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  1. Saw Legends Ravage. PPC Bombshock. PCC Huffer. Seaspray for the first time ever. Bought them all (TRU buy 1 get 1 50% off). Immidiately regretted buying so much (I was ehhh about Huffer and Bombshock) but after I opened them I was ecstatic. They're all fantastic figures.
  2. Definately a matter of taste, here, but I will say a few things. Why are accessories so important? For most of the DC fids I have accessories would be superfluous. Batman could use a batarang, and Wonder WOman might benefit from having her lasso but otherwise . . . What's Superman supposed to have, kryptonite? And I love the character choices. Sure there have been a few repaints - at least two Batmans, for instance, but overall, the line has been a nice cross-section of the DC universe. We got a Pre-Crisis Supergirl, for crying out loud! I just wish there were a Robin in the line. And Kyle Rayner would be nice. And since they're some of the least expensive figures on the rack, I'm willing to overlook some flaws. It limits their posability in my opinion. Especially when they've got such limited articulation... but I will give them credit for the character choices... and then take that credit away for screwing them up with terrible design choices. Give us the question and then make him the wrong colors... without the trenchcoat... that makes sense.
  3. What's wrong with them? They're good likenesses of the characters, decently posable for the size, sturdy. Now the Marvel line, there's some lousy figures. Half of those I own are floppy - the figures are hard to get stable, and could probably benefit from having fewer joints. The waists are especially bad - I can't get Spidey to stand straight to save his life. Add to that the excessive reuse of particular characters (how many Johnny Storm & Iron Man variants have they done?) and the higher price, and I know what line I'd rather go for. Their posability is pretty damn poor. And the sculpts aren't great either... the extensive use of soft plastic leads their sculpts to be not very detailed. Plus, they hate accessories. Between that and their poor articulation, their posability is stupidly limited. Plus, it's plagued by just terrible choices that kinda make me think they're just not trying like flat out wrong decoes and sculpts.
  4. Given the quality of the DC Infinite Heroes figures... my money would've been on the TFs.
  5. ... **** HTS. I've had the worst luck possible getting this wave.
  6. What are you talking about? Heroes is one of the best shows on the air right now. Right now the biggest question is if Hiro Nakamura will get back to his right time now that he doesn't have his powers any more, and will Peter take the formula to restore his powers. Heroes has been awful since season 2. Season 3's been terrible as well. Season 1 was incredibly solid, though. I consider it an accident, though, as the next two seasons have proved that the creators are completely unable to make a good show on purpose. But this is neither here nor there. Cyclonus looks amazing.
  7. An incredibly atrocious TV show. The reference is to the show back when it didn't farg infinite amounts of ass, though.
  8. Cool pic. Still not seeing Shortround as Seaspray, though. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaallllllllllly doesn't do it for me. Surprised you don't have Universe Blaster or Powerglide in there. You've got so many customs, but no room for the retail versions? Heh.
  9. You know, to keep the G1 spirit intact.
  10. Universe Springer: Triple changing like a mofo.
  11. Not an action pose, but a kinda funny picture. ... okay, not really.
  12. He looks better in person... but there really isn't much you can do. Shockwave's robot-to-robot conversion is amazing, but his robot to vehicle consists of little more than "lying down and putting gun on back," which makes fan modes tough. EDIT: Ooops, accidentally posted the same picture twice. My bad.
  13. I thought that the entire point of the Classics Seeker mold was him NOT being a partsformer anymore... those legs are separated from the body.
  14. Dont resist, just order :) Remind me to get you as an AA sponsor.
  15. You have him mistransformed... The black part of his arm slides up inside the gray shoulder part. :) That being said, that particular phrase plus a furious raised fist ARE a great action pose for Grimlock. ~Matt Booker The only reason why I don't do that with his arms ALL the time is because they just slip down and its not much of a huge difference. Then you have a bad Grimlock. It makes a world of difference and in mine, it'll stay like that all day. Areyou sure you're doing it right? Push it in until it locks a second time. It's basically got two levels of locknessitude.
  16. And a sword made from a Cybertron Scrapmetal, right? I remember when he made it. ... I REMEMBER THINGS! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. ... k.
  17. Eh. Better on Onslaught than it is Classics Megatron. At least Onslaught can be posed with the cannon on top, unlike Megs.
  18. Prime's was my own, but Megascope is based on a picture I saw a few months back and can't for the life of my find again.
  19. It's be fantastic if you could figure out a way to move the fusion cannon to the shoulder. Just repaint the read right and it might actually work as Perceptor.
  20. Megascope faces off against Scorpius Prime one last time...
  21. ... is Skywarp trying to push him down a flight of stairs?
  22. I like Animated Blitzwing's character, but not his toy. The whole being unarmed in robot mode really ruins it for me... a Voyager without feasible weapon in robot mode just isn't acceptable. If only they made Blitz able to rotate his cannons like he does in the show... or gave him anything... and since he's a TFA fig, he doesn't have 5mm pegs in his hands so I can't even give him a spare G1 gun or anything. I might still pick him up, as I do really like the character (and G1 Blitzwing). I even like the alt-modes... they give me a Metal Slug vibe. Though I do think the G1 Blitz had better-looking altmodes... then again, his robot mode was a brick. Soundwave's my favorite character, and I love his Animated Figure. It may well be my favorite Soundwave figure to date. I am still hoping for Hasbro to import the Music Label Soundwave without electronics... doubtful, but they haven't said they wouldn't do it.
  23. I've been saying that for months. I think the mold would work even better as Blaster than as Soundwave. Blaster's already been a Scion Xb, Universe has established that Soundwave repaints as Blaster are fine... plus, the figure's robot form is very Blaster-esque. He's quite broad, like Blaster and the idea of a guitar fits Blaster better than Soundwave (take a look at his Spotlight cover for proof). It's one repaint I'm really rooting for. EDIT: Just got Animated Soundwave today...
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