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  1. One would expect the TFPRiD (I refuse to call them RiD) toys to be gooderer than FE, since they came later and have the luxury of hindsight and should be trying to improve on their FE forerunners. But I've yet to come across any TFPRiD toy that I considered to be on par or better than their FE counterpart. To me, TFPRiD feels like a cheap KO of FE. I haven't seen TFPRiD Arcee or Vehicon IRL yet, so I can't comment on them, but all I've seen and handled all the first wave TFPRiD toys IRL, and I found they were all pretty crappy compared to FE -- and not just in terms of sculpt and colours, but engineering too. Look at Cliffjumper... sure, the robot mode may be more visually show-akkurate than FE Cliffjumper, but it's just NOT as well engineered as FE Cliffjumper. I would much rather have a less show-like but better engineered Transformer toy over a more show-akkurate toy that's not as well engineered. To me, the toy is more important than media-likeness. But this all comes down to one core thing I don't like about TF Prime... and Animated... and to a lesser degree, Bayverse (although I'm more forgiving w/ Bayverse) -- I just don't like media-based Transformer toys. On the whole, Transformer toys are better when they're designed as TOYS. Then later on artists and cartoonists can draw their own rendition of those toys as comic book or cartoon characters - but it shouldn't affect what the toy designers and engineers are doing. This is the way it's been for most of Transformers' history as a TOY franchise. Look at G1, G2, BW etc. -- the vast majority of toys from these series were made as TOYS first, then it was up to artists to create character models based on those toys (e.g. Kohara Shouhei, Floro Dery etc.). Sometimes artists will take more liberal creative licensing for whatever reason (e.g. Jetfire, Blackarachnia etc.), but that's fine. At the end of the day, what artists do when designing the Transformers as character does NOT impact on toy design, because the toys are already made. Some fans can cry all they like about G1 Ironhide's head or Skyfire's body or Blackarachnia's pre-Transmetal look and how they don't look like their toys - blah blah blah... but suck it up, princess... the toys were made LONG before they became cartoon characters!! One thing I'm finding less enjoyable with Transformers atm is that the toys feel like a tool for marketing the media (i.e. movie/cartoon merchandise), instead of the media being a marketing tool for the toys! Designing Transformers as characters is complete counter-intuitive to designing them as toys -- as the TF Prime DVD special features discusses. You can either design Transformers as toys first, then run into issues of the characters not looking just like the toys (because cartoonists are essentially "translating" these toys as characters), or you run into problems with the toy designs (as toy designers are trying to "translate" characters as toys). For example, TF Prime animators will create a model of TFP Bumblebee as a robot, then figure out he'll transform to car mode on the cartoon... in cartoon physics land. No need consider reality, cost/budget restrictions, size restrictions (they can't all be Masterpieces!), play patterns/value etc. But HasTak will take a vehicle and figure out how that's going to become a robot. Binaltech/Alternators/Alternity is good example of this... they'll take say a Mazda RX-8 and think, "Now how can we engineer this car to transform into a robot?". So either the character model will be compromised, or the toy will be. I'd rather have a compromised character model and better toy, thank you very much.
  2. This thread is for the discussion of phonetics relating to Transformer words. :) ---------------------------------------------------- I have two questions - just curious to see how people are pronouncing these words... #1) Scourge Who pronounces it as: * /skɜ;dʒ/ ("scurge") rhyming with "purge" or "surge, or do you pronounce it as... * /skɔ;dʒ/ ("scorge") rhyming with "forge" or "gorge." For me, I pronounce it as "scorge" when I'm using it as the Transformer name, but I say "scurge" when I'm using it as a regular word. Technically it should be pronounced as "scurge," but I say "scorge" if I'm talking about any Transformer with that name. <shrug> #2) Transformers I've always placed the stress on the second syllable, so I say "transFORMers", and every Australian I've spoken to pronounces it that way -- but I find that when listening to some Americans speak on DVD interviews and commentaries, there's an inconsistency. Some Yanks place the stress on the second syllable like we do, but sometimes I hear them place the stress on the first syllable and say "TRANSformers." :eek: -- but then when they use the verb "transform," they say "transFORM"... I don't think I've ever heard anyone from anywhere say "TRANSform." And in the Transformers Prime DVD, some people, including one of the Hasbro staffers, didn't seem able to make up his mind as to where the stress should fall! At one point he'd say "TRANSformers," but then later on he'd say "transFORMers"... :eek: I can understand different people having variant pronunciations -- regional accent differences or what not (or as TFP Ratchet would say, "hwat not" ;)), but usually people are consistent within their own accent! According to dictionary.com and the Cambridge dictionary web site, the stress is meant to fall on the second syllable. Which means that I (and everyone else I've ever met) has been pronouncing it correctly. But why do some people (seemingly some Americans) put the stress on the first syllable? Here's my theory... The word transform is pronounced as transFORM when used as a verb (e.g. "transform to robot mode"), but TRANSform when used as a noun (e.g. "binomial and integral transforms are types of mathetical transforms"), but AFAIK all words that use transform as a morpheme place the stress on "form" (e.g. Transformer, transformation, transforming, transformable etc.). I mean, whenever you wear lines like, "Autobots, transform!," or "Decepticons, transform!" etc., it's pronounced as "transFORM." How weird would it sound if Optimus Prime said, "TRANSform and roll out!" :rolleyes: So I personally don't understand the logic of pronouncing Transformers as "TRANSformers."
