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  1. ill agree with that. a show accurate skyfire would be ideal. but really (and i hate to say this) due to everyone displaying their figures in bot mode 90% of the time, which jet hes modelled after isnt much of a concern. his bot mode is pretty show accurate and thats enough for me. but that statement doesnt mean the alt mode is irrelevant. just the things they did to incorporate the G1 toy accurate jet with the show accurate robot does the toy harm when you look at it as a whole (namely the two visible cockpits). BUT. in the end. he's big. he's new. he's pretty good looking. he's jetfire. SO i automatically love him.
  2. now i hate to rain on everyones parade because dont get me wrong, i want this figure. but looking at the pics have made me go "wtf" a couple times... based on the pics, ive been led to surmise that the bottom of his jet mode shows nothing but robot. he has a transformation cheat where the bot mode cockpit isnt actually the jet mode cockpit. they look completely different. and BOTH are visible in jet mode. secondly ive been led to surmise that in bot mode, its the opposite. like you turn him over and theres nothing put plane on his back. which doesnt even seem to condense nicely... which all the had to do to save that was have the backpack able to slide down a bit. like so: believe me i know that im nit picking... but these are just simple things that are kind of screaming at me whenever i look at him... obviously ill reserve judgement till i actually see him. and even with all these flaws i garantee ill still buy him. but.... what does everyone else think?
  3. im aware of the animation mistakes. but the WC and the RM are clearly not mistakes. generic nobodies, but not mistakes. and im sure theres lots of people out there who are sick of seekers. but i for one love them, and will probably always buy them. and has/tak wouldnt make them if they didnt sell. so there must be enough seeker fans out there to warrant their production. as far as classics go, i personally dont need hasbro to make rainmakers (or namely ice storm which i based this topic on) because i have the chms rainmakers. not to mention a trio of generic purple seekers and two different sunstorms (orange and yellow). so im covered. i guess i opened this discussion because.... maybe im just surprised these seekers havent been officially recognized yet. seekers sell. even as exclusives. the ones i do need though are masterpieces(mp11 mold): -skywarp -blue rainmaker we've got starscream\thundercracker and sunstorm/acidstorm. two more to complete two trios! also, we've now seen that theyre willing to retool masterpiece figures, so i wonder what holding them back from mp'ing the coneheads?
  4. see... im confused. youd think that all the rainmakers would have the word "storm" in their names. that would be neat. that botcon set is called the rainmakers, but theyre clearly the colors of the welcoming committee. i can accept that sunstorm isnt a rainmaker as the yellow rainmaker is such a bright yellow and sunstorm is usually a darker yellow/orange. but saying bitstream is both i think is silly. one is teal, and the other is the faded jeans blue...
  5. finally found rhinox! and a new wave of deluxe's already picked over so all i found was dreadwing. rhinox, i think pulls both modes off really well. and he would be near perfect if those damn guns were painted. i might get takara's simply for the guns. but my rhinox is floppy as hell! like almost every joint! anyone else have QC problems with theirs? nonetheless reccommended for BW fans. and dreadwing is awesome. nice new headsculpt (awesome light piping) and spot on colors. not to mention how much i love seeing an accurrate G2 symbol on him. the mold when it originally came out was at the bottom of my list. didnt hate it, but didnt care. nothing struck me. he came in that 2-pack takara version with pax and once i played with him a bit, i loved it. mainly how nice and neat he folds together for his jet mode. so when i originally saw pics of dreadwing i was on board. you like the mold? go buy him!
  6. i think my most anticipated figure (at the moment) would be MP ultra magnus. because with their time honored traditions of giving us white primes to call magnus, thats honestly what i expected. and its important to note, that this will be the first true ultra magnus (trailer combining robot mode) since the original! now that is something to get excited about!
  7. so, everyone knows about sunstorm. the go to generic seeker after most others hsve been done. and who can forget his DW appearances? i was surprised to see hasbro officially recognize acid storm (even in the ugly camo of his debut toy). but now he's up to three(i think?) one even being a masterpiece! so wheres the blue man of the group? i called him the faded jeans seeker, but i digress. ive seen custom figures on ebay dubbing him as ice storm which i think is rather fetching. so when will has/tak officially recognize this guy? is it part of their sadistic plan to always give us a trio of seekers minus one member?
  8. ive got the megatron preordered. i think the price for these guys is pretty steep which i wouldnt be surprised if it turned people off. i see theres not a lot of love for gdo megatron, but he works better in g2 colors in my opinion. the head sculpt is total g2. i love the sculpt as a whole, which i why is keep buying it. but i see why people dont like it for megatrons. its just such an amazingly solid sculpt. only one i dont have it botcon (gigatron?) which im thinking of getting...
  9. he looks perfect. almost perfect. if i could have one negative point on him, i think the head sculpt is a little weak. that said, i feel he has no place. one of the reasons i like classics so much is that it brings us modernized versions of our old favorites. and the original classics bee fits just right. i feel if you want a perfect looking g1 bumblebee (and other perfect looking g1 bots to go with him) thats what masterpieces are for.
  10. my tru has a huge tf movie display up. leader class prime was among them and since i havent seen anyones hauls consist of the leader class prime i was wondering if anyone else has him yet. if not ill pick him up on friday and try to post some pics.
  11. a fully boxed alt collection does look pretty. but i couldnt stand leaving them inside.
  12. and.... why does it have to only be tfs? non-tfs and stupid angst is great. who are you buy the way :wtf
  13. fixed. Very Wrong, I collect these for my collection for these reasons: MISB / Robot Mode / Vehicle Mode / Combined Mode <--if there is one. My own money went into these things and if you think I am a hoarder, that's your opinion, but I am happy regardless. If you get upset when you can't get something, It's called "Disappointment". Let me do what I wish to do, Cool? -TF2 owned was i? i dont think so. no one needs that many duplicates of one figure. heres what i pictured in my head: any walmart i ever went to never had more than three of one kind of alt at a time, which leads me to beleive you saw those 6 alts all fresh and out of the case at the same time, and just scooped them all up. not thinking if any other fan would want one, or god forbid a child. lets just say you wouldnt want to run into me going up to a till with all those in your arms. and if i ever did something like buy three of one (exclusive and sought after) figure i would not post a picture of it in two different threads. id keep it to myself and be ashamed. also i didnt say scalper either. i know you dont sell anything. s'why i chose the word hoarder. flame me if you want, it wont change my opinion and i wont respond because this doesnt need to go further than this. this was just me explaining my initial post.
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