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THE Idiot's Guide to Kitbashing


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For the mudflaps and steering wheel, Acrylics are your best bet. You might even want to try acrylic fabric paint or artist's acrylics, which is even more flexible. Unlike Enamels, acrylics will cure on any surface, so they will be fine on rubber and vinyl. As far as removing the pinstripes from the sides of the truck goes, You would be better off getting advice from an Autobody shop.


Acrylics? Ok that is what I was thinking thank you for verifying. So no one knows of an adhesive releaser? Or dissolver?

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Are the pinstripes you're talking about custom painted on or factory stickers? That makes a big difference. That is why I suggested talking to an Autobody shop. If they're stickers, try GooGon.

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Goo-gone or 91 percent rubbing alcohol will get them off, but with the alcohol, be carefull of paintwork underneath; it will remove paint in strong enough applications.

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That depends upon the type of pins. Each has its own required method of removal. Lobo did an article, on Transtopia, on pin removal here. It is very thorough.

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I just found an interesting little tidbit that should, hopefully, not only settle the enamel vs Acrylic debate, but also answer the question of what type of paint Hasbro uses on its toys. Over at the Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide, they have a "weekly" Q&A with Hasbro found here, and one of the questions revolved around how hasbro paints its figures.


Here is the question and answer:

2.) Without getting into production secrets, how do you apply the paint to the figures? We assume that it's mechanically applied but is it airbrushed? Do you use different types of paint on different plastics (torsos versus limbs)? Do you use a sealant or bake the paint on? The reasoning for our question is that customizers often struggle with the final painting of a figure and weigh it against the paint surviving the articulation.


The paint is hand-applied using copper "masks" cut ot in the shape of the area being painted (imagine the tiny hole for an iris of an eye!). The paint is the same generally whether it's for ABS of PVC plastics, with no sealant or baking as far as we know.


Now, since we all know that Enamels will not cure or adhere to PVC or urethane type plastics, which is what Hasbro makes the heads, and limbs of their SW figures out of, they must be using acrylic based paints.

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Interesting information, but I don't see the relevance.


I also have got to say that your conclusion is completely unfounded. There are more types of paint on this planet then acrylic and enamel. So you're really jumping to a conclusion here (a conclusion which completely suits your preference).


Actually, I know your conclusion is wrong based on previous information coming (indirectly) from Takara. Some time ago there was a transcription of the interview with the BT designers on-line (should still be over at TFormers). If I remember correctly, it was stated that the paint used for BT's was epoxy based.


Which makes sense, since epoxy based paints are much stronger then either enamels or acrylics. It also has a different finish. And just looking on the paint on figures I can tell it's neither acrylic or enamel paint. The paint looks completely different and also is much stronger then the paint we can apply as kitbashers. Also, as you may remember from a topic over at transtopia, there are actually paints that adhere to soft/rubbery plastic quite well (yeah, I forgot which one since I can't get it anyway) and that was also neither acrylic or enamel paint.



So, sorry, no cigar for you :P


(PS. I do agree that for softer parts acrylics are the only solution readily available to most of us. Alternatives are just too expensive.)

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I highly doubt that Hasbro uses epoxy paints, and not because of the expense. Epoxy based paints are predominantly used on metal, not plastics, and the finish is very different than either acrylics or enamels. Randomsabers.com uses Epoxy paints on their custom lightsabers, and there is a clear difference between the epoxy paint and acrylics or enamels. For one thing, epoxies are much harder; not just more durable, but physically harder and more rigid. Acrylics tend to be more flexible. As has been evidenced even among us kitbashers, who have stripped paint from these models, the methods used are the same as used to strip acrylic paints. Now, the actual formulas and quality of poaints used may be better quality and more durable than we can get at our local hobby store, but they are acrylic based paints.

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