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  1. Hi folks. Back in October, Hasbro approached me to translate and adapt MP22's booklet into English for their release of this toy, which comes out first in Hasbro Hong Kong's markets at the same time as Takara TOMY's version (December 27). I've only just become aware of a mistake that I have made in the translation of Step 11. I do not know if Hasbro have picked up on this mistake and corrected it, but at any rate, with just over a week to go before this toy hits shelves, it would be much too late for Hasbro to make any correction. So I would like to post the correction here, and please feel free to copy and share this image around. :) Australia should be the first Western market to get the Hasbro version, and it's due in February as a Toys R Us exclusive (SKN 086323). Cheers, Goktimus Prime
  2. $100 each?!? Just my opinion... but I don't think that's better value for money. Anyway, good luck with that. I have to answer to my wife if I so much as spend more than $7 on a toy! :D Let's post our photos of Transformers with celebrities... TF Prime FE Deluxe Optimus Prime with TV host Waleed Aly
  3. I was NEVER attempting to engage you in a debate about licensed vs unlicensed Transformers toys. You said that Pyro and Artfire are "overpriced repaints" and doing so implied that the third party toys are better value. I'm asking you to EXPLAIN this to me. That's IT. I mean, if you're going to ACCUSE these toys of being overpriced repaints - FINE - but be prepared to explain your viewpoint if called upon. I mean, if someone said "G1 sucks!" that's their opinion and they're entitled to it... but they better be prepared to tell us why! Likewise I'm NOT SAYING THAT YOU'RE WRONG... you said that these toys are overpriced repaints, so I'm asking WHY? At any rate, if you're unwilling to explain your opinion, then I'm not going to push you. Anyway, here are some action poses of my own...
  4. I never said that they _were_ Deluxe sized. I said that they look to be "about Deluxe sized," then I asked you if that was a fair guesstimate or not. I was intentionally avoiding that debate altogether. You went and said "expensive repaints," implying that the third party toys you got are better value for money, yes? So I'd like to know HOW much better value for money they are by comparing them with their equivalent size classes, or nearest approximated size class. I don't own those third party toys, so I need your help to let me know what the nearest approximated size class would be. MP Lambor is 15cm tall, and the average Deluxe is about 13cm. And looking at your photos, those third party toys look a tad shorter than MP Lambor, so maybe 13.5~14cm? Again, it's _just_ an estimate. Another thing to consider is engineering... some people say that MP Lambor is overpriced for a toy that's only marginally taller than a Deluxe, but of course, we both know that the engineering in that toy is well above Deluxe level, so that's something to take into consideration too (having said that, I _don't_ think Lambor is worth his RRP... but I digress :P). There's NO way I can judge the engineering quality or play value of those third party toys by looking at your photo, so again I would need to rely on YOUR opinion about it, which is why I'm asking you. So taking in factors such as size, but also playability and engineering etc etc., which of Hasbro's TF price points would you say these third party toys are comparable with? If you think that they're better than a Deluxe, then would you say that they're more closer to a Voyager? If so, how much is the standard price of those toys compared to the RRP of a Voyager? I'm NOT trying to engage you in a "Licensed vs Unlicensed toys" debate here, I'm JUST trying to discuss value for money, since YOU claimed that Pyro and Artfire are "expensive repaints." Of course, 'value' and 'expensive' can be subjectively interpreted, so I'm using Price Point RRPs as a fixed and objective measuring standard.
  5. Hmm... they look to be about Deluxe sized in that pic. Would that be a fair guesstimate? Okay, but I'm just curious to know how "price hiked" these Voyagers are compared to say those third party toys you've purchased. So let's just use the Voyager RRP as the standard here and compare by percentages. I paid 60% above Voyager RRP for Pyro. I paid 20% above Voyager RRP for Artfire. How much did those toys cost above or below Deluxe RRP? (or Voyager RRP if you think those toys are closer to being Voyagers in terms of size and engineering)
  6. How big are those toys? (i.e. which size class do they most closely match?) -- and how much do they cost compared to the regular retail price for that size class? For me... + Pyro = I paid x1.6 above Voyager RRP for this toy. Yes, it was expensive... but cheaper than what I would pay for an original G1 Pyro (that would likely crumble on me) + Artfire = I paid x1.2 above Voyager RRP for this toy. Not cheap, but I don't know if I'd say it's massively expensive either. Again, cheaper than what I would have to pay for an original G1 Artfire I paid standard RRP for Inferno and Grapple, so they were neither expensive nor cheap... just "regular" priced. --------------------------------------------------------------- Another Transformer action pose:
  7. Back in the world of REAL Transformers...
  8. Wanna see balance? Try this! (no support assistance, just pure balance :D) Leadfoot's lightpiped eyes G1 Wreckers What if Wheeljack and Drift had a kid... Shinsengumi Bludgeon Perceptor shows off his balancing skills Look out! Here comes RtS Deluxe Optimus Prime! SMISH! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP!
  9. Note: This story takes place between the events of Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. ------------------------------------------------------- After Optimus Prime was killed in the forest battle but fortunately revived by Sam and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership in Egypt, Ratchet proposes to salvage Jetfire's remains and build a second spare shell for Optimus Prime. The rationale is that should Optimus Prime be fatally wounded again, then his Spark may be able to be transferred into the spare body, thus allowing Optimus Prime to survive. Optimus Prime approves. And so construction of a spare shell for Optimus Prime begins. N.E.S.T. satellites detect an incoming object approaching Earth. It identifies itself as an Autobot ship known as the Xanthium. But upon approach she is suddenly attacked by Decepticons, forcing her to crash land on Earth. The ship's captain, an Autobot known as Jinrai, is torn apart and is dying from his mortal wounds. His crew-mates quickly carry him to rendezvous with Optimus Prime and his Autobots. The Xanthium's chief engineer Wheeljack pleas with them to help save Jinrai. Optimus Prime and Ratchet quickly guide them to their base. Optimus Prime suggests that they transfer Jinrai's Spark into the spare body that Ratchet had been building. Ratchet and Wheeljack collaborate and work furiously to prepare to transfer Jinrai's Spark into the spare body. Spark transfer initiated. A brilliant flash momentarily blinds the Autobots for a few seconds. Was it the procedure successful? The shell rolls down the ramp. A sign of life or an automated response? The shell transforms to robot mode! A sure sign of life! The Autobots cheer and welcome Jinrai to Earth. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Encore on the right Original on the left Click here for more pics
  11. Dude... I've seen this toy IRL for myself... you're not missing out on much. The toy is fragile as, giving it terrible play value. A spectacular craphouse excuse of an action figure IMO. Animated Arcee is a MUCH better toy for a way cheaper price too. All for one and one for all... Skywarp hangin' out at a café
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