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  1. Rack 'n' Ruin were created using a combination of two Gundam MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground types in 1/144 scale and 3D prints of components I designed. The Paints are ModelMaster. The main green used is Olive Drab with some Dark Green and some Green Zinc Chromate. Unlike the original characters these come with backpacks to store their malay weapons and hands which are interchangeable at the wrist. Like the original characters these do not transform due to their surgical attachment at the shoulder. The 3D components to convert the gundam kits will be made available in the weeks to come. Please stay tuned... click on pic for gallery.
  2. Hi Guys, Freeway was created using Generations Tracks with some minor mods. I designed Freeway's head and weapon in 3D and had it printed at shapeways. I used indoor/outdoor Krylon "Global Blue" for the vehicle and two duplicolor colors for the arms and legs. I used ModelMaster enamels and acrylics for the rest. The head and gun will be made available here http://www.shapeways.com/shops/wheeljack click on the image for the gallery and thanks for looking.
  3. So the short story goes like this. This was a commission for a private client who requested a bot heavily influenced by g1 cliffjumper. I designed it to borrow from the vehicle the original toy was based off of with multiple points of articulation in the bot mode. The Porsche is in 1/32 scale which puts cliffjumper at about 5.25" tall (about 135mm). He comes equipped with guns based off of various episodes from the MTME and his idw's spotlight spear. This version was printed by shapeways in ultra detail and some of the internal components were printed in black/strong/flexible. Because most of him is printed in ultra detail, he's pretty fragile. He was painted with modelmaster acrylics and enamels, and tamiya paints. I still have some cleaning up to do and add some final touches. when I do so I'll give a full photoshoot with alt mode, action poses, group shots, etc. In the end, this was not what the client had in mind so cliffjumper will be sitting on my shelf with the rest of my bots. This is why i'm making these images public now. I would like to thank the client for some extremely valuable experience and best wishes. click on image for full gallery Disclaimer: Please refrain from making any comments or questions regarding the private client. Please keep comments and questions about the piece itself.
  4. hey cakedup, I'll work on some basic instructions for the little chest mod. it's fairly simple as kitbashing goes. And just to be clear, the kit doesn't require any modification to the figure so you're clear there.
  5. Thanks for the front page. :) Reluttr, ;) thanks guys
  6. Inspired by Nick Roche and Josh Burcham's work in Last Stand of the Wreckers, Ironfist was created using DOTM deluxe Ratchet and 3D prints (head, mid-section, and fists) that I created and destrongerlupus helped me test. I also did a minor mod to the ratchet figure to help widen his chest and show more of his arms. Paints involved a black primer with Model Master's "Fabric Tan" spray and brush on Model Master's "Cobalt Blue" enamel and Floquil Railroad Colors "Up Light Orange". You can make your own using a DOTM Ratchet and parts form here http://www.shapeways.com/shops/wheeljack click on image for full gallery
  7. Brittle/soft scary? :P I've been pretty rough with my prototype to see if I could find any weakness. I've had no issues. I think dropping it was the best albeit unintentional test. :)
  8. I recently got something pretty exciting in the mail from china, a pre-production prototype of the iGears PP01 series. Since I think I’m one of if not the first to get a hold of one of these I figured I would share a closer look of what this thing looks and feels like. One thing to note is that this is a prototype so one would imagine there might be slight changes in the final product. -First Look: This is a scaled down version of MP01. Nothing appears to be simplified. Everything down to the tire suspension, to the complex elbow and knee joints, to the rivets and panel lines is there. -Size: PP01 stands at 8.5 inches or about 21.59 cm. Shoulder width is about 4.5 inches (11.43 cm). In truck mode he’s 6.25 inches (15.88 cm). According to my calculations the truck mode sits at just about 1/39 scale to a standard COE truck from the 80s. I have him pictured with a 1/32 scale model kit from the same era. This was a bit of a bummer for me cuz I’m a huge 1/32 nut but the bot mode still scales up nicely with the classics/verse lineup. He’s in and about hasbro’s ultra class scale, standing shoulder to shoulder with Silverbolt. -Materials: PP01 appears to be made of a slightly more delicate plastic than has/tak grade but substantially better than any “ko” I’ve seen. I own CM’s relatively new Brave Combat Calibur (Roadbuster) and the plastic seems to be of the same quality. PP01 has no metal parts except for pins and screws. I transformed him several times with no issue and even accidentally dropped him once on my kitchen ceramic floor. A “DOH!” moment but nothing broke. The head popped off the ball joint but popped back on easily enough. The front windows are clear with no foggy areas. Tires are rubber. Detail on everything is spot on and crisp with no warping or air bubbles. -Joints: On a 1-10 scale with 1 being ridiculously tight and 10 being so loose that limbs can’t hold their own weight, an ideal figure in my opinion would be somewhere in the 5-6 range. This prototype is about 5. I never had to force anything while transforming or posing him. The joints are loose enough to move around but tight enough to hold their position. -Paint: N/A This prototype is unpainted. -Extras: PP01 came in with some extra pieces. A miniature Walther P38 with a silencer, scope and all the trimmings, a clear axe, an arguably more g1 accurate head to switch out the head, an extra set of hands (a kitbasher’s dream come true), and 2 laser blasters to fit both types of hands. Overall: If you like MP01 and always wanted one to fit in with your classics/universe/generations line, here you go. If you wanted an MP01 to better fit with your MP seekers, this fits pretty well also. If you didn’t like MP01, then you won’t like this. Personally, I’m a G1er through and through and the classic’s line is when I became reenergized about TFs. I’m big on “believable” scale with my collection as well. I use the deluxe style cars with the MP seekers. I can only speak for myself but for me, this fits in nicely. I still have the figure if you guys have any specific questions that I didn’t cover. Thanks for reading this guys. I hope this helps you in making a decision one way or another. Or justifies the decision you made, one way or another. cheers! here are some images from a full gallery I have at sector 70
  9. thanks. actually wheelie is made with activator BB. he's little. most is scratchbuilt but the head is modded from a classic rodimus head and the arms are cybertron hardtop.---I think that's his name. the vents in the back came from an airfreshener. check my gallery here or at sector70.com I've got more pics of him there. thanks again.
  10. hey folks, when it comes down to it, this is a shameless plug. as it turns out, I'm forced to leave my studio for the time being and need to unload some stuff. along with a bunch of other stuff I'm auctioning these two items. first off this mini blaster boom box that fits in well with the classics line. or MP for that matter. I made it about 3 or 4 years ago and was one of my first customs. no it doesn't transform. second a stand for prowl that's right of the landscape in the original series. a clear rod fits into a screw hole in his back. These were items I wanted to mass produce but I never got around to it. anyway, I've also got a ton of kitbashing stuff up for auction as well. thanks. mods, if you need to move this, please do so guys. cheers http://myworld.ebay.com/wheeljack75
  11. huh, not sure why they won't show up anymore.... I took of the image tags so you just have to click on them to view them. cheers
  12. super sweet figure punk. now you have to go find another cyclonus. :(
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