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  1. Pretty much. Hasbro's MP-01 that got sold in America on it's firt release at Walmart stores for $64.99. at target & TRU stores it was $69.99. Honestly the Hasbro TRU MP-01 was well worth $64.99 because it was 12 inches tall in robot mode. most importantly the toy used a whole bunch of diecast metal. had strong plastic. the engineering,high sculpt & poseabilty are way over the charts. Last week I cleaned my masterpiece TF toy shelf. I held Hasbro MP-01 in my hand & the toy felt like it easily weighed over 10 pounds. Hasbro released the MP-01 optimus toy a second time & gave it cartoon accurate colors. it was called the "20th anniversary edition". this second release with newer colors sold for a bit more than the first release. most USA stores sold it for around $79.99. Walmart sold it for $69.99. the toy quickly went on clearance sale & the price got dropped by $15 to $20 dollars. Takara MP-10 Convoy just can't compare to the awesomeness of Takara MP-01 Convoy. because the Takara MP-10 Convoy is only 9 inches tall in robot mode,has very little diecast metal on the toy,has feet showing in alt mode & uses inferior plastic quality/engineering & so forth. About the only thing TF MP-10 Convoy has going for it is more accurate size scale in relation to TF toys on display. This MP-10 convoy is 9 inches tall in robot mode & can at the very least fit in with other leader sized TF toys from Rid,AEC,Animated,Movie-verse & TF Prime. ...As opposed to MP-01's blatantly halfassed truck mode, being so die-cast laden that much of his poseability is rendered just about moot, paint chipping somewhat easily on the metal parts, (especially the chest panels) and can only barely hold his own rifle? I love MP-01/04 as much as the next guy, but MP-10 fixes many of the small problems that MP-01 suffers from. And Masterpiece Optimus was called 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime on it's initial run. The cartoon colored version released in 2006 was called 20th Anniversary DVD Edition Optimus Prime, to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of The Transformers the Movie and it's availability on DVD. (the DVD came with the US release of this, I believe.)
  2. Yeah, mine I don't even want to TOUCH the chromed areas (kind of hard when transforming because much of the torso is chromed) due to the flaky chrome. Generally, all it takes is a single chip or crack in the chrome to start the descent into flakiness. Thankfully, few of my other Transmetal toys suffer from this. So yeah, if it's so dirty a gentle wipe can't clean it off, it's better off staying that way than to have the chrome start coming off.
  3. Stand alone for the most part. Salvage's (a blue Autobot repaint of the monster truck Mudslinger) bio seems to hint at being a new body for Allspark Power Salvage, DOTM Icepick's bio suggests he was once PCC Icepick, and I think it may have been mentioned that PCC Huffer is meant to be the same guy as G1 Huffer. Other than these, which the toys don't really reflect at all, the entire line was pretty well stand alone. @Shadowpanther The springs are entirely unnecessary. The drones still function without the springs inside, since everything is connected inside them and will still automatically unfold when attached. The only thing the springs do is automatically collapse the drones into their alternate modes when removed, but it's still super easy to just push one part back to move everything else without the springs.
  4. I kinda dig them. The concept is interesting, though the drones really shouldn't have been spring loaded. Execution was...hit and miss. The last new molds in that line were really cool. And Sledge. Doubleclutch's drones may be worth getting the set for, but Doubleclutch himself should be buried in a drawer, never to see the light of day again. The copters (Searchlight and his repaint, Windburn) should be avoided. I'm almost contemplating on TFC Toys' WWII vehicle PCC limb bot sets.
  5. The Botcon 2011 set got away with it because it was the Transformers Animated Stunticons. They're not expected to combine. It's fine if an Animated Protectobot themed set were to eventually come out, but these aren't the same as the Classics style Stunticons and Protectobots (among all the other combiner teams from G1) that fans are still wanting and waiting for. Ones that do combine into Menasor, Defensor, etc. So in short, no. It isn't what people are really looking for. Fans want actual combiners.
  6. I don't mind one bit, because this time they're leaving the mold alone and releasing it with everything MP-10 came with, for less than half the asking price. Before, I didn't think it was worth $250. But for $100? Hell yeah I'll take it! I even hope that MP-11 makes it over here with all of his accessories too. Coming with all the accessories for a more collector-oriented treat like this is NEVER a bad thing.
  7. I'm perfectly happy with the green and purple version I already have. And I'm a bit hesitant on the Superion set they revealed at Botcon. (well, just a silhouette of one of the arms)
  8. Yeah, the wheels and the flame exhaust was part of an abandoned transportation mode. Tigerhawk has something similar, with the wheels on his wings even though the spring loaded feather panels won't let them roll anyway. I'd be happier if Megatron's dragon neck was like the Transmetal toy's tail instead of the weak neck thrashing gimmick that exists there. But I like the missile firing gimmick in his mouth, and that the other two missiles can store in his wings. Doesn't even interfere with the wings opening/closing or just the mouth opening!
  9. First Edition Bumblebee - I want to like this guy. I really do. He looks nicer than his Prime (Robots in Disguise, if you must) counterpart, but that one has a generally more solid robot mode with less fear of breaking something. The left shoulder on mine has trouble staying within the gear-like thing that's supposed to keep it from being floppy...will need to try some Future around there to add some friction. If you want a Bumblebee to display, buy two of this guy to leave in each mode and don't screw with him. If you want a Bumblebee to play with, just get the Prime 'Bee. DOTM Deluxe Leadfoot - It's a shame this guy never made it to US retail, as he's actually really good. Getting the sort of fake doors to move into position is a pain in the rear, but he's otherwise fun. He seems to have red paint over his red plastic just to get all the red to match in vehicle mode. His Mechtech weapon is the same as Ratchet's, only Ratchet's could actually get some decent spin time as the saw itself wasn't as wobbly. Whatever. Now to get some Reprolabels for him and his buddies...
