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  1. No. Make a Cyberverse Trypticon though, and I may bite.
  2. Yeah. Hasbro was lazy.* *typical response for why something is the way it is with a Transformer, usually negative. :P
  3. Classics style should be a pink car, because that's what she turned into in the G1 cartoon and movie. Outside of that, I could care less so long as she gets a good toy. I love my Animated Arcee and First Edition Arcee as I feel they're both really cool toys. Energon Arcee is garbage, however.
  4. I'm not into Cyberverse in general. I just don't care for them when there's a larger mainline counterpart available instead.
  5. I doubt it was so much Hasbro listening as it was they were still planning on doing Skyquake anyway.
  6. ...You know what? I'm just gonna agree to disagree, Shadowpanther. I see no point in doing a Masterpiece line for Beast Wars...and this is coming from a guy who grew up with the series. And in the show, Megatron had a left hand within the tail weapon. The right arm, however, always had the Tyrannosaurus head.
  7. In my fan opinion below. The 1996 Beastwars faction leader ultra sized toy were horrible in every way imaginable. in sculpt,proportions,colors,poseabilty,design engineering. Doing a BW MP Megatron can't be done because it won't be show/toy accurate. we can't have a BW MP 1996 homage megatron toy with a tail arm & a t-rex head+neck arm. to change this won't make it accurate & it'll be a radical update homage. Personally picking all/only BW faction leaders for MW MP toys is a bad move. due to most of them not translating well in MP BW toys. due to ugly sculpts,serious mis-proportions. claw/tail arms. most BW 1996 ultra's toys were too heavily gimmicked. From a kids/causal adult buyers perspective. most BW 1996 faction leaders ultra sized toys are not that attractive looking. the majority of buyers like buying stuff that looks beautiful. A BW MP Magmatron toy won't translate well into toy form as it has three beast modes that form a robot mode. most MP TF toys are way to fraigle to handle the strains of the combiner process or puzzle formers process. anyways I don't see takara creating three MP BW deluxe nor voyager beast modes with no individual robot modes that merge to form a big robot mode. I said the leaders needed to be done first, not only. Not my fault that you don't feel that the most important characters from the show were terrible toys and can't see that the gimmicks can be changed into something better or dropped entirely for a BW MP release. Though personally I feel that a BW MP line is completely unnecessary, as the original toys generally are still really good, my suggestions of who to start with would be helping to give the line the best chance of succeeding. Start with Primal and Beast Megs, then move on to the rest of the Axalon and Darksyde crews before Tigatron. Tigatron would be a reshelling of Cheetor anyway, exchanging the cheetah parts for tiger ones.
  8. I don't recall Tigatron ever having his tail convert into a sword. He was essentially a white and teal Cheetor with a tiger for the beast mode instead of a cheetah. Which means the tail is another gun. I'd also prefer they keep electronics out of the toy, and stay far away from any kind of fur. (the fact that it's an organic beast mode should be more than enough, and not all of the characters were furry) IF such a line were to be done, the leaders need to be done first. Beast Convoy and Beast Megatron, then Lio Convoy and Galvatron, and then Big Convoy and Magmatron. THEN start up with some of the others. I don't see the need for a Masterpiece Beast Wars line just yet, and would rather see updated Classics-style versions of some of them. Like a Voyager Rhinox, for example.
  9. Never seen it happen here...but then I'm about as backwater as you can get in southern Ontario... -.- And to me, one toy isn't worth potentially never being able to shop at a particular store again or jail time.
  10. I attribute the different style robot heads as being because they aren't meant to represent the same character as from way back when in G1. Generally, anyway. DOTM's main problem I believe wasn't so much the heads as it was not really doing anything different from ROTF. Similar level of accuracy to the character designs for better or for worse, but smaller, blander looking, and a converting accessory tossed in. I have no idea if that's true or not, but that's what I think. Prime borrows heavily from the movies while also mixing in some G1 and Animated style choices to tone it down and look really cool to kids. (there's no way I would want to take a 5 year old to any of the Micheal Bay movies) I happen to like the look of the characters. Starscream looks great as a sneaky snake of a character. Megatron looks like a powerful warrior in armor with a scarred, almost skeletal face in a vaguely bucket shaped helmet. Soundwave has no real face - and it just works for its sheer creepiness. I probably could go on. Now, there are some really ugly heads in media. Skids and Mudflap will never win any beauty contests, as a good example. And I'd hardly say that people haven't any knowledge of the Classics style lines such as Generations. It may not be important with everyone, but it's out there and has proven popular enough and profitable enough for Hasbro to keep reviving it in some way.
