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  1. This is the largest custom I've done so far, introducing a Generations 'G1' style Metroplex that comes with a new DELUXE SCALE Scamper, Sixgun, and Slammer! This is a huge figure and comes with multiple new attachments such as shoulder antenna, G1 red double barrel gun, twin knee turrets, 3rd party heel turrets, twin arm turrets, antenna, satellite dish, spire, 3 extra ramps, (one folding chest c-tainer ramp, two leg ramps) and of course his three bots. Metroplex transforms into a city mode and battle-carrier mode. City mode features a clip-on chest ramp that folds down and extends further and a clip on tower building-top to hide his hand. You can put the shoulder antenna, double guns, and other cannons just about anwyhere and there are two new 5mm ports located on his back for added placement. The small Optimus Prime is actually a magnetic 'key' that activates the eye and target lights! These magnetron LED units function separatly from the electronic light and sound which still work when you press his chest. Touch Prime to the top of Metro's head and the eyes turn on, touch again and they turn off! Metroplex features a TON of paint work and Toyhax's label set. There's all sorts of blue windows, metallic sections, hubcaps, tiny yellow shoulder windows, decals (like the MasterMade 3rd party vers) and I think it's a good cross between the Takara and Hasbro Metro in my opinion. He has the 3rd party heel turrets which help him stand and unfold into standing or placement turrets. They don't really attach to anything but look cool sitting on top in battle carrier mode. Now for the bots! I created a deluxe scale Scamper that's also a headmaster! He has a removable roof gun and was created to look like the G1 version. Sixgun is basicsally the same as the retail version but has G1 colors, same with Slammer. Slammer's tower mode can be placed on the deck or my favorite way of display, fold Metro's left arm behind his back and plug Slammer's turret base into Metro's arm port. Sixgun can be disassembled for turret mode. I used Testors Aztek Airbrush, Metalizer, Tamiya lacquers (Tamiya spray Racing White is the color match for Metro's white) and Army painter washes followed by a sealer of Mr Hobby.
  2. Some kinds of plastics are extremely resistant to paint no matter what you do. These are usually toughened waxy plastics/superhard plastics like polyoxymethylene that make up parts of a figure that could easily be stressed if made from the usual pvc or abs. The limbs of the Transformers Siege Battle Masters are made of this stuff and you need to color them, so what do you do? It's RIT DyeMore for synthetics to the rescue! Mix half the bottle of dye with a cup or so of water, boil the liquid on med to high heat just so you get a gentle rolling boil and drop your parts in. I like to suspend mine in a strainer so I can 'lift and look' to check the color. In under a minute the pieces will start to be dyed with a color that won't rub off! The longer you soak them the deeper the color. Here I've dyed the lower half of Slitherfang and used testors/tamiya lacquers to paint his upper half! You can even use him with your GI Joe Classified figures as a shield or drone. For more pics slither on over to his page here: Custom dyed Slitherfang
  3. This is extremely well done! Cardboard eh?
  4. This week I've created Skywarp in Bumblebee-movie-syle similar to the Starscream I made earlier. The body is a Nitro Zeus/KSI Boss mold and a Shapeways shop Ariel's Customs Seeker faceplate on a Titans Return headmaster. I shortened the kneeplates, added toes, and swapped out the neck gatling guns/wrist cannon for different blaster tips to differentiate him from Starscream. Skywarp was primered with Bulldog (or Duplicolor) Automotive Adhesion Promoter, painted with Testors Metalizer and Aztek Airbrush paints, and sealed with Mr Hobby Premium flat/gloss spray sealer for a factory finished look. He transforms the same and the headmaster can fly in the cockpit! Warp on over to his page here for more pictures: Skywarp, Bumblebee movie concept
  5. Many years ago I created a Cop-Out custom and after finding another Dirt Boss decided to give it another go! This time I preserved the exhaust-flip feature and used a Combiner Wars Rook head. Cop Out was primered with Bulldog Adhesion Promoter, painted with gloss lacquer, and Testors Metalizer metallics. He comes with a blaster, baton, and yes his lights flash like my original one! You can pop off his chest and switch the lights to on for a nifty red/blue flashing effect just like a real police car. For more flashy pics hit up his page here: Custom Transformers Cop-Out
  6. Ready for something really unique? Here's a Transformers/Marvel Legends Crossover Bludgeon! He was created using the Silver Samurai body and heavily modded helmet, Ghost Rider head, War Machine armor/forearms, TF Hoist shoulder for the backpack, Overwatch Reaper legs, KO TF Scrapper top for the shield, and some fodder parts. Bludgeon was primered with Bulldog Adhesion Promoter, sculpted sections using Aves Fixit Sculpt, hand painted, airbrushed metallic armor effects, and sealed with Mr Hobby premium Matte. His eyes are glass reflective and he has a 5mm port in his left arm. For more pics head to his page here: Pretender Bludgeon, Marvel Legends/Transformers crossover