  3. ...that's lame of a Decepticon. :P May be fine for an Astromech droid who keeps falling over on set. ;) You're lucky. Mine were quite slumped by 1993 (possibly even earlier than that - especially Runamuck which I got before Runabout). The springs on my Jumpstarters are fine - what I have more of a problem with is the locking mechanism which doesn't release as well as they used to; I have to use excessive force the transform Topspin back to robot mode now. But back in 1985 they worked pretty well in terms of rolling and springing out to robot mode. The only thing that's always sucked about the Battlechargers is that they never landed on their feet; always toppled. The same would happen when I played with my friends' Battlechargers too... we could never get them to stop in a standing position. Having said that, they seem to have improved on that gimmick. Armada Happy Meal Starscream uses the same gimmick, and he lands on his feet almost every time! I've noticed that they have these Jumpstarter like toys for Hasbro's Marvel figures too... I don't collect Marvel toys, but I'd be interested to hear how well the gimmick works on these toys. ...only that they're limited and expensive (-_-) I wish they could've been regular store toys -- they did Cybertron Runamuck as a regular store toy, why not for Generations?? I can understand really obscure characters like Stepper and Artfire being limited exclusive figures... but come on... Runabout and Runamuck appeared in the Anglophone G1 cartoon series!
  4. It's only taken them 5 years to work it out. One could complete a combined university degree in that time. :roll I still really want a DotM Deluxe Mirage, damnit!! :(
  5. IMO Universe Galvatron was a bad execution of a reasonably good idea. It was too ambitious for its size -- should've either been a Voyager, or they should've simplified it as a Deluxe. Or possibly (probably) because so few people bought them while they were shelfwarming (for YEARS) that there's now a limited supply on the secondary market. This often happens with less popular figures. Look at say G1's Autobot Rescue Force. They're quite tricky to find now on the secondary market, but if you do, they're not expensive. I passed them all up when they were in stores, but I've managed to collect 3/4 of them on the secondary market, just because I happened to stumble upon them for fairly cheap prices. I still need "Leozak" which I've yet to find, but if I did I'm not prepared to pay more than a few dollars for it. And sometimes you come across toys that are in low supply on the secondary market and there may not be a high demand for them, but some stupid sellers will jack the prices up anyway, because there's little competition in terms of sellers. And we often see them in the later G1 toys like Rescue Force. Or look at the Action Master Elites (I've seen and handled them IRL, they are both crap _and_ f'ugly) or G2 Power Masters (*shudder*) -- these toys pegwarmed when they were out (I remember still finding G2 Power Masters at TRU as late as 1998/99!) but might fetch exaggerated prices on the secondary market simply because there's a limited supply of them because so few people bought them. Also, some of the later G1 toys were also produced in smaller production runs (as Transformers sales were dwindling at the time). Just because a toy is hard to find and can go for high prices doesn't necessarily mean that there's high demand for it per se. For example, someone could put Omega Spreem on eBay and maybe a small number of people might place large bids on it and it sells for a big price. Doesn't mean it's a high demand figure per se, it just means that the few people who would want this POS toy were willing to pay a lot for it. I don't have Mega Tobias/Hawk, but I have the Deluxe. Deluxe Tobias/Hawk is my favourite (or least hated ;)) of the Animorphs -- judging from pictures of the Mega, the Deluxe looks way better. Deluxe Tobias is the best engineered because the human mode actually looks the most human - his head, body, arms, hands, legs and feet all look human! - and he has a reasonably solid hawk mode. Sure, you can see the wings folded on his back in human mode, but at least it's tucked away at the back -- one can suspend disbelief enough to believe he's human. It's LOADS better than any other Animorph Transformer toy that are more like mutant were-people, including Mega Tobias! Aside from being grossly unpopular, even amongst the few kids that might have been interested in buying Animorph toys... imagine you have a choice of two Tobias toys. Both transform into hawks. The cheaper Deluxe looks better and is cheaper. Which are you gonna buy? :roll Jake's also special as a Deluxe Animorph TF because all of his parts are self-contained. Other Deluxe Animorphs have detachable accessories that are part of their transformation and have nowhere to go in human form (and are thus easily lost). Boxed Animorph toys have self-contained parts too, but Deluxe Tobias/Hawk is one of the few (if only) toy to feature this level of engineering as a cheaper and smaller Deluxe toy. Totally ordinary by normal Transformers standards, but exemplary by Animorphs standards (or lack thereof ;)). Have a hug? :P Yeah, Retrax