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  1. FoC Shockwave - A good figure, and seems to fit in with Generations Cybertronian Megatron and Soundwave decently enough. Certainly could have used more color though, but we're probably just gonna have to get used to it... Arms Micron Vehicon - The micron port in the rear looks like a jet thruster. That alone is awesome. Not much different than the Jet Vehicons, aside from most of the vehicle shell parts and robot mode colors. Would have been really nice if they had provided stickers for the rear window, though. Arms Micron Weapons - Jida R is a red version of the Jida cheetah chainsaw that came with AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper. Actually works very nicely with First Edition Cliffjumper. Gabu is a horseshoe crab that becomes a crossbow. Be sure to snap the blade parts on more or less from crab mode position, or they may break. Baru is a bird that's also a big meat cleaver blade. The feet are a pain to flip out for bird mode, and the handle sticks off awkwardly on one wing. Dai is a crocodile and a multi-barreled cannon. Not much to him. Together, they make the Dark Matter Calibur, a huge sword. Perfect Effect SFX - Tiny, but loaded with awesomeness and weapons. Not at all recommended if you can't stand partsforming in modern figures.
  2. I'd say the same thing, but with Breakdown. And now I plan to get the Arms Micron Weapons, though it would be nice if a version of Noji (the boar Vehicon blaster) was among them. Ah well, I'll grab me one Arms Micron Vehicon, curse a little at the robot mode stickers as they're gonna be the same as Jet Vehicon's but in royal blue/dark purple. As for the head, I don't know of any that would make a decent Autotrooper head. Get on it, Dr. Wu/somebody! :tflaugh
  3. Arms Micron Jet Vehicon - I do not have the grounded version just yet, (plan to get one Arms Micron version with a bunch of the Arms Micron Weapons such as the Dark Matter Caliber guys) but DAMN. THIS is a general mold worth army building, even if it's just one Jet Vehicon and one Vehicon. Much is clearly different, but operates the same way. The stickers were a bit tricky in placing for the robot mdoe due to where they're being asked to be placed. I do wish that the clear plastic chest panel could be removed so that the Decepticon symbol sticker could be placed under it, but sadly it's glued in place. Igu was fun to build, though the sticker that wraps around the muzzle's tip is kind of annoying. Perfect Effect Motobot RC - WOW. I like this thing. Amount of weaponry: only topped by Munitioner and Mad Blender. But the articulation...I don't think anything really tops it in sheer number, and the few things that do have a good number of those in the fingers. The included comic and instructions are filled with wonderful, wonderful Engrish! But I would love to see Perfect Effect make that Black Arachnia-like character in the comic as an actual figure. That would be a lot cooler than the POS that is Prime Airachnid...
  4. Perfect Effect PE DX-01 Motobot RC (pink version) Arms Micron Jet Vehicon x2
  5. Arms Micron Breakdown - Brings 'sexy' back to the Voyagers. Assembling the Mini-Con was fun, if a little scary at times due to how much force is required to attach the legs, head, and tail/handle. Stickers are fairly easy to apply, although the instructions could make it a little more clear as to what order the inner/outer knee stickers go in. (despite that, I don't think it's all that noticeable if done one way or the other) The rear is a pain in the rear to get into place for vehicle mode, but refuses to budge easily once it's in. Robot mode is as big and bulky as the character should be. Quite poseable and well balanced despite the bulk. The Mini-Con in hammer mode can be held in his hand or the wrist/windshield assembly can be turned back around to plug into the roof for more show accuracy. Since the hands are translucent plastic, I'd advise a bit of caution with 'em. Overall, I'm quite happy with this toy, and recommend that people go get it now while they still can!
  6. Yeah. Hasbro was lazy.* *typical response for why something is the way it is with a Transformer, usually negative. :P
  7. Why Starscream should never be left with any Arcee...
  8. Another crappy desk top pic! This was kinda frustrating to set up for the pic. Mostly in trying to keep both of them balanced without knocking the other one over while I'm at it.
