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  1. Indeed. I avoid HP unless it is an exclusive because of the Drone. I give my business elsewhere. This is a case where I can count the official TF starships on one hand: the Ark, Axalon, ‘Darksyde’, Autobot shuttle. As a tf fan and a starship collector I’d be remiss if I didn’t get it. It’s just all these hoops. I have all these real life stresses that makes thinking about these plastic things is just so silly but it still gets to me. This should be fun and easy and it could be. Hasbro is making this specific item difficult on purpose. They would get so much good will if they were like: “since you were a Unicron backer, here is a free set of ships to go with it”, or “here is a link to order it early” or even “preorder temp window where selling out isn’t an option”. And if wishes were horses…
  2. I agree for the most part. Exclusives on Hasbro Pulse have stuck around mostly. Although the Pit of Judgement sold out so fast last year. It wasn't until they gave later opportunities that I could acquire one. I also skipped the Weaponizer Drone initially because I didn't care about a Blunt repaint. It wasn't until it was too late that I found out that it came with a bunch of accessories that i actually wanted. I've still yet to find one of those that aren't $200. So I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm curious how things are going to shake out with the new Ravage as well. I really wish they'd make things to order sometimes: Like have a pre-order up for a while to make sure everyone that ones want gets one and then have some extra's. Sometimes life is so silly, you know.
  3. Good Morning, I've been collecting miniatures starships for years: It's my thing, above TF collecting. When I see something like this that's going to become rare and sell out installantly I'm excited, but also a bit concerned and a little annoyed. While I know that some people, most people here are going to display the ships with their Unicron, I'll be putting them with my dedicated starship cabinet. I'd really like to get this, and if anyone has any advice or a line on where I could acquire specifically the ships (with or without the galvatron) I would like to hear about it, and it would be very appreciated. You'd be making a fast friend. My ship collection has a whole deciated subsection ships dedicated to the allies of Earth: Star Trek's Federation, Human Ships of Halo, Terran Ships of Starcraft (a bit of a stretch for 'allies'), Macross, Space Above and Beyond, Battlestar Galactica, and Autobots to name a few. I even have a dedicated cabinet for Star Wars. Examples for weird or rare things I have: CC9800 Frigate from the Star Wars Rebellion video game, Saratoga from Space Above and Beyond, Enterprise-E Micro Machine from Star Trek, Protector from Galaxy Quest, Axalon from Beast Wars 10th anniversary Optimus Primal. So I'm excited for this, but I'm also annoyed at the way Hasbro has been handling these special items. So if there's anyone out there that has any ideas, advice or even wants to trade things up I would be up for going into a business agreement. Also, I have little desire for another Galvatron as the Kingdom one is good enough for my collection, but I would like the ships. So I'd be cool with sharing the cost of this Galvatron multi-pack with someone just to get the ships. Please feel free send me a message. Thanks for Reading -W
  4. I agree in premiss, that I don't like the crowd funding. I meant that if there was a way to guarantee that all the Trainbots would get made and put in an order for all of them, that'd be beneficial. The crowd funding model is the only way Hasbro has set up currently to make this an option Someone getting some, but not all the bots could be frustrating, it'd frustrate me. And I also agree that the Takara versions (in general) are better than the Hasbro versions. So I agree with you on the crowdfunding front, in fact I'll go a step further: when giving this company money, there should be a way to have some say in what's being created and be able to pull the funds if the project goes another way you disagree with. I'd like to avoid feeling like I need to pick up all the HasLab products. For example, I haven't backed Victory Saber and I probably won't.
  5. Indeed, it'll be nice to put those financial resources into something else. I initially purchased the thrilling 30 Metroplex because I have the G1 Fortress Maximus, and well, having a comparably sized set of Autobot Bases just made sense, G1 Metroplex while awesome, is just so little in comparison. I let myself fall into Hasbro's trap of getting all the "counterparts" and I've been picking up the Titans ever since: Scorponok was a long time coming, finally having Fortress Maximus's Decepticon Counterpart. I pre-ordered the Black Zarak and then canceled it: while it looks great, I'm out of space, and I really would prefer to save the money or spend it on things I'll love. (I also missed the Grand Maximus release) Anyway, I pre-ordered the Ark and every single third-party addon I could find and I love it. And speaking of addons: I did that with Fort Max and Scorponok too. But that Metroplex, other than the slow release of his buddies (Sixgun and Slammer) he was perfect as released. (I did get the SDCC version with 2 red guns). The R&D is out of the way, so I wish Hasbro/Takara would help out the fans, I'm baffled. It's weird, Hasbro has been giving the fans what they've been craving over the last few years and this release appears to depart from that.
  6. I have to wonder with something like this, why wasn't this (or something similar) a HasLab product. I'd like to pick this up and the rest of the Trainbots. And just thinking things through: I'd be nice to place all of them on pre-order at once. The next question is: will all of them be produced? Some sort of HasLab should guarantee all the team members are created, and that you'll receive them. I'll probably pick this up because I'm a sucker for the combiner teams, I just hope the entire team gets created.