is one of the thankfully few examples of Beast Wars toys whose engineering has been hampered by an over-dominating gimmick. The gimmick does work really nicely in beast mode though, but it sucks in robot mode. I don't mind the vehicle mode. Universe Ironhide/Ratchet was a very ambitious idea, because they're trying to mimic the G1 cartoon model into a toy... and remember that the G1 cartoon model CHEATS by completely ignoring the laws of physics and reality! Essentially the cartoon model is the core robot but tweaked with a more humanoid body shape and defined heads. But the rest of the vehicle which becomes the mobile gun emplacement/battle platform just disappears into thin air! In fact, the only time we see it is for a brief second in "More Than Meets The Eye, Part 1" ...other than that, we NEVER see that thing again! And Ironhide's never makes an appearance at all - the closest we saw was in "More Than Meets The Eye, Part 2," when Bumblebee used Ironhide's missile launcher (portrayed as a powerful laser drill), then again in "More Than Meets The Eye, Part 3," when Ironhide and Bluestreak chased the Decepticons. Other than that, we never see any hint that these combat decks exist! Ratchet and Ironhide just transform from Nissan Cherry vanettes into robots, with really the front portion of the vehicle transforming -- and the majority of the vehicle just vanishes into thin air! While you might be able to get away with this in animation, you can't with a toy. All that vehicle components has to go somewhere, and there's only two ways to do this. You can either only have the front section detach and transform into a robot while the rest becomes a combat deck, like Energon Tow-Line (which was retooled/repainted as BotCon Ironhide and Ratchet), or if you don't want to have the combat deck, then it all needs to be incorporated into the robot. And HasTak chose to latter option with Universe/Henkei Ironhide and Ratchet in an attempt to make them more like the cartoon, since the cartoon essentially has the robot "absorb" the rest of the vehicle as they transform. So naturally they have to break up the rest of the vehicle in an attempt to incorporate it into the robot mode and minimise without making it a massive shellformer like say Cybertron Thunderblast. So when you take that into consideration and look at it in context of what they were trying to do with this toy... to make a toy represent a show model that defied reality when they very can't do so themselves, I find Universe/Henkei Ironhide and Ratchet to be impressively well engineered -- especially for toys of their size/price point. They're essentially like small and cheap Masterpieces but as Deluxes. I find them more satisfying than say MP Rodimus. My main gripe about those toys is, as you and others have said, the downward facing heads. That is annoying and there's absolutely no reason for it. But the rest of the toy I find quite awesome. :D
  6. There's a Leader Class DotM Megatron toy??? I think G1 Megatron's a really nice toy. The robot mode is a bit gangly, but that's because he transforms from such a thin gun mode, and it's a damn awesome gun mode! G1 Megatron was excellent by 1984 standards - the Battlechargers were crap even by 1986 standards. IMO the main advantage that the Battlechargers have over the Jumpstarters is their alt modes. In terms of design and engineering I find the Jumpstarters to be more ambitious and satisfying. The robot modes are solid, stand well and the arms can at least move up and down. The Battlechargers have shoulder-mounted guns because their arms can't freakin' move, and the issue of slumping down after a few years, whereas the Jumpstarters can still stand well. Characterwise... the Jumpstarters were members of the Wreckers, an elite Autobot commando/black-ops team. The Battlechargers were the Decepticon equivalent of Beavis and Butthead! What did they do when they came to Earth? They went on a national graffiti spree! :roll I like the Battlechargers as characters though -- they're such loveable goofballs... but I find the Jumpstarters to be more interesting. But anyway, this thread is meant to be looking at the Transformers as toys rather than characters -- and purely in that regard I personally find the Jumpstarters to be better made than Battlechargers. Blasphemy! :P I don't think Ironhide is the worst made (though they would be the weakest of the 1984 Autobot cars); I think some people are thrown off by the lack of a defined head and non-humanoid body proportions - but other than the unorthodox robot body design, I find Ironhide to be a reasonably well designed/constructed toy. The mobile battle station/gun emplacement also adds to the play value of this toy. Ratchet is nicer looking - the white and reds work better on this base mould whereas Ironhide is very red. The original Diaclone toy was black (reissued as Protect Ironhide), which arguably looks better. I think Ironhide/Ratchet is an acquired taste -- I really like them, but I can understand why some people don't. :)
  7. How about "Dave"? Man... the reasons I'm hearing for wanting a Dinobot gestalt team are so lame, if they were any lamer this board would need to install accessibility ramps and a lift.