  7. He's finished, a Siege style Vehicon based off the Decepticon Brute/Drone from War for Cybertron game. Vehicon was made from an upscaled Sideswipe KO, modded Dinobot ConstructBots Strafe head, and some movie Hound weapons. He was primered with Bulldog Adhesion promoter and painted using Tamiya/Testors lacquers and neon paint detailing that shows up great under a black light. Vehicon's paint job is metallic black with Mr Hobby premium gloss sealer. For more pics head to his page here: Custom Vehicon, voyager scale
  8. It's a gun! It's a plane! It's a tank! It's MEGATRON! Ok this time he's a tank and here I'm bringing him to you in oversized voyager scale as you remember him in the G2 toyline. Megatron was created using a 7.5" Wei Jiang scaled up voyager Hardhead. The metal chest panel was removed and sculpted over as was the M on his waist and a voyager Megatron face grafted onto the headmaster. A classic G2 paint scheme was achieved by airbrushing on a base of green followed by purple camo, then weathered, detailed, and finally sealed. Now you can have a voyager scale G2 Megatron to battle your Voyager PotP Laser Prime! For more pics head to Megatron's lair, I mean page here; Custom G2 Megatron voyager class
  9. The Diaclone toy series were the precursors to Transformers and from them spawned the characters we all know and love with Optimus Prime leading the Autobots. Here I've taken a Combiner Wars Optimus Prime and given him a new Construct-Bots head and paint job reminiscent of the vintage Diaclone Prime. Modding the Combiner torso's head with Crosshair's pistols I was able to turn it into a homage to the Diaclone Ultra Magnus. Now you can add your own limbs to create a brand new Combiner Wars bot! For more pictures head to his page here: Diaclone Optimus Prime
  10. The Stunticons are a crazy bunch of Decepticons that love to wreck it on the road. Here's Wildrider, the gunmetal-black colored muscle car. Since there really aren't combiners in the movies he's a standalone character created from the new AoE Bumblebee, FOC Roadbuster arms, and Dropkick head. He was given an alternate chest/arm transformation and nifty clear red windows. Ready form some Decepticon action? Wildrider is at your service. More pics here---> Custom Transformers Wildriderl
  11. Part of the Wreckers team, Guzzle is a hefty little tank ready to tread upon the Decepticons in the heat of battle! Here I've created a custom Transformers Generations Guzzle using a deluxe 2-pack Megatron body, movie Dreadwing legs as arms similar to how I did my old Warpath, movie Gears head, and a Cyberverse size Megatron for cannon and hand-inserts. Guzzle has a detachable shield now and comes equipped with a blaster to take on anything that comes his way. More pics here---> Transformers Guzzle ----------------------------------------------------------- The leader of the Decepticons gains wheels once again, this time as a military Humvee! Here I've created a custom Generations Megatron in a deluxe scale using a type II movie Ratchet mold, FoC Optimus Prime feet, Evasion Prime hands, and a Titanium Megatron head along with various fodder parts. The vehicle sides are now attached to the shoulders instead of the waist and fold up behind him. I also modified Ratchet's arm cannon gears to accept Megatron's new Fusion Cannon. One weathered, beaten paint job later and Megatron is ready to fight. More pics here---> Transformers Megatron
  12. Rumbling towards battle comes the powerful Decepticon Bruticus! This time he's been re imagined in the Age of Extinction style instead of his usual combiner form seeing as Brawl bit it in the first movie anyway. Bruticus was made from the incredibly versatile Hound voyager mold, modded Dead End head, and some extra fodder bits. His hand-guards were made to be detachable and his entire body hand painted and weathered for a military look including his weapons. This Bruticus is ready to take on the entire Autobot team now! More pics here---> AoE Bruticus
  13. He's big, he's bad, he's Autobot Big Daddy! This powerful bot needed a good muscle car base so I used a First Edition Cliffjumper as the mold. Various sections of the waist have been changed and the front bumper modded so it folds backwards instead of ending up in front giving the character a different look. An Armada Wheeljack head was used and Big Daddy given a metallic black flake look using Testors one coat lacquer. Add some flames and a hood blower in, Big Daddy is ready to roll out! More pics here---> Big Daddy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ready to slice his way through the Autobot army comes the Decepticon Bludgeon, this time done in Transformers Age of Extinction movie style! Created from a AoE Deluxe Drift I swapped out the face with a Terminator skull and gave him classic G1 Bludgeon colors using a variety of washes and lining. The vehicle mode has a great metallic purple shine to it using Testors One Coat Lacquer. Now Drift has someone to fight that's just his style! More pics here---> Bludgeon