  10. Ouch. Too bad, dude. My favorites are Tigerhawk, Rampage, and Depth Charge. Yeah, the latter's disc firing gimmick makes him take up a ton of shelf space and makes him back heavy...but it's fun to play with! TMII Megatron is regal in dragon mode...but don't ever convert him to robot mode. Those hip hinges keep on breaking on me, so I leave him in dragon mode now. :(
  11. Well at least two of the figures I've wanted will be a little easier to get a hold of... I guess Vehicon is good for those who want to army build that one and don't mind importing from Asia, (or live in Asia) but I haven't any interest in it.
  12. Paying $16 for Sidearm? Not that crazy. The clear Protector goes with the Sons of Cybertron Rodimus, who I believe has chromed spoiler parts. The original Protector was made primarily for Classics Rodimus, with Sidearm giving some bling to help it fit with Henkei! Rodimus. And while I mostly bought Sidearm for those chromed pieces, I fell in love with Sidearm as well. Heck, the chromed spoiler pieces don't really fit right on the trailer itself, so I just keep the original spoiler pieces on the trailer and only use the chromed pieces for Protector's robot mode.
  13. I want Breakdown... Don't care if he's gonna be a little smaller than First Edition Bulkhead, don't care if he's gonna be saddled with a goofy Powerizer weapon, that prototype pic makes him out to be dead sexy! :love Swerve...probably not so much, but who knows? Might be interesting. Jet Vehicon I'd like at least one of, unless it turns out to be a Takara exclusive in which case I'll only want one. :tflaugh
  14. Bot Shots Barricade - Adorable. Awesome. Great for when I want something to mess with but don't want to really transform and don't want to dig out Activators Bumblebee. No articulation whatsoever, but who cares? I may have to get me a Bumblebee for him to 'fight'...though I have my eye on that three-pack that includes Prowl and Sentinel Prime, provided I can find it. Speaking of Bumblebee, I also broke down and bought Prime Bumblebee. Out of the package...he's kinda crap. Really don't like the floaty head thing, and while forcing the center to move a bit before pulling the shoulders out the rest of the way helps, I went with Mister Fanwank's fix of just shaving away the last two gear teeth. That helps A LOT, actually. He is fun to transform, and generally gets the job done, but I'm still going to get First Edition Bumblebee to really see how the 'Bees compare. Funny thing though. When I had the shoulder assembly separated from the rest of the toy, I discovered the most amazing thing: the shoulders actually can swing out entirely and lock! The problem? Nothing else on the toy is set up to allow this to work. Honestly this is something that should have been caught at the design stage and something done to allow this to work, especially since it's yet another Bumblebee toy among a sea of yellow.
  15. I don't think it's that we make up a huge amount of their sales, but rather they've got our loyalty to the franchise. (provided they don't do something too stupid) We will buy almost anything Hasbro tosses at us, depending on our individual tastes, and keep coming back for more. Kids are likely to just get Bumblebee and/or Optimus, then move on to the next shiny thing. (some will of course buy the other guys, perhaps after Bumblebee/Optimus; some may absolutely fall in love with the franchise and join us in a few years' time; still others may see the wall O' 'Bees and run the other way. :tflaugh ) I'm probably wrong, but it's merely my opinion, and not absolute fact. I have no idea what goes on in Hasbro's brains.
  16. I've seen Optibotimus' review of HA Roadbuster with the Reprolabels set, so I am mighty tempted...
  17. Eh, I kinda treat it like Aveo Swerve a few years back. Still, I don't really get an Evac vibe from him as he's not a rescue helicopter, but whatever. At least Evac is out somehow, unlike Deluxe Mirage or Buzzsaw who'll never see the light of day due to the line being cancelled.
  18. HA Roadbuster - Don't care about Sgt. Recon, but I'm generally quite happy with Roadbuster himself. The visor could have used to be bigger though, as it feels a little small on him, but since all of the Human Alliance toys seem to have a gimmick built into their heads... Also wish that it was easier to get stuff to let go when converting back into car mode. Perhaps I'll be tempted to get the Reprolabels set for him one day.
  19. Bulkhead is in waves 2 and 3 of the Voyagers...but that toy currently appears to leave something to be desired. Outside the US, the First Edition Starscream has been repainted with First Edition Bumblebee as an entertainment pack. But Starscream also has a Voyager toy in wave 2 alongside Bulkhead.
  20. That's subjective, but mostly agreed upon to varying degrees with anything that has a FE counterpart. However I wouldn't pay more than retail for the mainline stuff just for a measly little Mini-Con.
  21. I don't have any of the Takara Prime figures, but the Mini-Cons and weapon accessories for all the Prime figures use the standard 5mm peg and port system. So yes, you can give Cliffjumper's battle hammer to his FE counterpart. You CAN give it to Megatron. As for the Mini-Cons, you'll have no trouble giving them to someone else if you want. I don't think Takara would bother changing the hole sizes just for the Mini-Cons, since Takara rarely makes the molds different than its Hasbro counterpart outside of the colors and paint apps. But I seriously doubt Hasbro will release any of them over here. If they were, it would have been included with the figures right from the start.
  22. ...As oppose to any other Transformer around that time, which were fairly limited in what they did to begin with? Different strokes for different folks, I guess...
  23. DOTM Deluxe Laserbeak (on clearance!) Prime Voyager Megatron Prime Deluxe Wheeljack
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