  8. Yeah, I went to TRU today and it was chock full of Bumblebees, and some DOTM Bumblebees too (also seen them in other stores). Haven't seen any ROTF Bumblebees in ages though.
  9. Heh, true. Though that's not hard. :) I think you meant Banzai Tron... unless you're trying to cross Banzai with Bonsai... like maybe he attacks you with Samurai-Shrubbery! :D
  10. cakedup: The over-done Bumblebee thing is just plain crazy. As you said, no parent's gonna want to buy their kid yet another Bumblebee... most kids are not going to _want_ yet another Bumblebee. Most collectors are also not looking for more Bumblebees. In short, most people period don't want another Bumblebee! And the fact that they continue to pegwarm/shelfwarm everywhere is a testament to the utter lack of interest/demand for Bumblebees! Hasbro has well and truly over-saturated the market with Bumblebees. I don't even think the state of certain economies has much to do with it. The Australian economy is still quite robust atm and even most people here aren't interested in buying more Bumblebees!! It's not that we can't afford it per se, there's just no incentive to buy more. Most of us already have too many (I know I do!). Yet if they'd released new characters like Leadfoot, Que, Soundwave and given us a Deluxe Mirage - I'm sure they would have sold a LOT better than any of the Bumblebees they keep pumping out. What I don't get is... the Leadfoot, Que and Soundwave Deluxes have already been engineered - TakaraTOMY already released them. Why can't Hasbro just grab those already-existing moulds and use them for their markets??? (o_O) There's no additional R&D cost involved. But no, they wanna repaint existing moulds. Just the other day I saw Autobot Armour Topspin at TRU... w h a t ? Oh, so they won't give us Leadfoot to complete the Deluxe Wreckers, but they'll give us a total random repaint of Topspin. Yeah, cos that'd totally sell better. :roll Even in places where economies are suffering... let's face it, if you've got to watch your money, what are you more likely to buy for your child? A character like Bumblebee that they already own, or a whole new character? Say your kid's birthday comes along and you take him shopping, the conversation is likely to go one of two ways: Scenario #1: "Mummy, look! Bumblebee!" "But sweetheart, you already have Bumblebee." "Yeah but this one's Nitro Bumblebee! See? He's got these cool jets and different colours!" "It's basically the same toy dear, why don't you pick something different? I'll get you that." "Okay." Scenario #2: "Hey Johnny, look, it's Bumblebee! You like Bumblebee! Wanna get that toy for your birthday?" "Aww, but I already have Bumblebee." "But look, isn't it different from the Bumblebee you have at home?" "It's still Bumblebee but. I want a different Transformer." "Are there any Transformer characters here that you don't already have, sweetie?" "Nah... maybe I'll get a Hot Wheels... from M A T T E L!"
  11. Yeah really. Are these toys marketed as Transformers? Because that's technically what makes a Transformer a Transformer. I mean, there were other Avengers in that crossover too, but a non-Crossover TF toy (like say an Avengers Captain America figure) doesn't count as a Transformer. I have a Hero-Clix black Spider-Man sitting next to my G1 Optimus Prime because he did appear in G1 in that costume, but that's not a Transformer toy. Any of the Crossover Iron Man Transformers are Transformers though.
