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  1. I'm just wondering wear I can pre-order this. I saw one site that has it, but their shipping is pricey. BBTS still has my wave pre-order listed as "secret figure". If hastak would just list the figures they were selling and but me on some list to ship them to me. This supply vs demand has to go. I demand that supply = demand
  2. I'm starting to wonder why HasTak doesn't include more accessories. The G1, G2, and Beast Wars came with a ridiculous amount of extras. Yet the generations line (which is derived on the old lines and based in nostalgia) has skimped on that with CW and onwards. Maybe in 10 years they'll have figured out how to get everything "right": And sell set of scramble city style Sunticons (individually and a combined boxed set) that look like the best representations of both toy and cartoon with all the accessories from the G1 toys and the show and as a bonus: the CW melee weapons to boot.
  3. Thank you guys. Looking at that photo makes me miss my Dead End gun. It's weird how recognizable it still is to me, even after 35 years. I have another challenge for you A question really: Has anyone found a similar upgrade kit for the Technobots? I have the CW crew and I would like to have upgraded weapons for the individual bots. I'd specifically like the 3 guns Lightspeed comes with: I have the original Lightspeed complete and having the newer version decked out with a similar arsenal would be nice. I suppose I could just give him the 3 guns that came in the set instead, but that just won't be my style.
  4. That's really nice. Kuddos to you. If only more married people were like that, the world would be better.
  5. Thank you. I'll keep my eyes open. Last I checked they were on TFstudio.com too. That's where I purchased my Sunstreaker, and Ark upgrade kits. And It's where I found the Aerialbot hand weapons as well. There's a few upgrade kits on Amazon too: a Menasor gun was available (there was a version of that on ebay too). I tell you what, a person can go poor on upgrade kits alone. Most of my CW combiners have upgrades, and I don't even want to calculate the cost, but they do look good.
  6. Very nice! I wish they would re-release this guy. Mine is sitting on the shelf as the centerpiece of my Maximal crew. Compared to the PotP release this one is still on top.
  7. You are a lucky individual. Not all wives are that cool or helpful. (collecting)
  8. You're making me want to buy them now....I have a softspot for specifically Dead End as he was one of my first Transformers back in the day, and he was one of the few Transformers that I lost the weapons to. And sure, with the rest of the stunticons it makes sense for them to have melee weapons, but Dead End just seems to be a guy that would be fine standing back and using his gun: reference: Trans-Europe Express...poor Sunstreaker (and Sideswipe) !!
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I was tempted to pick that jet pack for Sideswipe but I wasn't sure it'd work. Fun fact the Rocket Pack that comes with the KBB MP-10V (Not Optimus) sort of fits perfectly on siege Sideswipe: I haven't yet tried it on Kingdom. Cool photo btw: that's quite the talent and the eye. And speaking of the MP-10V, have you seen that? I picked it up years ago when I was looking for a good voyager sized Optimus. It's a pretty amazing shrunk down MP-10. I have the trailer and everything. It's basically the reason I haven't purchased a siege or kingdom Optimus, it's just so good. There's a few flaws but I'm overall happy with it and all its accessories. And even though it's not Hasbro/Takara I highly recommend it to anyone that likes Optimus Prime figures. The KBB MP10V is one of those third party figures that beat Hasbro/Takara to the market (I try not to pick up third party otherwise). Can't wait for the G2 Stunticon photos!
  10. And photos. If you ever want some TF photos let me know. Or if you have any requests I might have some interesting items. Example: I have both the G2 boxed set of the Stunticons and the CW versions. And I know they look great with RID Scourge. And by great I mean that the G2 colors makes the crew look just that much extra crazy. Sometimes I miss the '90's with the bold colors and "let's try everything" mentality and ability.
  11. I feel the same way about the Drone too. But the one thing that really bugs me about not having it is the jet back. I really want one for my Kingdom Sideswipe. I've been looking for a good alternative to it: I have the black-version Sixgun and was cool with using that with siege Sideswipe, but when I tried to transfer it to the kingdom I found the connection to be very loose. So now I'm on the lookout for a reasonable drone or a third party rocket pack. And what is it with those scalpers anyway. I conceptually understand the concept of supply and demand but wow: $100+ for something that should cost $20-$30, upwards of 5 times the cost is just crazy, to me. Maybe Break-Neck will go down in price after the Legacy Wildrider is shown, or around the time the whole team is. Hopefully you can get one for a good price when the demand goes down. Sometimes I wonder why Hasbro doesn't do more re-issues.
  12. Hey, Thanks for that (I can't watch it at the moment). I don't see X-9 in the photo though. Were you able to do a comparison with X-9 and the original G1? There are actually some differences between the G1 and this re-issue of it (more than the Decepticon sticker vs paint). Would you be interested at all at a lengthy (personal) review (that I have yet to post anywhere)? Also the only Ravages I have are G1, X-9, Siege, and Decepticons Forever pack. I skipped a lot because once I got X-9 I was really happy with it. My siege Soundwave needed a Ravage, obviously. (and I skipped the MP, although that might have been a mistake)
  13. I came late-ish to the CW party and picked up both Break-Neck and Quickslinger for higher than deluxe prices, what I think is sane may not be what you think is sane. What's a price range that you could live with? Another example would be the centurion drone: I'd be willing to pay double the retail. But over tripple is too much. Another example for me would be Superion and the Aerialbots, I already mentioned Quickslinger, but I also got the Superion upgrade kits because Superion has to have white feet and hands...just has to, and the chest update looks nice. But I also got the individual G1 robot guns: and those are interesting because I have left the Aerialbots in Superion form since I've had all 7 Aerialbots. I've just figured out ways to place the individual guns on to Superon in interesting ways. So the little guns, just to have them was worth it to me. I got all those guns and upgrades because the Aerialbots are worth it to me. And if you think that's something, you should see my ER Suntreaker
  14. To each their own. Although you make a good point, what's up with the melee weapons? Bringing a pipe to a gun fight just seems a little unwise and maybe crazy. That said it probably fits Wild Riders personality: and really all their personalities and they way they framed the Stunticon combat tactic of ramming the autobots in vehicle mode. That FF8 style gunblade that came with Breakdown/Sunstreaker/Wheeljack ect. was just so much fun.
  15. Sure right, What I was curious more about was wondering, artist to artist, where the Break-Neck / Wild Rider wonderfulness was? Also showing the 7 bot Stunticon team gives a possible bonus to the CW concept: pushing the theory that there are things about CW that give it benefits over what the Legacy version may include. Maybe it's just a person preference thing, but I've fan moded a way to combine all 7 Stunticons in to Mensor, keeping the total team together is my thing. Also, if you don't have the Break-Neck / Wild Rider "wonderfulness" I'd highly suggest picking one up someday.
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