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  1. I saw Prime Soundwave in Zellers today, along with everything of a single wave/series 1 case except Cliffjumper. They wanted $25 before tax for it. I left it there until the store smartens up. Conversely, Walmart didn't have Soundwave, but did have Cliffjumper and a fourth Bumblebee, all for a much more reasonable price. They also had put out the contents of a single case of Prime Voyagers, and BOT SHOTS! Those things are kinda adorable, but I had to leave 'em all behind. I'll have to go back and get a Barricade someday. But does the title really need to be so long? It's a bit of a mouthful...
  2. i disagree with you regarding Fort Max. What about Trypticon. He basically lies on his back and has his sides flip down. then you're done with him. boring! out of the 4 USA G1 cityformers, i only put Metroplex and Fort Max in base mode. The 2 Con bases are meh in those modes. Overlord isn't bad but only works well with Powermasters. Maybe, but Trypticon is also able to walk and have some of the radar dishes spin by themselves. @Lord_Onslaught True...but that would be too obvious for Hasbro. :tflaugh
  3. I like the idea of SG Drift basically being Deadpool, but not enough to pay exclusive prices for it.
  4. Now that would be a direct insult to Star Convoy and God Ginrai This thing's existence is an insult. But at least these are along the same lines as this in that it's a big Optimus suit that splays out to form a 'battle station' that prominently features the head on top for all to see. Still shouldn't be done though. It's sort of a step in the right direction towards a way Hasbro could do the city-formers, as they were originally big playsets for smaller figures... But they still have a long, long way to go if this was the best they could come up with.
  5. If anything, this...thing would make more sense being repainted to resemble Star Convoy. Or maybe PM Optimus/Ginrai. Not that I would really want Hasbro wasting more of their time with this fugly thing. :tfpuke But definitely not Metroplex.
  6. Injector. And his Blendtron repaint, Rartorarta.
  7. Favorites: TFC Hercules Energon Bruticus Maximus (w/Crossfire 2) RiD Rail Racer RiD Omega Prime BW Magnaboss BW Tripredacus Energon Superion Maximus (w/Aerial team Add-on kit) Least Favorites: RiD Landfill Energon Constructicon Maximus ROTF Supreme Devastator Favorite non-gestalt combination: Cybertron Optimus Sonic Wing Mode Least Favorite non-gestalt combination: ROTF Optimus + Jetfire
  8. '07 Deluxe Animated Deluxe Animated Activators ROTF HA HFTD Battle Blade Generations Cybertronian DOTM Deluxe I count seven, but will hopefully be eight if/when I can get my hands on the Prime 'Bee vs. Starscream entertainment pack. :drool
  9. I'd rather Megatron and Galvatron be two completely different and separate toys than to try and cram four modes into one big mess. Rodimus barely changes between the two robots, and the Rodimus Prime vehicle mode has a gigantic cheat by having the cab shell as part of the trailer itself. And its engineering is STILL so demanding that there's next to zero room for error either on the consumer or manufacturer's end. Besides that, Megatron and Galvatron pretty much require their cartoon colors of silver and purple, since collectors will pretty much get into a fit if they aren't. Original toy accurate is more Hasbro's thing anyway.
  10. DOTM Cyberverse Commander Guzzle TFC Toys Neckbreaker TFC Toys Mad Blender Oh yeah, and a new crotch for Heavy Labor/Hercules. Everything that may have broken from Heavy Labor's problem is included, including the two screw caps. (not installed)
  11. I can't say much for the microscope mode, but I do like Wheeljack's 'ears' being blue. And I laughed at the last pic :tflaugh
  12. Cyberverse Powerglide - Meh. I guess it's better than the Universe Ultra class Powerglide...but that's not saying much. This has been one of the very few times that I haven't felt the 'new toy love' when I opened the package up and start messing with a figure. DOTM Thundercracker - I had been intrigued by this mold for awhile now. Thing is, I didn't want yet another Starscream. So why not go for the repaint that's affordable? The figure himself is very nice, and keeps most of the articulation of the Leader Starscream. I like the idea of using the landing gear from vehicle mode to help support the back of his legs. I kinda would have preferred he came with both of Starscream's Mechtech weapons, rather than the non-converting one and a blue version of Roadbuster's, but it's not a huge deal. DOTM Sideswipe - I was going to hold out for Darksteel/Quickstrike, but Wal-Mart had this guy and Thundercracker on Rollback for less than $10 each. Color wise, he's incredibly boring. (although the different plastic colors exposed in robot mode make it not as dull) But the mold itself is great. More poseable and stable than the original ROTF Deluxe. The Mechtech weapon is kinda neat, but I don't care much for the sword mode, especially since Sideswipe still has the blades on his arms.
