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  1. So I had some down time, and decided to dust off this ol' thing... Here's about 8 hours of detailing work... Still a LOT of work left to do, but just getting the front fascia detailed today knocked out a lot of the legwork in getting it closer to being finished. http://x4.ofgraphicdesign.com/projects/ark/nemesis_progress2.jpg Not to give anyone false hopes, as I know this is a years-old thread and some folks have likely lost interest or given up on it, but it's my goal to finally finish the damned thing. Better late than never right?! :) Also, just a reminder to folks... I don't mind if you download and print out the work, or even if you modify it, but please don't try to sell this, or pass off my work as your own without giving proper credit. It's available for free for the community. I caught this last night: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/radicons-customs/351401-custom-nemesis-command-center.html And I wasn't very happy with it. Nor did I have anything to do with it. I know I borrowed some assets for the display screens, but I stated that multiple times in the thread. I've spent a lot of time on this, and all I ask is that people either give credit where it's due, or don't try to pass it off as your own. Not cool.
  2. Did you scale them all to fit? That's one thing I can think of that won't work. They all need to be scaled to the same proportions. Or you may need to tile them, or scale them all to 40% or something. Without knowing your setup, I can't really troubleshoot for you. Hope that helps? Or if you can provide more info, that'd help, too.
  3. Wow, necropost! Haha. No worries. It's not a true "render" because I didn't actually model it in 3D. It was a composited "render" in Photoshop, just to show what it looked like. So I never modeled it in the 3D modeling sense, sorry. As to an update on the state of the Nemesis control panel that I showed earlier, I really haven't done much to it since my last post. Unfortunately, I lost my job (3 years ago, this has been awhile) and then I got a new job and have been basically swamped since then. I also grew disinterested in finishing it. Perhaps one day I'll hop back on it, as it was interesting and something I want to complete. I'll post updates when/if I get back to it. Or, if someone wants the PSD to finish it on their own, feel free to contact me via PM and I can try sending it to you to finish. All I ask is that it's shared with the fandom, for free, and not used for profit.
  4. I haven't received mine yet, but a buddy of mine already got his yesterday. He said he got no ship notification like with the first jet. He and I both ordered all 3, and we received ours back in early June. Be patient, I think they're just starting to arrive.
  5. Hi. I was reading your post about the Teletran1 diorama and I was wondering if there were any detailed instructions for putting it together. I really want to build one but the directions on the individual parts are a little vague. You can leave me a post here or at cheetor71@gmail.com. I'm more likely to see it at my email address. Thanks in advance.

  6. Wow, some rude comments. It's not like the thing isn't amazing looking. While I agree with some—I don't see why someone would commission a non-transforming TF with this level of detail and craft—it looks like it would transform at first inspection. Without spending too much time critiquing it, I'd not be able to tell. I wouldn't even have doubted it had I not read that it was non-transforming. But the recipient was happy, and the final products look pretty sick, so I'd say mission: accomplished. When I saw he built two, I was even more impressed. From the looks of the two final products, I don't doubt that one could be created that could transform into both forms. The paint apps and parts use is great. While a few things like the head may seem a little off, it's something I would only critique if it was coming from Hasbro or Takara (since they're a multi-million dollar company with entire design teams at their disposal).
  7. That's pretty awesome. I don't come here often enough, but damn if that's not nice. The simplicity of its appearance speaks to the extra work that you did to it... It's hardly noticeable that you did anything, but that's what makes it apparent to me. Looks great! I'm still hoping Takara will eventually make an MP Soundwave, but I'd be happy with one half this good.
  8. Looks great! And thanks for posting the pics! This is one of the better ones I've seen, too! Not to mention the photography's really crisp, which I suck at for some reason. :)
  9. I don't think it was hot glue MR because as time has went on, the artwork has slowly peeled away from the backing and there's no glue to be found or discoloration to be found. I thought you had used some type of clear paper glue. I can't remember exactly what I used where, but I used a mix of 3 types of adhesives. Hot glue to hold the actual boards together, spray mount to spray the artwork onto the foam core, and rubber cement around the edges that pulled up on me (they always do over time). You could try getting a small bottle of rubber cement. Not sure if everyone's used the stuff, but you brush it on both sides, let it get tacky and then stick them together. The good thing is, you can use a rubber cement eraser (or your hands, but it's toxic and not recommended for skin contact) to remove any excess. Bummer it's coming apart, man. :-/ you can try the above method for corners, hopefully the whole thing isn't coming undone!
  10. I don't have mine anymore (I traded it to Valkfan for some head sculpts) but if I remember correctly, I simply glued it with hot glue. If you use a laser-printed version though, be careful, as hot glue will melt the ink. I would suggest using either tabs or perhaps just putting a heavier drop of glue behind the "foot" area (the 5 "finger"-like parts that stick out) and letting that hold it down. It won't be a perfect snug fit, but it should be pretty close. Hope that helps, and doesn't confuse you. :)
  11. Not a problem guys! If everyone can do me a favor, and post pics when you get your displays set up, that'd rock! I'm glad to help everyone out by providing the files for them :)
  12. First of all, thanks guys for the positive replies. Secondly, sorry for missing the last few posts, for some reason my subscription to this thread doesn't always work and I don't get emails to posts. Actually, there are instructions on the high-res artwork. :) Simply download it and you'll see. I apologize if they're confusing, but they're the best I could manage. I didn't make tabs because there are multiple ways to construct it and assemble it—but although I've only built one full-scale once, I didn't actually need or use any tabs. You'll have a higher quality construction if you don't even use them. I constructed it leaving the bottom open for access, and then used tape and hot-glue on the backsides (or inside, I guess), after spray-mounting the artwork onto black card stock and black foam core. I made the two sides from foam core, and the folding parts were all card stock (because the heavy foam-core is good for stability, but the fold parts need to be thinner so you can fold them, obviously). You could use tape to hold it together, but I feel that hot glue works best to hold the seams together. All of this is going to be on the inside, so it won't matter. Watch out if using a hot-glue gun though... It can burn fingers, melt the foam core (if it gets on the foam part) and it also melts laser-printer ink, since laser-printers use heat to apply the ink. Hope everyone enjoys the Teletraan. I'm still trying to get back around to the Nemesis, but 2009 was a rough year, and I've not had much spare time due to my new job. It's been a long time in the making, but hopefully I can get back around to finishing it up. :)
  13. After 25 years of Takara and Hasbro dropping the ball, it looks like iGear is stepping up to the plate: http://www.igear.tf08.net/?p=107 I just wish it was MP-scaled. :)
  14. Check out Myclones, too. I bought an Ultra Magnus to turn a spare Alternator Prime into a UM, if I ever get around to it. The head looks really good, but not all of them do. Bumblebee, for example, looks really cartoony, but would be terrible for anything but the MyClone.
  15. With all the 3rd party companies out there, I'm seriously surprised that this hasn't been made yet. We keep getting MP add on kits and Classic add-on kits, but this is something I really wish someone would make, because the official cannon is ridiculously large. I know it's in scale and works in gun mode, but maaaan, did they need to include a spare one. I would trade all of MP Grimlock's silly extras (non-weapons, obviously) and Kremzeek for a Meg cannon like that. Glad to see what a G1 cannon looks like, I never owned one, and was worried about how to mount it. It'd be nice if a 3rd-party customizer company would remold it so it has a mount that works with the MP mount. Good simple mod. :)
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