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Haslab victory saber review. G1 collection and masterpiece comparison

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Guess I'm just going to have to wait until mine comes in so I can see some actual relevant size comparisons. It seems nobody wants to make the ones that should be made, not even Optibotimus. The main one being Takara Legends Super and God Ginrai. Then GS Dai Atlas, GS Star Convoy/PotP Optimus, PotP Rodimus, PotP Optimal Optimus and CW Ultra Magnus to lesser and lesser degrees. I also have my GUOP with thigh, leg and foot upgrades waiting to size up to Star Saber as well. 

Why you may ask? Because Star Saber and Victory Saber were not only scaled to the current Generations scale, they were also scaled to the older one too just like PotP Optimal Optimus but in reverse. They were made specifically to stand next to Super and God Ginrai, Dai Atlas and Star Convoy. And by default, the others I mentioned as well since they were all around the same size. Only Metalhawk and Fortress Maximus need figures at that size now. Well and Lio Conovy...and Big Convoy...and RiD 2001 Optimus...and Armada Optimus (at least until next year supposedly)...and Energon Optimus...and Animated Wingblade Optimus...and Beast Hunters Optimus...but I mainly meant the first few G1 leaders. Otherwise they could've made them bigger as they are a little on the short side of the scale chart. I'd love a Metalhawk made from PotP Black Shadow/Overlord. Maybe Fortress made from CW Megatron. But just to have them though.

All things considered though, they should've made the outward shoulder movement for Star Saber better. They also could've put in a waist swivel for Victory Leo as it's not actually that difficult to do with that design. I think Hasbro has did something similar before actually but I'm currently drawing a blank as to what it was but I know I've seen it before with at least one or two third party figures. There's no reason why those couldn't have happened as this wasn't limited by a price range. If charging an extra $20 could've gotten those things to be designed in then so be it. NOTHING should've been left out like that from the base figures. There is no budget restrictions for these. Oh and Saber should also have had panels for the forearm gaps and there shouldn't have been any waffling either on Victory Leo's cannons or thighs. 

And if it were me, I would've made the Brain of Courage a Titanmaster. 

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Here's a comparison with the Takara Masterpiece Star Saber, Takara God Ginrai, Victory Leo (KFC Simba), Takara Dai Atlas, Takara Shouki, Hasbro Studio Hot Rod, and Takara Blurr.


Here's another comparison with CW Ultra Magnus, T30 Springer and a few others.  I had some DC heroclix in the mix for a while:







Here's another angle and another group (note: this is Kingdom Magnus with the leg extension upgrade)







Masterpiece Star Saber stands head to head with Combiner Wars Superion with the PE upgrade kit and Hasbro Siege Jetfire (aka Skyfire). Sorry I don't have a photo of that for you. 

I backed Haslab Victory Saber but I don't have yet to compare.

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I just received a Fedex email that I have a shipment incoming from Hasbro Pulse.  

Hasbro Pulse has yet to update the corresponding order on their site.  

It's Victory Saber.  

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Just a heads up:

Check the Fedex reference number and compare it to your Hasbro Pulse order number.  That'll tell you what's in the shipment.

To find the Fedex shipment number, you need to be logged in to your FedEx account.  The Reference number is just under the tracking number under shipment facts (and under shipment overview).

Good Luck and I hope you get your order soon.  

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Mine hasn't shipped out yet. I got a notification today saying they shipped something but it was the rest of one of my black Friday orders. The Mojo boxest, Flamewar and two Slicer sets. Magnificus is running late though but Holiday Optimus made it to me first even though it was shipped a day later and it was only those two on the order. Then there's going to be another shipment heading my way from them as I ordered that Amazon Exclusive Power Rangers Dino Fury Megazord three pack and it was missing parts...not that anyone is actually surprised to read that about that line. So Hasbro is sending me some apology figures and Amazon is sending the replacement.

I know Hasbro gets a lot of shit and I usually stand up for them but ALWAYS double dip when you have problems with your figures that you purchased from somewhere else. Hasbro will NEVER ask for the figure back or ask you to destroy them with proof of destruction unlike some other stores. Just give them all the relevant info and they'll send you something. Then let the actual store you purchased from replace your figure.

But seriously though, BBTS asked me to destroy the defective product. I thought it would be easy but it was not. My heart was breaking with every thing that I broke. It just felt so...wrong. But I got to keep them still and ended up fixing them actually and will be using them for customs or something. It was a Reflector 3 pack. I was going to make the Drillbit custom that someone did from Reflector a while back but lost interest. Maybe I'll just toss them into one of the junk lots of Transformers I'll list on Ebay soon though as I just don't have it in me to customize figures anymore. I don't have it in me to keep going through all my stuff and pulling stuff out to sell either. I have like ten more storage totes to go through and then after that I'll have like five totes worth of stuff to list. I have like two and a half right now and can't be bothered to do anything more than what I did get around to listing which was a tote full of single figures that were easy sells.