  12. That's correct. Hasbro did indeed explicitly market Animorphs as Transformers. They're as much Transformers as say Crossover Transformers (e.g. Star Wars, Marvel). From a canonical POV they're not Transformers, but as far as the toys are concerned (and this thread is looking at the toys), they are technically Transformers. I thought it was a repaint/retool of Energon Hot Shot (I don't have this toy, just going off memory of images) I like Star Convoy. :) Sure he's a brick, but it was G1, and it was 1991, which was the time when G1 was dying and getting pretty crappy. He's a lot better than say the 1991 Action Masters or Action Master Elites <shudder>. And Star Convoy is essentially a Micromaster playset that is also a robot - and as a playset it works pretty well with other Micromaster toys and playsets - especially when you connect him with other playsets like this... When I look at my 1991 G1 TF shelf, I gotta say... that's the best toy on that shelf! :) I agree. That's my least favourite of the Binaltech moulds - the transformation is so counter-intuitive. Also totally agree. I skipped both Universe/Henkei Dinobot and Cheetor for that reason, but Dinobot looked to be the worst of the pair (I've handled both IRL too, not just observed in sealed packaging, and I found Dinobot to be most disappointing and felt glad that I didn't buy this toy). Nineteen-ninety-one! :D I like G1 Reflector, but yeah... not worth paying a large sum for. I had this toy as a kid, but then I gave it to my cousin who lost it. *sigh* Ended up getting a loose one for $90 a few years back. No argument from me there! The G1 Battlechargers are awful! Especially after a while when they get loose and can't stand up properly (instead they kinda just... flop).
  13. Improved colours doesn't negate the rather pedestrian nature of that mould which is essentially a Mega Pretender Shell for Energon Optimus Prime. (-_-) I'd rather have a smaller and better engineered Omega Supreme toy over a repaint of that overpriced hunk of disappointment.
  14. Don't forget that Hasbro works under different constraints from Third Party companies. These MAY include: + Budget. How much did this set cost you vs. how much a similar set from Hasbro would cost. I know that economies of scale also factor in too, but remember that all toys from Hasbro are restricted to a tight budget. For example, Animated Deluxe Hot Shot was initially intended to have red tips on the rockets (as can be seen in the packaging/promotional photos, but it was removed from the final product because those two extra splashes of red paint would have exceeded that toy's budget. The budget dictates how much can be spent on the production of a toy so as not to exceed a fixed price point. People often refer to Legions, Commander, Scout, Deluxe, Voyager, Leader etc. as size classes, but in reality they are price points. That's why Animated Lugnut sold at the price of a Voyager even though he's about the size of a Deluxe. + Child safety standards. This may not apply to this particular set, but I've seen both Not-Arcees, and they're far too fragile/brittle to pass off as a child's toy. A lot of those weak parts would easily break and create various hazards for kids (e.g. choking, scratching, poking etc.) + Marketability/feasibility. Hasbro really SHOULD be making CHUGUR figures for the characters that 3rd Parties are creating action figures for (e.g. Arcee, Insecticons, Combaticons etc.). What they can't do are the accessory kits because the market simply won't sustain it. You think the average kid cares about getting add-on armour for RtS Deluxe Optimus Prime? Nope. Will the average kid buy a well-made Generations Arcee toy? I don't see why not. If they can sell Animated Arcee to the primary market, I don't see why they can't do the same for G1 Arcee. + It needs to be fun. I've never seen Iron Army before, so I can't comment on them, but some 3rd Party toys that I've seen - while they're fine as display pieces are just scheissenhausen toys to play with! Look at City Commander. The trailer looks stupid which gets pulled apart to transform, and half of it ends up becoming this gun that's too big and heavy for Ultra Magnus to even hold properly. When connected, some of the parts pop off too easily, others are too tight. It also restricts articulation. I've seen two different kinds of Not-Arcees, and they're both TERRIBLE action figures! Animated Arcee is a nice, solid action figure whose engineering just CRAPS all over those Not-Arcee toys. If Hasbro made a Generations Arcee toy with a similar level of engineering as Animated Arcee, I'd be one very happy chappy. Btw, Hasbro are aware of third party products (they always have been). Forwarding information to them isn't going to really change anything (other than Hasbro perceiving collectors as being conceited and demanding, which doesn't improve our reputation in their eyes). You know what Hasbro does listen to? Money. The best way to communicate to Hasbro is to vote with your wallets. Choosing to purchase third party products over Hasbro products is all you need to do to communicate your message to Hasbro. Hasbro can ignore Facebook posts... it's harder to ignore declining sales. ;)
  15. ...I'm not quite familiar with these Transformers...
