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  1. I would say it seems to have a more Samurai feel than "Chinese warrior" feel to the design. How that will actually translate into a workable transformation into a car I don';t know. We'll see.
  2. I understand where your comiong from, but remember, Rescuebots wasn't targeted for the eight-year orl demographic. It was targeting the four to five year old range. The new show that Habro is making, according to this article is also targeting that younger age range as well as the eight year olds. They're trying to widen the demographic.
  3. I see I'm not the only one to think Beast Hunters Starscream makes a perfect Slipstream. Though, for mine, I simply modified the original head.
  4. One can only dream. Until then, I'll stick to my project of making them all. I still need a good base figure for Solus Prime (something other than Arcee)
  5. Prima's color scheme is pretty much all sliver/white, which if done right, looks really sharp., but, yeah, it is a bit monochromatic. Still, it's better than his color scheme in the old Marvel comics (orange and blue) Breaking up the silver with some gunmetal also helps.
  6. I don't know about the blue, but for silver, I'd use Tamiya Color X-11 Chrome Silver acrylic.
  7. Here's that digibash I promised: and here's one using the Ultimate Class version, just for S&Gs
  8. That's why I suggested using him for Prima instead. It's a much closer design. The only mold I know of that's even remotely like Nova Prime is the Energon Rodimus/Checkpoint mold; Checkpoint being the best choice since he's molded in white. Of course, using either of them (assuming you can find one anymore), will require the construction of a trailer/Apex Armor for it to give him his "wings". I'm going to try a Digibash of the BH Optimus as Prima to really see how he'd look.
  9. Here are those pictures of Prima and Nova Prime I told you about over at Youtube: Prima Nova Prime
  10. Knowing the day, this is likely an April Fool's joke, but even if it isn't, it's funny as all get out. It would be an interesting choice of villain, and Patrick Stewart is great in anything he does.
  11. Yeah, acrylic paint thinner (it's alcohol based). Tamiya Color is a good choice. You can also use rubbing alcohol. It takes some time though. I also recommend using an old toothbrush along with it.
  12. Great review. Lazerback looks more like a Gargoyl to me than a dragon, but he is a sweet looking character with an awesome beast mode regardless of what you call it. I agree a "Flamefeather" repaint would look cool. One thing about digigrade legs though in general, the so-called "reverse knees" of digigrade legs are not knees at all. They are the ankles. Creatures with digigrade legs walk on their toes, not their entire foot.
  13. This is a great review, and I love the "Boombox" mode. The only thing I'd do differently with it though, is I'd rotate the wheels on the legs to their "robot mode" position, or at least half-way there, to center them more vertically, fill in the gaps, and make them look more like speakers.
  14. That's just the claw weapon that attaches to the end of her tail in dragon mode. It's not a part of her arm.
  15. Great review. I do hope he gets released here in the US by Hasbro. As for the Arms Micron figure, his name is S.2 It's essentially Smokescreen's initials "SS". This seems to be the standard naming procedure for all of the Autobot microns that come with each character. As for his head, it reminds me of Devcon from the G1 Season 2 episode, The Gambler.
  16. Not that I could afford him anyway, but I do have an issue with him being a combiner of any type, PCC or otherwise, for the simple reason that The Fallen isn't a combiner. Nexus Prime was the Combiner among the Thirteen.
  17. Weird, it really looks brown to me. Oh well, I am colorblind after all but I think Bludgeon looks great. Megatron...not so much. At least not without the purple splotches! That's because OD green is a "brownish" green, the color of green olives. And, yes, it is a perfect color for Bludgeon. I agree on Megatron.
  18. Great review. One point I need to make about the Bludgeon mold. The mold is indeed green, not brown. Specifically, it is OD Green (Olive Drab Green) which is the green tyically used by the military for base camouflage. IT is also the color originally used for US Army combat uniforms in WWII through Vietnam.
  19. Interesting review. Personally, I like the "quad-tread" tanks for the very reason you hate them. They don't break the treads when going into robot mode. Think about it. IF these guys were real, and could turn into real tanks, then the treads would unwrap and fall off whenever they transformed if they were split between the arms and legs.
  20. Personally, I love the RiD Prime mold, even though it did need some additional paint apps, which, of course I gave him. Instead of using a red Sharpie though, I recommend using Tamiya Color X-27 Clear Red. That's what I use. Shadowpanther, if you don't like the RiD mold, you'll hate the Weaponizers mold, particularly the legs.
  21. Very nice figure. As for your questions on what to do and not to do when painting. 1: Use acrylic model paints. They're water soluble while still wet, and alcohol soluble even when dry so no need for harsh petroleum solvents. Some of the best brands are Tamiya Color, Testors Model Masters, and Pactra Racing Finish, All of which I've used. Tamiya also makes a number of colored clear coats; great for tinting clear plastics or adding high gloss "Candy coat" color to metallic finishes. 2: Do not use enamels. This is especially true if you haven't primed the figure. Enamels use harsh petroium-based solvents which eat Styrene and , to a lesser degree, ABS and acrylic, and do not cure on other types of plastics, such as nylon, rubber, vinyl, or polyurethane. Enamels cure by eating into the top layers of the plastic and chemically bonding to them. This weakens the structural integrity of the plastic and can eventually destroy it. Polystyrene is especially vulnerable to this.
  22. I snagged all three of the first wave of FoC figures, and love them all. Yes, Prime is small, and should be Voyager class, but he's still a gorgeous figure with a nice transformation and very G1-esque design in both modes. I do wish he had lightpiping though. Jazz, as well, is a sweet figure. He captures Jazz' appearance beautifully, and yes, he does have lightpiping, though it is very dark grey, and thus, not very effective. Shockwave is just damn near perfect. Very well designed, very well sculpted; he just screams Shockwave.
  23. Great review there. One minor correction though. Ratchet doesn't turn into an ambulance, given that the back of the vehicle is designed to carry emergency equipment, not patients. He turns into an Emergency Response Vehicle.
  24. Loks good. Don't use enamels though. They eat plastic and don't cure on many types.
  25. Great review. One thing I do want to point out though. In the review you complain about the red on the inside of his calves saying that the cartoon didn't have red inner calves. However, the red is indeed accurate to the original toy, as well as his G1 comics appearances, including Marvel and Dreamwave.
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