see starscream in beast wars however. i know his G1 self was in it, but i wish he was a main character of the show. it would've been nice to see him as say.. a pterodactyl instead terrorsaur.. or maybe some kind of large prehistoric bird. i definitely think beast wars could've used starscream.

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I always liked AEC Starscream. For me thats more his trilogy then Unicron's


In Armada he was trying to find his place just in general.

In Energon he was drafted, but proved himself loyal to Megatron on his own

Cybertron brings us to the Starscream we've always known.


There is a clear evolution in the character. I don't think it was intentional because little in AEC was, but it was still there.


The one thing I liked about season 2 Animated Megatron and G1 Galvatron was that there was no tolerance for the guy, cause even though he is a good character, I really never liked him.

Some of my favorite G1 episodes are the ones where Skywarp and Thundercracker would screw him over :P


Chris Latta and the AEC guy really did a great job on him though. Fun fact, it's well known that Latta was also Cobra Commander. Michael Dobson the voice actor for Starscream in AEC was also Cobra Commander in the GIJoe Valor vs Venom and Spy Troops DVDs

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