  16. Here's how it works: + Choose 10 toys from your collection that you hate, dislike or just like the least. + Tell us why! Give a description of why each of these figures is disliked by you. (It can be a quick/brief description, doesn't need to be lengthy) + Tell us why the hell you have this toy in your collection! ||||||||||>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BEGIN!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|||||||||| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Rachel/Lion Now I could easily populate my most hated list with Animorphs, but that wouldn't make the list terribly diverse and interesting, so I'll just keep it to one Animorph on this list. If I had to pick my most hated Animorph toy it would have to be Rachel/Lion, because this toy sucks even by Animorphs standards... and that's bad! The human head is entirely covered by the lion's mane -- that's right, I said lion and not lioness. Rachel transforms from a human girl into a male lion! :eek: So she looks like a really bad Aslan cosplayer. Then the beast eyes do NOT stay retracted -- they're constantly down and covering her human face... the upper part. There's no lower part, so in lion mode the lion's face has a human girl's mouth/jaw. Why do I have this toy?! Someone gave it to me for free. ;) Show-likeness FYL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. G1 Wheelie Of all the G1 Autobot mini-cars, this would have to be the worst. Seriously... Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Huffer, Powerglide, Beachcomber, Seaspray, Outback, Swerve, Cosmos... then Wheelie... it's like a sudden drop in standards to the world of suck. Every other minibot has a clearly identifiable alt mode, even Cosmos who's a freaking Adamski UFO, which by semantic definition is unidentified! (:P). Yet Wheelie transforms into... um... some kind of sled with wheels?? Then there's the robot mode. The top heaviness and spindly legs doesn't help it to be the most balanced of the Mini-Bots... plus the legs get loose and floppy over time, making it virtually useless for support. The hands are an epic fail. When I first got this toy in 1986, I didn't even notice that this toy had hands. It was only a few months later that I was playing with it and saw them and thought, (excited) "Oh!" (deflated) "Oh..." And then afterwards I saw Transformers The Movie and G1 Season 3 -- suddenly this disappointing toy became attached to a highly annoying character in the cartoon. :roll Let's face it... if this toy didn't have a prominent appearance in canon, not many people would want it. It's a shame that such a crappy toy like this got so much screen time in the show, yet an awesome toy like HUBCAP never saw the light of day! :( Why do I have this toy?! It was cheap, I think $1.99, and that was back when we still had 1 and 2c coins, so I would've gotten my 1c back. "Rhyming like a little git, Wheelie's toy is a piece of ----" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Mainframe Okay, Action Masters just plain suck. Again, like with the Animorphs, I'm just gonna pick on one rather than flooding the list with all of them. :P But my least favourite would be Mainframe -- simply because when I was a kid, I could not tell what the freak he was meant to transform into. Even though Action Masters couldn't transform, looking at their faux-kibble and imagining what they might have transformed into was possibly the only quasi-enjoyable thing about them... or more accurately, something that made them a little less painful to accept as Transformers. Treadshot's a great example of this - his body has kibble from a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum hand gun! (it'd be so kewl if TakTOM retconned a G1/Classicsverse Treadbolt that could transform into a scale replica Magnum! </pipedream> :D) -- but Mainframe has virtually nothing that tells you what he might have transformed into. Even TFwiki describes it as "an indeterminate alternate mode" - but it's generally accepted as being a mainframe computer. In red and blue. :roll Why do I have this toy?! Got it for free. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Cindersaur All the Firecons are crap, but again, let's just pick on one, and Cindersaur's my least favourite. The engineering is incredibly unimpressive, with the transforming essentially being "turn around and unfold some stuff!". It's much like all those monsters/demons in Monkey, where they look human, then turn around and change into the Dog Demon or whatever demon of the week that Monkey, Pigsy & Sandy happen to be fighting. <bad.Asian.accent> "So Monkey, you think I'm just a short pahple and yerrow KO of Godzirra, but I am rearry..." <turns around w/ spooky music> "The Decepticon Cindahsaur!" </bad.accent> It's funny in Monkey... crap on a Transformer toy. Cindersaur has the worst colour scheme of the Firecons, and the lack of wings makes it feel of even less value than Flamefeather and Sparkstalker. The Firecons and Sparkabots are basically small Transformers built around the friction motor w/ flint sparking gimmick which severely compromises their engineering, and the Firecons copped it worse than the Sparkabots (at least the Sparkabots have defined/identifiable vehicle modes and can lift their arms up and down, they're also more individually unique compared to the Firecons who are just too similar to each other). Thankfully toy safety standards today means that these toys will never be reissued (after a sparking gimmick in a Barbie doll set a girl's undies on fire!). :D Or if they did, the gimmick would be muted (which would make the entire concept of reissuing them pointless :P). Oh, that and a lack of demand. ;) Why do I have this toy?! To complete the set of Firecons. I got Flamefeather and Sparkstalker when I was a kid which didn't inspire me to get Cindersaur. A friend of mine had it, I saw it and thought, "Nah." I later picked this toy up for maybe ten bucks loose just to complete the set. At least the demons in Monkey spun 360° to transform - that makes them twice as cool as the Firecons! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Injector F'ugly. The Fuzor concept was always a bit odd, but sometimes it was well executed (e.g. Silverbolt, Quickstrike, Buzzclaw), most other Fuzors were alright... but in this case, it just plain did NOT work. Other Fuzors have beast modes that are like a 'smooth' fusion or blend between two animals. I think dirge describes the beast mode well in his review -- it looks like an angler fish with a hornet shoved up its bottom. The robot mode is incredibly crap - with the robot head basically being the fish component regurgitating the robot head out of its maw. If the intention of the design was to completely gross the crap out of me, then great success. The big head and ungainly body proportions makes this toy tricky to balance too. Little wonder this hunk of crap pegwarmed so badly. Why do I have this toy?! That's a damn good question. For over a year I saw this toy peg-warming and I kept laughing at it and walking past. But it was like staring at me and taunting me going, "Go on... you know you wanna buy me! DO IT!" - I eventually caved and grabbed it on sale. :roll It was during a lull between waves when there wasn't much else to buy. "Ouch." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Supreme Cheetor Supreme rip-off. Okay, Transmetal II Cheetor stands as one of the worst engineered Cheetor toys, but it didn't retail for a hundred bucks! The sculpt is more show-like than Mega Cheetor, and while the later Night Slash Cheetor also had a fairly show-like sculpt at a Deluxe price point, it didn't have show colours. So this toy offers the most show like sculpt with colours... but even then, totally still not worth paying RRP. There's NO reason why this toy couldn't have been a Deluxe. Maybe some parts would be simplified and they'd have to remove the LED gimmick -- I can live with that for a Deluxe price point. There's nothing about this toy that makes it worth paying a hundred for. Even the size... it's big mode because it's got long spindly legs. Otherwise, it's fairly light wait. It certainly lacks the BULK of other big hitters like G1 Metroplex or Scorponok. :roll The tail weapon is also failtastic... Night Slash Cheetor's swords are more show-like and work better. The size also makes it massively out of scale with other BM toys (other than maybe Nightscream, another very crap BM figure). Why do I have this toy?! Because I made a stupid decision and paid $100 for this over-sized hunk of crap even though I already had Mega Cheetor. <facepalms.self> Supreme Fail -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Armada Scavenger Armada is notorious for many of its gimmick over-laden toys that have compromised engineering, but Scavenger takes the cake. Ridiculously blocky body with that stupid rolling gimmick instead of legs. Those shin pads pretending to be legs are about as lame as G1 Wheelie's faux-hands. The only redeeming feature of this toy is the neat little Mini-Con, Rollbar. Unfortunately this Mini-Con mould has never been sold separately. :( His groin-located Mini-Con port is kinda awkward but... :roll Why do I have this toy?! To complete my set of Energon figures. The real stupid thing that I did was that I bought the repaint, Treadbolt (as well as other Energon repaints), which I gave to my girlfriend at the time (she's a TF fan too). :o -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Energon Ironhide Much like Armada, Energon's also notorious for giving us a lot of forgettable toys... but Ironhide stands out among the crap as one of the crappiest. The Powerlinx gimmick in Energon was never terribly well executed -- 1989's MultiForce gimmick was relatively better executed. But even among these sucky Energon Powerlinx figures, Ironhide is particularly suckful because of that stupid HEAD that isn't even remotely concealed in alt mode!! :eek Booooooo... Why do I have this toy?! Same reason as for why I got Scavenger. Although thankfully I didn't buy the repaint! You know your disguise sucks when even Prince Adam and Clark Kent are laughing at you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. ROTF Leader Class Megatron It's hard to choose which one sucks more, Movie Leader Class Megatron or ROTF Leader Class Megatron. Both are spectacularly CRAP toys, but I'm going with ROTF Leader Class Megatron because IMHO TF1 Leader Megatron is a fair execution of a bad design (from Dreamworks/Paramount), whereas ROTF Leader Megatron is a poor execution of a bad idea. Why do I have this toy?! Because I wanted the character. I didn't know at the time that I bought it that Hasbro would release a Voyager version later -- if I'd known I probably would've held off from the leader and gotten the Voyager instead, even if it is a massive shellformer. Can't possibly be worst than this toy. The Voyager actually has the flight mode, right? Cos the Leader doesn't. Lost in translation? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. ROTF Combiner Class Devastator Simplistic sculpt/designs and unimpressive colours and paint apps. Engineering is also incredibly basic for its size and price and of course, none of the components have robot modes. The Nom! Nom! gimmick was fun for a little while, then it got stale fast. You know that a big and expensive set of toys suck when it's outclassed by its Legends Class equivalent! :cool: Much like Supreme Cheetor, this toy is just big for the sake of being big, but lacks anything substantial to really justify its size and price. At least they did reduce the price of this toy from it's original RRP (which they never did with Supreme Cheetor! I never saw that toy sell for below $100! :eek: (little wonder it continued to shelfwarm for years)) - but even at a discounted price, I still feel massively ripped off by this toy. Why do I have this toy?! I fell for the Nom! Nom! gimmick, plus I wanted a ROTF Devvie in a big imposing size. But I waited until it was at least on sale, but even then it still wasn't worth it.