I hate Ebay. Having to take pictures and look up prices only for assholes to tell you that your prices are too high even though you're literally the lowest available or tied for the lowest available for said item at the moment. Then they want to offer you less than half your asking price and insinuate that they're doing you a favor. Or they try to tell you that since you don't have the box and instructions that they'll only offer you this much instead as if they're doing you another favor. Yeah I know I don't have the packaging and instructions. If I did, the price would've been higher dumbass. I price my things accordingly based on completeness and condition. I do a bunch of research on each item and even check misspelled listing to see if some idiot had it lower with the wrong name too. I do avoid the fucktards that list things for like half the going rate because they apparently hate everyone, including themselves. Sure just give the $150 figure away for $30 you stupid fucking dick.

Sorry, I just really hate Ebay. Or rather the buyers on Ebay not that Ebay itself is any better with how they cater to the sellers customers (aka the buyers) instead of their own customers (aka the sellers). I, the seller, am Ebay's customer. So why am I treated like shit whereas they treat my customers better even though they don't get paid by them. They get paid by the sellers. Or rather, they steal money from the sellers is more like it. 

Okay I'm going to stop this time for real. Sorry. Time to open some more black Friday stuff from Pulse. 

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    • Here's Swoop in his core class form. Part of Volcanicus      
    • Seems I took over this thread with my crappy customs lol.  Vector Prime is/was a multiversal singularity. So any Vector Prime released will be the same Vector Prime regardless of anything else. However there's only been one Vector Prime anyway though and that's CyberTRON Vector Prime. Well I guess there's been two if you count PotP Metalhawk since the Primemaster that came with him is Vector Prime. The wiki still has them as being the same Vector Prime though. I was literally just thinking about Vector Prime and how he needs a new figure. We need more big Autobots with flying alt modes and he certainly fits the bill. I wonder what they're going to do with Safeguard? Hasbro claimed they don't want to do Battlemasters and Micromasters anymore as they supposedly didn't sell well. No, the Rise of the Beast ones don't count as they should've been out about two years ago. Those seem to be selling well now though regardless of when they were supposed to be on shelves. So maybe they'll circle back around to them to do the Armada and Cybertron Minicons. Swindle, Leader-1, Sparkplug, Drillbit, Jolt and now Safeguard and Clench all need to be done. And we do need new ones. I dug out Armada Jolt, Universe Jolt and even T30 Blazemaster who has a Jolt variant and none of them work well with Hot Shot. The two Minicon Jolts don't peg onto the Minicon peg in Vehicle mode and the peg isn't accessible in robot mode. Blazemaster can't peg onto the Minicon peg either but can at least become a gun for robot mode. Maybe if the hood or the engine had a 5mm port then Blazemaster could plug in as a gun in vehicle mode. Deluxe Optimus Prime is mildly interesting. We've come a long way from the Classics deluxe Optimus Prime mold so it's bound to be way better than that and thankfully won't have the spinning gimmick.  Armada Galvatron is a long time coming. I get the CW mold wasn't amazing for Armada Megatron but I really did want Galvatron too. Now we're getting a proper update and I still kind of want a CW Armada Galvatron lol. I hope they finish the trifecta and do Megazarak too. I'll even take a Lucky Draw redeco. Origin Wheeljack is a VOYAGER. Nice. I hope they keep going with these even though there's technically little to no more they can do. Soundwave and Laserbeak? No not the "hidden" mode of the Siege figure, I mean one that only turns into the "lampost". I would hate that so much as I hate having an alt mode that doesn't move on its own other than for small weapons. Blaster and Netflix Soundwave annoy me but I do own all versions. At least Perceptor has his tank mode thing.  If these new "rocks" are indeed Weaponizers, I hope they work better than the Junkions. I hate how the torsos don't do anything. I couldn't care less about having a self contained transformation if it means that you lose functionality of the gimmick. I don't even bother messing with the Junkions the same way I did with the Weaponizers, Modulators and Fossilizers. The names don't seem to line up with any Rock Lords either for the most part. Not that they'd need to change the names since Hasbro owns those. They'd only need to make sure not to have them be accurate to the original toys like Velocitron Crasher. Not that I'd know since I never found one let alone the two I wanted. Maybe these are like Rock Lords though and they're really trying to do new (aka old) things. Just going to have to wait and see in two weeks or so when they start leaking from the factories now that they're showing up again in store listings.
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