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  1. Remember the good ol' days, when we were sick of Prime getting repainted in white as Magnus? ... it sure as hell beat out Prime getting repainted in red and blue as they've been doing since the first movie. ... while I'm complaining, I miss Cliffjumper. Red repaints are better than black and yellow repaints with the stripe in a slightly different place.
  2. Is it weird that I'm excited for this solely because of Alternators Rodimus (Prime)? I liked that figure so much I want bigger and badder version. ... seriously, Alt Rodimus was such a good toy it single-handedly changed my opinion of both Hot Rod and Alternators (my only exposure to them prior was the Viper mold which I just... ugh).
  3. Soundwinder

    Target Sale!

    My Target has FAB Sideways. That is literally the only transformer in the store, a single lonely FAB Sideways.
  4. Soundwinder

    Found Today

    I just really want Bonecrusher and the (eventual) Soundwave... do they have the 2-pack ones on their own, or the 2-packs?
  5. Insecticon looks... eh. Maybe if he gets a more interesting repaint. Breacher looks solid, I'm wondering how the gun attaches in robot mode. I don't like Breacher's head as much as I thought I did in the earlier shots. But still nice. I don't think these are Hasbro shots...
  6. This. I just don't like the way Smolder looks. The oversized shoulders are one thing, but those + long, skinny arms just really turn me off the figure. Don't really like his face, either. Shame, since Chopster looks fun and it's the only set that really matches in terms of color in this wave.
  7. Saw Legends Ravage. PPC Bombshock. PCC Huffer. Seaspray for the first time ever. Bought them all (TRU buy 1 get 1 50% off). Immidiately regretted buying so much (I was ehhh about Huffer and Bombshock) but after I opened them I was ecstatic. They're all fantastic figures.
  8. I second this post pretty much whole-heartedly. I didn't get the Aerialbots set because it... honestly didn't look very good. Skyburst is one of the most "meh" transformers I've ever seen. I don't like either of the heads and nothing about the set really stands out to me. Well, that's a lie. I want the Radar plane, I feel like he would make an awesome handheld gun. However, I've been super pleased with the PCCs that I have. I only have Huffer and Bombshock (Bombshock I only bought because I was going to get Huffer anyway, and I thought he might supplement Huffer well. It was during TRU's buy 1, get 1 50% off sale so it was now or never), but I'm very pleased. Bombshock is a solid Scout, and I like his drones as stand-alones. I love the Minicon ports on them, I use them as hand-held weapons for some larger figures (the rocket launcher tank works very well for this). And I really like Bombshock's combined form. Looks good, and good stability and posability for a Combiner. I've heard people say he doesn't hold together well and that he doesn't stand well, but my experience couldn't be any further from that. I don't like the floppy claws, though. However, even though I really like Bombshock, I won't be getting any of the other 5 packs that we've seen, I just don't like their designs. However, the Dinobot set is soooooo bought. Huffer is just really fun. Caliburst is great, and I love the multiple configurations. He's just... incredibly fun. The transformation is super simple, which in this case works for me because the figure is so playable and I transform him all the time to use the various modes of Caliburst. Who, by way I dig the colors of. Looks great being held by Seaspray. Really, really effing want Sledge.
  9. ... why? That's my opinion on the figure. Dune Runner was awesome, but given the incredible quality of the Scouts, I didn't get him. I got Beachcomber, whom I love, but this one... ehh... is he an homage I don't get? He just doesn't look as good as either of the official decos to me. am I missing something?
  10. The only Marvel Crossovers figure I have is the Spider-Man/Iron Man combiner... totally worth the $8. But honest this... doesn't quite seem nearly as good as that Iron Man... oh well. ... how's Thor? He's actually got a good A-10 mode, which after Universe Powerglide I had given up on. But Thor looks pretty solid in both modes. Color scheme aside.
  11. Okay... I hate to criticize opinions... but everyone hated Animated? Did things change while I was away? And admittedly I'm (obviously) a Soundwave fanboy, but Animated Soundwave is easily my favorite Soundwave figure after my G1 (and I suppose Smallest, but he's just a scaled down G1). And I like ES Soundwave more than the original. But whatevs. Opinions is opinions. I just don't like the idea that you might be missing out on a great toyline because of a shitty toy (Cybertron Megatron IS pretty universally reviled... just saying).
  12. Yeah... that was very much Soundwave. I admit I did buy it, but mostly for the Laserbeak redeco (I lost my original one). ... terrible mold anyway.
  13. While I normally agree with that, in the end Animated Soundwave is so different from either Soundwave or Blaster that he resembles Blaster just as much as Soundwave. Personally, I think with a remolded head he'd make a much better Blaster than he did Soundwave. The instrument gimmick fits Blaster better (see the cover to Spotlight:Blaster), the proportions are closer to Blaster's G1 figure, and Blaster's already been a Scion. Something like a Blaster from ML or RotF Soundwave would be ridiculous, but Blaster would actually work in this mold.
  14. This topic's taken a weird turn. Actually, I do think a Starscream review would be fantastic because they're so similar. I feel like it would be more valuable to someone who can't make up their mind over which Starscream to get, while more unique figures I feel like most people have made up their minds already (For example, Scalpel. You could've given it a -100 stars and I would've still bought it the second I saw it, and I know I'm not alone). But of course, if you don't want to get the figure, then it's all moot. It's your say. Finally... I think this review has pushed me over the edge for Dune Runner. I'm really digging the Scouts so far, but I was going to pass on him for being so similar to Landmine. But I think I might pick him up next time I see him.
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