  14. The leader of the Autobots returns and, wait, this isn't Optimus Prime! This is NEMESIS PRIME! No longer straight movie style I've gone and given this custom Transformers Nemesis Prime a classic look that I wish they had rebooted the Transformers movie franchise into. An Evasion Mode voyager Prime was used for the main body, a new grille and chest windows were added thanks to a Kaiyodo pvc Optimus Prime bust, and the new head is from the Construct-Bots figure using a double jointed neck. Nemesis Prime has new hands and even new feet with piston details! Minicon parts were used for removable smokestacks to complete his classic look in both robot and alt mode. This figure also has an amazing range of motion now and allows for some great poses. Decepticons, ATTACK!! More pictures here---> Nemesis Prime
  15. They always say two heads are better than one and this custom Beast Wars Megatron figure proves it! I used a Transformers Age of Extinction Scorn for the base body and a Megabolt head for the transformation. The body had to be primered with Bulldog Adhesion promoter because of the different kinds of plastic and rubber. I was surprised how well the mold works for Megatron and gave it a nice detailed paint job befitting the leader of the Predacons! More pictures here---> Beast Wars Megatron custom figure
  16. He's a big, bipedal Dinobot stomping his way through the Decepticon forces. It's not Grimlock, it's the original Dinobot! Here this custom Beast Wars Dinobot figure is recreated in the Age of Extinction movie style using the Voyager Grimlock figure as the base and a Generations Dinobot head. Various sections were removed/resculpted to round out his mold including repositioning the forearms and adding Raptor claw like toes. Complete with a classic striped and bone-detailed paint job Dinobot is ready to fight with HONOR! More pics here---> Custom Dinobot ------------------------------------------------------------ Blasting out of the sky to destroy all Autobots comes the leader of the Decepticons in his high-flying plane mode! This custom Machine Wars Megatron figure was made from a Beast Hunters deluxe Dreadwing with a modded Bot Shots Megatron head. The colors for the original Machine Wars Megatron and his clone Megaplex have long since been debated as being reversed (Megatron is usually grey and clones have always been darker green/blue) so you can choose what name suits him best yourself. Various pieces have been removed and resculpted, new feet added, for a more modern plane look and Megatron has been painted up with a detailed paint job befitting the leader, or cloned leader of the Decepticons. More pics here---> Custom Machine Wars Megatron/Megaplex
  17. The leader of the Autobots returns as you've never seen him before with this custom Transformers Age of Extinction 'Evasion Mode' Optimus Prime. No longer just movie style I've gone and given him a G1 look that I wish they had rebooted the Transformers movie franchise into. I used an Evasion Mode voyager Prime for the main body and shortened parts like the knee plates. A new grille and chest windows were added thanks to a Takara pvc Optimus Prime bust and the new head is from the Construct-Bots figure using a double jointed neck. I also gave Optimus Prime extending ball-jointed wrists with new, larger hands which seem to fill the arms out properly. Jointed smokestacks were added to complete his G1-ish look in both robot and alt mode. This figure also has an amazing range of motion now and allows for some great poses. Autobots, ROLL OUT! More pics here--> Evasion Mode G1 Optimus Prime custom figure
  18. This week I bring you a custom Transformers Prime Insecticon Shrapnel done in a concept earth-mode style. While the Insecticons in Transformers Prime were basically giant clones I figured taking on the three famous ones and giving them a unique style would work. The first of the bunch, Shrapnel, uses a Beat Hunters Bulkhead body, Power Core Bombshock head, and voyager Optimus hands. I removed some sculpt, reworked the bumper, and gave Shrapnel wing-swords and 'pincers' for the back wings. Wrapped up in a matte/gloss black shell he's ready to roll out, fly out, and gnaw out on his foes! More pics here--> Insecticon Shrapnel
  19. He's the brash and dangerous leader of the Wreckers, the mighty Impactor is here! Based on his classic comic design this custom Transformers Generations Impactor uses a deluxe Warpath mold with modified chest section, Tankor/Seaspray combo shoulder canon, and combiner Impactor head. He has both hands and an attachment that allows for a harpoon or drill to be inserted! His paint job is tan-yellow and purple using Testors and Formula P3 paints sealed for protection so he can be fully poseable and transformable into tank mode.