  17. I like him, but if I had to pick ONE Ratchet toy in the past decade that I like the most, it'd be Encore. :) Animated Deluxe Ratchet would come 2nd, then DotM Deluxe Ratchet 3rd. I only have the Legions Class atm, and I find it to be the poorest of my TFP Cyberverse toys. No sign of the Deluxe figure yet. Unless there's a poll, I don't think it matters. :P
  18. Whee, another thread of banality! (@_@) I'd go for a Fort Max tank, similar to what he looks like in the current IDW comics. That could work pretty well as a Deluxe/Voyager/Ultra. (O_o) Just as an example, a Type 45 Destroyer is 152.4m long, 21.2m wide and 7.4m tall. An F22 Raptor is 18.9m long with a wingspan of about 13.6m and a height of 5.1m (standing on deployed landing gears). Oh yeah, that's FAR more believable now!! Kids wouldn't care about this. MP Rodimus transforms from Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime because that's marketed at adults, but for kids... you either just go for Hot Rod (e.g. Classics Rodimus), or Rodimus Prime (e.g. Titanium Series Rodimus Prime - which incorporated the trailer as part of the robot... I'm not a big fan of Ti Series, but I gotta admit, that's a neat idea (if what questionable execution) - they did the same thing w/ Ti Series Ultra Magnus too). Yeah, cos the Dinobots were an awesome gestalt team in G1. Oh wait, no they weren't! (@_@) Remember that combining TFs always have some compromise to their design/engineering. I'd rather have 5 non-combining well designed Dinobots than 5 that do combine but are not as good. I don't see ANY need for the Dinobots to combine -- it doesn't make them more G1 accurate (if anything it lessens the G1 accuracy), and kids won't care. Cos blah blah blah, oh wait, no they didn't! Cos Super Fire Convoy is a really sturdy and solid super robot mode. Oh wait, no it's not! It was fine for 2000 standards, but by today's standards I'm not sure if it'd hold. Also... using the MP10 Convoy cab mould... how EXPENSIVE is this toy gonna be?!? (o_O) Yes... that will definitely appeal to kids and their parents... Not a bad idea, but I'd make it a rocket/tank triple changer, and make it Deluxe size. Or Voyager at the most. I don't trust Hasbro to make anything much larger than that without loading it with some stupid electronic sound gimmick and simplifying the engineering/design. :(
  19. ^This. :) I get stuff signed as a memento/souvenir of meeting that celebrity rather than to increase the value of the commodity being signed. But there have been times I've met celebs without the opportunity of getting an autograph, or in the case of Michael Bay, losing the autograph. :( I got him to sign #1 of the movie adaptation comic (limited ed. cover too), then I stupidly left the comic back in my theatre seat -- when I went back to look for it it was long gone. :(
  20. Encore Ratchet. :) +1 The only Rescue Ratchet I got was the Legends class one. I'm generally not a fan of G1 colours on movieverse toys, but I make an exception for Ratchet - it works okay on him, and also, he actually appears in the film in those colours too -- well, there's another same emergency vehicle in Rescue Ratchet's colours that appears in one scene in the first movie; most probably not Ratchet. Although possibly could be another Autobot in disguise - or the vehicle could have been brought to life by the AllSpark later (much like Tow Line). e.g. Movieverse First Aid. ;)
  21. It's beautifully toy accurate! :D :D It's also illustrated by Ichikawa Hirofumi (from the BotCon Japan comic "Cybertron Chronicles"). ;) Really? He peg-warmed for years around here! (not surprisingly) His prototype name was Aquasting (as was seen in ), but the final product was called Injector. Oh yeah... that totally makes it better. :P trolol, it's Ironhide. ;)
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