  11. Why Starscream should never be left with any Arcee...
  12. Transmetal Cheetor is about the only other one I can think of to have a heart on him. It's on his midsection, and was supposedly going to glow/shine whenever he did something good in the show as he 'grew up' and 'aged' I guess. Thankfully the idea was scrapped, but the heart-shaped detail on his stomach is what remains of that. Granted, it has to be really blatantly there for me to notice, like on Universe Powerglide...
  13. Another crappy desk top pic! This was kinda frustrating to set up for the pic. Mostly in trying to keep both of them balanced without knocking the other one over while I'm at it.
  14. It's next to MP-10 in the pic.
  15. Transmetal Cheetor - best damn Cheetor toy ever. First Edition Cliffjumper - First time Cliffjumper has his own mold in YEARS, and it's a good one. Alternity Cliff - He's deluxe sized, so he counts. :P First Edition Starscream - So characterful, and how many Deluxe figures do you know of that can bow as well as this toy does? DOTM Deluxe Leadfoot - My favorite of the DOTM Wreckers, and very clever how the belly is formed. Universe Sideswipe - Come on, a nod has to be given for being able to get two completely different looking robots by turning the waist around. Generations Wheeljack - Same as above, but to a slightly lesser extent. Makes for really cool looking Runabout and Runamuck though. Animated Arcee - Really nice articulation for a sword wielder, and she turns into a car! First Edition Arcee - THIS is pretty much how you do Arcee as a motorcycle. First Edition Entertainment Pack Megatron - Just about everything the Prime Voyager Megatron does, this does better. United Jazz - Awesome amped up. Generations Warpath - BLAM! POW! is he a good one! Prime Wheeljack - Great everything, and captures the character well.
  16. He's 12" with the crane boom down as low as it goes, the shovel arm not folded up over the shoulder, and Neckbreaker's bulldozer blade remnant folded off to the side. About 10" wide, and will eat up about 9" of shelf depth with the crane boom attached and fully compact.
  17. FE Voyager Optimus. Similar to the Entertainment Pack Optimus in many ways, including in the way the shoulders are attached. Somehow though, it's less noticeable here than on the Deluxe. While not as nicely painted as it either, I think the Voyager comes off cleaner. THIS is the Optimus to get from the Prime series. The sword is probably best left off to the side, however.
  18. The addition of the Microns/Mini-Cons in place of whatever accessories Hasbro's version have, (except Soundwave) the addition of extra micron ports, (and sometimes pegs) and the use of stickers that the customer applies themselves instead of most of the paint aside from the robot face. (Bumblebee keeps the yellow paint for his roof and doors but not the stripes on those areas) Oh, and you get to assemble and sticker up the Micron/Mini-Con yourself.
  19. Yeah, it's pretty crappy. But after reading somewhere that Leadfoot was directly responsible for Space Case's mental state, I had to whip up something like this.
  20. Vader/Death Star is about Leader size. Hercules is 12", more if you count the shovel arm and crane boom.
  21. Last one. I swear...unless First Edition Vehicon gets released here, that is. A guy can dream, right?
  22. Image of MP Sideswipe with MP-10. Honestly this gets my attention. Not enough to pre-order just yet, but this seems right to me.
  23. The First Edition Entertainment Pack. The kids look decent and seem to be in scale with each other, (Jack is the tallest, Raf is the shortest, Miko is in the middle and is the most colorful/detailed due to her show design) but don't do anything. Optimus is a decent little truck, is fun to transform, and has a decent robot mode. The shoulders are set weird, but it's not deal-breaking. Megatron...oh my. Megatron goes to perfectly exemplify that bigger is not necessarily better. Everything the Voyager can do with just the body, this Deluxe toy does better. Better backpack, no goofy floating shoulder guards, a cleaner face sculpt, bicep and wrist swivels, and a MUCH better fusion cannon with a MUCH better gimmick. A handle can fold out from underneath so it can be used by other figures, or so Megatron can use it as a handheld weapon. That's it. First Edition Arcee. Wow. Just wow. One of the sides to the front in motorcycle mode doesn't quite peg in right, but it's not a big deal. The blades look...okay stored on the sides, and it's better than just leaving them off for them to almost inevitably get lost. The pegs they attach to are quite thin, so best to be gentle in taking the blades back off. Transformation is fun and clever, the robot mode looks the part, and only has a little bit of kibble. I was perhaps looking forward to her the most out of the Deluxe figures, and I really can't say I'm disappointed. First Edition Starscream. As much as I love FE Arcee, Starscream is easily the best in the Deluxe lineup. Perhaps one of, if not THE best Deluxe figure in years. Characterful. Fun. Poseable to crazy degrees. Solid. The jet mode is the only real weakness, as his entire lower body is basically just shoved underneath. Not even in a semi-elegant way like the HFTD Leader Starscream did.
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