  9. FE Voyager Optimus. Similar to the Entertainment Pack Optimus in many ways, including in the way the shoulders are attached. Somehow though, it's less noticeable here than on the Deluxe. While not as nicely painted as it either, I think the Voyager comes off cleaner. THIS is the Optimus to get from the Prime series. The sword is probably best left off to the side, however.
  10. Yeah, it's pretty crappy. But after reading somewhere that Leadfoot was directly responsible for Space Case's mental state, I had to whip up something like this.
  11. Last one. I swear...unless First Edition Vehicon gets released here, that is. A guy can dream, right?
  12. The First Edition Entertainment Pack. The kids look decent and seem to be in scale with each other, (Jack is the tallest, Raf is the shortest, Miko is in the middle and is the most colorful/detailed due to her show design) but don't do anything. Optimus is a decent little truck, is fun to transform, and has a decent robot mode. The shoulders are set weird, but it's not deal-breaking. Megatron...oh my. Megatron goes to perfectly exemplify that bigger is not necessarily better. Everything the Voyager can do with just the body, this Deluxe toy does better. Better backpack, no goofy floating shoulder guards, a cleaner face sculpt, bicep and wrist swivels, and a MUCH better fusion cannon with a MUCH better gimmick. A handle can fold out from underneath so it can be used by other figures, or so Megatron can use it as a handheld weapon. That's it. First Edition Arcee. Wow. Just wow. One of the sides to the front in motorcycle mode doesn't quite peg in right, but it's not a big deal. The blades look...okay stored on the sides, and it's better than just leaving them off for them to almost inevitably get lost. The pegs they attach to are quite thin, so best to be gentle in taking the blades back off. Transformation is fun and clever, the robot mode looks the part, and only has a little bit of kibble. I was perhaps looking forward to her the most out of the Deluxe figures, and I really can't say I'm disappointed. First Edition Starscream. As much as I love FE Arcee, Starscream is easily the best in the Deluxe lineup. Perhaps one of, if not THE best Deluxe figure in years. Characterful. Fun. Poseable to crazy degrees. Solid. The jet mode is the only real weakness, as his entire lower body is basically just shoved underneath. Not even in a semi-elegant way like the HFTD Leader Starscream did.
  13. First Edition Bumblebee - I want to like this guy. I really do. He looks nicer than his Prime (Robots in Disguise, if you must) counterpart, but that one has a generally more solid robot mode with less fear of breaking something. The left shoulder on mine has trouble staying within the gear-like thing that's supposed to keep it from being floppy...will need to try some Future around there to add some friction. If you want a Bumblebee to display, buy two of this guy to leave in each mode and don't screw with him. If you want a Bumblebee to play with, just get the Prime 'Bee. DOTM Deluxe Leadfoot - It's a shame this guy never made it to US retail, as he's actually really good. Getting the sort of fake doors to move into position is a pain in the rear, but he's otherwise fun. He seems to have red paint over his red plastic just to get all the red to match in vehicle mode. His Mechtech weapon is the same as Ratchet's, only Ratchet's could actually get some decent spin time as the saw itself wasn't as wobbly. Whatever. Now to get some Reprolabels for him and his buddies...
  14. Bot Shots Barricade - Adorable. Awesome. Great for when I want something to mess with but don't want to really transform and don't want to dig out Activators Bumblebee. No articulation whatsoever, but who cares? I may have to get me a Bumblebee for him to 'fight'...though I have my eye on that three-pack that includes Prowl and Sentinel Prime, provided I can find it. Speaking of Bumblebee, I also broke down and bought Prime Bumblebee. Out of the package...he's kinda crap. Really don't like the floaty head thing, and while forcing the center to move a bit before pulling the shoulders out the rest of the way helps, I went with Mister Fanwank's fix of just shaving away the last two gear teeth. That helps A LOT, actually. He is fun to transform, and generally gets the job done, but I'm still going to get First Edition Bumblebee to really see how the 'Bees compare. Funny thing though. When I had the shoulder assembly separated from the rest of the toy, I discovered the most amazing thing: the shoulders actually can swing out entirely and lock! The problem? Nothing else on the toy is set up to allow this to work. Honestly this is something that should have been caught at the design stage and something done to allow this to work, especially since it's yet another Bumblebee toy among a sea of yellow.