  13. Generations Thundercracker - It's the Classics Seeker mold. The colors look nice, but now I've gotta get Starscream and Skywarp to go with him. :P RTS Tracks - I like the tribal flames on the hood, and the robot mode actually works better than I had initially thought! I'd still say if you have to pick between the two of 'em, get Wheeljack. Would have been nice to paint the inside of the doors to continue the wings... TFC Toys Exgraver - I'm in love... :love After shaving the teeth in the ludicrously tight ratchet joint for the shovel arm a bit, there's really no problems whatsoever. FansProject Causality Thundershred - Imposing bug mode, with the clips that hold the mandibles/blades on being strong enough to hold onto a Scout or small Deluxe. The blades are a pain in the rear to get on/off the first couple of times, but it IS doable. Robot mode is very cool, and it's surprising just how tight his ball jointed hips really are. Those things really don't want to move easily! I like the gigantic shuriken option as well as the claws. FansProject Causality Stormbomb - Bug mode is surprisingly compact, aside from the horn, yet still commands some attention. Not entirely crazy about the curved blade weapons being the front legs, since it's really not hard to bump them off the grips that hold onto them. Also, a place to store the chain in bug mode would have been great. Not a big fan of the waist armor, but I understand why it's there. The weakest of the three, but not by all that much. FansProject Causality Backfiery - Bug mode looks the part, and holds all six kunai, but doesn't quite have the same presence as the other two. Maybe beetles are just cooler than grasshoppers. Robot mode is another story. Easily the best robot mode of the three, even if the back kibble doesn't really lock in anywhere. Be aware that the kunai are quite, quite pokey. If you only get one, this is probably the one to go for. But all three look so nice together... DOTM Barricade - Mechtech weapon is stupid. Barricade himself is for the most part superior to the original Deluxe, though I'm mystified as to why the heck Hasbro decided making a predominately black robot's crotch white was a good idea. It stands out, and it really shouldn't... But hey! Actual hands! A head that can turn! A waist that can turn! And no stupid as heck punching gimmick!
  14. Space Case is a great repaint to arguably one of the best Deluxe figures from the HFTD line. The other Target exclusive repaints, the Deluxe ones in particular, can rot on the shelves. :P I've wanted ROTF Skystalker for awhile. The stores around here never stocked him or Scattorshot. Sunspot's colors didn't appeal to me, either. But I got him because I wanted the mold. And I can't complain much at all about the mold itself.
  15. I really like Skyhammer and Shockwave. Both really well done Voyagers. And Space Case is perhaps one of the best repaints so far.
  16. Generations Wheeljack - This is (sort of) why I passed on Tracks. (and still regret it) This mold was meant to be Wheeljack all along, and it really shows in robot mode! Generations Warpath - Typical figures around the tail end of their given line are usually really, really good. Warpath is without a shadow of a doubt no exception. Generations Scourge - From flying boat to flying wing. It works nicely and still grants him his distinctive 'cape'. The head is spot on, but why blue light-piping?
  17. DOTM Voyager Megatron DOTM Deluxe Roadbuster DOTM Deluxe Topspin HFTD Voyager Seaspray
  18. RTS Jazz - Find him, get him. Enough said. Generations Kup - Don't like that the shoulders don't lock in place, and the wheels sticking off his shoulders are awkward, but otherwise great! DOTM Crankcase - Creepy cool little figure. Also, not quite as small as I feared, and has some paint where it counts. The Mechtech weapon is surprisingly fun! DOTM Megatron - Like how his truck mode is almost completely opposite Optimus' in aesthetics. The only wave 1 Voyager worth getting, IMO. (Shockwave and Skyhammer aren't part of wave 1 :P ) DOTM Roadbuster - Most of the paint went into the track car mode. I can live with that, though it does leave the robot mode a little dull. Wish the Mechtech weapon locked in its chainsaw configuration though... DOTM Topspin - Being in the 'Stealth Force'/armed up vehicle mode, Topspin is much more interesting in both modes. Unfortunately, the left weapon pod in robot mode tends to pop off if I'm not careful. I don't mind that his Mechtech weapon doesn't lock. I think this Mechtech gimmick is growing on me! Still won't convince me to go after the ones I had no intent on getting in the first place.
  19. RTS Lugnut is GLORIOUS! There is nothing more that truly needs to be said.
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