  7. I heard about this rumor months ago and was hoping it to be false, mostly because I have the Generations Metroplex from the thrilling 30 line and it's perfect. I wish they'd just re-release that for all the people that didn't get it. I figured this new version was coming, but I was still hoping for a Nemesis to go along with the Ark. And a Titan or Commander class subline of TF spaceships would have been great. A few ideas: From G1: The Nemesis, Decepticon underwater HQ, Meg's ship from Ultimate Doom, Autobot Flagship from Dark Awakening; From TF: the Movie: Autobot Shuttles, Galvatron's ship, Junkion Ship, Quintesson ship; From Beast Wars: Axalon, Darksyde. They could have release a Titan and a commander every year: I'm guessing part of this release stems from trademarking the name "Metroplex" I suppose this means that the Titan's of the past won't be re-released for new generations.
  8. It does yes. Small packages can fit in the community mailbox locker specific to your address. The community mail box also has a larger locker for larger packages. If the package is big enough they'll deliver it right to the door though. So anyone reading this, if anyone sends me a letter send it in a 2' x 2' box. When amazon was using USPS we got packages all the time. But Amazon has its own delivery trucks now. I'm wondering if between losing that Amazon income and people using email overtime they don't have the volume of mail to fund their systems. I just seems like a smart, forward thinking person would make the case that taxes need to be redirected and stamps are not a viable way to fund the Postal Service staff paychecks anymore. Although the debat of Capitalist strategies to fund services is a larger discussion.
  9. I'd like to hear more stories on this. I have one an issue with this organization. Where I live, the postal service is getting rid of all mailboxes in favor of community pickup locations. You know those mail boxes sitting in front of your house that have your address on them, yeah, those are going away. So just coming to a logical conclusion: the goal is to not deliver mail to the address, a specific address, just someplace nearby. So far I've had to pay for multiple keys because if they get lost, we're responsible for getting into their box. And if we don't have time to run out to the mailbox because of 2 year olds and bad weather, working long hours, whatever, if the community mailbox fills up then they just take all the mail and hold it and won't bring it back to our address until we claim it. When I was a kid, there was a mailbox attached to the exterior of my house. My grandparents had mail slits in their front doors. These changes just seem to defeat the purpose of serving the public. I mean, this is a service funded by the government that we the people are taxed to pay for. Well they aren't serving my needs, and yet, I'm still forced to pay. If there was any way to fire the people making these calls then sign me up. If I can get more funds into the hands of smart people that want to serve the public (above the needs of a fiscal goal) then sign me up for that. It seems like that people forget that this is a service, and not a business. The theory that organizations run better in a for-profit-model is bogus.
  10. Wow, I completely forgot that I had that thing. Thanks for smile!
  11. Just to note: I can't get a confirmation from BBTS on what the 4 figures will be after the listing was changed. Apparently I can cancel my order if I want to though.
  12. That's so weird. When I ordered them yesterday all 4 figures were listed, both as individual figures and as a part of the wave grouping. I'm not even seeing the pipes and slammer figures' listings; there's no option to order them individually on bbts. (I ordered the wave group, I'm wondering if I should contact BBTS to make sure they aren't switching something up on me) The Shadow Panther on Amazon has vendors saying that it'll be available on October 1, but their price is currently $40+.
  13. Thanks for this update. I'm really on the fence with this. I have the Masterpiece Star Saber. And I have a "stand-in"/"third-party" "Victory Leo" (once I realized Takara wasn't going to make an official one I picked one up). With both figures I have the "V Lock Cannon", stands, and the Shield. And they're sized at a commander class scale which fits nicely with the CW Liokaiser and the other Combiner wars figures. The MP-Star Saber is scaled weird in that it fits better next to the generations line then the masterpiece line. Anyway, Now that the haslab Victory Saber is funded I have to decide if having a smaller and probably lesser quality version is worth the $180, and this is just to have the Haslab. If this thing doesn't have all the tier accessories then it's going to be incomplete compared to what I already have. Spending $180 on an incomplete figure when I have very nice versions already is not logical. Even if it's fully funded it's smaller and it won't have the small sword for Saber. I just wish that this was some generations pre-order. My guess is that Hasbro is testing the waters on Victory. They probably have concepts for the new Legacy line and are trying to decide if they want to produce Victory figures. The release of this figure could coincide with several other Victor figures and then this Victory Saber will be the centerpiece of the Legacy Line. It's just frustrating in that Unicron was special: the largest Transformer ever, closest thing ever released to a proper Unicron was the Armada Unicron from 20 years ago. Comparing the Unicrons I could rationalize the high price and the crowd funding route. But it's difficult to rationalize this Haslab Victory Saber project when comparing it to the Masterpiece Star Saber the the "Victory Leo". I also wish I had more than another few days to decide.
  14. That silhouette (the Wheeljack silhouette) was used for all the teases. The rumor is Terrorsaur.
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