  15. I've seen Optibotimus' review of HA Roadbuster with the Reprolabels set, so I am mighty tempted...
  16. HA Roadbuster - Don't care about Sgt. Recon, but I'm generally quite happy with Roadbuster himself. The visor could have used to be bigger though, as it feels a little small on him, but since all of the Human Alliance toys seem to have a gimmick built into their heads... Also wish that it was easier to get stuff to let go when converting back into car mode. Perhaps I'll be tempted to get the Reprolabels set for him one day.
  17. DOTM Deluxe Laserbeak (on clearance!) Prime Voyager Megatron Prime Deluxe Wheeljack
  18. DOTM Cyberverse Commander Guzzle TFC Toys Neckbreaker TFC Toys Mad Blender Oh yeah, and a new crotch for Heavy Labor/Hercules. Everything that may have broken from Heavy Labor's problem is included, including the two screw caps. (not installed)
  19. Cyberverse Powerglide - Meh. I guess it's better than the Universe Ultra class Powerglide...but that's not saying much. This has been one of the very few times that I haven't felt the 'new toy love' when I opened the package up and start messing with a figure. DOTM Thundercracker - I had been intrigued by this mold for awhile now. Thing is, I didn't want yet another Starscream. So why not go for the repaint that's affordable? The figure himself is very nice, and keeps most of the articulation of the Leader Starscream. I like the idea of using the landing gear from vehicle mode to help support the back of his legs. I kinda would have preferred he came with both of Starscream's Mechtech weapons, rather than the non-converting one and a blue version of Roadbuster's, but it's not a huge deal. DOTM Sideswipe - I was going to hold out for Darksteel/Quickstrike, but Wal-Mart had this guy and Thundercracker on Rollback for less than $10 each. Color wise, he's incredibly boring. (although the different plastic colors exposed in robot mode make it not as dull) But the mold itself is great. More poseable and stable than the original ROTF Deluxe. The Mechtech weapon is kinda neat, but I don't care much for the sword mode, especially since Sideswipe still has the blades on his arms.
  20. Generations Thundercracker - It's the Classics Seeker mold. The colors look nice, but now I've gotta get Starscream and Skywarp to go with him. :P RTS Tracks - I like the tribal flames on the hood, and the robot mode actually works better than I had initially thought! I'd still say if you have to pick between the two of 'em, get Wheeljack. Would have been nice to paint the inside of the doors to continue the wings... TFC Toys Exgraver - I'm in love... :love After shaving the teeth in the ludicrously tight ratchet joint for the shovel arm a bit, there's really no problems whatsoever. FansProject Causality Thundershred - Imposing bug mode, with the clips that hold the mandibles/blades on being strong enough to hold onto a Scout or small Deluxe. The blades are a pain in the rear to get on/off the first couple of times, but it IS doable. Robot mode is very cool, and it's surprising just how tight his ball jointed hips really are. Those things really don't want to move easily! I like the gigantic shuriken option as well as the claws. FansProject Causality Stormbomb - Bug mode is surprisingly compact, aside from the horn, yet still commands some attention. Not entirely crazy about the curved blade weapons being the front legs, since it's really not hard to bump them off the grips that hold onto them. Also, a place to store the chain in bug mode would have been great. Not a big fan of the waist armor, but I understand why it's there. The weakest of the three, but not by all that much. FansProject Causality Backfiery - Bug mode looks the part, and holds all six kunai, but doesn't quite have the same presence as the other two. Maybe beetles are just cooler than grasshoppers. Robot mode is another story. Easily the best robot mode of the three, even if the back kibble doesn't really lock in anywhere. Be aware that the kunai are quite, quite pokey. If you only get one, this is probably the one to go for. But all three look so nice together... DOTM Barricade - Mechtech weapon is stupid. Barricade himself is for the most part superior to the original Deluxe, though I'm mystified as to why the heck Hasbro decided making a predominately black robot's crotch white was a good idea. It stands out, and it really shouldn't... But hey! Actual hands! A head that can turn! A waist that can turn! And no stupid as heck punching gimmick!
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