  20. So the Autobots have a plan with a small chance of success and a high probability of casualties? Then it's time to call in the Wreckers! Here's another member of this elite fighting crew, my custom Kup done in a 'Wreckers Reformatted' style using the new 30th Thrilling Transformers body types. He was created from the Orion Pax mold, a pickup of sorts that was perfect for Kup's body type and an iGear Kup head. He was then given some heavy weaponry for decimating Decepticons and has a battle-worn paint job that proves he's been through many a cycle. More pics here---> Custom Transformers Kup
  21. The Wreckers are an elite team of Autobots that are called in when there is a small chance of success and a high chance of casualties. Leading the team is the mighty Impactor, a legend in the field. We have a Fall of Cybertron Wreckers team but they're based off the FoC Bruticus molds, not a perfect choice for the characters really. Here I'm 'reformatting' the Wreckers with all new bodies starting with Impactor! He was created from the FoC Optimus body with the original Impactor head, Veritech shoulder cannon, treads/kneepads/harpoon/grille from various fodder figures/vehicles. I wrapped him up using a weathered metallic orange and purple paint job and modded Roadbuster's gun. Keep an eye out for the rest of the reformatted Wreckers team! More pics here---> Custom Impactor
  22. Just recently I created a custom Transformers Starcee figure, an Arcee based on Starscream's body so let's continue that theme shall we? Here's Starcee's opposite "Arcscream", a ground-based version of Starscream utilizing a motorcycle robot mode. This alt-mode-bender (gender-bender?) design of Starscream used the PRID Arcee body and FE Starscream's head and hands. His bike panel wing hinge-joints were turned into ball joints allowing them to be spun upside down to resemble Starscream's wings! Two Bumblebee blasters were outfitted as null-rays and attach to his forearms or the front of his cycle mode. Hey, if Megatron can be a tank/truck/gun why can't his second in command be a ground based vehicle? Expect more Transformers customs like this!
  23. Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a Decepticon...no, it's Autobot Arcee! As agile and deadly as Arcee is she gets the short end of the cog when it comes to dealing with flying enemies. Well no longer, now the sexy blue Fembot has a sleek new jet mode! This custom Transformers'Starcee' was created using a heavily modified Beast Hunters deluxe Starscream, PRID Arcee head and two forearm blades. Her once obtrusively placed cockpit detaches and stores in her chest while she's in robot mode. (All you basically have to do for your Beast Hunter Starascream is trim it off and carve a little extra room up under the front chest armor for it). She was basecoated with Tamiya Light Blue Spray Lacquer with Testors Model Master Acrylic detailing. Now Arcee is ready to blast off and battle the high flying decepticons as well!
  24. The Transformers characters Ratchet and Ironhide have often shared the same mold between them in G1 and Classics style before. Usually Ratchet is created after Ironhide from his mold but here I've reversed the process and whipped up a Generations style Ironhide from a Transformers Prime Ratchet ! The head came from a Bot-Shots and has a great cocky expression to it. The back of the head was missing so I had to sculpt it to match. Ironhide gets a giant GI Joe RoC cannon accessory and cast Highbrow Gatling gun from Broken Arrow Toys for his weapons which he can hold or have mounted on the roof. He was basecoated with Tamiya TS-49 Bright Red Spay Lacquer Now Ironhide is ready to roll or blast his way into battle!
  25. Transformers Generations Voyager Blitzwing had a lot of quality control issues right out of the box, so many in fact that people started returning him. I set out to fix each issue and make him a decent figure starting with the shoulder assembly that falls apart when you move his arms. The mod is to unscrew all five screws in his back, open him up, and sand down the edges of his inner torso you see circled in red, about a quarter's thickness. Then sand down the peg posts the same width so the two halves snap back together with no gap. To fix the head not fitting in the nosecone take a large engraver (bladed ball) bit and Dremel out some of the soft rubber, then use acetone to wipe the rest of the purple plastic out from inside there so it doesn't rub. If his faces are stuck unscrew the head and sand the yellow paint off of the rod the faces spin around. Done! After all those mods I gave Blitzwing some panel lining, scuffed highlights, an additional secondary color shade, and added two back cannons made from RID Arcee guns so he had more of the Animated look with the twin barrels over his back. Now Blitzwing is a great figure and transformers perfectly into all three modes!
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